Great Americans

Today is a Sunday dedicated to some great Americans and more. Great Americans can be found anywhere and everywhere.

I will keep it simple today and just say that people can tell their stories  better than I can. Those stories are below.

For those that still do not know the truth regarding Israel, I recommend that you get your Israel news first hand from the Israpundit.

A powerful movie is coming out that pays homage to who and what safeguards our liberty. The movie is called “Forgotten Heroes.” Always remember.

The Slavblog has an interesting take on our current leader.

My friend Larry Greenfield is a fellow at the Claremont Institute. He now does weekly podcasts, including one with Conservative comedian Evan Sayet, also a friend of mine.

The Townhall blog Outside of the Box has a full throttled trilogy defending President George W. Bush. Read every single word and commit it to memory.

Lastly, many of the truest and bravest heroes are unsung. Well no more. We shall give them their due loudly and proudly. They are the best of the best. This website is dedicated to Great Americans.

God Bless Great Americans everywhere, and God Bless America.


6 Responses to “Great Americans”

  1. Toma says:

    No Jers it is not human nature to want to rule the world. But it is human nature to want to defend oneself. You apparently have never been in a situation where self defense or protection of friend was necessary. There is soooo much you do not understand.

    Lets celebrate great Americans shall we?


  2. Wow, Toma! This is the first time I’ve seen a commentary run into another post!

    Toma, one should never assume what another man’s been through. I’ve been around much more than you seem to think. I’ve faced serious dangers in my time and have the scars to prove it. I understand the survival instinct. But there’s such a thing as taking it too far, like that lunatic did when he shot those three cops the other day. There’s no reason for us to be as frightened as we are. There’s no reason for us to have the ridiculous military we have today. In fact, as our Founders knew, it’s just plain self-destructive.

    As for today’s post… I don’t know if a blog with the header “THERE IS NO DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION” is getting “your Israel news first hand,” unless you mean getting “your extreme rightwing bloodthirsty Israel news first hand.”

    And that nonsense from slavblog about Obama’s budget busting strikes me as particularly hypocritical. I’m still waiting to hear the outrage from the right about the how the GOP doubled the national debt in 8 years, left the housing and financial sectors in tatters, did nothing to improve our standing in the world, left us with two unfinished wars, etc – all I hear is the outrage at cleaning up the mess the GOP left behind – and that’s not just hypocritical – it’s just downright sleazy.


  3. Oh, and there’s many more “great Americans” out there than just in the military. Worship of the military is just jingoistic, flag-waving, phony patriotism. It’s all well and fine to acknowedge and celebrate their accomplishments and sacrifice, but they’re far from the only ones who should be celebrated, and they’re celebrated plenty enough already.


  4. Dav Lev says:

    History will show that George Bush was one of our greatest Presidents., not, as the liberals say, worst.

    He freed 50m Muslims folks, and continued the fight to protect
    their fledgling democracy. That fight continues to this day.

    We now learn that our current President will have the US join
    a human rights committee at the United Nations, a committee whose
    members are made up of dictatorships, and Arab countries which
    cannot fathom a group of Zionists (Israel) defending their homeland
    and families. It’s just too much for them. They want we Jews to
    march into gas chambers, similar to WW2.

    A great American not mentioned is John Bolton, former Ambassador
    to the UN who warned US not to make deals with No. Korea.

    Well, who is having the last laugh now?

    I ask, when will No. Korea successfully test a 3 stage rocket, loaded with
    a nuke..aimed at Los Angeles?

    But a little country like Israel also has it’s heros. It’s P.M., Bibi
    Netanyahu ( my kind of Jew-where were they when Germany was
    murdering 1.5m Jewish children?), is throwing roadblocks into the
    two state solution..wherein Jew and Arab will break pita bread together,
    love one another, share a Passove Seder? You see he doesn’t want
    another Holocaust, the State returning to the 67 borders (when there
    were no settlements). In fact, to the Arabs, ALL of Israel is one big

    John Bolton, my kind of patriot. Why didn’t we listen to him before?
    Now, like Israel, we too will be facing the consequences of nuclear
    warfare..sooner than later.

    BTW, our great NATO friends will provide 5,000 maintenance men
    to help in Afghanistan. Amazing, these Europeans, they have forgotten
    that evil is to be fought, not accommodated. The EU has a GDP greater
    than ours..and 350 million people. Guess they just cannot afford
    to spend a few more Euros to protect US. Nice guys.

    I wonder now why my relatives fought in the Rhineland to defend

  5. Dan Lev, if the Human Rights committe is currently full of “dictatorships, and Arab countries,” wouldn’t you like to see the US get in there?

    And then you say, “A great American not mentioned is John Bolton, former Ambassador to the UN who warned US not to make deals with No. Korea.” Didn’t you know that it was during the Bush years that the North Koreans built up their nuclear capacty more than ever before?

    “Bibi Netanyahu ( my kind of Jew-where were they when Germany was
    murdering 1.5m Jewish children?)” Are you suggesting that the Holocaust would have been averted if only there were more Bibi Netanyahus around 70 years ago? What the $#@! kind of assertion is that?

    I think you’ve got your whole worldview bass-ackwards – and seriously misguided.


  6. AL says:

    Jersey, I’ve been working since I’ve been back, but I love it that things haven’t changed much… your point “There’s no reason for us to have the ridiculous military we have today. In fact, as our Founders knew, it’s just plain self-destructive.” is rather odd considering that one of the very few specific items our federal government IS supposed to do is to provide for the defense of our country. There’s specific language we can attribute to our forefathers…”provide” means give, or implement… “promote” means set the conditions for…and we’ve been doing a whole lot more “providing” for things we ought to instead be “promoting”…such as health and welfare…

    Our “ridiculous” army is ridiculously undermanned at present, considering the tasks at hand…i.e. the former administration left the incoming administration with two wars…one of which is right on schedule for victory, per the former CINC… so we can really only it have it one way…either the Army is too small to actually fight the wars we are in, or the Army is way too big, which means we don’t need to be in any wars…and if that were the case, the current CINC would have let us know… as it is, he’s following Bush Doctrine to the letter in Iraq and expanding operations in Afghanistan, and unbeknownst to most, also expanding operations in AFRICOM… say what??? More to follow on that one…where’s the oil?
    aka Eagle 6…

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