September Hate Mail

Yes, it is time for me to publish some more of my hate mail. The way liberals send hate mail is by being too gutless to use their real names. They create fake email addresses because they are too cowardly to step away from their keyboards. Anyway, here are a few uncivilized baboons who disagree with me. Yes, this is how “enlightened” and “tolerant” liberals are in the new era of “civility.”

Say it with me everybody.

These are liberals. This is how they behave.


“Eric – suck my big giant balls”

Now that is pure intellect. He spelled my last name wrong and even misspelled the feminine hygiene product he was supposedly comparing me to.


Bob Steven
“I read your article on Cheney.  I am not one of your stereotypically inaccurate "rabid, frothing liberals" (whatever that actually means…. But it does show your clear bias).  I have been republican most of my life and now am independent.

Your analysis is not credible.  So my question is: "Who do you expect to buy into your litany of falsehood?"

Bush had no justification to start a war with a country that had no connection with 9/11, although they tried to associate the two. It was a needless loss of life to fatten special interests and bankrupt the country, morally and financially.

Please don't do any further disservice to this country by perpetuating the propaganda regarding why we attacked Iraq.”

Since I disagree with this person I am supposedly doing a disservice to my country. Now that is open-minded. Also, his claim of being Republican is false. People make that up to give themselves credibility. Show me a voter registration card and voting history.


ken cohn
“what pwe cent of you is asswhole I would guess 99”

This fellow might be Jewish, but as we all know liberal Jews are not known for caring about Jews who are non-liberal.


Brian Kaplan
“Your "article" reads like a high school student's blog.  Your opinions are poorly articulated and come off as amteur high school editorialism at best.  Stop writting.  It is embarasing.”

Stop writting? You mean writing, you illiterate leftist monkey. Also, embarrassing has 2 r’s and 2 s’s. This guy was too lazy to get it right, yet somehow I am the inarticulate one guilty of high school editorialism.


Tom Connelly
“get the fuck out of CA”

Now this is a civilized guy, and a perfect example of why California is sinking rapidly.


Rich Carlson
Hi Eric

“Since humans are born bright-eyed, open-minded and innocent, how come you turned out to be such an ignorant shithead?



So in other words because he uses profanity at Republicans, he is the open-minded one. I can only guess he was born normal but turned into a liberal.


Ray Snider
Mr. Golub,

“Nice work slipping in the "special needs" joke at a tea party fundraiser. I guess someone there wasn't a conservative or there would have been no notice of the insensitivity of your unique comic stylings. I'm sure Trigg's "grizzly mama" didn't catch it-the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, right? I know you are secretly there to observe the continuing lunacy, hypocrisy, and idiocy (all those qualities and NO redundancy!!) continuing to emerge from that crowd of sophisticates gathered in all those cornfields in Iowa and..wherever. Don't worry all the smart people are in on (your mission, man!)it too. Keep letting all those folks think you are "one of them." I'm pretty sure you don't really approve of their judgemental attitudes towards every religion aside from Christianity. I mean all that "undercover, prayer warrior, NAR" talk. Tell 'um that Christianity is the beautiful child of Judaism, and in 3000 years it will only be 3000 years less developed than, maybe just stay away from religion with 'em. Eric, you are a brave soul to go hang out with all those anti semitic people who think jews should just "find the lord." I mean fundamentalists from the religious right should certainly hold views that correspond with the 5500 years of Jewish law, culture, etc.. or at the least respect Judaism. Oh. Every Republican on the ticket is a Christian zealot-except Romney, and he got people GOVERNMENT affiliated health care in Massachussets, and ran state goverment efficiently-Hmmm.. Anything but the black guy with these people. He might be respectful of, hell appreciative of, the contributions of Jewish Americans-but he's a liberal, and that's a dealbreaker! That's almost treason! OK Romney's out, but you got Perry, Bachman, Newt-plenty of Christian Conservatives, so pretend you are not afraid of them. Just keep givin' um more of that clever "special needs" crap, and sending out missives from the front. Semper Fi! Oh yeah-when you figure out which one of these beauties is the lease anti-semitic, the least crazy- let us know, before you bug out. Someone has to let us know who to vote for. Thanks Eric.
Your Buddy,

If this guy were any less comprehensible he would be a public school teacher in a district opposed to charter schools. Maybe he got drunk with Al Gore before writing that.


David Freeling
“What makes a person want to become a lying propaganda machine pushing a deceitful right-wing agenda? Why are you damaging the fabric of our nation with these bald untruths and attempts to rewrite history while saying others are doing exactly what you are?”

Damaging the fabric of our nation? Fine, I won’t mix lights and darks next time and I will go easy on the bleach.


barbara trevino
“your an ass- plesae move to the backways land of your tea party folks…
we don't want you in our states- go on tote-in firearms with your freinds in the backwoods sir.”

She at least insults all conservatives instead of just me, with enough bad spelling and hostility to qualify for a job in public education. I recommend she be a Vice Principal.

Yes folks, let’s say it one more time.

These are liberals. This is how they behave.


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