Break Syria and sell it for spare parts

While Barack Obama and the worthless dillitantes at the United Nations debate what inaction to fail to take regarding Syria, it is time to remind the world what to do.

Break Syria in half and sell it for spare parts.

Yes, boys and girls, it really is that simple.

This was done during World War II with Germany. The United States, France, Great Britain, and Russia all were given a piece.

Given that Syria has no oil or any useless assets for that matter, there should be little conflict on what to do with the former nation once it is broken.

Give part of it to Jordan, part of it to Egypt, and part of it to Israel.

Yes, Israel. The original Judea and Samariah were supposed to stretch further that the 21st century dream of a Islamic Caliphate.

Heck, we can even give a portion to the Palesimians. Just make sure it is the absolute worst part of the country. Having them infect and then destroy usable land is so 1948 to 2010.

A portion of Syria should be given to America as a permanent base. This would certainly stop other actors in the region from lobbing their own weapons. It is a funny thing how areas around the world where American troops are stationed for decades tend to be quite peaceful.

The original plan of making Syria a 50,000 hole golf course with many sand traps still has appeal. The Damascus Open would be like Augusta. Both would have strict rules about women.

Some will say that it is wrong to just go in and destroy another nation.

Too d@mn bad. Syria foments world instability. Bashar Assad may be the world’ dumbest opthamologist, the Inspector Clouseau of bloodthirsty dictators. Yet he is every bit as vicious as his late father. He is busy slaughtering his own people in the street while human rights activists pretend to care and world leaders pretend to consider almost doing something.

The only thing these Arab dictators understand is force. Those insisting that diplomacy can work with genocidal madmen still think that Libya is going swimmingly. Khadafi Duck may be brutally slaughtering his own people, but at least we are a nicer people for telling him we disapprove of his behavior.

Can reasonable people finally admit that the approach with Libya is failing, and that Syria is unleashing unbridled terror because the leaders know they can?

War is hell, but sometimes not waging war is worse. Harry Truman made a decision that killed 100,000 people. It was a horrible decision to have to make, and he was still right because he prevented millions more from dying.

How many Iraqis would be murdered in the streets today if Saddam was still in power?

How many Iranians have been killed since 2009 when our leadership failed to support people standing up for freedom against Armageddonijad and the Mullahs?

We are not more respected around the globe now. We are disrespected as ever. The Arab leaders have been partying since the day George W. Bush left office. They may have hated him, but they feared him even more.

Nobody fears or respects Barack Obama.

So human rights activists can do what they do best when a liberal American leader is in power. They can sit quietly, allow mass slaughter of innocents, do nothing, and then discover their brave voices when a Republican leader actually decides to shove his Texas boot up the @ss of those who need it.

There is not a single reason for dialogue with Syria. Bashar Assad brings nothing positive to this world.

The notion that anything short of force will stop his genocidal ways is a fallacy.

Mr. Obama, enough talk. If you won’t do it for humanity, do it for your own reelection. Grow a pair and go blow some sh*t up.

In the long run, it will save lives.

As for the Arab leaders who will then hate you, that means nothing. They will be quiet or they will be next.


2 Responses to “Break Syria and sell it for spare parts”

  1. Thank God our president acts like a grown-up. I can’t imagine what the ideal neo-con president must look like!


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “Thank God our president acts like a grown-up. ”

    He d*cked around Libya until he had European approval and lets Syria/Iran murder its own citizens…

    real adult.

    But, genocides cool if moonbats are carrying it.
    Right Jersey ?

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