Heartland Heartbreak: Help Hank Hamil!

I will be guest hosting the Rick Amato show tonight on KCBQ 1170AM and KTIE 590AM in San Diego and the Inland Empire, California, respectively.

While there is plenty of occurrences politically on the domestic and foreign policy front, none of that matters right now.

My show will be dedicated to a man in Piedmont, Oklahoma, named Hank Hamil.

Like me, Hank Hamil is an ordinary American who was just living an ordinary American life.

Then the tornadoes that swept across the heartland destroyed his world. Mr. Hamil lost two of his sons in the destruction. One son was three years old. The other one was only fifteen months.


His five year old daughter is injured but alive. His pregnant wife is in the hospital, but the doctors have said that she is ok and that the fetus still has a heartbeat. That baby is due in October.

While Mr. Hamil and his parents were facing their darkest hour, they actually took time to thank everybody else for helping them.

Thank us? How could they possibly thank us?

What kind of people could thank people at a time like this?


I have no idea how to help this man. I know nothing about him.

So I will just say that if any of his neighbors ever stumble across this blog or any other blog offering to help, tell us what his family needs.

I have a million things I want to say about every political issue under the sun.

I have no heart to do it today.

Nobody is entitled to happiness, but at the risk of earning the wrath of God myself…

Enough is enough is enough is enough is enough.

Please God…no more tornadoes.

I know that pain and suffering is part of life, but it seems like it is coming more fast and more furious with every natural disaster.

Mr. Hamil, may God bless you, your wife and your daughter. May your child on the way be happy and healthy. Nothing will replace or restore your losses, but somehow I pray you one day find solace.

A good part of my radio broadcast today will be dedicated to disaster relief.

At 7pm I will have as a guest Doug Welch, who runs the Stix blog. He is based out of Missouri and will be giving us updates on the situation in Joplin and throughout the state.

At 7:30pm I will have Yuma, Arizona City Councilman Cody Beeson. He will update us on the various goings on in Arizona.

At 8pm I will have Chuck DeVore, who recently retired from the California State Assembly.

Until then, please God, look after Hank Hamil and all of those recovering from these terrible storms.


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  1. Micky 2 says:

    Good call Eric.
    The first moron that blames this mans grief on global warming will be hunted down by yours truly

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