Remedies to break the Wisconsin unions

Unlike President Obama, I don’t pretend to be a constitutional scholar. If my proposed remedies for dealing with the unions trying to destroy American society cannot be implemented, the courts will figure it out.

It is vital that conservatives win the Wisconsin fight. President Obama has gone all in, and his desire to fundamentally transform America as he promised rests with the fight in Wisconsin between the people led by Governor Scott Walker and the paid leftist mercenaries only a couple degrees separated from Mr. Obama.

When Mr. Obama won the 2008 election, he rammed a hard left agenda down our throats. The Pelosiraptor ruled the house with an iron will. Did the Republicans flee Washington? No. They took their medicine, and fought back legally in the courts of law and public opinion.

Now flip things around. It is one thing for teachers to go on strike. Think of it as the French going on strike. How can you tell? Children missing a few days of school will not cripple society. If anything it will slow down the dumbing down of our children, and show how useless many of these teachers are. After all, doesn’t every parent show love for their children by starving and abandoning them?

Yet picture America with unionized TSA agents. Picture them going on strike because they are not allowed to grope passengers based on levels of attractiveness, or some other criteria such as the union right to be underworked and overpaid in a recession. Airline travel would grind to a halt. This is what happens when workers who produce nothing get to blackmail people who offer a net positive societal contribution.

This fight is the very struggle between Reaganomics and Obamanomics. Mr. Khadafi is allowed to shoot people in the streets of Libya, and Mr. Obama stays silent. Yet Governor Walker tries to save jobs by being fiscally responsible, and Mr. Obama and his minions treat Governor Walker as if he were the one spreading blood in the streets.

While Governor Walker does not (thankfully) have the latitude of Mr. Khadafi or the Iranian mullahs, there is plenty he can do to break the Wisconsin unions once and for all. It involves employing the Bush Doctrine used when we actually fought a War on Terror. We go after not just the perpetrators, but those who harbor, finance, and protect them.

While nobody is accusing unions of murdering anybody this week, the goal of terrorism is to foment instability. This is why negotiating with union blackmailers cannot happen anymore in Wisconsin. The only solution is to crush the unions by going after their enablers.

Governor Walker should immediately dock the pay of all government workers who missed work the last few days. This includes teachers and legislators.

He should then declare an impasse in the negotiations and fire the teachers. Hiring new teachers at half the price will save the state money.

He should offer reward money for the return (alive) of the Democratic legislators. Put a price on them until they are hauled into his office.

When it is discovered where the legislators are hiding, investigations into the legality of the lodging should begin. Did the legislators pay out of their own pockets or will the taxpayers foot the bill? If wealthy Democratic donors are providing their homes, this could be illegal. Those donors should be investigated.

Doctors are passing out sick notes. These doctors should be yanked in front of a medical ethics board. If one note is deemed to be fraudulent, their medical licenses should be suspended or revoked entirely. If they do not have licenses to practice medicine, they should be arrested.

Until these leftist agitators feel that crime actually has a down side, the rule of law will continue to be subverted.

Congressman Darrell Issa should immediately launch hearings into who at the White House funded these demonstrations in Wisconsin, and what laws were broken. This will have the effect of forcing Mr. Obama to cool his machine before similar battles in Ohio and elsewhere take place. After all, Mr. Obama may worship unions but he worships himself more. Force him to choose between leftist principles and reelection and he will break with the unions.

Governor Walker should also check the Wisconsin Constitution to see if there is a similar provision to the U.S. Constitution that allows for the Chief Executive to suspend that very Constitution in absolute emergencies. FDR was a constitutional dictator. Governor Walker would be benevolent by comparison.

If he is legally allowed to do this (a major if), he can install proxy voting. He can reduce the number required for a quorum. He can then unilaterally pass his budget or resort to his backup plan of mass firings.

While this is definitely the nuclear option, how else does one deal with Democrats who break the law because they know Republicans will be too timid to enforce it?

Even if the courts strike down Governor Walker’s actions, it still forces the unions and their financial backers to spend precious resources. The Ronald Reagan strategy of bankrupting the Soviet Union should be honored on his 100th birthday as we bankrupt the leftinistras ahead of 2012.

Governor Walker won the election. He has every right to ram a conservative agenda down leftist throats. The left has the right to yell and scream, which they do on a daily basis anyway. They have the right to win the next Wisconsin election and change the political landscape.

They do not have the right to take the state hostage. The Walker Doctrine should go after every corrupt union and everybody providing them money, lodging, and medical notes.

It is time to out-Alinsky the left. It is time to send the community organizers back to their own communities broken and dispirited.

For those on the left who think they will continue to subvert the will of the people because conservatives cannot fight back, it is time to deliver a loud forceful message to these miscreants.

Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    I couldnt of said it better.
    I’ve been going back and forth over this for a week now.
    The same old mantra keeps getting pushed forward
    “tax the rich”
    Its a spending problem.
    Not a tax problem

  2. Tygrrrr, Obama is a constitutional scholar. You didn’t know that?

    There is no doubt that Americans are worse off now thanks to to the neo-liberal economic policies favored by conservatives, Republicans, and centrist Democrats. Obama is not hard-left, he has not moved the country hard-left, and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply ignorant of the subject. The workers of Wisconsin are fighting for their future, a future being robbed of them by the wealthy elites like Scott Walker. Here in Florida, we’re going through a similar fight brought on by that sleazy criminal we now have in Tallahassee, Rick Scott.

    Americans are worse off thanks to “Reaganomics,” and it’s pillar of destroying the labor movement. Wages for most have been stagnant or lowered over the past thirty years. People have to struggle more, spend less time with their families, less time eductaing their children, and more time fighting over money and splitting up. Conservative have damaged this country more than any other maalevolent factor since the Civil War – when southern conservatives caused the deaths of 600,000 Americans.

    We are fast becomeing a third World cess-pool, stratified by a small elite wealthy class and the huge class of working poor. This is the evil you espouse. I wish you’d come to see the error of your logic and morality.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “There is no doubt that Americans are worse off now thanks to to the neo-liberal economic policies favored by conservatives, Republicans, and centrist Democrats.”

    Really ?
    We havent had a say in 4 years.
    WTF are you talking about ?
    You guys predictability is nauseating.
    If anyone makes a buck Barry gets credit.
    All the bad stuff is Bushs fault.

    These morons on left cant see how transparent they are.
    On one hand the carry over of Bushs economic policies is the reason we are four times in debt before he left ?
    Yet he gets no credit for the better middle eastern policies/North African policies that have lagged into this administration.
    Funny thing is, Barry is using and improving upon all the Bush foreign policies he bashed while campaigning on top of also extending the Bush tax cuts.

    “eople have to struggle more, spend less time with their families, less time eductaing their children, and more time fighting over money and splitting up. ”

    Cry me a river.
    What does that have to with parasites who want to “collectively bargain” with everyone elses money ?

    Want to know how many families with younger kids in school are suffering right now while paying these sleazebags wages who are out on BS sick notes ?

    300,000 public workers DID show up for work.
    And, the majority of the Wisconsin population did in fact vote republican to see exactly what Walker is doing today.

  4. Micky, you’d have to’ve been born within the last four years to believe there has been any serious change at the macro-political level in America in the last four years. There hasn’t. The real decision-makers – at the Fed, the military sector, in the White House and the Hill, are all pretty much the same. From Paulsson to Geithner, from Casey to, uh… Casey, from Bernanke to Bernanke, from Condi to Clinton. This completely uncontextual myth you guys believe that somehow we are a drastically different country than from what we were 5, 10, 20, 30 years ago is just stupid.

    What the GOP is trying to do now is to finish the job they started in the 80’s – destroy labor, open our markets to the Third World, and profiteer from the masses of working poor consumers. It’s pure evil. And plenty of Dems go along for the ride. This is a bipartisan evil as well.

    I wish the silly TEA Party would worry more about that than just their stupid, petty taxes.


  5. Dav Lev says:

    I am guessing that few people have ever taken a course in econ 101,
    yet represent themelves as knowing something as complex.

    Along time ago, I learned about countervailing power.
    Simply put, it pits one group with power, against another.
    In the end, typically in the USA, there is compromise.

    Unions are good for union members, their families and everyone
    wlse who beenfits from union benefits, wages, pensions, health plans,
    hours worked, working conditions, etc.

    Otherwise, why join one?

    Management also benefits by having a stable work force, knowing
    that unlike what we are now witnessing throughout the Muslim world,
    there are no riots in the streets.

    Look, I have no love for the populatons of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemsn, Syria, Iran, Iraq.
    Given their druthers, they would gas me, my family, friends
    and acquaintances. They tried on more than one occasion..and still
    have the same spread Islamic fascism, the Sharia law,
    the caliphate..anda world w/o JZew and Infidels (Christians).

    So whether the Muslim Brothhood or some other group takes over Egypt,
    it doesnt matter much. Egypt doesnt have much oil and to man people.
    Tunisia has oil, so go figure.

    Anyone reading the USA history going back to the days when
    thugs ( similar to Tunisia) broke heads of union organizaers and their
    followers. The Supreme Court is the law of the land, NOT, the gov
    of Wisconsin.

    Its one thing to negotiate in good faith, wages, pensions, etc, and another
    to outlaw collective bargaining.

    Too little income and too large the problem in Wisconsin,
    not the underlying structure of government or its society.

    Obama is a liberal..and we voted for him. In 2 years, we can change
    the Executive. But I am reading now that his move to the middle,
    may thwart any Republcian gains.

    Obama did not cause the economic problem, Wall Street gamblers,
    and main street greed did. Its part of our system of capitalism, just
    that simple. People bought homes they could not afford expecting
    the value to continue rising. They obtained cheap loans. The rest is

    Why people need to own homes vs renting is beyond me frankly?

    Not everyone can, or should own a home.

    Economics is an art..not a science. Life is unpredictable.
    But killing collective bargaining ( the State unions do not have
    that much power guys), is not the answer.

    We should end the tax gap of 12% year of the federal budget ( taxes
    due but not collected). We should have an additional tax, on purchases
    (the more you buy, the more you pay in taxes).

    In California, Prop 13 should be goes up in value, you pay extra taxes and the reverse. Everyone is taxed based on valuation.

    We should bring all the boys home from Afghanistan/Iraq…and save 200b year. We should stop funding the World Bank AND limit our allocation to
    the UN.

    We should support our friends and allies, and stop supporting people who
    hate us.

    And finally, we should send 3 marine divisions to Saudi Arabia, and
    occupy their oil fields.

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