The Top 10 B*mbos of 2023

Top 10 Bimbos of 2023

Dedicated to Barack Obama and Taylor Swift, the Top 10 Bimbos of 2023 highlight shallow, vapid individuals who do well in life without having an ounce of substance. Through their words, Obama and Swift represent overprivileged spoiled brats who complain about anyone and everyone they perceive to have done them wrong. They are both airheads and terrible role models who are held up in high esteem by their equally shallow and vapid supporters. 

The term “bimbo” is gender neutral. This is to keep the nose-ringed, blue-haired Gen Z social media censors from screaming bloody rage about sexism and every other ism. They are bimbos themselves. If you do not know your own gender, you should not comment on any issues committed by any human beings, much less censor anyone. 

Too many of these young people claiming to belong to 200 different genders are taking drugs that could turn out to be every bit as dangerous as heroin and cocaine. In at least one case, a trans person who took dangerous hormones went into a homicidal rage against innocent young Christian children. Nashville school shooter and radical trans activist Audrey Hale can very close to making the list, but her horrific story is incomplete. Portions of Hale’s manifesto have been released, but until the entire manifesto is released, this story will not get the attention it deserves. 

Sam Bankman-Fried did not make the list. As awful as he is, his arrest and conviction in 2023 is not the beginning or end of the story. His crypto exchange FTX went bankrupt in 2022. What happens to these cryptocurrency firms in 2024 is a bigger story than SBF himself. He is not the first scammer who took advantage of suckers by peddling a fake product that does nothing. 

With that, here are the Top 10 Bimbos of 2023.

10.) WeWork customers:  WeWork, according to WeWork, was a revolutionary company that forever changed the concept of office space. In reality, WeWork was a company that did nothing, made nothing, and produced nothing. It was the Bitcoin of furniture. Its business model was catering to narcissistic young people who also in many cases did nothing but wanted to give the appearance of doing something. WeWork rented small office spaces to young dreamers who wanted to convince potential clients that they had an office. People living beyond their means wanted to appear hip and cool, and the best way to do that is waste money on totally unnecessary expenditures. When the COVID pandemic hit, people stopped going into offices. Many people did not return. Young people returned to their parents’ basements. Some of these people tried to get rich by becoming “content” creators only to find out that nobody cared what they had to say. At this point it became even more unnecessary for people to pay for office space when they did not offer a product or service. People who could afford nice big office spaces did not need WeWork. People who needed to just keep up appearances could not afford WeWork. 

9.) Josh McDaniels and Brandon Staley — The Raiders and the Chargers have been AFC West rivals since 1960. Both of them have recently suffered under terrible coaches. Yet there are plenty of bad coaches throughout the many sports in America. McDaniels and Staley are special cases. Their aloof nature and constant arrogance without the results to back it up caused them to take talented teams and drive those teams into the ground. They both had “my way or the highway” systems. McDaniels got rid of the heart and soul of his team, Derek Carr. All Carr did was lead the Raiders to the playoffs the year before. Staley would repeatedly go for it fourth down deep in his own territory with disastrous results. Both of these teams would be on the verge of winning games until their coaches found ways to help their teams lose.  The Raiders set a record for most blown double digit leads in one season in 2021. McDaniels doubled down and became more defiant. The Chargers blew a 27-0 lead in a playoff game only to lose 31-30. The Chargers even lost a game this year where they gave up 63 points…ironically to the Raiders. This would rank higher except both of these teams fired their coaches.  The owners admitted they got it wrong, something the coaches they fired could and would never do. The worst people are people with power who are bad at everything and blame everyone else for their own incompetence.

8.) Brittany Mahomes & Jackson Mahomes — While the Raiders and Chargers flounder, the Kansas City Chiefs are on the verge of winning the AFC West for the eighth straight year. The defending Super Bowl champions have a great coach in Walrus Andy Reid and a 25th century Buck Rodgers freak of nature in quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has won two Super Bowls and has the potential to be the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. Yet he also has hanger-ons who have no skills of their own while exploiting his fame to their benefit. His wife Brittany Mahomes is constantly throwing temper tantrums and mouthing off to the media. Now she hangs out in a luxury suite with Taylor Swift and acts even more insufferable. Swift is annoying herself, but at least she built a majorly successful career as a singer. Brittany Mahomes simply married a talented guy and confused fame with accomplishments. Jackson Mahomes is even worse. Patrick’s brother is a TikTok star, which means he does goofy dances and demands to be given money and fame for them. If he had another last name, nobody would care. He is banned from at least one eating establishment in Kansas City for forcibly trying to kiss the owner. Off the field, he faced sexual battery charges. On the field, he has danced on opposing team logos and provoked fans of opposing teams. Jackson and Brittany both attack the referees and behave badly during games. Patrick is famous for his earned successes. Brittany and Jackson are famous for being famous. People who get ahead based on the hard work of others and then complain about life are truly among the most narcissistic people on earth.

7.) Kamala Harris and Anthony Blinken: The entire Biden administration is one big bag of third tier untalented people. The only qualification seems to be to check various identity politics boxes and be bad at everyone. Yet two administration officials stand out for their utter uselessness. Vice President Kamala Harris is unable to complete a full sentence. Her numerous “word salads” are the way she tries to hide not studying for the tests and not knowing the answers. She is fooling nobody. She was socially promoted because of her race, gender and ideology. Her supporters keep demanding that Americans see her race as an accomplishment. She is a fairly dumb woman who romantically dated t the correct people and got pushed upward. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was hired specifically because his approach to foreign policy is unilateral American surrender. He shuttles to and from various world locations without anything resembling an accomplishment. No matter how badly Harris and Blinken fail, they cannot be fired. President Joe Biden needs them to placate his far left wing. Normally John Kerry would top a list of useless administration officials, but at least he runs a department that nobody cares about. With the war on Israel raging, Harris and Blinken are both openly calling for actions akin to Israel surrender and suicide. That is also their approach to the United States, but luckily for those who value global civilization, the Israelis have told them both to go pound sand. Their constant attacks on Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while his army faces off against genocidal Islamist terrorists would be shocking if it weren’t so expected. The world burns, and Harris and Blinken babble about diversity, multiculturalism and other causes of American failure. They are failure. The world knows it, yet they march on as if they have an ounce of competence and respect anywhere. They confuse power with worth. 

6.) Alissa Heinerscheid: It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but it can all be destroyed at the speed of (Bud) light. 2023 was the year where two of the most respected institutions in America destroyed their once platinum reputations. Anheiser Busch was one of the best companies in the history of American business. They did everything right. They wrapped themselves in the American flag. Their Super Bowl ads made us laugh with frogs and lizards and tugged at our patriotic heartstrings with noble Clydesdale horses and fire rescue dogs. Budweiser was America, the King of Beers. Then a political activist named Alissa Heinerscheid joined the Anheiser Busch marketing department in a senior role. She came up with the worst marketing campaign in advertising history. She hired transgender social media personality Dylan Mulvaney to be a spokesperson for Bud Light.  The backlash was swift and severe. Making matters worse, Heinerscheid attacked her company’s own customer base as “fratty” and “out of touch.” Sales plummeted as customers flocked to Miller and other beer companies. Anheiser Busch dropped as low as 14th, and has yet to recover. Naturally, in typical Gen Z activist fashion, Heinerscheid doubled down rather than apologize. Arrogance and certitude of being right while completely failing is truly awful behavior. 

5.) Ivy League Presidents:  Claudine Gay is one of far too many Ivy League professors who range from openly tolerating antisemitism to openly being antisemitic. Just before Hanukkah and only two months after a terrorist attack against Israel, Ivy League university presidents imploded at a House committee hearing. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik asked three university presidents what should have been an easy question. Would calling for the genocide of Jews be against the rules and laws of their universities? Harvard President Claudine Gay, University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology President Sally Kornbluth all tried to whitewash antisemitic calls for genocide. They babbled about how such remarks had to be taken “in context,” as if there was ever was a justifiable context for murdering Jews in cold blood. Large donors immediately began canceling planned future gifts. Prestigious law firms and other companies vowed to no longer hire graduating students from these institutions. Three days after her disastrous congressional testimony, Magill resigned under pressure of being fired. The other two have survived for now. Former President Barack Obama personally lobbied behind the scenes to protect Gay, given their shared status as DEI cheerleaders and token hires under DEI themselves. 

4.) Claudine Gay: On the education front, Harvard was the top of the top. Then they socially promoted an unqualified woman named Claudine Gay to the elite institution’s presidency solely because she is a black woman and hardcore activist for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion movement. Gay came under fire during a disastrous House committee hearing where she refused to condemn calls on her campus for genocide against Jews. Matters got worse for her when it was discovered that she is a serial plagiarizer She has been in open violation of rules that would get her own students expelled. She is now refusing to provide the data for the very few papers she published, leading to charges that her data was completely fabricated. She is threatening to sue Harvard if she is fired. Yet there are people at Harvard far worse than her who deserve b*mbo recognition.

3.) Harvard Board of Trustees: Harvard’s Board of Trustees cannot fire President Claudine Gay even though she is corrupt and incompetent. Firing her would require admitting that they were duped by the twin frauds of DEI and Ms. Gay herself. 20 years after the New York Times was humiliated for socially promoting Jason Blair, Harvard has learned nothing. For the first time in school history, students are rejecting early entry into the school. Harvard’s selling point was that it was the ultimate meritocracy. Only the very best and brightest got to go there. This has been exposed as a lie. There is nothing about Claudine Gay that screams merit. The Harvard Board of Trustees, like many bimbos, would rather double and triple down rather than just admit error. Keep in mind that these people all range on the political scale of liberal to leftist. Arrogance and a refusal to ever admit being wrong are trademarks are rich white liberals. The Board of Trustees would rather lose donors and let their reputation burn in flames than admit that being a black woman by itself is not an accomplishment. Gay is a leftist, and the Board has to publicly declare that being a black female leftist automatically makes a person superior in intelligence. This has never been true. Supposedly bright people have been exposed as dumb, and they are helpless in correcting the error. They went woke and are paying the price. 

2.) Greeniac rioters: All around the world, upper class leftists are committing ecoterrorism based on some pseudo-scientific claptrap about “climate change.” For people, on the left course of course, who believe the ends justify the means, violence is always on the answer. Young leftist climate activists are gluing themselves to expensive paintings, vandalizing office buildings, and getting away with it. These radicals have now infected America’s government. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s daughter Somah Haaland committed a ct of domestic eco-terrorism and got away with it because of her mother’s power. Try Googling Somah Haaland. Her incident has been scrubbed from search engines. She was arrested. She was guilty. Yet she is free as can be. Many of these young thugs are airheads who riot for the sake of rioting. They move from cause to cause without knowing or caring about the facts of what and why they are rioting. So as people get bored of climate change, they are forced to shift to another cause. Unfortunately for America and the world, Greta Thunberg and the rest of the eco-terrorists have found their new cause. 

1.) Anti-Israel rioters: After the Holocaust, it was taken for granted that America was the one place besides Israel where Jews could feel comfortable. When the most recent war between Israel and her Arab neighbors broke out, carefully organized anti-Israel protests broke out all over America. Virulent antisemitism bubbling below the surface exploded out into the open on college campuses. America’s most “progressive” cities held rallies where people chanted genocidal claims such as “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Even New York and Los Angeles, home to the largest Jewish populations outside of Israel, felt the wrath of violent anti-Jewish mobs. These were not free speech rallies. They were pogroms. In Los Angeles, an Arab man assaulted and killed a Jewish man named Paul Kessler in broad daylight. The Arab killer is being tried for a lesser homicide charge but not murder. Pictures of Jewish hostages are being ripped down by anti-Jewish mobs. Jews are having their stores vandalized with Nazi symbols. Chants of “Go back to the ovens,” once unthinkable in America, are openly being said without consequences. The antisemitic mobs are claiming the right to free speech, but there is no constitutional right to violently riot. Jews are taking extra safety measures and buying more guns than ever for protection. The federal government has issued meaningless platitudes condemning all forms of hate including Islamophobia. Yet Jews are the ones explicitly being attacked, often with impunity. Despite efforts to blame everything on “MAGA,” this antisemitism is clearly coming from the left. Many of the rioters have rioted for other leftist causes including radical climate action and radical gay and transgender actions. “Queers for Palestine” marches loudly and proudly without a hint of self-awareness. Many young people on TikTok are openly supporting Hamas and even Osama bin Laden. Jews are attempting to fight back, but the battle is an uphill one. Many of these protesters are idiots, claiming they care about “Palestinians” without being able to articulate where “Palestinians” came from. The rioters also cannot tell you which river and which sea they want the Jews free from. For combining evil Jew-hatred with utter stupidity, these leftist rioters, many on Ivy League universities, are the top bimbos of 2023. 

These are the Top 10 Bimbos of 2023. May they go away in 2024 and stay away.


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