Larry King, John McCain, Rasheed Khalidi, and the Barack Obama Shamwow Infomercial

Somebody told me that a baseball game was played last night. I don’t care. Baseball is boring.

That concludes the sports report. Now on to politics.

Barack Obama ran a 30 minute infomercial last night. I would sooner watch a “Sham wow” commercial than one more clip of this nonsense.

This is not about conservatism vs liberalism. It is about substance vs style. I was expecting the equivalent of a fireside chat. Instead, it truly was just an elongated campaign commercial that was ultra light on specifics and ultra heavy on Obama’s love for himself. Our souls are broken, to quote his wife Michelle, and only he can fix them.

Obama can get away with this because he is rolling in money.

I want to make it clear that I have no objection to Obama raising tons of money. I think all politicians should have the opportunity to raise this money. The irony is that it will be John McCain and that horrible campaign finance reform law of McCain-Feingold that has McCain starving for cash at the 11th hour.

I am voting for John McCain, but he has only himself to blame for this. He agreed to spending limits if Obama would as well. Obama said he would. He lied. There is no other way of sugarcoating this.

More importantly, I am almost glad he lied. For one, it will prove that there are absolutely no consequences for being against campaign finance reform. It is inside baseball. The American people don’t care. The media love campaign finance reform because it gives them more power, heaven forbid anybody else have influence. Ordinary people are not bothered by Obama raising tons of cash. As a republican, I support his right to do so.

Another lesson is that republicans need to stop being so obsessed with rules. Liberals break rules, and get away with it. McCain should immediately begin raising money from everywhere. He can apologize after the election, and pay the fine. He decided to be a gentleman and fight with one hand tied behind his back. Obama, as a liberal, is not bound by any rules or ethics. Does anybody think Obama will lose sleep over this? So what if Bill Clinton was sleazy and Bob Dole was honorable? Clinton got to be President. McCain will be honorable and Obama will get to govern. Republicans must never unilaterally surrender any advantages unless they can force the left to obey the rules, or corner them when they break them.

Even Campbell Brown, who is not conservative about anything, is calling out Obama for lying. She should have done this months ago. It is a meaningless gesture to make CNN look fair.

CNN refused to run the infomercial, preferring to run their own Pro-Obama infomercial, or as they call it, campaign coverage.

Barack Obama is simply a phony, but people know this and do not care. He does not even know the difference between “The Jeffersons” and “Sanford and Son.” I do. I am officially revoking Obama’s race. He is no longer black. I am declaring him white, so that guilty white liberals will judge him by the lack of content in the lack of his character, not the color of his skin. Barack Obama is as sincere as John Kerry. He is an effete nose in the air snob.

From now on, Barack Obama is no longer black. Now we can judge him on his lack of accomplishments.

For those who want a black President at any and all costs, Michael Steele is available, and so is Dr. Thomas Sowell.

No, I do not care if Obama knows the difference between Fred Sanford’s wife Elizabeth and George Jefferson’s wife Weezie. What I do care about is the media obsessing over Sarah Palin’s clothing that is not even hers, while ignoring those who hang Sarah Palin dolls by a noose on their lawns. Ideological bigotry by the left must be covered, whether it be ACORN forcing banks to make loans to those that cannot pay them, or comparing John McCain to George Wallace and George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler.

(Full disclosure: Hitler tried to kill my dad. Dubya is a friend of Jews, and cut my taxes.)

Now as for Obama’s 30 minute replay of the Demagoguic Party Convention, below is some analysis.

He was chatting from a room similar to the Oval Office. Yes, he has already measured the drapes.

I truly thought this would be a substantive speech. I did not expect substance because it was Obama. Far from it, I think he lacks substance. I did expect him to offer substance one time just before the election.

I was genuinely stunned by the lack of value in this production. What truly made me shocked was that it was a replay of his platitudes.

“A rescue plan for the middle class.”

“Low cost loans for small businesses.”

“This does not grow Government. It grows the economy.”

He then mentioned fairness.

“Americans don’t expect Government to solve all their problems. They don’t want a handout.”

This was like 1992 all over again. Endless talk about how he will cut taxes, right before the middle class gets their taxes raised.

Obama also offered a bunch of sob stories. I want to make it clear. I have genuine empathy for people that are struggling. However, empathy is not a plan. A platitude is not a program. Nobody wants to see human suffering. However, Obama’s plans make matters worse.

He showed a tale of an elderly couple worried about health care, and then followed it up by talking about energy independence. It made no sense.

“I will create 5 million new green jobs. Jobs that will never be sent overseas.”

He then lied outright by saying he would allow for clean coal technology and domestic oil production. No he will not.

“Usher in a new era of responsibility.”

This says nothing.

“I will go through the Federal Government line by line and eliminate programs that don’t work.”

This is nothing.

He does not have any “new” ideas. He has tired old ideas that have failed since the 1960s.

Who the heck is the CEO of Google to say that the oil companies are bad? The CEO of Google uses thuggish tactics to make sure that left wing sites get better search results.  Remember, Al Gore is one of the bigwigs at Google.

Again,, we can show thousands of videos of ordinary people who have concerns. So what? Many McCain supporters have concerns? We all have worries. To imply in any way that because Barack Obama can smile at people, that he can actually fix problems is ludicrous.

This video was meant to make him come across as a moderate. He kept speaking about personal responsibility.

“Nothing can replace parents who help children with their homework.”

He says things that are impossible to disagree with. Yes, parents should help their children with regards to homework. So what? How is Obama going to help? Is he going to babysit the kids? Perhaps that is what is meant by the Nanny State. The fact is that he will take is marching orders from the NEA. The students will get shortchanged.

“I will ask for higher standards and more accountability.”

He can ask all he wants. The NEA will not allow it.

He is the man without the plan.

His health plan improves technology and lowers costs. He does not say how. We just have to take it on blind faith.

“Life sure is short and you had better seize the moment.”

He uses his mother’s untimely death to justify his running for President. He is running for the same reason the other pols run…ambition.

He reads Harry Potter books to his children and calls them every night. Great, he is a good father. Again, this is meaningless pablum.

The man is a walking platitude.

Joe Biden is from Scranton, Pennsylvania. We get it.

Nobody wants to lose their job. I certainly don’t. Yet to show a few heart wrenching tales and then imply that anything Obama says or does will fix the problems is dishonest.

If I hear “tough diplomacy” one more time, I will be ill. He will use this diplomacy to handle Iran and Russia. They are cracking up with laughter over this. Russia has a veto on the U.N. Security Council.

Obama found one military general who is voting for him. 75% of the military will vote for John McCain.

He “understands the world because of his background.” His background?

“I will listen to you when we disagree.”

Tell that to those pushing the Fairness Doctrine, or those stifling debate with anybody that criticizes him. Oh wait, it is him doing that.

“Unity over division…”

He does not mean it. His entire career has been divisive.

Yes, this guy is a rock star. He is a fabulous politician. Yet that is all he is. He is a celebrity. He is Barack Hannah Montana Obama. He is the American Idol, nothing more, nothing less.

Again, I honestly expected him to offer something tangible.

There is no there there.

I then tuned in to see John McCain on Larry King. I was expecting zero substance whatsoever. Larry King has never asked a tough question in his life. He warmly shook the hand of terrorist Armageddonijad of Iran, and asked him about his family.

If Larry asked McCain tough questions, then we would finally have the best evidence of media bias in existence. If the interview was a softball interview, it would be about time that McCain received such treatment. Ellen Degeneres asked Obama to dance, and the imbeciles at “The View” fawned over Obama and lacerated McCain. So either way McCain going on Larry King was a win.

This was a substantive discussion. Not because of Larry King mind you, but because of John McCain.

He understands that the way to reduce the deficit is with growth. Growing the economy is the key. Anybody who took Economics 101 understands this. That exempts Obama. Taxing businesses until they leave is not the answer.

When Larry brought up Obama’s “steady hand of leadership,” McCain stated he “never saw him display it.”

McCain was self effacing about a debate he fared poorly in that took place in South Carolina in 2000. He has a self deprecating nature that Obama does not possess.

Larry King discussed actual policy with McCain. Obama will not do this because he does not like answering questions.

After the McCain interview, a panel of “experts” was asked to comment on Obama’s infomercial. Gunga Dan Rather, a disgraced former partisan hack masquerading as a journalist, was on the panel. Naturally, he found the infomercial magnificent. The Los Angeles Times could not be reached for a comment because they were busy suppressing evidence in the Rasheed Khalidi matter.

I will not spend much time on this story because Obama will simply lie, and the people who support him will believe him or not care. In short, Rasheed Khalidi is an anti-Semite with terrorist ties. He is a Professor at Columbia, which in itself should be evidence enough. Then again, for those who do not believe Columbia is a campus of hatred, the key issue is that the LA Times has a videotape of Obama and Khalidi socializing together. Bill Ayers may be on the tape as well. It is from 2003. The LA Times claims it cannot release the tape due to journalistic ethics, as if that has existed at that paper this century.

If the tape exonerated Obama, it would be all over the internet. John McCain and Sarah Palin need to turn up the heat. We cannot have a repeat of the Clinton years where lies go unchallenged. Barack Obama is not an anti-Semite, but he sure hangs around with too many people who are. His judgment and character are reflective of a man with no experience on anything that matters.

Obama also wants to declare his possible election as a national holiday. The Constitution already gives Americans 2 hours off of work to vote. Apparently Obama voters are slow, and need more time. Obama wants them to take the entire day off to vote for him. Not since the 400,000 Man March (million for those that exaggerate support) when men were told to take the day off and leave their families at home to attend a rally about personal responsibility have I been so inspired. Not since Spike Lee wanted Americans to get better educated by skipping school and attending one of his movies have I felt something was so meaningful.

Forget being productive and contributing to the economy. By voting for Obama, everything will magically be ok, except for the 90% of us that are hurt by his policies when the rich pass the pain onto us.

We get the leader we deserve, and I will respect the will of the voters. I still maintain that we cannot let the children run the house. We need adults in charge, and John McCain is an adult.

We are in a war of civilization vs barbarism. John McCain is a warrior.

Most importantly, John McCain can be trusted. He does not shove people under the bus when they become liabilities. He stays with them in foxholes and refuses to come home without his fellow men and his honor intact.

Honor…integrity…trust…I support John McCain.


17 Responses to “Larry King, John McCain, Rasheed Khalidi, and the Barack Obama Shamwow Infomercial”

  1. Pandora says:

    Hey, Eric. . . . it’s early in the morning. I took my daughter to school, noticed that the car was nearly out of gas; have a splitting headache and am going through menopause. My general health isn’t great but I’m alive. I had cancer when I was 17. The cats left a couple of hairballs for me to clean up. My garage door opener is broken, resulting in a permanently-opened garage. There is a raccoon living underneath my fireplace. My estranged husband on the other side of the world communicates only with our daughters. My sister doesn’t have a car, health insurance or a job. My mother passed away in May, leaving her house to my sister and I, cutting out our five siblings. We have to keep up the taxes for a ramshackle house that my father and grandfather built in 1940. The house never had a mortgage (what was that?) but we still have to pay the taxes for the land. No one owns anything outright. We are supposed to “own” this house in January. I’m thrilled. Unless we sell it, we have to pay taxes for the rest of our lives for something that was paid for many years ago. Does that make sense? Why do we have to pay the government, whether it’s the federal or state government, taxes on a house that’s literally falling apart? For the land that it occupies. The land is worth $$$$$. But we don’t own the land either. So how can we sell something that we truly never really own?

    Sorry to get carried away. Life is still worth living. I read your article—you are angry and I don’t blame you. I saw the last five minutes of that Obamathon and was so not impressed that I was relieved to have missed the first twenty-five minutes. The blind in this country to do not wish to see what this man is about. Not only does he have associations with radicals, including Islamists, but he lies all the time. Read and you will find out so much about Obama and his shady ties. And I agree with you, John McCain should have shoved away the rules and got funded from whatever sources he could. The problem with John McCain is that he is too nice, too honest, to be a real politician. That’s why he really didn’t fit in with Washington, why he considers himself a maverick. That’s not saying that the guy is perfect, that he’s never done anything wrong, but he doesn’t hide things from the public, things that he knows would be detrimental to his presidency. I never wanted to get so involved in politics but somehow I have been influenced by my late father who was a very loyal American, a WWII veteran and very fiercely right-wing (not radical, mind you.) Just wanted liberty and freedom and justice for all. A hard-working blue-collar worker with a great attitude to life, happy to work for his living, never complaining. He passed away in 1992, and thankfully too, because he would hate to see what is happening to this country. My sister said that we will get the president that we deserve, as you said also. I’m afraid that if Obama wins then that means we (the collective) get this guy as our Fearless Leader, that the majority of people in this country have been mesmerized by his rhetoric and repetitious speeches. He didn’t even have to swing a bright, shiny object in front of our faces, “we” fell for him hook, line and sinker. But I must separate myself from the crowd. Although I lean toward Republican, truly I am more of an Independent. That doesn’t mean that I am wishy-washy, I just would rather not associate myself with any formal organized party, as I don’t associate myself with any organized religion.

    The traumatic times haven’t even begun but they will and we had better be prepared. Our country is slowly being squeezed by liberals who wish to see a socialistic society where everyone is equal, except the ones in power. Shades of “Animal Farm”. I have seen this first hand in Russia, the left-over remnants of Communism, the horrid little apartments that the people lived in, as opposed to the great mansions where the leaders lived. That was only an outward manifestation of this ideology; the true horrors of it are written in stone. Although my parents never accumulated much wealth, they really didn’t care, as long as we had a roof over our heads, plenty of food and clothes for their seven children. My very wealthy friends accepted me as I was, and I them. I never felt envy for their life-styles, just accepted that they had money and we didn’t. Period. There will always be an imbalance of poverty and affluence in the world, this country no different, but if a socialist gets into power, then we are in for a rough ride on the rocky road.

    Keep up the good words, I enjoy your thoughts.

  2. Micky 2 says:

    When I heard about this I could only think of that movie “The Ring”
    If you stare at the “O” on the screen too long, shortly after that you will get a phone call from an Obamanite telling you that you have 6 days to live if you dont check off the Bama box in five days.
    Mass hypnosis.
    People will be walking the streets like the living dead, asking for change until the 4th.
    I didnt watch it only because I was afraid that there would be subliminal messages woven into it and I wouldnt wake up til the fifth, only to find out I’d voted for him.

    Anyway, I knew it would be more of the same.
    I was right, everyone tells me he had nothing new to say.

  3. Liberty Card says:

    Good morning Eric.

    I just wish we could get this info into the heads of the hero worshippers who only see the black man speaking platitudes. I have a co-worker, college educated, works in a capitalistic industry (auto sales), claims to be conservative. This guy brags on Obama’s oratory skills. Bashes Bush, McCain (yesterday he said guess who McCain called his secret weapon in Fla? Jebb Bush! Can you believe how stupid that is?), the Republicans, claims Republican anti-regulation and tax cuts are responsible for the crash.
    When people like him say things like that, I fear for our country.

  4. sooshisoo says:

    “a “Sham wow” commercial ”

    And here I thought I was the only who’d like to wrap that Sham wow around the guy’s neck, just to never have to see another Sham wow commercial.

    I watched as much of that Transmission from Mount Olympus as I could stomach before changing it. Substance vs. style, yes, but also – to me – pro-American vs. anti-American. I do not like Obama’s apologetic, negative, “you should be ashamed of your country” attitude.

    My country isn’t perfect and there’s always room for improvement, as with any country, but I refuse to be ashamed to be an American. When I listen to him speak, I hear alot of “change”, but I rarely hear him say anything good about this country without qualifying it with a negative. He’s the man behind the curtain, wailing of doom, gloom and victimhood.

    I see in the news this morning that Iran is threatening the US with suicide-bomber attacks and have reiterated their hatred of the US. And the first thing that comes to mind is Obama’s willingness to meet without preconditions. He says, “that’s not what I meant”, but it’s clearly stated on his own website – “Diplomacy: Obama supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions.” I do not feel safe with the thought of that inexperienced, naive man at the helm.

    As for Obama rolling in money, Team Obama deliberately turned off the systems that would have guarded against the kind of fraudulent donations that have accrued millions to their coffers. “Ooops, sorry. We’ll deal with it after the fact”.

    There is nothing “unifying” about Obama. Due to his repeated use of race-baiting and his allowance of his party members to label everyone a “racist” for every little criticism of him, he’s set race relations back in this country. He’s divided, but he hasn’t conquered. People are very angry and not likely to forget any time soon.

    I like McCain. I enjoyed hearing him in the first debate admitting that he was wrong about something. I’ve never heard Obama admit when he was wrong. He can’t do it. Mccain loves this country, and still has pride in it despite it’s wrong turns. Obama loves himself and his ideaology.

    Night and day, and no comparison between character. McCain wins hands down.

  5. pobaldy says:

    eric, i wouldn’t want to be in your position. what do you do — say nothing? is empty space preferable to exhibiting your weakness. is there a third way that genuinely occupies itself writing about decent policies no matter who is president.

    i see that conservatives simply want to keep “your” money (or identify yourselves with those in the powerful position of having enough to really matter), however ignorant of the concentration of people, the infrastructure/capital, workers AND consumers that are required for wealth-BUILDING. (malthus points out with diminishing returns.) (studies show that the truly wealthy find cheaper job markets to exploit and blow their money on extravagance — among a transient labor force — contributing brain drain and a zero net to the economy.)

    so, when your best-case doctrine fails from abuse, losing the ideological war is not enough, you make yourself look worse and effectively hand over the booty, probably sinking the notion for longer. i simply cannot believe that more of you are not honest with yourselves, and voting for, you know, obama. (i’m far more serious than i am asking you to be, and will vote mckinney.) but, it appears, more of you are — karma? taking stock? — realizing that many conservatives positions don’t sit quite right. and more than an embrace of obama this is a rejection of conservative church, if not religion.

    you are poorly misunderstanding the legitimate role of government. you effective soup-up the military, with its historic excesses in political propaganda either/or as a proxy for business, as a legitimate role of government (maybe for collecting taxes too and administering justice that is usually also paid-for), and limit all other concerns about the collective, to the detriment of funding other, unorthodox, populist political concerns. and i’m being polite. if protection of the state is a reality of life that we must all bear, and fund, why does not the welfare of your country matter as an incidence of our economic system, which, far from perfect, may only be the best. failing some people, the government has a legitimate role in providing for values (including tax policy).

    your “honorable” “war hero” has little record outside of campaign finance, an easy position given his family and business connections, and one position that he might want to forget given that he is seen as less popular than obama in the country, even among his own party whose disregard for him now is only outsized by their disregard for him before — in his maverick season — and war, which let’s just say that he is given a pass.

    obama has earned his props in the community, and, in my reckoning, deserves far more props. you don’t get props for legacy preferences, and countenancing your imprisonment, by the same people that framed jessica lynch, in order to make good to mummy and daddy.

    obama is regrettably all letter and no spirit in his use of fund raising. mccain elected to go the other route because, early on, he was in a no-win situtation, unlikely to raise equal money. obama’s funds also are often earmarked from individuals when it is obvious that they are from companies. the practice is rampant in businesses and unions. a lettered politician would be aware of obama’s potential strategy, and would make plans accordingly. i disagree about the role of corporate boards in politics until the country is ready to apportion the corporations with electoral votes.

    substance versus style might be another snl skit that parodies mccain’s habit of switching proposals after a doa assessment of the economy, wealth, and bush (that was meant to appeal to the gop) — he has self-stultifyingly distinguished himself.

    dems break rules is the next passage, and you want to embolden repubs to. hero-worship is apparently clouding your recollection of the reagan and bush administrations. central america, the election frauds of 2000 and ’04 demonstrate a lust for prerogatives that were never put before the people or the country. i never believe anymore what group a says about group b. repubs are factually guilty of each issue that they accuse dems of illegality.

    studies show that young children won’t be getting the gist of the racial doll test until they are in grade school. by revoking obama’s racial experience, are you telling us something about yourself; or would you have an initial response to the studies? can i revoke your jewish, or the 30/70 of jews who according to a recent poll still don’t support obama, or your male identity? if you hadn’t finally come out and claimed that his race allows for him to pass the means test i would have held my tongue. find any mistakes: if you get in to schools because of your legacy, finish at the bottom of your class, go to war and get shot down because of bad airmanship, marry and domicile where it is propitious it is well-earned and honored?

    i am voting for a strong black leader — a woman named cynthia mckinney.
    black for black’s worth is no different than white for white’s worth though. and i am not familiar with the time for a black president? i suppose sowell and steele may galvanize you because of their positions — ideological standouts among whom, would you say? but i know that you cannot tell me that obama’s blackness is the motivating factor, sort-of this generations support of civil rights. on the basis of what, my friend. could it be all the disenfranchisement, lying about wars, damn near 30 years of gilded greed that turned the people on its leaders that will give rise to a minority position? am i taking your position too far to its logical extent?

    ironically, blackness is quintessentially american, and most people have “black” character-traits, or traits that are keenly americans or human, not at all dissimilar. lastly, i don’t know what your intuition is telling you about this one, but sharpton, jackson et al were politically and socially too black, or the country felt that to allow them as well as affirmative action was too much, leaving us with the sad fact that many won’t vote for obama because of his social blackness also.

    i am fuzzy on how it is technically possible for acorn to force banks to make loans, but say it’s so: how is that different, or even notable from, the lobbyists that influence government policies faster than voters? add evidence to acorn, if you don’t mind?

    ideological bigotry exists on the right, as evidenced by the snl skit. granted, bush hasn’t had the opportunity to kill your father, still the many dead fathers, mothers and children under his charge sicken my stomach. it’s true that i have a weak stomach, and typically why i argue policy.

    the issue of making matters worse is when you are at your worse, as if you forget iraq, the economy, the budget, entitlement cuts, trickle down economics we are upside down. a sharp person like yourself should be able to understand that when obama says “usher in a new era of responsibility” that he means re-enaging government oversight, poltical leadership and the old pump-priming that has has historically been called on to rescue our flailing nation. his web page will point you to specifics.

    what evidence do you have that eric schmidt, or google, alters search results to favor left-wing politics? this tactic bears a resemblance to mccain’s guilt by association campaign strategy.

    eric, this started out as fun, but became tedious. circling back to my main point, as you exceedingly hide under false appearances, it makes reading your opinion comparable to reading amgen. your snide at the “million man march” was worth a thousand words, and your readers are supposed to get it. more time to vote is a problem, although voting precincts aren’t prepared for long lines, etc. early voting is already taking upwards of three hours in some places. i think you meant to write “Obama also wants to declare (t)his possible election as a national holiday,” there by giving his intention a different meaning, which he would probably support for all future elections, realizing there is not enough time to act in this election.

    good luck down the road. i’ll be back for policy discussions, and i’m sure some discussion over this one.

  6. Micky 2 says:

    “i see that conservatives simply want to keep “your” money (or identify yourselves with those in the powerful position of having enough to really matter”

    Amazing how some people feel they are to dictate what is a worthy amount to be protective of and what isnt.

    What I have matters to me and I understand the theory of relativity.
    I am not rich, but I’m a wealthy man in that that I own what I own , be it a bag of M&Ms or a majority in M&M/Mars shares.

    Cynthia McKinney ?

    All I can say is I hope you’re not white if she ever has any power.

  7. Looks like I’m not so alone around here anymore.

    I notice you mentioned:

    “Most importantly, John McCain can be trusted. He does not shove people under the bus when they become liabilities. He stays with them in foxholes and refuses to come home without his fellow men and his honor intact.”

    With the exceptions, of course, of his first wife, John Hagee, Bill Cunningham, his old friend Rick Davis, 50 of his campaign staffers (to be relplaced by the same bunch that smeared him in ’00), and so forth.

    Almost everything you said about Obama could be said about McCain. Partisans are such patsies.


  8. Oh, and how’s that deal with Chalabi and the Iraqui giv’t regarding Israel working out? Looks like your hero Bush has been paling around with “terrorists” himself, huh?

    Man, you cons are sooooooooooooooo naive.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    Cheap and unimaginative shot Jersey.
    McCain took full responsability for the deal with his ex, gave her just about the whole farm, was left with nothing more than a used car and an apt.
    Set her up for life and they still get along very well.

    Do think you will ever see Obama standing next to Wright or Ayers again ?
    As far his 00 staffers goes, fugure it out for yourself. couldnt be all that bad if they returned now, could it ?
    Can you blame him on Hagee ? The guy is a little steep in the zealot dept, at least for me he is.
    Have you ever had a relationship that was fine to start with ? And as time went on you discoverd certain attributes that change your direction.
    I had a lovely girldriend once for about a year until one night in the sack she wanted me to put on necklaces and makeup.
    SEE YA !!!

    The problem with Obama is that in all these cases he tried to minimze the relationships first by saying he didnt know after twenty years, just a guy in my hood.
    Onced he realized what public opinion was he expediently changed his tune.
    His campaign reminds me of a perp being interogated, every round of questioning we find out something new.
    That pattern is indicative of nothing more than a liar.

    Cons are naive ?
    Yea, lets sit down with our enemies and no pre conditions.
    The sky is falling because of gerbil warming(this winter they say is already going to be one of the longest) and the whole world will embrace each other one day and we can rehabiltate evil.
    To top it off you guys seem to think that hard working Americans will settle for a 500/1000 dollar tax break every year instead of growth opportunity for small business.
    FOOLS !!!!
    Obamas tax cut for the middle class single person will come out to about 1.40 a day in one fiscal year.
    Obama scammed you guys like a bunch of sheltered mamas boys and you all sold your vote for a measly couple of dollars.
    Thats if you get it at all because you see, if you have been ppaying attention his definition of “rich” has gone from a million to 500,000 to 250,000 to 200,000, and now, thanks to Biden, its 150,000.
    I see a pattern, dont you ?
    Or are you too naive to accept the fact that this guys is just setting you all up ?
    Do you think total control of the house/senate/executive will be any easier on your wallet ?????
    I usually dont do LOLs, but hey, here goes, I “ROTFLMFAO” buddy if you think you’re gonna get a dime outta this guy
    Or maybe its pride ?
    Earlier you were contemplating McCain and now wont return to a McCain vote out of sheer embarassment at the recent discoveries surrounding Obama ?
    With or without McCain raising any of the issues against Obama, which of course will have a bias spin, you still have to pause for concern at the huge difference in who these two men have surrounded themselves with.

    No doubt, its like night and day

  10. Micky, he cheated on his crippled wife with a debutante and then gave his wife a sweet deal when it became clear that he would from then on be filthy rich. But, like Bush’s education or service record, when the truth doesn’t suit you guys, you just ignore it. As goes the ol’ Simon and Garfunkel song, “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

    I don’t really care about any of this tripe, myself. Eric does, so I pointed out that, if he is going to care about this nonsense, then he ought to look inside his own glass house.

    Personally, I think it’s all petty stupidity.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    Say what you want about any process McCain still did not D E N Y IT!!!!

    That my friend is the crux of the issue here. Not how he transitioned from one woman to the other.

    “a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

    And yet you still ignore the list of of Obamas more than questionable activities.
    And by the way, Cindy and John McCain have a pre nup agreement, he is not filthy rich because of her, they are two seperate finacial entities, and all payments to his ex were his alone.
    So, toss that crap in the can, nice try.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, once again, all you got is your opinion and some unsubstantial points that were easely chopped up and spit out by real fact.

    Whats next ?
    How you gonna end this ?
    Are you gonna prove your point that Obama is not a fair weather(underground) friend ?, or attack my intelligence or sanity cuz you have no other angle ?

  12. Give it a rest. McCain’s denied plenty of things he did. From votes to statements to actions. All that’s just tripe anyway, though.

    This whole Obama-bogeyman nonsense is for children. Grow up.


  13. alfinoz says:

    A simple gentlemans agreement that was broken by Obama illustrates the man and his morals. If the man can’t keep his word then he commands no respect. On questions of his dodgy associations, this one (John McCain’s term of endearment, not mine) prevaricates with alacrity. Only saw him in passing, or just a guy that lives near me, translates in truth to an intimate relationship of parties, baby sitting and who knows what else. I can understand a man having a rogue or two as friends, but his friends are not in that category. Evil people with evil intentions are on his list of social friends , and his children mix with this society, and one wonders what manner of conversations they overhear.
    I would place Obama in the Guiness Book of Records for attending Rev Wright’s hate shack for 20 years and not hearing anything derogatory against white folks or America.
    Thats about as believable as Pelosi having all her faculties.
    To entrust this Democratic excuse for a candidate with the Office of Commander in Chief will be the biggest mistake in America’s History.

  14. infidel308 says:

    Eric, Micky2, Eagle6, Jersey-

    I will be back in about 4 1/2 months from the sandbox. Until then, take care and good luck with all that you do.

  15. Micky 2 says:

    God bless you infidel , and be safe. :-)


    Jersey, you’re either really thick and dont get it , or just playing kiddy games again.

    The point is that Obama always has three or four parts to every explanation and plan.
    I know, they guy is a flim flam man and you just cant admit it.
    A year ago, 6 months ago it was a different story, now he has a stack of questions that have not been answerd in all that time.
    Believe it or not, people want to know, of course not guys like you, what for ?
    You’re the perfect example of wanting to dismiss any question or fear on the right has as stupid or insane.
    Obama has associated with more questionable radical characters than McCain. Plain and simple fact whether you like it or not, its been proven.

    An article on the front of my AOL page gives us a good idea of whats going on here,
    The article stresses and headlines how people are worried that the MSM is not investigating concerns people have about the candidates, 20 to 1 in Obamas case.
    But this article itself is an example of inaccuracy and poor reporting of the facts. It goes on to say that the Annenberg foundation is a non partisan organization.

    “And the e-mails keep coming in, under headings such as: “Please research this;” “A tip for you,” and “WHY ISN’T POLITICO COVERING THIS STORY???”
    Obama is the subject of a far greater volume of these e-mails — as many as 20-to-1 concern the Democratic nominee, said Brooks Jackson, the director of the nonpartisan Annenberg Political Fact Check.”

    Do you see the irony ?
    They are reporting how the media is not doing its job, when they themselves are guilty of the same
    Factcheck is indeed supported and funded by left wing establishments, it is not non partisan by any means.
    If you do read the article the questions against Obama are the ones that most people dont care about anyway and know its BS. Most dont care about his B cert. or think that hes a muslim. But they do want to know about Ayers, Khalidi and whats on the LA times tape.
    So guess what ?
    The article does not even go to approach these topics only to list the more ridiculous ones havnt been proven or are just plain silly.
    Great schmucks, the one flaw we see in the MSM, that you’re reporting, is exactly what you’re doing.
    They do not list Ayers, Wright, Khalidi, or the LA times tape as fallacious rumor based gossip, nor do they even care to approach it.
    Because they can be proven.

    So you see Jersey, no matter how much you demean peoples concerns as a means to somehow elevate yourself to some ficticious plane of reality you’re simply wrong.
    Big time liar and more questionable relationships than most of us realistic mature adults care for ?
    Yup !

    Sure, no doubt McCain has his problems, but not in the same category at all as Obamas, you do see the difference dont you ?
    Or will you even admitt that Obama is basically way more of a radical magnet than McCain ever was or could be ?

    Hes hung with radicals, terrorists, socialists, praised Marxist literature and had socialist Marxist mentors and a pastor for twenty years that hates whites and hangs with Farrakhan.

    Please, when you tell me to grow up it just makes your arguement weak in that you can only attribute what you dont agree with to something personal on my behalf.

    You have nothing but the opinion that I am somehow immature.

    Good luck with that if you ever have to convince anyone of your point.
    They will want substantial info if you’re to be taken seriously and not just chalking it up to “you know better, no matter what the facts”

    That my man, makes you look like the childish lunatic.

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