The real Obama scandal about Kamala Harris

What President Obama was really thinking about Kamala Harris

Compared to the other White House scandals, the non-scandal over Kamala Harris was nothing. It is old news, but good for a fun, quiet Sunday. This link contains the sanitized version.

Now for the raw uncensored version of what President Obama was really thinking about Kamala Harris when he complimented her. Parental advisory. Explicit lyrics.

A kerfuffle ensued after President Obama complimented California Attorney General Kamala Harris for her beauty. The normally robotic Obama showed human emotion, and was forced to apologize for it to prevent his wife Michele from “going Brenda Ritchie on him.”


(Lionel Ritchie was not “Dancing on the Ceiling” when he was caught, but by the time his wife was done he was stuck to it.)


As expected, feminists who say nothing when women are beaten in the Middle East exploded in selective outrage. As of this writing, none of the complainers have ever been complimented on anything.


Nevertheless, what President Obama said is is far less important than what he did not say. It is the unspoken words that have clairvoyants everywhere concerned. The neanderthals and the feminists may not agree on propriety, but they both know the thoughts existed.


You see, when some men look at powerful women like Michele Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey, they think “These women are too uppity. They need to be knocked down a peg. They are too big for their britches.”


Other men look at these women and think “Look at how far society has progressed. America is truly the land of opportunity. We have made so many great strides.”


Yet a third group of men, which consists of the other 99%, look at these women and think what Obama secretly thinks about Kamala Harris.


“Wow. Baby got back.”


That’s right. Men often view women as sex objects, and powerful men are turned on by powerful women. Holy Sir Mix-A-Lot. Stop the presses. Water is wet, the sun rises in the East, and power is an aphrodisiac.


Obama is the most powerful man in the world. He looks at Harris and thinks “Man, I would love to paddle her.” Then he remembers Michele would rip him limb from limb. President Obama deserves credit for very few things, but give the presidential Elvis Presley hound doggie who cries all the time some credit. Whether it be genuine devotion or fear, he is disciplined enough to not act on his thoughts. The guy barely even shared them. His remarks were remarkably restrained.


This is why lambasting Obama on this issue makes no sense. By most standards, with regards to these matters, he is a gentleman. Feminists are angry not at his actions or words, but his thoughts. In the world of Radical feminism, all men are Clinton dogs, whether regular like Bill or atomic like George.


Feminists will complain that women do not view men as sex objects. Well maybe from time to time they should. Has it ever occurred to women that men have zero interest in women constantly praising their intelligence? Do any women realize how much they could extract from men by simply complimenting their shirts or neckties? Guys do not spend time selecting “power ties” for women to be oblivious.


The only reason many men want power is so that women who would normally ignore them will pay attention. Bill Clinton admitted how great it was transitoning from being “the fat guy” to the Governor of Arkansas.


Barack Obama is the biggest of the atomic dogs. Yet despite being a controlled puppy most of the time, he briefly showed that deep down he would love to be Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, or any other members of the Dogg Pound.


Obama is so tightly wound and scripted. He never gets to let loose, smoke a cigarette, or even eat a hamburger. He gets mercilessly (and justifiably) pounded for being an effeminate beta male. The one time he acts normal, he gets attacked for it.


So what if he wants to secretly treat Kamala Harris like a character in Howard Stern’s “Butt Bongo Fiesta?” As long as he keeps those obvious thoughts to himself, feminists should not pillory him for coming nowhere near the line of bad taste.


If he noticed Harris only for her beauty, that would be troublesome. Yet he noticed her for her brains and beauty. That should mitigate any complaint, unless the feminists believe that he could care less about her brains. Maybe in their world, “brains” is code for “breasts.” If that is the case, men cannot win. That is exactly how the politically correct feminists want it, but this war on men has to stop now.


Any real woman forced to choose between the extremes of a neanderthal and a metrosexual would choose the neanderthal every time. Most men fall far from the extremes.


Leave us alone. Stop nagging us over nonsense. We find you hot and want to play volleyball with your body parts. Get over it. Regulate actions and even some speech, but leave our thoughts to ourselves. Let us dream. It’s all we have left.


President Obama may never be a guy’s guy, but he already has a wife, a mother-in-law, and two daughters to emasculate him. He does not need other women piling on him for lusting after a smart, strong, hot, powerful goddess and wanting to drive her like Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.”


The next time any woman asks a man, “What are you thinking?,” we will just give you a cross look. You should know, be flattered, and let it go.


That is what we think about, and nagging cannot trump biology, whether it be that of a feminized Obama or an atomic dog alpha male Tarzan.





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