An Israel Border Compromise for Mr. Obama and all of us

I will deal with Joplin, Missouri, as more information about the tragedy comes in the following days.

Now on to Israel.

It is time for Israel to compromise and engage in a land swap that everybody can live with. As a staunch Israel supporter and Neocon, this proposal will finally solve some major lingering problems.

Barack Obama has demanded that Israel return to its 1967 borders. Mr. Obama needs to lead by example.

It is time for Barack Obama to return to his 2007 borders.

My column today is at the Washington Times Communities and Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller.

Mr. Obama, return to your 2007 borders. It would be the best political decision you have ever made, and you would unite the entire country in support of your action.


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  1. “Barack Obama has demanded that Israel return to its 1967 borders.”

    That’s a lie.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    I have a better idea fellow posters. Its really simple.
    Obama should lead by example.
    I am recommending he propose the folloiwng:
    all lands taken by the British colonialists and their offspring
    from the French, Spanish, British and of course indians, be
    returned in a giant land swap.

    But then again, exactly what would the above swap?
    I live in California and travel East occasionally.
    I am aware of the 5 tribes…of the Iroquois (spelling?).
    Wasnt there a novel written about one of them..Magwa
    (again spelling?). I recall the French-Indian War in my history
    book long ago.

    Oh I know, we could transport the blacks back to Africa, who
    we brought here originally as slaves. But that’s another story.

    There are 11m illegals, 3m in California alone. They get all kinds
    of benefits, even social security for wages earned and recorded.
    Their offspring can go to taxpaid schools. They take jobs away
    from the 25m unemployed Americans..there could be some kind
    of swap with Mexico and South America.

    Obama erred big time, by ambushing the only ally we have worth
    mentioning, in the MiddleEast. He should have said nothing, but issued
    a joint statement with the Israeli P.M. afterwards, agreed to behind
    closed doors.

    Bibi, being Bibi, and a brash Israeli, unlike the smooth and calm
    (exterior) of ourPresident, lashed out in anger..a no no in
    dipolmatic politelness (except for Ahmad who can say and do as
    he pleases) and the leader of Hamas, who could care less bout
    the USA and politeness.

    Let me be frank. I would have voted for Bibi if I could. I did not
    vote for Obama, who I could have. Never, no way. I saw through
    his and David Axelrod’s phony rhetoric. Change my you know waht.

    Pundits say there are those that hate Obama and everything he stands for. Not moi, I like and respect him and his law school abilities.
    The problem with him is he is stilllearning on the job..and his mistakes
    are costing us trillions and the world, well, read the LA Times for
    the latest news about our 4 wars.

    Regarding compromise, what exactly are the Palestinian Arabs giving
    I have been asking myself? Israel is giving up land taken in major wars, launched by the Arabs to exterminate it and the security that goes
    with it, ( hence the 67 border quagmire and controversy).
    I favor not giving one dunam of land to people who want you dead
    and say so time and time again.

    But those Arabs are clever. They know history. They know that
    in 1944 Eichmann a SS leader, discussed with Joel Brand, a Jewish
    representative, allowing 1m Jews to remain alive..for 10,000 trucks
    and some supplies, salt, etc., to use on the Eastern front.
    The Allies refused. 500,000 Jews were gassed and shot
    in Auschwitz within 6 to 10 weeks, many in the backs of their heads.
    The killings were so massive, that the chambers could not accommodate
    the time schedule. Each train (transport) held 3,000 Jews, mainly
    women and children and older folks. Hungary was to become
    Judenrein (w/o Jews) finally. Thanks to the coincidental bombing
    of Budapest…etc., several hundred thousands were spared.

    The Arabs know that in the final crunch, no one will come to
    the Jewish country’s aid. So, peace by piece, they see a light at the end
    of the Nakba tunnel ( the tragedy that is Israel’s creation).

    Speaking of Nakba Day, tens of thousands of Arabs invaded Israel
    s borders. Europe was delighted, after all, they were “going home”
    (Not one of them ever lived in Israel).

    They have forgotten that if not for 1m Jews who fought in WW2,
    and the invention of the weapons that ended that war, they would
    be speaking German now.

    Oh how fast we forget.

    Everyone knows the 67 borders are not viable. Hamas now
    wants the 48 lines..which were offered to them but never accepted.
    Instead they launched 7 armies to destroy the fledgling state.

    To the Arabs, history is like the stock market, there is none.

    So what about Obama? Where is he coming from?
    Does he know?

    Folks, remember him and his VP Nov 2012. If you are a Jew
    or concerned Christian, dont send them one shekel. Dont
    vote for people whose failings can result in our desturciton
    So goes democratic Israel, so will go US. Youd better believe it.
    Sharia Law is creeping in. All you women out there..think about it.
    Your days of equal rights are numbered.

    Dont believe me, ask someone who knows the Muslm law and
    believes in it. I have.

    One of the Republican potential candidates is circulating a petition
    to Obama, telling him the facts of the M.E. conflict. I signed
    it. If she is the candidate..she has my vote.

    Its what we call a mistvah (a blessing)

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