President Obama and the War Powers Act

So when Congressman Weiner was asked what he thought about the War Powers Act…

Just kidding. Ok, now that the gratuitous reference to drive blog traffic is done, a couple of quick housekeeping notes.

This is a big weekend for me. Today I have an early morning flight from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, Utah and then on to Butte, Montana. Thurday evening I am speaking at the Montana GOP State Convention. This is their kickoff event. Then on Friday I fly back to Salt Lake to speak at the Utah GOP State Convention at their kickoff event.

I have never been to either state for business, and I have never been to Montana ever. So the excitement is palpable. New friends and adventure awaits.

Now on to business. I have been meaning to write about Barack Obama and his violation of the War Powers Act for some time now. However, if I wrote a blog post every time Mr. Obama violated the Constitution, I would not have time for anything else.

This is a tough one for me to wrap my warm, fuzzy tygrrrr paws around. Like everything else, intellectual honesty has to come first.

Should I care that he is violating the WPA? Absolutely. Do I? Not really.

It’s a terrible law and should be repealed.

Now this does not mean I condone violating the law. I am the last person to say that we should ignore laws we dislike. Yet that does not mean I am required to get worked up over every violation.

If George W. Bush were pulling this, would I lose sleep? No. I would still wish he was obeying the law, but I would just ignore the story and hope it went away.

This would not happen because the left would be howling with indignation.

That is the story with this. once again, leftist hypocrites have proven that they stand for absolutely nothing.

Of course Obama is pushing the envelope. All executives do this, although perhaps not to the degree he does. It is the responsibility of this with the power to check and balance to do their jobs.

Mr. Boehner is pushing back. Yet where is the media? Where are the anti-war slobs with their badly spelled signs? At least the Ron Paul supporters are consistent. I disagree with them but at least they stand for something on this issue.

Going into Libya was the right thing to do. I supported Mr. Obama doing so. He should have just taken a predator drone, shoved it up Khadafi’s hide until he went to the toilet red, white, and blue, and been done with it.

Instead Mr. Obama decided to “lead from behind,” as if NATO and the French have accomplished anything worth discussing. They may be useful compared to the UN, but that does not say much.

So Mr. Khadafi is still in power and Bashar Assad in Syria has realized he can kill hundreds of his own people with no repercussions. The entire world knows that “sanctions” is code for doing nothing.

So while the Obama foreign policy has been a complete failure, some good can come out of this.

Mr. Boehner can put Mr. Obama into a box by forcing him to choose between two options that both help Republicans. He can threaten to keep hammering Mr. Obama on the issue day after day until the president caves. The president will cave because he always does. Unless the issue is healthcare, education, or the environment/energy, he does not care. He will cave. His goal is to get reelected, and he does not need distractions. Everything except his three pet issues are a distraction.

The second option is sneaky, devious, and somehow legal. In short, it is perfect for a member of Congress. Mr. Boehner should very quietly in some arcane bill dealing with boll weevils or 18th century Russian literature sneak a rider in repealing the War Powers Act. Mr. Obama can quietly sign it. After all, he can feign ignorance. We have to find out what is in the bills, and the only way to do that is to pass them. The Pelosiraptor taught us that.

The president has no interest in respecting the rule of law. He claims he is obeying the law, but then again he claims everything he does is noble and virtuous.

Republicans have to think long-term. We can be hypocritical and try to enforce a law that most Republicans hate anyway. Or we can kill it with help from a liberal president. Then when Republicans are back in the White House, they can actually bring back an adult foreign policy that involves less @ss kissing and more @ss kicking.

Mr. Obama, I am thoroughly disappointed in you to the point that I am almost fazed. As for civil libertarians and other anti-war activists, the entire world knows you are full of garbage. It is like you almost wish the Republicans were in the White House so that your carping and complaining would be legal again. Having Obama make you look like imbeciles is the equivalent of the NFL Lockout. You just can’t stand lacking a meaningful message that anybody cares about.


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  1. Obama consulted the leaders on the Hill before he engaged in Lybia, and later moved the mission into the purvue of NATO. He followed the WPA and the Constitution, if viewed through the WPA.

    This is just more GOP nonsense.

    We liberals are the ones who question the WPA. Conservatives only complain when a Democratic executive takes advantage of it. I call shenanigans!


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