Avoiding the sins of ingratitude and hubris…Thank You!

While watching an NFL documentary about the 1983 Oakland Raiders, tight end Todd Christiansen bursts into tears as he recalls winning the Super Bowl a quarter of a century ago. He said that he wanted to make sure that he was never guilty of the sin of ingratitude. His words are deep in my heart right now.

I started blogging three months ago, and I am amazed and humbled that so many people have such positive feedback about what I have to say. Heck, an everyman like me even gets occasional hate mail. At some point that thrill will wear off, but for now it is mindboggling. I have so many people to thank, so in haphazard fashion and disorder, here they are. If I left you out, please let me know, since I can edit this!

Jamie K directed me towards www.wordpress.com and I learned how to set up a blog. He has been my buddy for almost 15 years, and is as technologically brilliant as I am incompetent.

Lara B. at www.ieating.net for insisting I start a blog. She argued with me for 30 minutes and I caved. What can I say? I want to slip into her bedroom, steal her stem cells, and clone her into a harem of hot Jewish brunettes. The one that could tolerate my nonsense the most would be stuck with me.

My internet dawg pound…guys that have really helped my blog grow.

The Big Dog www.onebigdog.net One Sniper www.762justice.com

Snooper www.snooper.wordpress.com Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler www.nicedoggie.net

Right Wing Dog www.rightwingdog.wordpress.com

The people at www.townhall.com for displaying my article today on the front page. How awesome is that? Heck, even my parents are moderately impressed. They are very proud to be sure, but God forbid for one minute I get a taste of hubris! Also, if it was not for www.gregengland.townhall.com I would not even know I was published. No wonder I am not retired. Ed McMahon keeps coming to my home with the check when I am at work.

The people at www.realclearpolitics.com and www.nypost.com and www.wsj.com for educating me the right way.

For spirituality, I go to www.chabad.org and www.uschillel.org. They are often mortified by my behavior, let keep allowing me to come back. I hope that my buddy Izzy can get www.gotkosher.blogspot.com off of the ground. For a great mixture of politics and religion, the Republican Jewish Coalition www.rjchq.org is my guide. Larry G, You rock!

Other members of my blogroll are:

www.afk.townhall.com www.arkansasgopwing.blogspot.com www.baldheadedgeek.blogspot.com www.bluebloggin.wordpress.com www.bluestarchronicles.com www.cassyfiano.blogspot.com (she is hot by the way), www.chicagoray.blogspot.com www.conservarant.townhall.com www.conservathink.townhall.com www.constitutionclub.wordpress.com www.rjjago.wordpress.com www.dumbrepublican.wordpress.com www.elusivetruth.townhall.com www.faultlineusa.blogspot.com www.flapsblog.com www.wmdvp.wordpress.com www.genxdad.townhall.com www.ginacobb.typepad.com www.gopbloggers.com www.hillaryunmasked.com www.jim-rose.com www.jonswift.blogspot.com www.keepinitrealyo.blogspot.com www.leaningstraightup.com www.liberallyconservative.com www.maggiesnotebook.blogspot.com www.mbmusings.wordpress.com www.politics.moonagewebdream.com www.mudgeon.townhall.com www.neoconexpress.blogspot.com (I have known him for 15 years, great guy), www.neurojava.blogspot.com www.onlyinamerica.wordpress.com www.opedcentral.wordpress.com www.camp2008victory.townhall.com www.politicalvindication.com www.publiusforum.townhall.com www.radiantsong.blogspot.com www.righttracker.com www.righttruth.typepad.com www.rwoo.townhall.com www.shockandblog.blogspot.com www.steveintheuk.com www.stoutrepublican.com (a good guy to share a veberage with, I look forward to it) www.sultanknish.com (a fellow from India with a deep knowledge and respect of Jewish culture) www.the-american-israeli-patriot.blogspot.com www.thedailyslant.com www.theviewfromtheisland.com www.bleat.wordpress.com www.urbangrounds.com www.victorycaucus.com www.violenceworker.com www.wakeupamericans-spree-blogspot.com www.willmoyer.blogspot.com

I am entertained by www.nfl.com www.theonion.com www.scrappleface.com and other related websites. My book recommendation is “South Park Conservatives.”

Thank you to Eric G and Brian E for 15 years of friendship and intelligent political discussion. You guys keep me in check when I lose perspective.

Thank you to republican Jewish brunettes and Shannon Doherty (2 out of 3) for obvious reasons. Thank you to www.michellemalkin.com for having the best blogroll on Earth in terms of education and nice people.

I want to thank anybody who is politically conservative and has supported this blog.

Now to shock you all, I want to thank the two sets of liberals out there. To the reasonable, normal liberals, I thank you for engaging incivilized debates that have strengthened me and you intellectually. I am better off for having sparred with you. You are worthy opponents, and never my enemies.

To the shrill liberals I refer to as moonbats, thank you for allowing me to use you as foils. You are the gift of idiocy that keeps on giving. Speak loudly, early, often, and as always, incredibly wrongly.

Thank you to Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and supporters of America and Israel worldwide.

Lastly, I thank my parents for loving…and of course tolerating…me. I thank my grandparents for loving me and insisting to my parents I was a good kid, even when the evidence to the contrary was overwhelming.

I absolutely thank Almighty God, for giving me everything I have. I live in the geatest nation on Earth, the USA, and am beyond grateful for that. God has the power to shove a flamethrower up my hide, and I am appreciative he has not done so as of yet.

I am guilty of many things, and today I was guilty of hubris. Hey, how often does a guy like me get on the front page of Townhall? Yeah, I mentioned it again.

Just know that I hope to write many columns for years to come, and I will never be guilty of the sin of ingratitude.

I very humbly thank you all.


5 Responses to “Avoiding the sins of ingratitude and hubris…Thank You!”

  1. mdvp says:

    I saw that at townhall.com and almost fell off my computer chair. I have to admit I’m pretty jealous of how fast your blog is growing lately (if there’s any secrets, I wouldn’t mind hearing them :D)

  2. Robbie says:

    Well done. You’re off to an amazing start, and you’ll only continue to flourish as you get your blog-legs.

  3. AmeriDan says:

    And where is my URL on your blogroll… or in this post?


    I believe I was one of the first to put you on my blogroll. Not that that matters because I have no real traffic. But I did put you on the blogroll after you asked- and reading your blog.

    I have even been working on a post about you.

    You have forced me to show it early. Excuse the spelling errors and such. It’s all your fault, for making me show my cards so early.

    Also, you did send a thank you email, but it went to the “Bulk” file. I have since corrected that.

    I look forward to reading more of you post.

    Good Stuff,


  4. penny says:

    praise the lord. i love your blog!!!!!

  5. Carole says:

    Awww….what a cutie!

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