AIPAC 2011: Bibi!

The children left the room a day earlier. It was time for the adults at AIPAC to get down to business.

As expected, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu lit up the DC night sky. He provided what the American “leader” is totally unwilling and incapable of providing to the world…intellectual honesty and moral clarity.

Prime Minister Netanyahu today addressed a joint session of Congress. Yet last night was about AIPAC. He was far too gracious toward an American president who despises him, but when he got to the meat of the speech he delivered it as only he can.

In talking about the Middle East, he offered “a simple truth. The problems of the region are not rooted in Israel.”

“People want freedom.”

In describing the demonstrations from Tunisia to Egypt to Syria, he thundered that those people are “not thinking of Israel. They are thinking of freedom.”

“It is time to stop blaming Israel for all of the region’s problems.”

To quote the screaming Lady Gaga on another issue: “Are you listening President Obama? Are you listening?”

Bibi pointed out the outright lie that the left keeps perpetuating. He once again debunked the myth that the Israeli issue with the Palesimians has anything to do with the rest of the Middle East.

A peace agreement between those two parties “will not give women in Arab countries the right to drive a car.”

It will not prevent “churches from being bombed.”

It will not get “journalists out of jail.”

He pointed out that everything we are seeing in the Middle East comes down to “one word: democracy.”

In a brilliant swipe at Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, he pointed out that democracy “is not about elections. It is about free speech and a free press.”

In a reminder to the anti-Semitic delusional wing of the left, he pointed out that democracy is also about “the rights of women, the rights of gays.”

Leftists who worship social issues should learn what happens to women and gays in many Arab nations.

“Israel is not what is wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what is right about the Middle East.”

Bibi then offered “another truth,” that in the context of the Middle East should be the ultimate truth. The Israeli and Palesimian “conflict rages because the Palestinians refuse to end it.”

In another reminder to the boy child driving a crazy train from Fantasyland on Lollipop Lane, Netanyahu laid down his cards emphatically.

“Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 lines.”

The only other thing indefensible was that an utter gasbag ever suggested such a horrid idea to begin with.

It is time for liberal Jews to know who their friends are. Barack Obama may issue platitudes in front of Jewish audiences, but the minute he is out of the room he changes his demeanor.

He can cannot even handle his own nation. How can he be expected to know what to do about Israel?

Most of the world is dithering as everything burns.

The leader of the free world is grounded in reality. That is why AIPAC 2011 even mattered. It allowed for a cold, hard, dose of reality to those who would side with Palesimian homicide bombers over a conservative Jew trying too save civilization.

He was equally if not more magnificent when speaking before Congress. Presidents Obama and Abbas have been told to shut up and sit down.

The best part was when some Palesimian protester did what leftists and Islamists do. The woman caused a disruption by babbling idiocy loudly in what she thought was the town square.

Prime Minister Netanyahu calmly pointed out that he bet that protests like that did not exist in the Gaza Strip.

John Boehner offered Bibi the platform and he delivered, to the chagrin of the obstacles to piece Obama and Abbas.

Goodnight Bambi. Well done Bibi!


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    Bibi rocks.
    Obama might wanna take some notes.

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