The Real Wisconsin Question: WWFD?

The Tygrrrr Express is a political animal during the week but strongly prefers to let politicos take a holiday on the weekends. As some incredibly effeminate song no guy should ever sing says, “weekends are made for fun.”

So as the angry unwashed masses threaten to turn Wisconsin into either Egypt or Greece, all of Wisconsin has turned to one man to try and solve the problem.

The question was going to be asked sooner or later, so I will ask WWFD…

What Will Favre Do?

For those refusing to let football run their lives, let me educate you. While some stuff was happening in the Middle East, the Green Bay Packers were winning the Super Bowl. The winning quarterback was Aaron Rodgers. As happy as many fans are for him, it is bittersweet to know that Brett Favre came so close so many times to another Super Bowl win and did not get over the hump.

Yet now that he has finally for the last time forever no turning back we really mean it this time not coming back, Favrewatch 2011 should take on a new tone. Now we need to speculate on what he will do next.

Even money odds says that he puts his right sock on before his left one, and he most likely does not sleep in Packers pajamas.

He will either take a job as a coach, an analyst, or a cub scout leader. As for the 2012 Wisconsin Senate race, he may or may not be running and will let us know when he ready.

Yet Wisconsin needs him now. Fresh off Super Bowl parades, the state has been ripped asunder.

The only thing that can distract from the mob violence would be for Favre to make an announcement.

It does not even matter what he speaks about, as long as he announces something, even if it is to announce that he has nothing to announce.

Greta Van Susteren would happily cut away from every other story if there was news on the Favre front. Tell us Brett hates doing laundry. Heck, tell us what sports stations Deanna Favre listens to during the day. Just tell us something.

This is why there is chaos in the streets of Wisconsin. Nature abhors a vacuum, and people are just filling the void.

I cannot predict what will happen in Wisconsin politics, but I can and will predict that Brett Favre is most likely not coming back next year as an NFL quarterback.

Congratulations Aaron Rodgers. You really picked a lousy time to be a champion. The people should be overturning cars and setting things on fire in celebration of you and your teammates, not out of anger at some political stuff.

Anyway, long after Wisconsin is either saved or destroyed, Summer will roll around again. Favre will be rested.

So we can argue world events or get down to the business of the NFL offseason.

I would settle for Frank Caliendo imitating John Madden talking about Brett Favre.

We keep hearing Favre is done, but wait until next September. Until then, the answer to every question in life is summed up in four words.

What Will Favre Do?


3 Responses to “The Real Wisconsin Question: WWFD?”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Many years ago I watched USC defeat UCLA. Both had excellent teams.
    USC was just too a Watson Computer vs normal human beings.
    No match really, but exciting to watch.

    Hey what about that Watson? Perhaps it could be programmed to
    run the lieu of our President. Given enough information,
    it could actually make decisions.

    The Wisconsin battle between the unions and progressives
    vs the taxpayers ( union members also pay taxes guys),
    is developing into a major fight between the right and the left.

    I am hearing that it will spread to other states, mainly NY and California.

    This is one to watch fellow conservatives.

    Many union oontracts were consummated which resulted in
    lower wages, but hight (fugure) pensions and low health contributions.
    At the time, did anyone predict the “bubble” bursting? Now its rhetorical
    thinking..who cares.

    The future is what counts. If the money isnt there and wont be there,
    negotiate in good faith, but dont end collective bargaining, just
    because fewer people are in unions. Thats dirty pool.

    The Wisconsin gov is all wrong on that one.
    It like this: After the 67 Israeli War, Israel occupied
    the West Bank, East Jerusalem the Strip and Golan heights,
    all part of what was to have been a Jewish homeland, living
    with the Arab population.

    The entire world said nothing about East Jerusalem and the Strip,
    illegally under Jordanian and Egyptian sovereignty, until they lost.

    Dont we all recall when Golda pleaded with Hussein not to enter the
    fray. He didnt listen and bombed West Jerusalem. Hundreds of stores
    were destroyed and some people killed.

    Now, the Pales want to reverse that terrible time…and are even
    owning the Armenian Quarter in the Old City. They consider every
    apartment built beyond the 67 borders illegal, while they are buidling
    nonstop all over the place.

    Iran now has approved 2 warships through the Canal, headed towards
    Syria. Israel is asking what for?

    My answer, with Turkey and Syrian navies, they will someday place
    an embargo on Israel..just as Israel has near the Strip. Then all hell
    will fly. And they could be used to guard additional flotillas an Israeli
    attack would mean instant war.

    But this is the M.E. folks..

    Herr Obama told Abbas that he will boycott making illegal
    Israeli settlements (for now) but not in areas wherein Israel
    agreed to forbear on constructiion.

    Oh Mr. Obama, you just dont get it.

    Speaking of not getting it, where is he on the Wisconsin fight?
    I would like to know.

  2. I don’t see Favre coaching or anything like that. I suppose he could, but it would really have to be the right fit. He’s always had a reputation for a sort of aloof personality. That also makes me wonder if he may abstain from a career in the booth or in analysis. Maybe color commentary, though. He is a quick-witted and smart guy. His name brand could easily carry him for the rest of his life via ads and endorsements. Good for him. He deserves whatever career he’d like to pursue next. I’d love to see him stay attached to the NFL, but I just love seeing the guy anywhere. He played football for half my life. That means a lot to me. Great post!


  3. Dav Lev says:

    A friend of mine for many years, hated the Communists. So he joined
    the army, and stayed in army intelligence in Europe. He later became
    disgruntled with politics (and the military) so didnt reenlist.

    He became a staunch liberaal.

    A former co-worker at one time, was a member of a right wing extremist
    party (in college). He got the message, quit, and became a flaming liberal.

    Extremes are bad for everyone…and that’s why I am against the recent
    maneuver in Wisconsin to end collective bargaining. We the people have a right to bargain in good faith. We fought for it. We fought wars for it.
    We also have a right to levy taxes..whether income, corporate, or
    real property. Its the American way.

    Wisconsin, a very liberal state, thanks partly to its universities,
    has now gone to the other extreme. This is bad for the state,
    and bad for the country. States are like college students, a bunch
    of sheep, following a leader, without much thought.

    And what will be the result of all this in Wisconsin? The good people
    will not move there, or move away (to Oregon, Washington State,
    California).Bad teachers will say on..why not. Good teachers will
    look elsewhere. And who loses, the children.

    Yet, the right is still pushing to reward (and punish) teachers
    based on student performance. Seems to be a paradox here.

    Egypt is allowing 2 Iranian warships through the Canal.
    Is that shocking considering the recent termoil there?

    My question, is Iran slowly edging Egypt into a full fledged war
    with the Jews?

    I would remind Obama and Moussa that the Aswan Dam
    is vulnerable. Is it worth aiding the renegade Palestinians,
    who depend on the world’s charity for half their GDP,
    yet tore down all the Israeli settlements vacated, and
    manufacturing plants (purchased by rich Jews from Israel and
    gifted to them? ).

    Or as we say, oy vey!

    Okay, Obama, what do you have to say about the above?
    What are you doing about Iran, other than admonishing them
    for resorting to brutal repressive measures?

    Mr. Obama, tear down your wall of indifference.

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