Boston Bruins–2011 NHL Champs

Again, America reigns supreme over the Scourge of the North.

The Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks in a less than epic game 7. The first 6 games were all by the home team, but Boston won a big game 7 on the road. Like America itself, they fought the battle to the enemy before the enemy could take it to us. Patton would have been proud.

I could not name a single player on either team, although I did briefly know who the goalies were.

The point is the Americans beat the Canadians.

I have nothing against the Canadian people for the most part, but 1993 was a year that will live in sports infamy. The Canadiens defeated the LA Kings and the Blue Jays defeated the Atlanta Braves. I will even mention the Canadian cities because it still stings.

In 1994 the New York Rangers won one of the greatest Stanley Cups of all time by beating the Canucks.

Yet on 2002…on American soil of all places…the Salt Lake City Olympics…the Canadians smacked around America in the Gold Medal game.

June 11th of 2004 featured game 6 between Calgary and Tampa. Calgary led 3 games to 2. Yet this was Ronald Reagan’s death anniversary, and there was no way America was going to lose. Tampa won in overtime and then won game 7.

The Mighty Ducks showed the might of America, as have other teams.

A friend of mine points out that most of the players in the league are Canadians, but that is irrelevant. We root for the uniforms.

My friend also pointed out that Boston is full of liberals while Canada has the conservative government of Stephen Harper. That is irrelevant since the politics of Vancouver may not reflect Harper. I do not mix my sports and politics.

So for those wanting coverage of the game and the series, go find a hockey blog.

For all others, just know that while Massachusetts may be the worst state in America, it is still better than Canada, far better than France, and forever better than Quebec and any other French Canadian monstrosity.

All hail the Americans. This is not the Canadian century. Not this year.

Good job Bruins.


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