Why Anthony Weiner Matters

At the Washington Times today, I explain why the Anthony Weiner saga actually matters, and why he may be going down while more those committing more serious acts survived.


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  1. Dav Lev says:

    Anthony Weiner (pronounced Winer in most of the East Coast),
    is irrelevant. As David Letterman said last night on TV, “mind your own business”, referring to a host of late night personalities, present and past.

    He is right, who cares?

    What his constituents should care about is his effectiveness as
    a Congressman representing their district. How many shekels has
    he managed to get out of the 4.5trillion dollar budgets..how much pork?
    Are hs political ideals reflective of the majority of voters in t his district?

    I have been Queens and part of Brooklyn. Some neighborhoods are
    upper middle class, with huge retail stores, restaurants, movie complexes, etc. Other areas are something out of WW2 Berlin , after being bombed.

    I dont know exactly what areas he covers? But based on TV interviews
    it is very diversified.

    However, lets face it, the Gov of Utah, or Backmann would not have
    a chance of winning any office there.

    Newt,might however. He knows where his bread is buttered.
    Moving our embassy to Jerusalem (West of East), would be his
    first executive order, and send a very, very strong message
    to the terrorist groups that run Hamastan (Strip) and Hezbollah
    new government in Lebanon.

    Dont we all recall when Hezbollah was dismissed as a minority,
    humanitarian group with little real power. My, how things have changed.

    I am not aware of Weiner’s foreign policies, to be frank. I would
    surmise however that he favors 2 states ( Muslim and Jewish) with
    border adjustments, per UN242.

    But more importantly, did anyone listen to Mullen being interviewed
    on the Charlie Rose Show? Talk about being sly and evasive.
    Charlie did do a good interview. Mullen answered queries about
    most every par of planet, giving the Obama line ( I compared him
    to Bibi Netanyahs constant quarreling with his Minister of Defense )
    and others.

    But, Mullen is a warrior, a good soldier who takes orders from his

    What did he say? Well, the US faces a threat to its existence from
    Russia’s nukes and cyber warfare. I guess he forgot Chinese
    missiles (400 nukes). Only 25 are needed to end the US of A.

    And what about the caliphate, promised by the Muslim radicals and
    not so radical? They want to spread their Sharia law worldwide..
    demanding we all convert or be beheaded.

    So now the countries surrounding Afghanistan, must eventually become
    part of a regional pact, to stabilize the area..and include the Taliban, but only the good Taliban.

    Thats like saying the good WaffenSS should have been negotiated with
    to bring stabilityh Europe and the Soviet Union..and Pacific. (Not all
    Waffen SS were deaths head types or in concentarion campes).

    Mullen goes to say Israel-Palestine is the key to peace.

    Hmmm, assuming there were no Israel or no Palestinians (or there
    were Palestinians), would that make a difference throughout the rest of the Arab world? Would Iran be friends with Arabia? Would Iran/Iraq
    not fought for 9 years? Come on guy.

    Regarding Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Tunisis, Libya..he has
    no answers..and cannot predict the future. The juries are still out.

    Hey guy, hows about making the future?

    NATO, the over 25 nations united to fight the Sovietsks, cannot
    even take out a third world, ill armed, divided country like
    libya. We have to do the long hauling.
    Euroe has a GDP greater than the US, guys.
    Yet they cannot do their share of the killing, to protect
    Libyan civilians.

    He claims that the leadership advised him in Pakistan that
    they did now know about Bin Ladin.

    And I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for 24..or is that
    Manhattan Island.

    Even though we have given billions to Pakistan..they hate US.

    Syria he says must be viewed separately from other Arab countries.
    While Assad is butchering his own.

    Yet Syria demands Israel agree to giving up the Golan Heights
    prior to any discussions for a genuine peace.

    And some people fall for it.

    The bottom line: neigther Mullen nor his boss know what they are doing,
    while the Chinese pay for it in gelt, and we destroyed lives.

  2. From what I know about Weiner is that he was one of those rare successful politicians who avoided some very heavy institutional corruptions, to the point that that he was unable to caucus successfuly. You conservatives usually applaud people like that – as long as they identify like you.

    He was quite the guy. I say “was” though, because I think he ruined his career. I’d bet a million bucks if Paul Ryan had the same scandal, you guys would be throwing flowers on him.


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