Do any liberals respect women?

Maybe it truly is End of Days.

After all, I am now a feminist compared to the boors that make up the American left.

Oh sure, I like to give a nice Republican Jewish brunette a spanking or a paddle from time to time, but I am an amateur in the bad boy behavior department. Every paddlee consented having four cherry red cheeks, only two from blushing.

Yet while the adult version of Romper Room can be fun, there is nothing funny about sexually assaulting or abusing women. Rapist should be given the death penalty. Sexual abusers should face chemical castration.

So the question I ask is…do any liberal men respect women?

If I am correct, men are allowed to abuse women as long as they are pro-choice on abortion. If they also love trees and bunny rabbits, then any violent conduct toward women is permissible.

This trend began with Ted Kennedy and continued with Bill Clinton.

Yet back then the Democrats used to spread them out. Now they are all coming in clusters.

This is not about adultery. This is about full-blown violence toward women.

John Edwards is in trouble for impregnating a woman and then possibly using campaign funds to have somebody else take the fall. By Democratic Party standards, this is not so bad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has faced many accusations of being the Gropinator, and now the stories are getting worse. Some will claim he is a Republican, but don’t be fooled. He is a Kennedy liberal behaving the way Kennedy men from patriarch Joe to his sons behaved. He supports cap and trade, so he may get a pass.

Dominique Strauss-Khan may be the worst of the miserable lot. He should apologize for being French and a socialist, but being a sexual predator on top of it is just awful. This rich, white, European plutocrat is accused of raping a poor, black, African woman. The NAACP and NOW are staying silent because again, liberal men are allowed to do this.

None of these men will face any jail time. If any of them were to have a snowball’s chance at jail, it would be Arnold for having an R next to his name. All of these men can and will buy their way out of it. DSK will probably get a ticker tape parade and be promoted to head the United Nations where he can oversee the other peacekeepers who rape third world women on peacekeeping missions.

Ed Schultz has not graduated to rape yet. For now he resorts to verbal violence, although we know he fantasizes about brutally sexually humiliating conservative women. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this walking Oedipal lout.

Mr. Schultz’s recent tirade against Laura Ingraham for being conservative and breathing earned him a one week suspension. He will make up the money by getting large speaking fees on the leftist rage circuit.

For those wondering why Mr. Schultz shot his liberal load off and unloaded it all on Ms. Ingraham, it is because she criticized President Obama on a political issue. Yes, she mentioned policy, and Mr. Schultz turned into a heat seeking missile. Maybe predator drone would be more appropriate because Mr. Schultz is a predator toward women with his words. Perhaps if he was wealthier he could reach the DSK level.

Perhaps Mr. Schultz fantasizes about gay, black romance with Mr. Obama. He certainly defends him with something bordering on Glenn Close Fatal Attraction. Liberals would applaud Mr. Schultz for this, because that would fill the sexual diversity quotient from a sexual orientation and racial standpoint.

Another old, white man engaging in chocolate fantasies with the president would be Chris Matthews, who gets a tingle down his leg when Mr. Obama speaks. MSNBC should stand for Men Speaking Nastiness ‘Bout Conservatives, especially the women.

Chris Matthews cannot go a week without making remarks about women that would get men in an actual office environment fired.

Compared to all of these louts, at least Mr. Obama loves his wife. He does occasionally treat Hillary in a disdainful manner, but I am not in the mood to praise him right now.

Yes, Mr. Obama looked like a clown in front of the Queen. Yet at least he did not try to sexually assault her. Then again, he has subordinates whose job is to go after conservative women in ways that would make Ted Kennedy blush (although perhaps it was alcohol that made his face look like that. In the case of Ed Schultz it is rage).

The way Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are treated by these leftists is far worse than the comments about Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. Conservatives are hated, but minority conservatives are despised.

So the answer is a resounding “no.” Liberals do not respect women, blacks, gays or Jews. They are all tools to be used. This is what happens when an entire ideology consists of various factions of beggars. They turn on each other like rabid dogs and tear each others’ flesh apart.

Until the hags and harpies at the NOW decide to grow a pair (bad phrasing, they most likely have them sadly enough) and stand up for women, women will continue to be abused.

After all, liberals are always noble and virtuous. If they screw up, it is somebody else’s fault.

So am I saying the women were asking for it? Am I saying they had it coming?

I would never say that.

Liberals are the ones saying it.

FDR said that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Today, we fear everything from terrorism to tornadoes.

For women, be very afraid. Liberal men are on the loose, raping and pillaging and accosting with impunity.

I am waiting for one of them to go to NOW headquarters, slap the women around, demand that the ladies cook them dinner, and then say, “I’m pro-choice and pro-global warming b*tch. You do what I tell you.”

The women will then angrily respond and say, “George W. Bush is evil and Sarah Palin is dumb! Thank you for straightening me out.”

The whole lot of them are pathetic.


3 Responses to “Do any liberals respect women?”

  1. LOL! And I suppose consersavtives are women’s best friends??? LOL!!!


  2. Micky 2 says:

    You got it.
    We dont knock em up and then drop em off at Planned Parenthood (oxymoron)

  3. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, let me ask you something.
    Do you think 60s males stood behind feministas bra burning for their own ulterior motives or because they truly believed women should be free of the societized garb ?
    I could of done without the hairy armpits

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