Burn in Hell Jet Blue

Dear Jet Blue,

I am a rah-rah cheerleader for big business, so if I hate a big business there is no hope. I despise airlines. Yet you are even worse than most of my airline experiences, which means your company should burn in a fiery pit of hell reserved for the very worst.

I attempted to get from Los Angeles to Eureka, which is in Northern California. These cities are in the same state.

Thanks to the way you run your airline, I will be flying from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, bypassing Eureka. Then I will fly south to San Francisco, again bypassing Eureka. Then I will finally fly into Eureka.

A 2 hour flight has taken several flights and 2 days and left me exhausted. Due to the absolute imbeciles that answer your 800 number, the amount of time I spent on hold was just long enough for me to miss another flight.

Your personnel at Long Beach airport are unable to take action without the 800 number phone people, yet the 800 number phone people cannot see what the people behind the counter are doing.

I started out trying to go to Sacramento. You told me I was late. You were wrong. Then you tried to reroute me to Oakland. You screwed that up. I finally ended up in Portland, where I have to get up at 4:30am to take two more flights for a speech at Noon.

I hope God issues a plague on your children and your children’s children.

This has cost me time and money. Oh, and watching tv on the plane may have calmed my nerves ever so slightly, but my tv didn’t work.

Also, move your d@mn West Coast headquarters from Long Beach to Los Angeles. Nobody lives in Long Beach. Los Angeles is an actual city.

Simply put, you are a company by screwups, of screwups, resulting in screwups, for innocent passengers frustrated by your screwups.

Burn in Hell Jet Blue.


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