CPAC Infomercial

This is a CPAC infomercial. I met many people there, and these are links to their sites. I started with those that are less well known since the already famous get enough attention. Yet to leave out the already well known is unfair to them. May they all grow rich(er) financially, politically, and emotionally.


Doug Welch runs Stix Blog. Steve is the guy behind No Runny Eggs in Wisconsin. They are both awesome.

William Jasper is Senior Editor at the New American

Jeffrey Dunetz is a great conservative Jewish blogger at Yid With Lid

Ryan Hartman is the brains behind Wizbang and Gabriel Malor is Ace of Spades.

Beverly Perlson is the founder behind the Band of Mothers.

John McKenna is the Boston Conservative

Beth Martinez is the co-founder of Women Go Political

Da Tech Guy is exactly that

Charles Stone is at NewSource

Craig Johnson is the Editor in Chief at the Iowa Republican

Tom White is at Virginia Right

Rick Sincere is at the Ch’ville Libertarian Examiner

Daniel McCarthy is at American Conservative Magazine

Matt Cover is at Cybercast News Service

Media Relations and Marketing:

Audra Shay runs Project Go Pink to help elect Republican women

Eric Welch is at PassCode Creative

Nancy Smith is at AdzZoo

Alice Linahan runs the Resolute Media Group


Joseph Ben-Ami is at the Canadian Centre For Policy Studies

Adam Kissel is at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Roy Innis founded the Congress Of Racial Equality, and his fine legacy is being continued by his son Niger Innis and Paul Driessen.

Art Harman is the director at the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration

Cliff May runs Defend Democracy. He deserves extra points for successfully skewering Jon Stewart on the Daily Show and forcing the sniveling host to for once apologize.

Matt used to be a political director at the California Republican Party. Now he runs American Majority

Reid Porter understands that oil actually works

Amber Christian is at Defend Your Healthcare

Jeremih Hodgkin is at FairTax Indiana

Eli Lehrer is at the Heartland Institute

Susan Carleson runs the American Civil Rights Union

Daniel Pollak does government relations at the Zionist Organization of America

Lisa Spies is a political consultant

Rod Martin heads up the National Federation of Republican Assemblies

William Temple is putting on Freedomfest 2011

Former New York Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey runs Defend Your Healthcare

Americans For Prosperity consists of phenomenal human beings fighting for economic freedom. They are not a threat to democracy. They are democracy. Erik Telford of AFP also runs Right Online.

Iowa Congressman Steve King is a very good guy.

Robin Read runs the National Foundation For Women Legislators

Grover Norquist is the guy behind making Republicans take the anti-tax pledge at Americans for Tax Reform.

Dr. Weiss is at the Hudson Institute

Dr. Scott Magill is at Veterans in Defense of Liberty

Ann Salpeter Schockett heads up the Woodmere GOP

Daniel Diaz, Naphtali Rivkin, and Jordan Marks raise cain at Young Americans for Freedom.

Kate Obenshain heads up Young America’s Foundation

Inga Schweitzer heads up the Louisville, Kentucky, Young Republicans

Shana Jean Kluck is with the Alabama Young Republicans and other Bama groups.

Eugene Pevzner is with the Brooklyn Young Republicans

Dr. Mark Young heads up Physicians For Palin

Christine Morabito leads the Greater Boston Tea Party


Lisa Mei Norton at Big Dawg Music Mafia rocks

Norm Cady performs with Freedom Road

Sherry Marquelle sings

Cassandra is the woman behind internet sensation Paula Priesse

Patti Lyons is a Sarah Palin impersonator

Victoria Jackson used to be on Saturday Night Live. Now she entertains politically


Gene Berardelli is at Brooklyn GOP Radio

Chad Adams is the morning man at 106.7 FM The Penguin in North Carolina

Deborah Ringhaver Lane is at T-Span, Tea Party Radio

Bill Thompson is at A More Perfect Union, also Tea Party Radio

Michael Koolidge is based out of Illinois

Ellen Ratner is at Talk Radio News Service

Paul Westcott is at Clearchannel

Lars Larson and Dr. Laurie Roth are both nationally known and based out of the Pacific Northwest.


Jerry Corsi writes for World Net Daily at Red Alert, and also founded Gilford Securities

Jason Mattera is at Eagle Publishing

Mark Preston is the Senior Political Editor at CNN

Jack Cashill has a new book out called “Deconstructing Obama.”

Marvin Olasky is the brains and heart behind World Magazine

Jessica Taylor is at National Journal

Tucker Carlson runs the Daily Caller

Jacquie Kubin runs the Washington Times Online

To everybody I met at CPAC, I look forward to doing business with you for a long time to come.


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