Anthony Weiner Resigns–Epilogue

Anthony Weiner has finally thrown in the towel and resigned from Congress.

People do not remember how a person enters. They remember how the person leaves.

For the first time since the scandal broke, Mr. Weiner got it right. His exit was classy and dignified.

Very few people have hammered Mr. Weiner as much as I have, but his exit speech struck the appropriate tone.

Holding a farewell press conference was the right thing to do. The easy way out would have been to have faxed or emailed a statement. That would have been gutless. Had he just posted something on Twitter, that would have subjected him to more jokes. He faced the people, and said what he had to say.

As for the hecklers disrupting his speech shouting things such as “pervert,” that was disgusting. The man has been humiliated enough, and even he deserved much better than that. The hecklers deserve condemnation for their behavior and remarks. This was not a Town Hall, and even if it was that behavior would be unacceptable.

For those on the left looking to gain political points by saying “That is how conservatives act,” knock it off. We have no idea who the heckler is, and whether he is a political activist or just some dumb kid having fun in a dreadfully inappropriate way.

As for Mr. Weiner, my biggest complaint with him has been his lack of class. Yet at his farewell (for now) conference he was gracious. Therefore, he deserves graciousness in return.

What I really wanted him to say is something that he will never say, which is why I dislike the guy so much. He cannot bring himself to apologize to the many political opponents he has abused. He apologized to his family and constituents, but he never apologized to others he has hurt just because they disagreed with him.

Yet he did come close, and close will have to do. He stated that Democrats and Republicans in this country were all patriots, and that we are all trying to make this a better country. For him, that is a significant statement. Perhaps other liberals will pay attention to those words and stop demonizing conservatives, but that is too much to ask.

For those who want to pile on, let it go. He has resigned. It’s over. As long as he stays out of the public eye, leave him be. For those who want to continue to pour it on, just think how you would feel if the very worst possible scenarios took place. It is nightmarish to even contemplate, but I am throwing it out because it is better that people think about things that never happen than tragedies that do occur.

What if, God forbid, Anthony Weiner were to take his own life?

This is not crazy. So many men have their entire self worth wrapped up in their careers. Mr. Weiner is obsessed with his career. He is still a relatively young man with decades of life ahead of him. Yet if for even a brief moment he has contemplated quitting the fight, he must not give in to those thoughts. Human life has value, and that includes his. Out of the ashes can come a better life, and nobody wants to feel guilty over having pushed a man over the edge.

I hope the man saves his marriage and ends up a good husband and father. Yet what the child is never born?

I have no idea what is going on in Huma Abedin’s head. Yet what if she decides to have an abortion either to punish him or out of genuine despair? Whatever one’s views on abortion (mine remain undisclosed so stop guessing), it would be sad if this child were not born solely due to heartbreak or anger. This child could be the miracle child that brings Mr. Weiner closer to his wife and makes him a better person.

I have no idea what level of religiosity Mr. Weiner possesses, but that is his private business. If he decides to seek solace in religion, that could be something positive. Some people use religion as a cover, but others truly do become better people when surrendering themselves to a higher power. A pair of recent American presidents credited their faith with helping them overcome addictions to sex and alcohol, respectively.

Mr. Weiner does have a temper, and perhaps time in seclusion will help him confront his inner demons and become a calmer person. All the money and power in the world will not bring a man inner peace.

As for why I care about what happens to Mr. Weiner as a person, it is because he and I share a bond. We are both Jewish. I he were non-Jewish I would still wish him well at this point, but his faith does matter. Jewish people learn a song at Summer Camp that gives clear instruction.

“To love your fellow Jew…just the same as you…that’s the basis of our holy Torah.”

I may not like Anthony. For the most part I can’t stand the guy. Yet he is still my brother, and I absolutely am my brother’s keeper. We all have relatives we do not like. They are still part of the family unless they engage in deliberate malice.

Anthony Weiner is a flawed person. So what? We all are.

He had a human failing. Humans fail. It is what makes us human. The key test is how we respond to our failures. Anybody can enjoy life when everything is going well.

Mr. Weiner was my political opponent. He was not my enemy. My frustration with him was inability to distinguish these categories. Perhaps now he will. I know the difference, which is why I am morally required to do what everybody should do at a time like this.

We may internally say “good riddance,” but we should show the same class he did at his press conference and just wish him well.

Good luck Mr. Weiner.

Shalom. Be well.


3 Responses to “Anthony Weiner Resigns–Epilogue”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    “For the first time since the scandal broke, Mr. Weiner got it right. His exit was classy and dignified.”

    Well said and very classy Eric.
    But he really shouldnt of mentioned the values his parents taught him.

  2. Actually, as far as human failings go, Weiner’s was pretty common and ubiquitious. But, we live in this phony society where we pretend things like that don’t go on – we’re “moral” and “Judeo-Christian” and all that other silliness. The fact of the matter is these kinds of things go on all the time, and really have very little to do with who we are and what we do in the big scheme of things. The only failing here is our collective inability to leave other people to their own personal lives.

    I like Weiner. He’s angry and passionate and smart. A great bit difficult combination. He’s a love-or-hate kind of guy in a vanilla political universe. I can’t stand pretense and etiquette. It’s BS for fools. Weiner speaks his mind in a refreshingly honest and human way.

    The only therapy he needs is more sex.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    “The only therapy he needs is more sex.”

    He needs humility and to learn to tell the truth and not cast contemptuous blame on others for his blatant narcissitic displays.

    I’ve done worse in my life.
    But never tried to frame someone else for my misdeeds or tweeking sexuality.



    I deal with people who have serious life threatening diseases and need the help of those professionals far more than this guy who just needs a slap upside the head and be told to wise up.
    I would not waste a bed in a facility for this man whos mistake was no better than Paris Hilton wrapping her Bently around a tree and then play the “rehab” card and everything will be alright.
    So, by your own definition Jersey you yourself are also saying his call for thearapy is nonsense and that all he needs is more sex.
    Maybe so, but his premise is disengenuous and dishonest when I think we both can agree hes just a bit too horny and self centered for his own good

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