Murder Tragedy in Arizona–More Updates

While Sunday, January 9th, is my birthday, celebrating and watching the NFL Playoffs was not the order of business in Arizona. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is only one year older than me, and on Saturday she was shot. Thankfully she is alive. I have multiple tv sets in my living room, and they have been split between the football game and various news channels. I am keeping the Congresswoman in my prayers, along with the other victims and their families.

Also, Monday, January 10th, one day after me, my father celebrates his 70th birthday. I do not say it often enough, but I love you dad. I love you too mom.

Regarding the Arizona tragedy, here is what we heard on Saturday.

Sunday morning, one of my readers sent me a link to left-wing hate site Daily Kos. On January 6, 2011, 2 days before the shooting, a leftist issued an angry screed at Congresswoman Giffords for refusing to vote for the Pelosiraptor as speaker. Only after the shooting did the Kossacks take the post down. Again, the violence in this country is coming from the left. They can say it goes both ways. Not even close. Don’t expect MSNBC to discuss this leftist rant.

Here is what we heard on Sunday.

10am: CBS: Ravens and Chiefs get prepared to kick off. CBS mentions nothing of the tragedy.

10:05am: The Pima County Sheriff has a press conference. Yesterday he blamed talk radio and tv personalities for the tragedy. The FBI Director was much more responsible, pointing out that we have no idea why the shooter did this.

10:33am: The Sheriff said one thing I agree with. We used to lock up mentally ill people. I can think of a few relatives and ex-girlfriends that could use a treatment facility rather than be out in open society harming people.

10:36am: MSNBC–Chris Jansing points out that the shooter went to a town hall a few months ago and asked a rambling incoherent question of the Congresswoman. He was unsatisfied with her answer.

10:42am: MSNBC: Sticking with the leftist talking points, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee blames Sarah Palin for the shooting.

10:43am: Fox News: Mike Tobin reports that Dr. Rhee, the head doctor, stated that Congresswoman Giffords cannot speak, but can hear. She is responding to questions by squeezing a ball in her hand.

10:53am: Fox News: Gretchen Carlson conducts a heartbreaking telephone interview with Roxnee Green, the mother of the 9 year old girl who died in the tragedy. The family is a very religious Christian family, and the mother is relying on her faith to get her through this. Her daughter was needed in Heaven. Her daughter was born on September 11th, 2001. The mother does not cast blame, but says that sick people are out there and we have to see the signs of trouble.

11:05am: Fox News: Giffords is in a medically induced coma. She is the only survivor in critical condition, but others are in serious condition. Serious is below critical.

11:06: MSNBC: David Gregory brings up Mein Kampf and the Congresswoman being Jewish. His interviewee points out that this angle is being explored, as are all angles.

11:08am: Fox News: Dorthy Morris age 76, and Phyllis Scheck, age 79, are 2 of the victims.

11:09am: Speaker John Boehner orders capitol hill flags lowered to half staff due to the death of a staffer of Congresswoman Giffords.

11:10am: Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, a New York liberal, attacks gun owners in general. “Guns kill. Those who glamorize gun play or worship gun ownership do no service to humanity.” Congresswoman Giffords owns a gun.

11:18am: While MSNBC is obsessing over the politically charged climate that is code for attacking conservatives, Fox News is interviewing Dr. Rhee. Dr. Rhee mentions that the quick actions by the EMS played a major role in saving the Congresswoman’s life. MSNBC keeps saying that we don’t know why this happened, but they will speculate and harm others anyway. Fox News seems more interested in hearing medical facts from the doctor. He mentions that 5 or 6 factors made the difference.

11:20am: The Jayson Blair Times (formerly the New York Times) concludes that the political climate absolutely played a factor. Evidence need not apply. In further news, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is a wretched human being who owns a wretched paper.

11:25am: CBS: The Ravens lead the Chiefs 10-7 at halftime. Yet unlike NBC the day before, CBS felt that the shooting of a Congresswoman was worth mentioning. A couple minutes of information including FBI Director Robert Mueller preceded the football halftime show. CBS promised updates throughout.

11:46am: MSNBC: David Gregory interviews Harry Reid about healthcare. Gregory can barely contain his glee at the thought that the shooting may prevent Republicans from voting to overturn Obamacare. Not that the left would ever politicize this tragedy. Oh wait. They would and have from the first tragic shots fired.

11:48am: Fox News: President Obama is ordering a moment of silence for Monday at 11:am Monday morning. Also, he is postponing a scheduled trip to New York.

11:52am: Fox News is offering actual news, as police release the gutwrenching 911 tapes of the shooting. MSNBC still has David Gregory interviewing Harry Reid, who claims that the tea party influence in America is way overstated. So on the one hand they are a threat, and on the other hand they are insignificant. A few seconds later Reid says we should all tone it down.

Once again, “coming together” for a liberal means conservatives should just shut up and let liberals run things. There is no other way to explain this constant garbage about us all coming together while simultaneously blaming conservatives for the tragedy.

12:01pm: Fox News reports that the second man wanted for questioning has been cleared by police and is no longer a suspect or person of interest.

12:03pm: Fox News: The FBI reports that the shooter will be charged with murder and assault today. Trauma Surgeon Dr. Randall Friese Gives a detailed medical explanation of what had to be done to save the Congresswoman’s life and go forward. He explained exactly why he is convinced that Congresswoman Giffords understood his commands, as she “gave a very generous squeeze” of his hand when requested to do so.

12:07pm: MSNBC: Chris Jansing reports that 30 year old victim Gabriel Zimmerman died. He was engaged to be married. While much of MSNBC is leftist editorializing, Ms. Jansing seems to be very professional, reporting the facts as a journalist should. This could get her fired from MSNBC.

12:13pm: Fox News: Dr. Ed Kornell is a neurosurgeon, and he gave a detailed explanation of how the brain works, and the fact that the bullet did not ever cross the “center line” of the Congresswoman’s brain is why she is alive. Dr. Kornell has been doing neurosurgery since before John Hinckley shot President Ronald Reagan.

12:26pm: Reuters reports charges being filed against the shooter, but those charges are sealed at this time. MSNBC reports that a plane crash in Iran killed 70 people and 9 inches of snow is about to belt the Southern United States. Does it ever stop? Actually, I am scared to ask that. I am thankful to be alive.

12:39pm: Fox News reports the charges have been released. 2 counts of murder, 2 counts of attempted murder, and one count of attempting to kill a member of Congress. No word on whether the feds will seek the death penalty. In a grisly conversation that could have waited, if Ms. Giffords dies or is incapacitated, Governor Brewer cannot appoint a successor. A special election must be held. I would not want to be a candidate running in that one on either side.

12:43pm: Fox News (and politically liberal, Fox News allows varying viewpoints) Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl explains that the Feds have jurisdiction for the 2 federal employees killed, the judge and the staffer. The other deceased victims are not federal employees so Arizona has jurisdiction. Ms. Wiehl rejects the insanity defense in this case based on the MySpace page of the shooter showing he knew right from wrong. Medical Analyst Dr. Keith Ablow offers a fascinating counterpoint of mens rea and culpability. If the shooter felt he was defending something such as martians, insanity could be valid.

1pm: Fox News and CNN stick with the story, while MSNBC decides to show a 2 hour unrelated program about a love triangle called “seduction.” Yes, this is MSNBC.

1:26pm: Fox News: Megyn Kelly interviews John Green, the father of the 9 year old shooting victim. The girl had just been elected to the student council and wanted to meet her local congresswoman. The man’s son was supposed to also go but he had karate practice, which the mom took him to. The woman who took the girl to the event is named Susie. Susie was shot 4 times but survived. The daughter, as previously mentioned, was the only girl on the boy’s softball team.

1:32pm The father and Megan hold back tears and he says something very poignant. “My daughter was born on 9/11. We had enough restrictions after 9/11 trying to fly. We don’t need any more restrictions on our society. There is always going to be random acts, but there are a lot of good people out there.”

Megan Kelly fought back anger as she said that regarding the shooter, “We need to find out why. There is always a desire to prescribe reason to what could be an irrational act.”

1:37pm: Megan Kelly interviews Pima County Sheriff Dupnik. “There are people who are very angry at the politics of Gabrielle (Giffords).” Again, no evidence exists that the political climate had anything to do with this. Megyn asks if the shooter was watching or listening to such programs. The sheriff ignores the question. She politely asks again. The sheriff says “I don’t have that information yet. My belief…no doubt in my mind…” Kelly points out that he is offering speculation. He replies “That is my opinion…period.” Kelly points out that maybe it is inappropriate to speculate at this time. “Difference of opinion is what makes the world go round.”

So at this point everybody else needs to tone it down, but liberals are allowed to inflame the public by attacking conservatives in the name of toning it down. Kelly correctly points out that the sheriff is a Democrat who ran as a Democrat. The sheriff says “We see one party trying to block the other party for trying to make this a better country.”

Can we finally admit that the Pima County Sheriff is a partisan hack exploiting the tragedy for political purposes?

1:42pm: Fox (regular, not Fox News): The Green Bay Packers are at the Philadelphia Eagles. The Ravens throttled the Chiefs 30-7. The discussion is only football, as the teams kick off.

2:53pm: Megyn Kelly interviews Daniel Hernandez Jr. He is the intern who saved Congresswoman Giffords. He had very limited medical knowledge from some courses in school, but it was enough. Thank God for this young man. Somehow the Congresswoman was able to respond and squeeze his hand after she was shot in the head. That says a lot about her. As for Mr. Hernandez, he initially used his own hand to stop the flow of blood.

2:56pm: CNN: The Rabbi at the Synagogue Congresswoman Gifford attends is holding a vigil.

3:13pm: The Packers lead the Eagles 14-3 at halftime and are starting the second half with no mention of the Arizona tragedy. For those keeping score, CBS did mention it while Fox and NBC said nothing.

3:17pm: Fox News: Brett Baier is interviewing Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina. Naturally he is blaming conservatives for the tragedy. Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation made it clear that the left is doing what it tried to do in 1995 after the Oklahoma City bombing, blaming conservatives when there was 0 connection.

3:24pm: Brett Baier interviews Rand Paul and Chris Coons. Despite being a liberal, Coons refuses to endorse more gun control when asked by Baier.

3:37pm: Fox News panel of pundits. Charles Krauthammer not on the panel, rendering it less relevant. Yet even without Sir Charles, some cogent points were made. Unlike MSNBC, divergent viewpoints were freely expressed amicably.

3:38pm: Give Liberal Mara Liasson credit. She stated that there is no proven link between political discourse and this tragedy. She could get fired from NPR for those remarks.

3:41pm: Juan Williams, as reasonable as ever. “You can’t just blame right-wing rhetoric for this attack.” He pointed out that in 1995, Democrats used Oklahoma City for political gain. Comments like that are why NPR fired him already.

3:56pm: Outside of CNN and Ted Turner, the worst thing about Atlanta is Delta. CNN announcing that Delta is canceling 2000 flights for a storm that has not even hit yet. More direct flights and not forcing everyone through Atlanta would help matters. I fly Monday afternoon from Los Angeles to Reno on Delta. Sheesh.

4:48pm: Fox: Packers over Eagles 21-16. No mention of the Arizona tragedy in the postgame show.

4:53pm: Fox News: FBI looking into ties between shooter and anti-government group. American Renaissance leader Jared Taylor says he has never heard of the shooter.

5:45pm: CNN: Anderson Cooper and Jessica Yellin continued to blame Sarah Palin. The head of the Tucson Tea Party went so far as to state that the left was practically praying for the shooter to be a tea party person, and are disappointed that the equivalent of ballistics did not match. David Gergen, the “Republican” on the panel, chimed in with the liberals about how we all need to cool down.

Monday, January 10th:

9:46am: It seems the 9 year old girl who tragically died is the granddaughter of former Philadelphia Phillies Manager Dallas Green.

9:52am: Fox News: Emanuel Cleaver, Chairman of the Congressional Black Liberal Caucus, reads from the Democratic talking points about us all “toning it down.” When he is asked about President Obama referring to Republicans as enemies, Cleaver demurs.

10:07am: Fox News: Megyn Kelly interviews Democrat Congressman Pat Brady. He wants to make it illegal to have a picture of a congressperson in the crosshairs as Sarah Palin did on her website. He does not want to infringe on anyone’s freedom of speech, unless that person is conservative.

10:13am: MSNBC: Liberal “Analyst” Andrea Mitchell interviews Democrat Martin Frost, who received death threats in 1991 when he voted in favor of the first Gulf War. What neither of them mention is that it was anti-war leftists making those threats. How convenient. Sarah Palin draws a picture and the left gets hysterical, but leftists make actual death threats and somehow Andrea Mitchell neglects to tell us this. Mitchell reports that Palin and Beck “are on the defensive.” Mitchell points out that Beck “has been accused” of saying bad things. Yes, it is the left accusing him. So the left makes accusations, and then cites those accusations as evidence. Circular logic from ideologues withe a liberal agenda.

Loughner had a grudge against Congresswoman dating back to 2007, a full year before Sarah Palin became a household liberal obsession for “targeting.” It was also 2 years before the tea party existed. Glenn Beck was on CNN at the time, not Fox News.

10:36am: Andrea Mitchell is interviewing Paul Hemke of the Brady Campaign. Those are the people using the tragic shooting of James Brady in 1981 to get guns banned under the guise of “reasonable restrictions.” Yes, using tragedies to exploit political issues did not begin this week. Did Mitchell have an NRA representative available for a different point of view? No, not on MSNBC.

10:39am: Congressman Bill Pascrell of New Jersey blames Fox News and their “culture of hate” for the shooting. I am sure he also thinks we should all tone it down.

10:45am: President Obama speaks. “We don’t have a stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy and the French people.” England may disagree. Mr. Obama loves kicking England in the teeth. Otherwise, his remarks were inconsequential but harmless.

11:07am: Fox News: Interview with Pima County Attorney Barbara Lawall. She promises to be deliberate but does not promise to seek the death penalty. She is a Democrat.

12:54pm: FBI agents arrive at the shooter’s home. Governor Brewer gives her State of State Address. “We will never be brought down.” “Our meetings on sunny days will continue.”

1:33pm: Fox News: Neil Cavuto reports that while the suspect has said virtually nothing, he answered in the affirmative that he understood the charges against him. He did not mention Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck in his responses, which Paul Krugman will cite as evidence that the shooter is indeed crazy. After all, any rational Jayson Blair Times columnist with a sinister looking beard knows they are at fault.

2pm: Fox News had Glenn Beck and MSNBC had Chris Matthews at the same time. Glenn Beck offered heartfelt sentiments for the families while Chris Matthews attacked Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle. Matthews began with a panel of liberals only, since MSNBC does not allow diversity of opinion. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Raul Grijalva have a history of hateful statement toward Republicans. Chellie Pingree of Maine was the third Democrat on the panel.

2:03pm Wasserman-Schultz brought up “shock jocks.”

2:05pm: Beck pointed out that he ordered his staff to remain quiet and not jump to conclusions before the facts came out, and that the left learned nothing from the Shirley Sherrod incident.

2:07pm: Matthews played a clip of Sharron Angle saying she wanted to take Harry Reid out. Now we know Matthews is a leftist ideologue, but perhaps she meant she wanted to date him romantically. Given how dour he is and how pleasant she is, she probably meant defeating him in the election. Matthews then says “I want to narrow the discussion.” In his case I did not know that was possible.

2:10pm: Beck points out that the shooter at a school board meeting in Florida was a leftist despite the left stating he was on the right. “Is there any such thing as an editor anymore?” He points out that when Congresswoman Giffords was shot, Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos immediately linked to Sarah Palin’s site before we knew the shooter. Beck also showed the horrendous post on their own site of a leftist threatening Gifford, and showed the West Virginia Joe Manchin Senate ad of him shooting a gun through cap and trade legislation.

2:12pm: Matthews claims that gun violence toward politicos is a uniquely American problem, and that Mexico does not have this problem. Is he kidding? Has he heard of the 1994 assassination of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio? How about the drug fueled cartel assassinations of judges and police officers? Somebody have Matthews live in Mexico for awhile. He might appreciate the Second Amendment then.

2:25pm: Beck: Media Matters wants Beck and Palin off the air. Not that a liberal would ever advocate conservatives be censored and banned from speaking, but yes they do on a daily basis. Beck played a radio clip of him interviewing Giffords and saying nice things about her. “I stand with Sarah Palin. I would stand with Barack Obama and Van Jones if they would reject politicizing violence. There is a difference between hard fought political battles and violence.”

2:26pm: Matthews: Interviews David Corn of Mother Jones, who said he interviews a friend of the shooter. The shooter was a loner, not a guy into conservative talk radio. No sign he was a partisan. Matthews cut off Corn and went to the next guest. Matthews said we find deranged people in churches and train stations. Brian Levin of the Center for Hate and Extremism said that “Ideology is the gift wrap on the pathology.” He states that it is wrong to lay the shooting at the feet of right-wing ideology, at which point Matthews cuts him off, says we should not discount what he says, before discounting it. Focus on the pathology, not the ideology.

2:38pm: Beck: We can’t stop these attacks totally. Violence is a people problem. It is a human problem.” He points out that nobody but the shooter is to blame. “Violence from all sides in reprehensible.”

2:39pm: Matthews interviews Judson Philips of Tea Party Nation. Matthews says “No country in the world has had as many leaders assassinated as America.” Matthews is as Matthews does. He insulted Phillips’s intelligence and kept interrupting, bringing up Michele Bachmann. For a guy who abhors violence, Matthews sure does love screaming at people he disagrees with. For a guy who wants civility, he sure does love insulting political opponents.

2:46pm: Beck: “I denounce violence, regardless of ideological motivation.”

2:51pm: Matthews describes himself as a “moderate, and not a hater.” Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post chimed in that “Barack Obama has always presented himself as somebody who stands for civility and for reaching out, as somebody who doesn’t let hatred figure into any of his computations.” Of course he does. Barack Obama is the epitome of division. He presents himself another way, yes, but that is what being a phony is all about. The real Barack Obama absolutely loathes his political opponents, treating them as enemies. Everybody not employed by MSNBC understands this.

Matthews pointed out that there are people on the left who think people on the right are evil. Yes Chris, they are you and your coworkers. Fineman chimes in and says that Obama does not see his opponents as evil, just stupid.

2:56pm: Beck offers heartfelt comments about the 9 year old girl killed in the tragedy.

3:25pm: Liberal hate speech provider Ed Schultz, in defending his own abusive behavior, said “I get passionate, but not in a violent way.” So liberals get passionate while conservative speakers are dangerous. He said that although conservatism had nothing to do with the tragedy, it should still be talked about. No, it shouldn’t. Stick to the relevant. If liberals did, they would have to be silent since admitting they are the problem does not help their cause.

3:54pm: Charles Krauthammer, a trained psychiatrist who actually does know what he is talking about, pointed out that in the past in his official capacity he had to have people committed. The standards for committing people is lower (thank you liberals), making this harder to do.

Anyway, So while Beck was preaching love (as he consistently does), and Krauthammer was calmly offering logic, Matthews and Schultz were screaming like leftist lunatics (as they consistently do) while simultaneously wanting the right to cool down and exempting themselves.

At this point it is time to do the exact opposite of cool down. It is time for me to get red hot.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families, and I am saying many prayers. Yet I will not let attempts by the left to use this tragedy for political gain to go unchallenged.

We do not need less speech. We need more speech.

I keep comparing liberals to Palesimians and conservative Republicans to Jews.

Palesimians say “If only you would let us kill you and take steps to ensure your own deaths, we can all get along peacefully. If you try to defend yourselves we will wail about a neverending cycle of violence.”

Liberals say, “We should all tone it down, but we reserve the right once you are quiet to bash your skulls in. When you try to fight back, we will accuse you of being angry, lob more grenades at you, and then say that all of us…of course by us we mean you and not us…should tone it down.”

I’m sorry, but unilateral disarmament does not cut it.

Liberals are going to use this tragedy to silence conservatives.

It could come in renewed attempts at the fairness doctrine, or more net neutrality.

It could come in the form of demonizing Republicans for doing their jobs. “How dare you try to repeal Obamacare? Congresswoman Giffords supported Obamamcare. You obviously support the murder of the Arizona victims!”

It could come in the form of more attempts at gun control. Congresswoman Giffords did not share the passion for gun control that other Democrats do, but the left will ignore that.

Until a liberal can point to one thing that Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck has ever said to endorse violence, those leftists should tone it down.

Every day liberals are verbally terrorizing conservatives just for breathing. Whether it be Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Kathy Griffin, Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Sheriff Dupnik, the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post,, Joan Walsh, Paul Krugman, or any other leftist bombthrowers, the hateful acts are one-directional.

Oh, and it was the Daily Kos that put a “bulls-eye” on Congresswoman Giffords in 2008 for supporting FISA Courts.

The left will point to Sarah Palin, as if some metaphor about “targeting” members of congress for defeat should be taken seriously. I watched Wile E. Coyote and Bugs Bunny as a kid. I never tried to jump off a roof.

You blame the people who do the bad things, and stop trying to invent tenuous non-existent links.

It is about personal responsibility, something the left will never understand.

Lastly, the reason why the bile is one directional is because the left wants warfare and the right wants policy discussions. The right wins when the discussions are based on policy. We are a center-right nation. The right loses when it gets personal because we cannot ever win the public relations game.

The left loses when it is based on policy. They win when they follow Saul Alinsky. Polarize and personalize everything.

The right disagrees with the left. The left hates the right. It is called Ideological Bigotry.  I wrote 3 books on the subject. Buy them and commit them to memory.

In the coming days, any attempts to repeal Obamacare, stop gun control legislation, or cut taxes, will be met with cries of supporting the Arizona murderer.

You just watch. The left is prepared to use this tragedy to silence all conservatives. They don’t want civil discourse. They want to go back to a time when things were quieter when conservatives had no voice at all.

(It is not paranoia when they really are out to get you.)

When the leftists stop acting like verbal homicide bombers, the right will embrace peace in an instant.

As I said, today my dad turns 70. He survived the most unspeakable evil on Earth, the Holocaust.

Thank God he did not have to get on that boxcar.

He did not escape the Nazis so that he could live in a nation where others would use vile tragic murders to silence political opposition (including my dad, who is politically conservative).

So I will politely but forcefully say at the top of my lungs that until the left knocks it off, I am verbally armed to the teeth with oral bazookas and grenades.

There will be zero violence, but lacerating verbal parries and thrusts in self-defense.

It’s my America too, and even conservatives have First Amendment protection.

Sorry Kossacks and Olbermaniacs…I am not getting on that boxcar.

Hineni. Here I am. Conservative, Republican, Jewish, proud of it, and here to stay.


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  1. I understand why the left is criticizing rightwing rhetoric right now, and I understand the defensive posturing of the right. It seems the shooter is a more than a little nuts, so, right there, you have to think the matter probably wasn’t too tightly related to rightwing “bazookas and grenades.” It may have been, but we won’t know for a while, and I doubt it. It wouldn’t fit his modus sententia. Besides, we can safely (?) assume that there will be no curtailing of rightwing bombasticism ;) and we can be sure there will be plenty of other nuts out there attached to all sorts of other ideologies. As some people say, $#!% happens.


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