Ed Schultz and Anthony Weiner–the new Dominique Strauss-Khan

Congressional liberal bully Anthony Weiner of New York may have sent a lewd picture of his lower appendage to a 21 year old woman. He claims his account was hacked.

Congressman Anthony Weiner has just announced that he is trying out to be quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Anthony Weiner New York Bond Fund Package has just reached junk status.

CNN must get to the truth about the Anthony Weiner scandal. Have Eliot Spitzer interview him. “Congressman, you’ll never get to be Governor without a larger effort.”

Congressman Weiner, you misunderstood me. I said liberals like you need to GROW a pair, not SHOW a pair.

The real scandal is if the Congressman had the cojones to send his own stones or if he used Photoshop to make himself bigger in the eyes of the viewers. Do I have to stop now? Awww, nuts.

In all fairness, it is quite possible that he was set up by the National Organization for Women. After all, they have been hacking his namesake for decades.

Ok, enough fun with the Oscar Mayer Congressman. His relevancy to this column is as relevant as his service to America, which was small to begin with and is shrinking by the minute.

Today’s column dealing with his fellow leftist thugs Ed Schultz and Dominique Strauss-Khan can be found at the Washington Times Communities.


Oh, and here is a picture of my junk. Enjoy it ladies and Congressman Weiner!


Nothing to see here. No consequences to face. They are liberals. They will skate.


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