Events, Announcements, and Link Love

This Sunday will be dedicated to events, announcements, and link love.

Most importantly, I wish a day of peace and happiness for those celebrating Passover and Easter.

Sunday, April 12th–This is the deadline for those who wish to register at Planet Social Sports to play in various leagues. I will be playing touch football, and may play kickball and softball as well. After the games, we all get together at the bar to eat and drink. This happens in several cities. Hazen Wilson runs the leagues.

Monday, April 13th–Larry Greenfield of the Claremont Institute will be moderating a foreign policy panel at the Luxe Hotel in Brentwood in Los Angeles. It should be a very stimulating discussion.

Tuesday, April 14th–From 4pm to 6pm PST, the NFL 2009 Schedule will be released. Memorize it.

Tuesday, April 14th–I will be a radio guest of Frank and Shane of Political Vindication at 7pm PST. I will be on for about an hour.

Wednesday, April 15th–Get your taxes done, and then enjoy tea parties. They are everywhere.

Below is an extensive Tea Party Guide.

The South Bay Tea Party at Dockweiler Beach will feature Tammy Bruce.

Long Beach Tea Party Info:

Donald Douglas has his thoughts on the tea party revolt.

Thursday, April 16th–I will be a radio guest of CJ at Soldier’s Perspective at 5:30pm PST. I will be on for about 15 minutes.

Friday, April 17th–Operation Gratitude Comedy Night. Operation Gratitude¬† sends care packages to the troops.

Saturday, April 18th–My friend Chad at the Grizzly Groundswell is receiving a prestigious blogging award in Chicago. He lives in Minnesota, and is a great source of info regarding the senate race there.

Sunday, April 19th–I will be a radio guest of Douglas Gibbs of Political Pistachio at 7pm. I will be on for about an hour.

Monday, April 20th–Matt Brooks, Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, will be speaking at the Sheraton Delfina Hotel in Santa Monica.

Tuesday April 21st–Evan Sayet is doing his monthly Right to Laugh night of politically conservative comedy at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

Saturday, April 25th and Sunday, April 26th–NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Wednesday, May 6th–Andrew Breitbart will be speaking in Los Angeles to the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Andrew Breitbart runs the site Big Hollywood.

I have just been accepted by Mr. Breitbart to contribute to his site. I am very pleased about this, and look forward to thanking him personally on May 6th. I will be posting sporadically, not daily. I will still be posting here daily. On Big Hollywood, I will only be writing entertainment related columns, although there will of course be a political angle.

In Mid-May, ata¬† date to be determined, I will be speaking to the Reseda-Tarzana Federated Republican Women’s Club. They have a monthly luncheon.

Thursday, May 28–I will be speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition Reno chapter in Reno, Nevada, at 7pm, at the Atlantis Casino.

That concludes my announcements and events, but link love is now in order.

Nik Mouser has a great site, and a friend of his has a new book

For medical blogging, Edwin Leap offers insight.

Another Jewish Republican blogger has befriended the Tygrrrr Express. Check out Kenneth Davenport.

The Tennessee Republican blogosphere has been very supportive of me. I will be doing a barnstorming tour of the state, most likely in October. For anything connected to Tennessee politics, check out the Blue Collar Muse.

Debbie Lee has a great site dedicated to our best.

For Mark Levin fans, this link was brought to my attention.

Nathan Martin is part of the Ohio chapter of Vets For Freedom. He also has his own important projects going on.

Gary Graham is one of the many people at Big Hollywood that befriended me. In addition, he wrote a phenomenal column on the right to bear arms. He brilliantly breaks down the Second Amendment.

For those looking to find a meal that fits the guidelines of being Kosher for Passover, check out your local Chabad or Hillel House.

The food at UCLA Hillel is especially tasty for those in Los Angeles.

My friend ran for Congress as a Libertarian. I just found out today. She would have made one hot Congresswoman.

Enough announcements. Enjoy the holidays. Then go buy my book. My home page has the link.


4 Responses to “Events, Announcements, and Link Love”

  1. Ah, the Tea Baggers! I almost forgot. I’ve signed up to report on their activities if they happen to be in my area. I’ll let you know if I go and what I see and hear if I do. I notice there’s not many of them out there, all I’ve seen thus far are older white folks, the nucleus of the bunch – Tax Day Tea Party – has only raised 48K and that’s with a ton of support from rightwing pundits and Fox “News,” and they don’t seem to have a coherent message. I think the Fox “News” crowd was hoping to start something up here and miserably failed. Obama, afterall, has signed a massive tax cut for the middle and working class. The only people who will see their taxes go up, slighty, are those who have earnings over 250K after itemizations, deductions, etc. So really, only the wealthy6 will be paying a little more. As for “small business owners,” whom the GOP claim to care so much about (they must care alittle, priovding them with all that cheap “illegal” labor and all!), and estimated 95% will see no increase in taxes, and that number may be a little low, considering how many small businesses we all know are out there who lie about their earnings.

    Anyways… Hopefully I’ll get to attend one of these shindigs and see what these people are fussing about. It should be a lark.


  2. LB Tea Party Is On…

    The Police have given me the okay to have our Tea Party at Bixby Park (see map here), Long Beach, California, so it is a go! So far I have a total of 20-30 people who are attending at noon until we leave on April 15, 2009, but I am looking forward to…..

  3. Laree says:

    The Age of Somalian Pirates is in line with the median age in the country of Somalia 17 years old, the life expectancy is 47 years old for males, that means a 16 year old would be a full grown man in their culture-country – Not the same as in Western culture. So why is our Media using a Western measuring stick for non Western people? Slow, Ignorant, Lazy….

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