Jewish family murdered as Palesimians celebrate

Another genocidal Palesimian murdered a family of five Jews for the crimes of existing and breathing air. The youngest of the victims was a three month old baby who had every right to make it a fourth month of living unimpeded.

This incident in Itamar was horrific, but not isolated.

Shock value would be insincere.

These are Palesimians. This is what they do. Water is wet, and Palesimians murder Jews.

The entire lot of them needs to be dealt with. It is time for a permanent solution still less severe than the one they would impose on Israelis if they could.

It is time for the forcible removal of all Palesimians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Drop them off in Jordan.

Drop them off in Guantanamo Bay.

Drop them off in the Pacific Ocean.

I don’t care. Just get them out of Israel.

There are 22 states housing one billion Arabs/Muslims. A 23rd is not necessary.

The Jordanians massacred one million Palesimians, or as the rest of the Arab world knows them as, defective Arabs.

There are a precious few Palestinians not engaging, supporting, or financing genocide against Jews. Those people are statistical aberrations. Many of them are under age three. Give them time, assuming they are not blown to bits by their parents too early before they are old enough to wear the suicide belts.

Given that they are a fictional invented people with a deep history going back to 1948 (3000 years after the Israelites), it is time for them to go back to the nowhere from where they emanated. The Palesimians in Gaza are Egyptians. The ones in the West Bank are Jordanians. Those are their homelands. The fact that they invaded Israeli land and multiplied bunnies ) if bunnies were homicidal is irrelevant. They should not be rewarded for failing to use contraception. Israelis should not be punished for being too decent to sterilize them.

On more than one occasion I was willing to consider a peace agreement provided they would actually ever keep their word about anything. A full cessation of violence was necessary.

No more. The only solution is to batter the daylights out of them. Like the overweight bullied schoolchild who became an internet sensation for defending himself after every ounce of restraint had been used up, it is time for Israel to throw restraint  into the garbage, caution to the wind, and Palesimians to the ground.

Enough is enough.

Some will say that it is unfair to blame all or even many Palesimians for the actions of one evil man.

It is totally fair to blame the many people who celebrated the murders by handing out candy, firing guns into the air, and singing songs of celebration and martyrdom.

Remember, these are the same animals who celebrated and shared candy from Yassir Arafat after 9/11.

There is not good in everybody. Some people are just born bad. The Palesimians are a culture that should not exist anywhere near any cradle of civilization.

The Jews tried things the nice way since 1948. It failed. The last try was in 2005. Ariel Sharon had Jews forcibly removed from their homes in the Gaza Strip.The fact that it was Jews taking on fellow Jews does not in any way diminish the fact that it was a forced removal. It was peaceful, but not voluntary.

The Palesimians responded with more terror and violence. Well now it is time for them to be forcibly removed. Nothing will get through their thick skulls that Israelis have had it. They only respond to force.

Let’s create some green collar jobs that environmentalists could love. Let’s build high speed rail from Gaza to Jordan. Then when most of the Palesimians are transferred, one murderous zealot can be left behind as a closely guarded suicide bomber. He can be forced to self-detonate and blow up the rail. Then more green collar jobs can be created to rebuild it. This is a “cycle of violence” I can happily live with.

Enough Jews have been murdered over the decades while the world stood by and did nothing.

We know who the murderers are. We know where they live. It is time to get them out of the lives of decent people everywhere.

This is not about hopelessness. Plenty of poor people do not commit terrorism, while many rich people break the laws of humanity.

This is about worthlessness. The Palesimians are a bloodthirsty culture that needs to be sent to a place that makes Gaza look like paradise.

The United States should give Jordan relocation money to accept them into society. If the Jordanian government starts getting tough with them again (most likely for something bad they did), we should turn a blind eye. We do this all the time. It is called rendition.

The alternative is to kill them all. The day I find that approach reasonable is the day I have lost my soul. Besides, Israel has enough bad public relations. The leftist media loves dead Palesimians. It is the only thing the BBC seems to cover with enthusiasm.

Relocation is sufficient. To quote Morris Day from the song “Jerk Out,” here is my message to these jerks.

“You don’t have to go home, but you have to get the hell out of here.”

Not one more drop of Jewish blood should be spilled because Palesimians are a cancer to the Earth.

Get rid of them all. Relocate them to Jordan. Use deadly force if necessary.

It is time for them to go.

Never again.


4 Responses to “Jewish family murdered as Palesimians celebrate”

  1. Dav Lev says:

    Short of a miracle originated by the Lord, I dont envision
    a massive movement of Palestinians out of the West Bank, East
    Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

    Lets be realistic, the world will never allow the above.

    It is not generally know, but in the 1967 War, there were found
    gas vans in the Egyptian army divisions. Why?
    Some of us recall the shouts of Jihad from Algeria to Iran, “throw
    the Jews into the sea”.

    Whenever Jews get murdered, Palestinians rant and rave, and throw
    candy (sweets).

    But murder, brutality and torture is commonplace in Arab culture, if not
    Muslim For proof, just read todays headlines.

    Now, there are protest in Southern Syria..( do we remember when
    Assad killed over 15,000 Islamics?). KIing Hussein, no friend of
    his own Palestinians, killed over 20,000.

    What does this all mean?

    Israel is stuck in a very bad neighborhood..and will have to
    endure violence as long as it exists.

    Removing the offspring of the British Mandate Arabs, is not
    an alternative.

    I am for the Allon Plan. This consists of giving the Arabs autonomy,
    within areas guarded by Israeli security. There is no other answer to
    this 100 year old conflict. If they want to join their brothers in Jordan
    thats okay. (Jordan is the legitimate Palestine).

    But the real enemy of the USA, Israel, and the Western world,
    is Iran. Until their nuke bases and Revolutionary Guards are put out
    of commission, they will continue their march to the caliphate, ruled
    under Sharia Law.

    Are you listening Obama, Hillary, Gates, Biden and Reid?

  2. You want Israel to retake all Samaria and force all the non-Jewish people out??? How would you go about such a thing? What would you do with all the non-Jewish residents of Israel itself? We’re not even sure who did this yet!

    Look, of course, I too will never understand why so many Palestinians think it’s a good idea to fight for their national autonomy. I guess it’s because to many of them there can only be one final solution, as opposed to a Two-State Solution. Unfortunately, some Israelis want the former as well, in their own way.

    Of course, these settlers, deep in the West Bank, are well-aware of the dangers. And there are many. It is the reality of the situation. And it’s all so stupid. If the Palestinians protested peacefully all this horrific tragedy would come to an end. I believe the Jewish people would forgive the Palestinians in the long run if they just knocked it off with terrorism for once and for all.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    Please everyone read Michael Oren’s book on the Six
    Day War.

    It shows what the Arab world’s intent was, regarding Israel, its Jews,
    and world Jewry. The planet was to become “judenrein”. That means,
    sans Jews, Hitler’s original premise which united his allies.

    Every year, the Palestinians have a day called “nakba”. This day of rage
    inspires, motivates, and sanctions, the type of murder which Israel
    experienced last week, the knifing of 5 family members, including 3 children ( Abbas said it was a rush to judgement to blame his people).
    Some US writers said Israel used it as a pretext to get more gelt (money) from US Jews and others, to aid Israel. They blamed the “occupation”
    for the killings.

    Abbas also said that there is no assurance the murders were committed
    by “Palestinians”. After all, there are foreign workers in Israel.

    I ask, why would a foreign worker do such a dastardly deed?
    Like everything else the Pales claim, it is absurd.

    Dont get me wrong, I am not a Palestinian hater. In fact, I oncemet a girl who later told me she was one. I liked her.

    I only hate peopole who shoot at me, and want me, my family
    and other Jews., dead. I am not ashamed to call myself in these times,
    an “Israelite”. “We are all Israelites”.

    But not all Jews, as per Eric’s comments, are smart Jews.
    (We are not all smart).

    Take for example, several UCI professors, who are all Jewish and
    who signed a petition to absolve 11 Muslim fanatical students from
    criminal prosecution. The thinking is, they just expressed freedom of
    sppech, a constitutional right of all Americans.

    I guess that does not apply when the party speaking is from Israel
    (Michael Oren)? But..he must might be also an American citizen.

    It is against the law to conspire to thwart freedom of speech folks,
    and individuals participating, can be prosecuted.

    What if, what if, a group of whites did the same at a black
    speaker’s lecture..who was either an American orlets say
    Mandela? How would the audience react? I think we all know.

    There is also a group called JStreet. They claim 179,000 members and 600 rabbis support. (Are they dues paying I wonder?) And who are these so-called rabbis? J Street has every right to freedom of speech and assembly. I dont agree with their premise, that Iran is okay..and Israel’s security provisions are not. Nor, that the US Congress is owned by more mainstream groups. No one group owns the Congress guys. But yes,
    they are influencial. So what, that is America.

    While Rome is burning, Herr Obama is fiddling somewhere in Brazil.
    (He will give a talk on public TV to show hes up on things)./

    Soooooo, Libyra is being pounded into dust by NATO countries.
    Im sure Muammar is now regretting his dismantling of his nukes.
    Hmmmm, is No. Korea and Iran learning anything from all of this?
    Lets assume they have nukes, would we be attacking them?
    I guess its whose ox is being gored.

    And besides,. who will run Libya afterwards..the good Arabs or the
    bad ones?

    I am no fan of Muammar,. but come on.
    Hey, btw, Pakistan has now walked out on talks with US.
    They claim taking blood money is what its all about..we killing
    them in drone strikes.

    In Cuba, a Jew is being incarcerated for trying to link
    Cuban Jews with US Jews.

    Are you watching Obama? Hows bout bombing Castro?

    Sooooo, while Hezbollah has 50000 rockets aimed at little Israel,
    Hamas dares Israel to do anything, Syria puts down its protestors,
    and Ahmad tells the world that his successor was ordained by G-d.
    (I guess Allah), Obama is eating tacos and burritos in Brazilia.

    Hey guy, you can come right here for that.

    What about that Judge that stopped for the time being, Wisconsins
    attack on the unions?

    Now here is where me and the Conservatives part way.
    You pays for what you get..and deluting benefits and pay, will only
    attract the worst of the labor force., like police, firemen and teachers.
    You pays for what you get guys.

  4. blacktygrrrr says:

    “If the Palestinians protested peacefully all this horrific tragedy would come to an end. I believe the Jewish people would forgive the Palestinians in the long run if they just knocked it off with terrorism for once and for all.”

    Precisely! They can’ and won’t. They choose violence and terrorism. Until and unless they stop, they get nothing. Their tactics cannot ever be rewarded.


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