State of the Union 2011–Congressman Paul Ryan gets it

I provided complete and comprehensive coverage of the State of the Union address delivered by Congressman Paul Ryan and the irrelevant platitudes brought by the fellow speaking before him.

I covered the Democratic speech, the Republican response, the Tea Party response, the Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC analysis, and the various ordinary people participating in focus groups.

That coverage is found in three parts at the Washington Times Communities Online.

Rachel Maddow ended the night wailing and complaining that the president did not mention gun control. Ironically she also used the phrase “Locked and Loaded” in a totally harmless manner. Nevertheless she is now dangerous and should be taken off the air immediately.

The only thing to conclude from the entire evening is that the intellectual heft in this country, whether it be politicians, reporters, analysts, or private citizens, is coming from the right.

Barack Obama blathered nonsense.

Paul Ryan gave a cold hard substantive reality in 10% of the time it took the president to waste words and oxygen.

Fox News conducted balanced analysis. MSNBC did not.

Fox News and CNN covered the Tea Party speech. MSNBC did not, showing that the firing of Keith Olbermann has not changed the culture of hate and disdain for conservatives.

Fox News conducted an honest focus group. MSNBC did not bother with any focus group.

President Obama speaks well and says nothing.

That is not news.

The real news is that ordinary Americans of all stripes now know this.

This was his last chance to show that he cares about ordinary Americans and can empathize with their troubles and come up with real solutions to help them.

He cannot and does not.

Paul Ryan can and did. He is now the leader of the free world.


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