What did Weiner know and when did the Wanker show it?

During Watergate it was “What did the president know and when did he know it?”

Now we have Wienergate and  “What did Weiner know and when did the wanker show it?”





Anybody (especially Republicans) offering politically correct nonsense about how we should let it go should sit down and be quiet. If ever a man deserved zero pity or mercy, it is the Wicked Wanker from Weinerville. Yes, this story should evoke glee in every conservative blogger in the country.

If that makes me one vindictive SOB, I am just learning the skills needed to be a New York liberal congresswanker.

Congressman Anthony Weiner has just announced that he is trying out to be quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.

The Anthony Weiner New York Bond Fund Package has just reached junk status.

CNN must get to the truth about the Anthony Weiner scandal. Have Eliot Spitzer interview him. “Congressman, you’ll never get to be Governor without a larger effort.”

Congressman Weiner, you misunderstood me. I said liberals like you need to GROW a pair, not SHOW a pair.

The real scandal is if the Congressman had the cojones to send his own stones or if he used Photoshop to make himself bigger in the eyes of the viewers. Do I have to stop now? Awww, nuts.

Ok, enough fun with the Oscar Mayer Congressman. His relevancy to this column is as relevant as his service to America, which was small to begin with and is shrinking by the minute.

Oh, and here is a picture of my junk. Enjoy it ladies and Congressman Weiner!


Mr. Weiner says that we should move on, that this does not rise to the level of something worth serious investigation.

He does not get to decide this, and no amount of bullying the normally sycophantic CNN anchors will change this.

Besides, too many liberals from John Edwards to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ed Schultz to Dominique Strauss-Khan want the world to focus on Weinerwatch.

What we do know for certain is that somebody sent a lewd picture of a male appendage from Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account to a 21 year old female college student on the West Coast.

What is not in dispute is that the picture definitely came from his account. Everything else is, metaphorically speaking, fuzzy.

Congressman Weiner publicly stated that his account was hacked. I suspected the National Organization for Women framed him because they have been hacking wieners for decades.

The problem with this claim is that he seemed reluctant to have the FBI investigate the matter.

Somebody hacked into my email account a couple of weeks ago and began sending spam emails to visit pornographic websites. I was enraged and immediately reported it.

When Sarah Palin had her email account hacked, she went to the authorities. The left-wing teenage scumbag was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to some jail time. It was a victory for humanity over leftist thuggery.

Once Mr. Weiner claimed he was hacked, he lost the option to let this go uninvestigated. A cyber crime was committed against him. There could be national security implications.

If Mr. Weiner lied to the FBI about being hacked, he has committed a crime. However, it is possible that the FBI is investigating this quietly. That means Mr. Weiner lied to the American public but not the Feds. This is legal. Gary Condit lied to the public but confessed his transgressions to the police. He lost in the court of public opinion but stayed out of jail. Mr. Weiner can make amends with the voters, but there is no latitude deserved if he lied to the FBI.

Mr. Weiner finally decided to stop attacking the reporters and do damage control interviews. He could not contain his prickly nature, but he did reveal important information in the interviews.

He explicitly stated that he did not send the image. Given how emphatic he was, I can take him at his word on this one.

Yet when asked if the image was of him, he said he was “not sure.”

Not sure?

This is bad for so many reasons.

When a liberal screws up and lectures everybody else about mistakes, that is called a “teachable moment.” So let’s offer a teachable moment for everybody out there.


I have done some dumb things in my life, but thankfully I was smart enough to know that the world did not want to see my flabby body au naturelle. Several women have asked me to take risque pictures of them (I happily obliged), but I would never have one taken of me. If I am thirsty at 4am, I put on a robe before leaving my bedroom to go to the refrigerator even if I am the only person in the apartment.

As for the women, they are just lucky that I am not one of those guys who sells such pictures to tabloids.

The photo may not have been sent by Congressman Weiner, but it is a photo of his lower body. Why would he allow himself to be photographed this way?

For those who point out that this is not any more illegal than fellating an intern in the Oval Office, the issue is one of vulnerability. Public officials cannot put themselves in the position of being blackmailed.

Another issue that is totally fair game is why Congressman Weiner is following on Twitter a college student.

The excuse that millions of people follow other people is more flaccid than Congressman Weiner’s wanker.

He is a celebrity. Celebrities have many followers, but follow far fewer people. I am the lowest possible level of celebrity. I have 150 followers on Twitter. I am following 5 people. Congressman Weiner has thousands of followers but is only following 200 people. People have every right at this point to ask why he is following some young girl, especially since he is married. The fact that the woman is backing him up means nothing. Monica backed up Bill.

This woman says she has never met him, and they live on opposite coasts. Something is rotten here.

As for who sent the pic, I am going to offer speculation. I have zero evidence, but my theory is reasonable.

I bet it was one of his young staffers. Many public officials are trusting with their passwords to their staffers. Many of these staffers are young people with raging hormones. Perhaps Congressman Weiner is covering for one of his staffers, most likely a male one. This still does not explain why his staffer has a pic of his staff. To be more specific, it does not explain why the pic was taken to begin with.

Yet lost in all of this is the reason why conservatives should be howling with glee over this scandal.

It is not because Congressman Weiner is a liberal.

It is because he is a bully.

Anthony Weiner is a nasty individual. Liberals do not worship him because of policy. There are plenty of liberals in congress. They worship him because he is a vicious ideological bigot who demonizes conservatives every chance he gets. He seeks out confrontation and conflict. He is the politics of personal destruction.

This man was a heat seeking missile long before he was in heat and took pictures of his missile.

The verbally violent way he goes after conservatives is destructive and corrosive to our society.

Liberals have zero problems with his conduct because they support his spreading hatred in the same way they worship Ed Schultz. The more poisonous the approach, the happier the left is.

So let’s celebrate that a man who has spent his political life beating up opponents for sport has just punched himself in the gut.

This guy will never resign or surrender, because liberals don’t do that. He will never apologize for anything because he sees himself as noble and virtuous while his political opponents are evil enemies.

So yes, let this guy burn. Let him burn slowly and painfully, but let him burn. Not since Eliot Spitzer has a man been so deserving of utter contempt.

Another New York Emperor has no clothes. So let’s expose him to the world. After all, he has done this himself already on Twitter.

It’s payback time.

Anthony Weiner took out his junk and literally aired his dirty laundry.

Junk is trash, so it is time for Americans to do likewise and take out the trash themselves.

We can start with Anthony Weiner.

His mistake was being unable to keep his pants zipped.

His vile nature comes from being unable to keep his mouth zipped.

The flap over his appendage is less serious than the years of him flapping his gums.

The Weiner Wanker Show is just getting warmed up.

The champagne is on ice, but the cork will not be popped until he is gone from politics forever.


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  1. Are you done with this yet?


  2. blacktygrrrr says:

    Not at all. :)

    It would be unfair to Eliot Spitzer to shortchange Anthony Weiner.

    If the Congressman resigns, then another week at most.

    eric :) aka the Tygrrrr Express

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