A narcissistic look at media coverage of me

If I believed my own press clippings, then maybe I would burn in hell after all.

Anyway, today is just a day to see what others are saying about me. I can’t stand googling myself. It sounds pornographic, even if it isn’t.

Also, for those who think that having a bigger platform will force me to “tone it down” and “act responsibly,” in the name of “civility” I politely request that you go shove it. I will tell you what “it” is if you ask me.

For some reason people have taken a chance on me, and that is appreciated.

Jacquie Kubin at the Washington Times Online has been great. Apparently the Ron Paul cultists did not like my criticism of him. Their comments are delightfully insane. Memo to Paulbots: You don’t matter.


Tucker Carlson at the Daily Caller also had me do the old writing thingie. His readers tend to be more sophisticated and less crazy. The comments were pleasant, as has his team been.


Four hours after my first column at the Daily Caller, I was attacked in Time Ragazine by a nobody (judging by zero comments) named James Poniewozik. Mr. Pantywaist had his all in a bunch by taking one line of my column out of context and extrapolating it into a column that had nothing to do with my topic. Liberals consider that hip and edgy. People with integrity call it something just short of fraud. This is why Time Magazine became Time Ragazine. I probably have a larger readership then they do at this point.


Time Ragazine’s blog partnership with CNN is appropriately named “Swampland.” Katy Steinmetz interviewed me at CPAC among others. While she left a couple things out, I pointed that in my comments to her. Yet overall she was fair.


Mark Preston is the Senior Political Editor at CNN. He interviewed me and others, and his coverage was totally fair and professional. I have not always been kind toward CNN, but he did his job and I am appreciative of his integrity with regards to his coverage.


This is a bizarre world we live in and an even more bizarre world I live in. Without sounding like some wacked out Hollywood celeb, it is a fun adventure. Last night this Republican Jewish blogger living in Los Angeles by way of Brooklyn, New York, spoke at the Birmingham Alabama Irish Cultural Society St. Patrick’s Dinner. It was like the sequel to “My Cousin Vinny,” with me playing the vertically challenged Joe Pesci character.

March 17th was St. Patricks Day where the Irish Catholics get drunk out of their minds. March 19th brings Purim, where it is the Jews taking their turn getting blasted out of their Kosher gourds.

I just watch and enjoy. Like the drive from Atlanta to Birmingham on I-20 I did on St. Patty’s Day, the adventure continues. Last night it was on to Nashville and then Knoxville today.

Sunday brings another religious holiday in Tennessee, the NASCAR race at Bristol Speedway.

Flying down the highway headed West. In a streak of black lightning called the (Bandit) Tygrrrr Express.

Westbound and Down, Tygrrrr Express over and out.


3 Responses to “A narcissistic look at media coverage of me”

  1. “Memo to Paulbots: You don’t matter.”

    That “big tent” justs keeps getting smaller, huh?

    What are you going to do with the anti-war conservatives – the non-“Paulbot” ones? There are a lot of them.

    How about the fanatically Protestant or Catholic?

    What are you going to do with them?

    How about the Reagan Democrats? How are you going to play Social Security and Medicare with them?

    At what point do you concede anything to these many core Republican voters?

    I love ya’ man, but you have to concede something once in a while. You can’t always be right – or even always be Right.

    I’m a Liberal, but I certainly don’t just tow the Liberal line. F them. I’m my own man. Are you?

    Other than you’re rather crass misogynistic humor, and football, you seem to be absolutely nothing more than just a Republican mouthpiece more and more lately.

    You are better than that.

    Steer the party. Don’t just rig the sails. You can do it.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    I admit to being a nobody. I, like everyone else, have just one vote
    when it matters, during election time. I have no other influence on anything, except to send contributions occasionally.

    Prior to the last Presidential election, I had several conversations with
    an acquaintence of many years. He is far to the right of me..and is
    proud of it.

    He, like Eric, shows no quarter. But he just doesnt get it. He
    means well. however, but has tunnel vision.

    Folks, this is California, the bluest of the blue states, giving the Democrats
    always large majorities. So, any pontificating is really useless.

    Its about swaying masses of people to change their affiliation, sort of
    like what we are seeing in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen.

    The Republicans simply cannot create a platform which will convince
    the Democrats of the folly of their ways.

    And while the Republlicans have substantial assets, individual Democrats
    are financing the party ( Soros, the Hollywood crowd, San Francisco types,
    Christ loved the poor, and Tikkun Olam (“repair the world”).

    Also, lets face it, the days of the Birch Society are over, with their followers having either died, or moved to neighboring states.

    California grows at 1m year..and these people vote Democratic.
    I mean, why do they move here to begin with? Why not Florida?

    Personally, I believe attacking people personally, is really, while
    fun to observe, futile.

    Reminds me of John Wooden’s first good basketball team, which
    won victory after victory. The players were all midgets, the tallest
    6 5. They were the jokes of the college world., until they played that is.

    Its all about talent and as Charlie Sheen says, “winning”.

    Oh now we learn that CBS might take him back. Gee, its amazing
    at what 2billion in revenues can accomplish. And btw, how can a Jew
    be anti-Semitic? An Arab is another story, even though Jews are not

    Voters are selfish, interested only in their own welfare. Its whose ox is being
    gored. Most voters do not pay taxes anyway, beyond payroll. so who
    cares about if taxes are raised (on someone else). And the get an
    earned income credit.

    Back to my original point..I told my friend that everyone Ive ever spoken
    to, who happens to work at the supermarket…is voting for Obama. The typical response is, “he will help the country”.

    When the Republicans can break through that mindset,,,we will again
    have a Republican Cal.

    But I would not suggest emulating Gov Walker…going from an accepted
    norm to the extreme. We Americans dont like extremes. Besides,
    unlike some medical facilities, I want my firemen and policemen to
    speak English.

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