From Olbermann to Spiderman: A (career) suicide song

Keith Olbermann has finally committed suicide.

(From a career standpoint of course.)

He still breathes, although it is the heavier kind mixed in with grunts and groans one might find in prison. No, Mr. Olbermann never molested children, although he did violate decent society everywhere for eight years. Like Robespierre, his reign of terror is over.

My American Idol audition consists of comparing Olbermann to Spiderman, found at the Washington Times Communities page online.


7 Responses to “From Olbermann to Spiderman: A (career) suicide song”

  1. I like Olbermann, and I think he’ll be back in some form or another in the near future. I don’t know what contractual limitations he may have, though. So, he may be silent for a little while. But he did not commit career suicide. He’s still very popular.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “I like Olbermann”
    “He’s still very popular.’

    Bwahahahaha… it figures.

    The guy was a fouled mouthed spiteful little lying punk.
    Good riddance.
    Maybe Chrissy Matthews is sweating his cajones as Immelt is Obamas newest squeeze and demanding examples of toned down rhetoric in connection to absolutely nothing but to show posturing and limit speech.
    Freaking moonbats are their own worst enemy

  3. Micky 2 says:

    then again, we could also chalk this up to..”the free market has spoken”
    No one ants to hear that rabid leftist crap anymore.
    He should taken a que from Garafolo, Stuart Smalley and Air America

  4. Micky 2 says:

    hehe… Joy Bear gets better ratings than Keith.
    Sad, but true.

  5. Olbermann is famously and infamously anti-authority. He’s been booted, or essentially shoved out the door before. It’s yet another thing his fans like about him. I’ve enjoyed his shtick since his days on ESPN, where again his rating were fine (not everyone can have top ratings) but his anti-authority personality got him into perpetual trouble.

    You guys are authoritarians, so it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t like him.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    “You guys are authoritarians, so it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t like him.”

    Thats weak dude, really weak.
    Go eat something, have a drink, take a nap, get a grip and pull it out.
    I could give you countless examples of authoritivity from the left starting with environemental issue, the food we eat, taxation, speech etc, etc, etc…

    Idot like him because he rarely has facts to back his “shtick” , which is why “YOU” like him so much.
    You both operate the same way.
    Authorian a-holes who claim they’re right because they “say so” and if you dont agree with him/you you’re an idiot regardless of the facts.
    You guys are the freaking gift that keeps on giving.

    Check it out.

    “Oooh, there was a shooting in Tuscon”
    “It was some right wing nut driven by media and political rhetoric” (BS, we now know)
    “Lets tone down the rhetoric”
    “Lets change the tone”
    “Lets sit next to each other during the speech”
    “lets be civil”………

    “I got an idea, lets draft Olberman for the senate, that’ll work”

    His crap wasnt selling Jersey.
    And Immelt probably got an earfull from Obama about this rabid schmuck after getting his new job.

    And yes, believe it or not you morons are actually looking at how well a senate draft for Olberman would work.

    “A move to draft Keith Olbermann to run for Senate is underway. With the announcement of Sen. Joe Lieberman retiring after serving four terms as a U.S. Senator from Connecticut, a Daily Kos blogger, ‘Stranded Wind’, is championing the fired MSNBC host. But will a draft Olbermann movement go anywhere? With the White House trying to appear toned down after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, is Keith Olbermann just too plain caustic to get elected?”

  7. I like him. His fact-checking is far better than most rightwing opiners. And remember, he was a stat master over at ESPN. The guy has an amazing memory. These are well-known facts about the guy. Also well-known, his problem is that he is apparently personally quirky and anti-authoritarian. I can’t even imagine the guy holding public office. He’d p!$$ off every senior senator, every leader, every adminstration official! Heck – he already has!

    No, I don’t think Olbermann should run and I doubt he would. But funnier things have happened – though not that much funnier!


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