The UN Sends Khadafi to bed without supper

For every single innocent Libyan killed this week, there will be a world body with the blood of the Libyan bodies on their filthy hands.

The useless bastion of worthlessness, anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism known as the United Nations has decided to stop doing nothing and start looking busy.

Libyan strongman Moammar Khadafi has decided that he is willing to kill his own people in order to maintain his weakening grip on power. This guy is almost as dangerous and crazy as leaders, although he is less organized.

In an attempt to prevent genocide, the United Nations has decided to look like they have the ability and inclination to prevent it somewhere. Given their spectacular track record from Rwanda to Bosnia, it is not surprising that Khadafi would take 14 year old Libyan boys and subject them to forced 56th trimester abortions. What would the UN do to stop atrocities, something?

President Obama took a brave stand by curling up in a fetal position and sticking to what he knows, which is community organizing. Despite none of the Republicans in Wisconsin resorting to bullets to pass their bills, Mr. Obama declared them guilty of an “assault” on people. Regarding the real assaults by Khadafi against his own citizens, Mr. Obama called the situation “unacceptable.” This is code for an involuntary reflexive muscle gesture known as shoulder shrugging.

Those determined to declare Mr. Obama right about everything spouted gibberish about a tough stand endangering Americans in Libya. First of all, what the heck are Americans doing in Libya? Was Cancun out of hotel rooms? If Khadafi even dared to start firing on Americans, even Barack Obama would retaliate since going Jimmy Carter impotent would hurt him in 2012.

Yet if Mr. Obama represents individual inertia, the UN is an entire club of eunuchs who long ago failed to go to their medical practitioners to have “a pair” transplanted onto their decrepit (redacted).

In an attempt to get Khadafi Duck to stop using tactics that only Saddam Hussein or a Chicago Mayor could love, the UN has decided to send Khadafi to bed without supper. They then compromised and gave him supper but not dessert. They then decided to be flexible and give him dessert but not read him a bedtime story. They then decided to stop being cruel and give him a bedtime story but not kiss him on the forehead goodnight.

(I would not kiss that forehead…blecchhhh.)

First the UN discussed kicking Libya off of the Human Rights Council. Wow. I am sure that persuaded him to stop murdering his own people, if by persuaded one means “had no effect whatsoever.” The UN needs another week to discuss possibly having a vote on a meaningless gesture.

Then the Obama administration working (I remember when working was defined as actually doing things) in conjunction with the UN decided to issue sanctions against Libya.

Sanctions? Again with the sanctions? Which sanctions were these, the tough sanctions, sanctions with bite, meaningful sanctions, or sanctions that send a message? Was Mr. Obama crystal clear, perfectly clear, or absolutely clear?

One part of sanctions is “freezing” Khadafi’s accounts. This is nonsense. Freezing his accounts is like American politicians freezing spending. It means nothing. We can freeze the accounts of his that we know about. I am sure he does not have other secret slush funds like Yassir Arafat or past New Jersey governors. He has plenty of money, and all we are doing is freezing money that actually had a chance of going to the very Libyan people the UN does not even claim to care about.

We are placing restrictions on his air travel. We are banning him from leaving Libya. Isn’t the whole crux of the problem that he refuses to leave Libya?

(I remember as a kid by dad sent me to my room. It had no effect. Then he came in and physically carried the tv set out of my room. Let’s just say my grades improved rapidly. Taking a child’s tv is the equivalent of nuclear carpet-bombing.)

So Khadafi is determined to stay in Libya for the rest of his life and the UN sanctions him by forcing him to stay there. Libya may have some poor areas, but Khadafi does not live in the bad neighborhoods. This is like banning the UN members from leaving their five star hotels in Manhattan. Where are they going to go, the Bronx?

Let’s pretend that the UN actually cares that innocent people are being slaughtered by a meglomaniacal dictator. Let’s also pretend that Khadafi and his dwindling but ruthless band of supporters are not, to quote Zell Miller, using spitballs. Let’s assume that they are using real adult guns that fire real bullets.

Gun control advocates should notice that what separates America from Libya is that when bad guys break into American homes in Texas and Idaho, it often ends up bad for the bad guys, who are by definition…say it with me…bad.

So if the goal hypothetically is to prevent mass slaughter, could somebody in the civilized world figure out a way to get real guns with real bullets to the people being unjustly murdered? Would that be too much to ask?

This is not about sending in American troops. Just either get weapons to the innocent victims or do nothing. If the objective is to do nothing, at least admit it. Babbling about sanctions is meaningless prattle that only a State Department bureaucrat could love. They need to defog their glasses at Foggy Bottom just once.

Until then, it is comforting to know that the UN decided to rethink their approach and stop being so aggressive. They will kiss Khadafi on his forehead, but they will not pull his pants down and (redacted) him. Actually they will, but some things are so disgusting that only people as filthy and vile as UN diplomats would even publicly discuss it.


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  1. Once again, the right shows a rather blurry picture of what they would do. I haven’t seen Republicans in congress offer anything. This blog only suggests we should somehow try to arm the protesters. Okay. I suppose that counts as an idea. Though, at that point the uprising would then be tarred as an American intervention, which could lead to all sorts of further problems.

    I’d like to see the right put out soime substyantive ideas about what we could or should do. I’m still patiently waiting. All they seem to be able to do is criticize.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “All they seem to be able to do is criticize.”

    Sure, whatever you say.
    Actually its you whos “only” criticizing the right.

    John Bolton;
    ” it’s pretty clear that the Obama Administration is responding to Libya without a plan and that the UN approved sanctions – the arms embargo, asset freeze and travel ban – do absolutely nothing to Qaddafi. He adds that just getting rid of Qaddafi, as the President has called for, isn’t enough and that what we should be doing is encouraging the opposition in Libya to form an alternative/interim government to help stabilize the country. “

  3. Micky 2 says:

    And here

    “In perhaps the least stunning declaration since the Libyan revolt began, on CNN this morning, Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain both appeared (apparently, Lindsey Graham must have the flu) to insist that, once again, President Obama was not being proactive enough, much as is the case with the many other nations that they have urged our troops to invade or at least get involved.

    In this case, the Two Amigos called for the imposition of a no-fly zone, recognition of a revolutionary provisional government, sending humanitarian assistance, and perhaps most importantly, providing arms to fight Kaddafi’s mercenaries. They made the case that Obama has not acted swiftly enough to deter Kaddafi’s bloody efforts to remain in power. Obama, on the other hand, has claimed that he was unable to act stronger since Americans in Libya would have been threatened.

    (Theres no more Americans there at this point)

    Lieberman said, “The fact is now is the time for action, not just statements. The sanctions that were adopted but unilaterally by the United States … really have some effect on the people in the top positions in the Libyan government and hopefully it will lead them to think twice. But the kinds of tangible support, no-fly zone, recognition of the revolutionary government, the citizens government and support for them with both humanitarian assistance and I would provide them with arms.” McCain echoed, “I understand that America’s security and safety of American citizens is our highest priority. It is not our only priority.”

  4. Ya’ know, you guys never fail to belie your own arguments. If the UN is such an impotent and useless institution, why do you so concern yourselves with it?

    Bolton is silly, as always. There is no “interim government” for Libya. Qadaffi’s junta effectively wiped out the public institutions of the state. The people would have to build them from the ground up. The military is crooked and amateur. Nothing more or less than an armed gang of the state. We can “encourage” whatever we like, but it won’t make a government out of whole cloth. Why you guys even listen to that silly Bolton guy is beyond me completely. There are many great conservative statesmen. Why don’t you listen to them? I remember when you guys had a line-up of Baker, Eagleburger and Pickering. Agree with them on any given issue or not, they were highly intelligent and effective statesmen. Bolton is a joke.

    Good for you Micky for bringing this initiatiive to light here. It’s an interesting idea (well, several ideas) from two well-intentioned and smart pols, but t’s not exactly “from the right.” It’s just well-intentioned, smart pols trying to see if we can help. I say we should do whatever we can. I hope the Obama administration and the Pentagon have “plans” – and I hope they keep those plans to themselves, until it’s necessary to divulge them or put them to practice.

    Speaking loudly without a big stick would be Boltonesquely stupid.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “Bolton is silly, as always. There is no “interim government” for Libya. ”

    Silly or not the point is that you make straw man BS arguments.
    Of course the right has made plenty of suggestions.
    Instead, your only recourse in the face of my answer to your claim is to attack Boltons intellect.

    “Speaking loudly without a big stick would be Boltonesquely stupid.”

    Hows that a$$ kissing, bowing, apologizing, appeaser workin for ya ?

    Resolutions ?
    Once were paying 5.00 for a gallon of gas this will be just the excuse you morons need to cram a bunch of useless green crap down everyone’s throat in an already fragile economy.
    Why would moonbats want any solution to this ?
    Its what you want.

    Yes, you’re a genius.
    No one said any interim govt. was in place.
    And yeah, building one out of cloth would be a start as opposed to economic global chaos.
    You have to look at the big pic in this whole region and us not securing our immediate energy needs would be about the most foolish thing to ever happen.

  6. Micky 2 says:

    “Ya’ know, you guys never fail to belie your own arguments. If the UN is such an impotent and useless institution, why do you so concern yourselves with it?”

    They’re crappy parents who dont discipline their kids, who eventually terrorize the neighborhood.
    Impotent doesnt mean not dangerous.

  7. Micky 2 says:

    or as Jersey would say…

    “Unruly Children”

    Bwahahahahaha !!!

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