State of the Union and Decision Points

Before Congressman Paul Ryan gives an adult State of the Union response, the preceding speaker will either finally get it…or not.

The Washington Times Communities Online contains the rest.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    Again, the President was long on inspiration and short on remedies for
    our problems.

    What about the real economic troubles that lie ahead, like social security,
    medicare and medical (and other state programs)?

    We hear that some people think the states should declare bankruptcy and
    wipe out pensions, employee unions, etc. I think this is simply awful.
    We do have committments.

    Besides, who would risk buying our (California( paper in the future and
    such high interest rates?

    Its bad enough stock holders of major corporations were wiped out
    literally thanks to the greed of some home buyers and their bankers.

    Sure, the economy is coming back, thanks to 2trillion in cash printed
    by the government and reserve..but those stock holders, they wont get a dime.

    Foreign policy wasnt touched much..a few lines about Iran, the sanctions (arent working) and North Korea.

    What ever happened to Lebanon, Israel-Palestinian conflict and Chavezs takeover of Venezuela..and buidling a Russian missile base?

    In Afghanistan..our war will NOT BE OVER this year..but will extend
    to 2015 or later.In Iraq, violence has gone down? Could have fooled me.

    I call Mr. Obama the teflon President…or Mr. White Bread.

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