Jews, Obama, 2012, DLFs, and DJLFs

Barack Obama recently kicked Israel in the teeth by demanding that they return to their 1967 borders. His many liberal water carriers are trying to explain why he did not say what he actually said, and that we should not take Mr. Obama’s words literally.

Benjamin Netanyahu gave Mr. Obama a cold dose of reality before congress and AIPAC. Republicans applauded him out of solidarity while the liberals sought cover.

The question that gets asked is whether liberal Jews will abandon Obama and the Democrats.

As a Jewish Republican, I can emphatically say that the answer is…no way.

Ask liberal Jews a simple question and watch them offer tortured non-answers.

Between abortion, global warming, gay marriage, and Israel, rank them in terms of importance.

(Hint: I typed them in order of liberal Jewish importance. Notice I refer to them as liberal Jews and not Jewish liberals. Again, order matters.)

Liberal Jews insist that they care about Israel. Yet that is not the question. The question is how much. Try forcing liberal Jews to rank issues and they will make excuses not to do so when Israel is thrown in the mix.

Understanding liberal Jews is very simple. They stick to Mr. Obama because they believe that he “shares their values.” Yet what are those “Jewish values?”

When liberal Jewish women say that Barack Obama is pro-Israel, what they really mean is that he is pro-choice on abortion. The men see him as pro-Israel because he supports cap and trade. Both of the genders see him as Pro-Israel because he supports gay marriage. Obama refuses to admit this, but his supporters “know” he does. They voted for him, so he must blindly support them the way they do him.

The rationale is simple. “Progressives” agree with him, therefore he has to agree with them. He has to be pro-Israel. Rather than confront themselves or him, they simply explain that he really is on their side. This is no different from battered housewives making excuses for their abusive husbands.

Mr. Obama may not be anti-Israel, but one cannot be pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel. Tell liberal Jews that one cannot be pro-choice and pro-life. They clearly grasp this. Yet with Israel everything becomes moral relativism for these people. On abortion they demand 100% purity. The slightest restriction is disqualification. The same applies to environmentalism and gay rights. It is all or nothing. Yet Israel is “nuanced,” which is code for nothingness.

Despite rabid anti-Semitism in America from many on the left, liberals simply discount this for the “greater good.” No matter how pro-Israel Republicans are, that is dismissed as radical Christian zealots wanting to convert the Jews and create a Christian theocracy and bring about the Rapture. This is ludicrous, but it beats having to admit that being a pro-Israel Republican is less important than the social issues the left truly cares about.

So liberals know that social issues trump Israel. They just refuse to publicly admit it. By saying that they care about “lots of things,” it allows them to hide.

There are liberals who truly are pro-Israel. There are plenty of intelligent liberals. Yet what does one say about those who make excuses for everything Barack Obama says and does because questioning him would mean questioning themselves? What does one say about people who refuse to accept a shock to the system?

The Holocaust was a shock to the system. People saw true evil while the world did nothing.

9/11 was a shock to the system. Many formerly liberal Jews moved to the right because they saw that the world had changed. Many others simply doubled down and made excuses.

Jewish liberals cannot handle any further shocks to their systems. They are too weak and fragile as it is. If they imitate ostriches, the problems will go away and everything will be fine. Barack Obama will stand up for them because there is no way he would betray loyalty and shove useless allies under the bus.

Of course he would. Yet liberal Jews have been bullied their whole lives. If they align with the left, they get to be the bullies rather than get bullied any more. So what if the left has anti-Semitism? Bashing Republicans makes them feel socially accepted. One would think they would rather prefer to unite with their own people, but this desperate desire to be liked by those with no use for them is pathological. The Christian evangelical love for Jews is real and genuine, but that has to be discounted because of social issues.

So what do we call those on the left who know the truth but engage in willful blindness rather than confront reality?

The new TYGRRRR EXPRESS acronym to forever enter the American lexicon describes these people.

They are now and forever known as DLFs, which stands for “dumb liberal (redacted).”

The Jewish ones making excuses are one viral strain of these people known as DJLFs, “dumb Jewish liberal (redacted).”

What else would one call people who think that religion has anything to do with global warming? How else would one describe people who think that Jesus and Moses spent their time worrying about Carbon Dioxide emissions?

For Jewish people, Israel has to matter.

If Israel is “just another issue,” then Israel is a non-issue.

The DJLFs need to understand that while the DLFs do share their rabid passion about abortion, gay marriage, and environmentalism, that is where the similarities end. That is why they are DLFs and not DJLFs. The DLFs know what they are. The DJLFs live in denial. Denial is not a river in Egypt, but all of Israel would be part of Egypt if the DLFs had their way.

The DJLFs consider Republican Jews to be puppets of the Christian evangelicals, but it is the DJLFs being treated like marionettes. The DLFs see the DJLFs as useful idiots. We know what happens when they stop being useful. “Piggy” in “Lord of the Flies” is how it ends.

The DLFs support Samantha Power and every other anti-Israel miscreant around Barack Obama. They know what Reverend Jeremiah is about. They just don’t care. They don’t need to make excuses. The DJLFs make excuses because they will be like pre-Israel Jews if they break away from the DLFs. They will be people without a country.

So what do we do with DJLFs?

We force them to stop making excuses and answer the question I originally asked.

Rank abortion, global warming, gay marriage, and Israel.

Then look in the mirror and admit you are DJLFs, tools to be used.

The religious right is not using Republican Jews. The secularists on the left are using you. The Republican Jews are your friends. The secularists are not. The Republican Jews would be there for you through thick and thin. The secularists? Not a chance.

So how do DJLFs get cured?

They get cranial-glutial extraction surgery. It cures all liberals.

At the very least, they need to look in the mirror, admit who they are, and what they truly believe.

Then they need to admit that their “friends” diverge from them on Israel.

Lastly they need to ask themselves if this even matters.

If it does, there is hope. If not, they forever remain DJLFs.


6 Responses to “Jews, Obama, 2012, DLFs, and DJLFs”

  1. “Barack Obama recently kicked Israel in the teeth by demanding that they return to their 1967 borders.”

    Why do you keep repeating that lie?

    “…one cannot be pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel.”

    Sure one can. Why not?

    “Despite rabid anti-Semitism in America from many on the left…”


    Ya’ know – this is a very unpleasant little game you’re playing. You shouldn’t be accusing people of being anti-Semitic just because you don’t like the way they view the Israel-Palestine issue. That’s a very dirty and unhanded way of arguing – not really arguing at all, but rather just rabid demagoguing.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    “Understanding liberal Jews is very simple. They stick to Mr. Obama because they believe that he “shares their values.” Yet what are those “Jewish values?””

    Huh ?

    Rabid demagoguing ?
    If these so called Jews had a clue past their progressive crap thjey might me off the hook.
    How the hell do you expect a suggestion to return to 67 borders as anything bit Anti Semetic ?
    What the F do these morons have to feel guilty about ? Israel ?
    Its aposition that all liberals stem their agenda from .

    Like I’ve said a million times, “A Liberal Jew makes about as much sense as the Pope perfoming abortions.

  3. Micky 2 says:

    “Why do you keep repeating that lie?

    “…one cannot be pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel.”

    Sure one can. Why not?”

    Just like you cant be JMJ and be pro conservative.

    Why do you keep repeating the lie that there can ever be peace between these two ?
    After decades you guys think you’d learn.

    Accept it, some folks will never kumbaya.
    Makes you wonder why most Muslims would rather live in Israel

  4. I’m a lot more conservative than Eric, Micky. He and you just don’t see it.

    When it comes to Israel and Palestine, I say they figure out some reasonable lines and make them the boundaries. It seems to me, Eric and you want it both ways; Israel dominating a region without actually having to govern it and that seems stupid – intensely stupid – to me.


  5. Micky 2 says:

    “’m a lot more conservative than Eric, Micky. He and you just don’t see it.

    When it comes to Israel and Palestine, I say they figure out some reasonable lines and make them the boundaries.”

    That makes you nor a con or a dem, just useful idiot.

    “I say they figure out some reasonable lines and make them the boundaries.”

    Been there, done that, a million times.
    Yet you idiots keep thinking it will work amongst radical and moderste demographics that was Israel gone.
    Grow up.
    At some point I had to tell my parents to divorce or they’d never see me again.
    Some people will never get along.
    Face it

  6. Dav Lev says:

    For the thousands of folks who peruse this web site, I am
    a very proud Conservative, US born Jew and ardent Zionist.
    I apologize to no one. I am also a member of the NRA.

    I do however, talk
    to Orthodox and Reform Jews, even though I dont adhere to their
    concept of G-d, the Torah, and economics (Reform Jews are the richest
    minority in the country, while Orthodox Jews believe every word in the Torah is from Hashem (G-d). Some have money, (gelt) others are below poverty (Satmar Jews in New York State are the poorest volk in the
    States). They are increasing our population, however.

    Most Jews want Israel to thrive and survive. Its in their interests.
    You see, fatwas to murder every Jew on the planet have been issued
    worldwide. Hamas and Hezbollah are the worst culprits, but there are
    others, Al Qaeda and the Taliban for examples.

    Dont let Hamas/Hez book you, they want us and US dead, no matter
    what kind of ‘deal” will be made between Israel and the Palestinians.
    BTW, the real Palestinians are the Jews of Palestine (name given to
    the Jews by the Romans). There is no such group as Arab Palestinians.
    They are an amagum of people from the surrounding countries, who
    migrated to the British Mandate after WW1 or in the late 1800s.

    Liberal Jews are people whose bible is liberalism, the new Torah.
    They believe that we Jews must repair the world, per the bible
    which they often dismiss. We are chosen to do this..having accepted
    the responsibility that no other group did at the time. (the ancient
    Jews did not know about GDP, the debt and Chinese financing).

    To them, its not Israel’s problem with its enemies that are paramount,
    its the plight of the poor, disenfranchised, oppressed, US minorities.
    The only way to aid these people is by voting Democratic in every
    election..the straight ticket, the tax burden and debt be damned.

    Soak the rich..who get tax breaks anyway, is their motto.

    Many of these volk are self-hating Jews…having little to do
    with their faith. They are educated but not all of them ( a PhD, or MD).

    Reminds me of a physician who told me his taxes are horrific, yet
    in the same breath abhored the distribution of wealth in this country.

    Obama AND Bibi both made mistakes, big time. But Obama is the Pres of a country with
    305m people, a GDP of 15T, and an army that spends 700B a year.
    Israel has 5.7m “Jews” and 1.5m others. Its army costs 10b year give or take with 170,000 regular troops (500,000 in reserves). It’s enemies
    have 500m people, with 15m army and reserve forces.

    Israel is the size of New Jersey, the US has 3m square miles.

    For every person killed in a war, the Israeli equivalent is 50.
    (Israel has lost 30,000 people since its creation, times 50…
    you do the numbers.

    Such a deal.

    Speaking of deals..according to the F.M. of Russia, the UN is not
    anti-Israel. just tired and frustrated with the non-peace process.
    Therefore most every nation will support the Pales demand for
    statehood at the 67 cease fire lines, with E. Jerusalem, its capital.
    4m Muslims desiring to return tothe homes of their grandparents
    will have that opportunity, Israel be damned.

    “The UN is not anti-Israel”. Could have fooled me.

    The UN member nations are frustrated? My oh my.

    I am frustrated that the Arabs, after starting 10 wars, and offered
    a nation (albeit somewhat less than 100% of their demands) gave the 3 nos to Israel’s peace, no recognition, no negotiaton, and
    refused a most generous offer of a state, on more than one occasion.

    They dont realy want the 67 borders, they want it all, the shopping malls,
    the factories, the arms factories, the arms, the seaports, the airports, the schools, the colleges, the roads, the water softening plants, the movie theatres, everything.

    This weekend tens of thousands will march towards Israel’s borders in an attempt to breach same. They are demonstrating against Israels victories in 1967 and 1973. They want Israel, all of it, folks, Are you listening

    In July, hundreds will board jet liners headed towards Israel’s airport.
    Their intent is to gather, with Israeli activists, and march to the West Bank, to show how racist, and brutal Israel is towards its Muslim neighbors
    and citizens. They apparently are not doing the same into Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Algeria, the Gulf States..just little Israel, the stiff necked democracy. How dare it won its wars!

    I guess they know what would happen if they did.

    But back in the US, liberal Jews will stay the course. They are scripted.

    After all, its not their taxes that are being increased..or is it?

    Folks, if R. Giulinai runs for office, and wins the primaries..hes got
    my vote and gelt. I will vote for any Republican over Obamacare.

    But I admit to being in a minority, within a minority, within a minority.

    And I know the Democrats will NEVER try to convert me.

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