The Republican Zionist Crusader Alliance

Today’s column will be complete fluff, which may be indistinguishable from anything else I write for those that simply refuse to see my column as a combination of William F. Buckley, Masterpiece Theatre, the LA Philharmonic, and a splash of Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo.

Yesterday I had a secret meeting of the Republican Zionist Crusader Alliance.

I can’t talk about it, because then it would not be a secret.

Some people would describe it merely as a dinner party, with the Chicago Cannonball being as phenomenal in the kitchen as I was disruptive. Yet friends of mine for the last 18 years came. Three of us are Jewish republicans, and while the conversations are normally about sports and politics, having so many Neocons in a room might be too much alpha male testosterone power for our significantly better halves.

Regardless of what happened at this meeting described as a dinner party, I want to give what the kids call “props” to some old and new blogger friends. They are not all Jewish republicans, but nobody is perfect. Nevertheless, they are beyond warped. Please make some new blogger friends, since they will be carrying the mantle of greatness if I ever decide to lose my temper and treat my keyboard like it was a set of golf clubs. For the sake of full disclosure, I do not play golf. It requires temperament.

Anyway, Howard Stern has his Wack Pack. Here are some hilarious individuals.

Politics, football, and other “guy stuff.”

In an attempt to find more people that would be entertaining, I did what any smart individual would do…I raided their blogrolls. Not shockingly, more hilariously warped brilliance helped me expand my horizons from a hilariously warped point of view.

Even the names of their blogs crack me up. Don’t be fooled. The content is also solid.

Also, they are cooler than me. I know this because I am listening to Vanilla Ice right now. They win by default.

Another fella connected from the Jewish Master–Tree Rat Tree would be an animal that has his own place to roam and graze.

For fun political cartoons, our friend below has the answers, or at least the comics.

The fellow below is a follically challenged fellow, and I confess to having a mildly unhealthy fascination with his absolutely gleaming cue ball. More disturbing is everything he says and does.

Lastly, a fellow that has been beyond gracious towards me. So like him or else.

Well all, the Republican Zionist Crusader Alliance would elaborate, but it is a beautiful sunny day outside. Our membership has some plotting to do.



3 Responses to “The Republican Zionist Crusader Alliance”

  1. micky2 says:

    Ya gonna paintball protesters ?

  2. Eagle6 says:

    I thought a Zionist Republican was an oxymoron until I “met” you online…and I also thought you were going to reserve Sundays for past revelatory exploits with nekkid womens…ah! near term plans change with the perfumed wind… ;)

  3. goat says:

    LOL Eric, I guess any good Republican Zionist Crusader Alliance needs a hardheaded grumpy goat around and a barnyard for all the crazed critters to graze. Many thanks for the linkage.

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