Killing Hollywood Pirates one by one

Piracy is out of control.

I am taking action. Visit Big Hollywood for the solution.


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  1. Laree says:

    Hey Eric Are You Going To Interview Kinky Friedman?

    Kinky Friedman commented on the populist awakening a couple of months ago on Imus in the Morning.

    Kinky Friedman is running in the Democrat Primaries for Governor of Texas.

    He thinks he can pull it out this time with both Independents and Democrats.

  2. There could be a backlash in Texas over the ridiculous rhetoric coming out of the likes of Rick Perry and Tom Delay.

    Very clever post from our good host, huh? This whole pirate thing was so stupid. The fact is that there always have and will always be high seas piracy. Ya’ just can’t patrol all the oceans. And if the ships arm themselves, the pirates will just arm themselves better. Truth is, piracy in general is actually down a little. I remember when it was really bad, back a few years ago (I was working in the container line biz) and there were priates all over the place – off Indonesia, the Horn, the Philippines – you name it. Lately though, many conservatives, having never once learned a lesson in their lives, have been blowharding for a “war on piracy.” Yeah right. Good luck with that.


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Obama should be brought up on charges for killing those three black teenagers.
    I mean, if we cant torture real enemies whats he doing killing innocent kids ?

  4. Have you been listening to Neil Boortz?


  5. Laree says:

    Are they teenagers? How would anyone know- do they know themselves? What does everyone think the civil record keeping is like in Somalia? I wrote about this also if the average life expectancy for a male in Somalia is 47 years old that’s the non pirate population GRIN what is maturity for a Somalian. Hint 12 year old girls get married in Africa, in fact a 10 year old in Yemen just filed for divorce from a much older man. Yemen borders Somalia. The average median age for a Somalian in 2008 was 17 years old so why be surprized at the age of the Pirates? And why are we overlaying Western Morals onto people who don’t share our Morals in the first place? Anyone have any idea how cheap life is in Africa? They have Khat and a short life expectancy. Pirating probably looks like a good risk for large gains. Qat Chewing, Highseas Piratin, Gun Slingin Thugs.

  6. Micky 2 says:

    My cynical side came up with that comment.
    Yea, documentaion in Somalia is proably for sale out of little kiosks on every street corner, you could probably get a Caliifornia drivers licsense saying you’re 21 for a couple bucks.
    I just figured with the attitude on the left that was something you’d expect to hear from them.
    Had Bush given the order to shoot we more than likely would of heard the moonbats railing on about this being why everyone hates us and its not their fault because of American corporate greed overflowing to their borders and how its another one of Bushs over reaction to what are simple people trying to feed their family and this could of been prevented if we’d bail out the entire country and bla bla bla .
    This craps been going on for a while. All this latest incident did was give Obama a chance at an issue he can call his own and use as some kind of focal point to excuse radical Islams behavior saying that its an example of how western intervention causes terrorism and international crime.
    Ita all bulls** because the money doesnt go those they say its going to and they dont steal the cargo (aid) for their citizens they say need it and if they do it gets sold on the black market.
    The reason its been getting worse is because of the ho hum attitudes we see thats its been going on for a while, “so what” prevails because its too hard to patrol the oceans.
    Well duh ! Dont patrol the oceans ! patrol the ships, give em guns. Theres only so much weaponry that will get them on board.
    Its a hell of a lot cheaper than the consequences
    Now the moron decides to let our enemies know just how far we’ll go with our interrogations.

  7. Micky,

    When Bush invaded Afghanistan, the vast majority of Americans supported him – and therefore probably most “liberals.” When Obama had that captain rescued, the vast majority of Americans supported him, including probably most conservatives. Your cynicism proves only one thing: what you guys called “Bush Hatred” is nothing more than a porjection of your own irrational hatred of the left – even if just the perceived “left.”


  8. Laree says:

    I don’t have any problem with Obama signing off on the order to take them out. Where did I state anything different? I don’t believe we make anything including “Pirates” or “Terrorist” I wouldn’t categorize them as Terrorist. It amount to high seas ship jacking. The world is a big place for some reason Liberals think the world revolves around American’s actions, and that is it in the totality. I got news, bears are going in the woods right now, and it has nothing to do with anything an American is doing anywhere. Poverty? Hardly they went Bush, and why wouldn’t they it’s human nature, when there is NO LAW. This behavior has been going on since we started walking upright…America has been around for how long? 200 some years and change yeah it’s all our fault.

  9. Micky 2 says:

    This is why I dont debate you anymore jersey.
    Because of totally unrealistic removed from earth statements like this;

    “what you guys called “Bush Hatred” is nothing more than a porjection of your own irrational hatred of the left – even if just the perceived “left.””

    Theres no doubt the left hates Bush, you have always been the PERFECT example and representative of that sentiment to the point where debating you is impossible for that one reason alone. You guys brought on your hatred for Bush by your own doing and its a prevalent force within the majority of the left that only a complete idiot would deny or not see. If you coulds pull your irrational hatred for the man outta yer rump we might actually one day have a productive conversation. For almost 2 yeasrs I had to listen too what a “complete and utter failure him and the whole administration were and theres not one thing they ever did right, hes an abject failure of the worst kind” and on and on and on.
    I’ve got a lot of work to do in the next 3 years and me and the rest of us on the right need to spend our time talking to those that are not so completely entrenched in hatred that they cant be reached.
    You are not a person of that caliber and that is why I no longer take you seriously and you have become irrelevant in my mission.
    Dont feel bad, I’ve made the same resolution concerning all you hateful irrational moonbats who cant see whats right for simple pride that wont allow you. I ignore you, all of you, if you want to keep filling your life with meaningless pi$$ing contests be my guest to be a part of the sector in our country that will have no one to b*tch at after its become plain to see what a failure Obama is so far and will be.
    Live the lies that I’m tired of hearing from you and proving to be lies. You all just sit there wringing your hands while your consciences are confronted, but if you guys can get certain things out of your sight, hide from the truth, thats all that matters, utopic life goes on merrily as always.
    Thats one reason why so many of you hate Bush, because Bush just laid it all out there. Obama will be loved by your type for his dishonest subterfuges that will allow your consciences to rest blissfully and ignorantly blanketed by your hate that he actually shares with you.

    Laree, I hope you realize that I was addressing the left in general ?

  10. Laree, I was not equating the pirates with terrorists and I was not referring to anything you said regarding Obama and his orders. I do not believe we “make” terrorists (let alone pirates), though we do make ourselves a convenient target for terrorists. I certainly am not going to get into a simplistic conversation about “fault.”

    Micky, the left, whatever they personally feel about Bush, don;t like what Bush did, believes, says. It’s one thing to just hate someone just because of a label, or color, or something like that. It’s entirely another matter to hate someone who is a lousy human being.

    As for your personal feelings, I think you’re just being a sore loser and taking it out on me. I never did that with you. You are irrationally personalizing and projecting your feelings on others. Is you you who irrationally “hates.” Not me.


  11. Laree says:


    I am not insulted I am not a Liberal or a Democrat. I am happy when the President of the U.S. acts like the Commander and Chief. I think it’s funny they -the left would have had a field day with George W Bush but it’s different you know when a Democrat behaves the exact same way. It’s called hypocrisy. If a Republican did it then he made a Mistake. If a Democrat does the exact same thing it is all about the circumstances. The honest ones tell you there is a lot of hypocrisy, they have this Machiavellian attitude that the hypocrisy is a by product of doing the right thing…I call it delusions of grandeur

    If Obama wants to go Pirate or Terrorist Hunting, I say Good hunting.

  12. Micky 2 says:

    I’ll make my point by saying you made my point once again.

    This is a lie, about your lying. Its disengenuous to say that you never did those things and you are a far worse person thatn you claim Bush to be for that simple fact. I can go back in the archives and find probably a 100 examples of you lying to me in the last two years by a number of ways. Either flat out blatant lies , misrepresentations, misquoting me, cherry picked quotes from sources, saying things about people that you cant prove.


    “I never did that with you. ”

    You insult the intelligence of even the most demure minds out there when you say that.
    Which is why I wont engage you on anything of any important relevance.

    “It’s entirely another matter to hate someone who is a lousy human being.”

    I can only hate someone who has directed their percieved shortcomings or intentions directly at me, like radical Islam or the guy who tries to sucker punch me for no reason.
    I cant hate people with your rationale who think that the GWOT is a sham and that 911 was Bushs fault. It would be like hating the mentally challenged.
    You can only judge what kind of human being someone is by actually knowing them closely as a human You’ve never been that close to the man and have only gotten to know him on the plane that the media and politics has allowed you. You only know him as a figure.
    The lead singer from BOW WOW WOW had me thinking she was a freak for years (good freak) One day I met her backstage and she turned out to be the nicest sweetest most charming woman I’ve ever met, besides my wife. You would never be able to tell by some of her music, lyrics, and how the press presented her. You have obviously missed this very important part of life that teaches us that contempt prior to investigation is one of the worst things we can do anyone including ourselves
    You dont know the intelligence Bush has access to, you dont know what positions hes had to battle with or what moral predicaments hes actually been in. Most of the time we can only judge these people by what weve seen them do and since we dont really know the facts we are no one to cast complete judgement on them to the point where we actually think we know them as humans because weve never really seen the human side of them.
    To dislike the man is one thing, but to run around accusing someone of something you cant prove is the kind of thing that makes you worse than anything you could accuse him of.
    Its called contempt prior to investigation and its the one thing so destructive in all societies past (and present) that our forefathers gave us legislation to prevent its consequences from ever taking hold of our country.
    People like you seek to destroy that and are the true “WITCH HUNTERS” !!!!
    You are reprehensible in the sense that you autocratically say that without evidence or proof that you know for fact what these humans are guilty of when the fact of the matter is that I dont know any more about them than you do, but instead “” I “” offer the benefit of the doubt BECAUSE HE IS HUMAN !!!!!!!!!!

    I do the same with Obama.
    I think Obama is a far worse president than Bush ever could of been but I dont hate the man because I really dont know exactly what motivated him in his life to be the way he is. I can only go by what hes done and is doing and even that I believe is not done out of stupidty or but actually out of naivety and educated innocence. hes educated, but not smart. I dont believe hes a hateful man but I do believe hes angry to the point he took advantage of the hateful sentiment on the left in order to win the election. Because so many of you had no idea who you were voting for you simply followed his charge that was always labeled “the previous administration”.

    Blinded by hate ! YEA YEA ! AS LONG AS ITS NOT BUSH YEA !

    Votes were not cast “FOR” Obama, they were cast out of “HATE” for Bush because those same people who voted out of hate for Bush are now seeing the fruits of their warped patriotism and beggining to come after him.
    He is losing his base that elected him on the premise of ousting Bush policies which he has instead embraced.
    You and your party are a party of hate. Hate that gets so out of proportion that it causes you to conflict yourselfs to hypocrisy and gets in the way of rational decision making.
    Even 911 troofers who think Bush blew up the towers voted for Obama out of hate for Bush knowing damn well that Obama did not share their asinine views
    At the tea parties across the nation , thousands of individual protests with thousands of people at each one there was not one record of any violence whatsoever. I doubt I could say that for any of the last 2 or 3 liberal protests never mind thousands.
    Since I announced to you a change in my relationship with you and liberals in general things out at the blogs have been much more productive with less of these immature pi$$ing contests that you love so to much to engage in that are full of unsubstantiated crap aznd lies that you insist are the truth with no verification whatsoever.
    I’ve been able to reach understandings and agreements on issues that you could never even approach, never mind discuss.
    many of us have agreed that we dont see eye to eye on many issues but do agree on the fact that his spending is insane and he has been proven to be untrustworty in a number of areas.
    Yea, they were all liberals and democrats and progressives but they dont lie and say things that are expected to be acknowledged as truth with nothing to prove it and then call me insane or demean my intelligence because I dont believe their opinion is fact.
    I ignore the ones that cant prove their points and maintain that Bush is an evil person. Just as much as I would expect them to ignore me if I expressed the same sentiments in the same manner for Obama
    That is why you’re history buddy.

    Have fun, bye.

  13. Micky 2 says:

    Yea Laree.
    They cant make up their minds if were a bunch of milquetoast protestors or a bunch of right wing nuts all packing RPGs.
    And then when Obama does what any president would of done over the pirates hes a flaming hero to the universe but had Bush done it the same people would of started with the war mongering crap.
    Our movement for the future will amount to nothing but in the past weve been one of the most formidable machines ever seen.


  14. Micky, you’re taking things to personally. If I saw my wife about to walk in front of a speeding train, I’d tell her to get out the way. I’m not bashing her decision to walk in front of it, but I’m certainly not going to say it was a smart decision. I watched the conservatives run this country into the ground right before my eyes and I saw it coming all the way. I, and lots of others, told people to get the heck out of the way of that train and now they’re complaining that we abused them over their decision to get run over. It is stupid. There’s no other way to put it. But that doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You just made a mistake.

    “I can only hate someone who has directed their percieved shortcomings or intentions directly at me…”

    Micky – he was the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! It was “directed” at ALL of us! Bush was a LOUSY president and there’s no two ways about it! When are you finally going to see what the vast majority of the population of the planet can see as plainly as the noses on each other’s faces??? Millions are unemployed, jobless, underemployed, broke, sick without healthcare and medicine, dying in stupid wars. The country is broke, the debt doubled for nothing, the progress of the nation in status. face it man – the GOP failed. Period. It’s time for you guys to think of new ways of doing things. The old ways don’t work anymore, if they ever even did. Given that I don’t think you’re stupid, and I don’t hate you, I can only think that you just can’t bring yourself to admit you were wrong, change your mind, and come to terms with these people that you trusted letting you and all the rest of us down so hard. It can’t be easy. If Obama turns out to be as horrid a president as Bush, I can only hope that I’d be able to face it. Of course, it would be a lot easier for me: I don’t think any of these guys are all that great, don’t expect all that much from them, and I certainly don’t trust the parties.

    And you seem to think that Obama was a protest vote, but he wasn’t. Obama is simply representative of a new era in America. He represents “hope” as opposed to fear, and hate, and war. He’s young, charasmatic, intelligent, thoughtful. The dumb, lowbrow bravado doesn’t play anymore. Neiother does the crooked failed economic “theories,” or arrogant abusive foreign policies. Obama represents a break with all of that. It’s a tall order, and one that he will probably never be able to live up to completely, but Obama did not win because of “Bush Hatred.” He won because he was the best choice and a new voice. It’s as simple as that.

    So, now you choose to retrench. You become only more intransigent, more walled off from differing thought and opinion, and you believe that will bring a better future? That’s not about hate? That’s not pathetic. It’s just sad.


  15. Micky 2 says:

    Why should I waste my time on one person whos beyond reason when the same amount of energy will produce 10 positive relationships with people who can actually get past the kind of crap that one person spews.
    You’re a liar, and I’ve proven it.
    I won because I came to the realization that if i’m going to help my country its best to ignore the ones like you.
    Stop trying to justify yourself and try to explain away your crap as if I’m some girl whos dumping you, its pathetic.
    It is what it is and you’re a liar that doesnt warrant the attention of honest people.

    You know you’re just a tool right ? An example of the worst of the worst this country has to deal with.

  16. Laree says:


    There are people who live so very far on the left that they can’t see people in the middle anymore. They think as that woman wrote in that article that Obama is a centrist. What color is the sky in her world? This country has been polarized by the fringe. There are a lot of people who live in the Middle. The problem no one wants to represent the middle because it doesn’t get ratings (so people don’t see themselves represented on TV in the discussions) It is true, the only show I watch on CNN is Lou Dobbs an Independent Populist- constantly speaking out for middle class. CNN is way down in ratings last week came in after MSNBC that I don’t ever turn on. Somehow Fox News found Average Americans Protesting to be Big Ratings. Imagine a media outlet actually mirroring American Society back on Americans, and not the Fringe who have taken over old media. The MSM has become a circus with clowns, they think that will drive ratings so average Americans tune out. The people they are trying to attract, don’t pay attention to Politics or Current Events they are busy voting on the next American Idol :)

  17. Micky, I am not a liar and if you can’t see that then you are one lousy judge of character. You haven’t “won” anything, if there was even anything to “won.” In fact, we all lost – lost our prosperity, our security, our opportunity. Conservatives, like you, lost the recent elections and lost them bad. Conservatism failed, as usual, and the people have now turned away from it. It will be years before people turn to the right again. A solid majority of people under 30 are now against conservatism. History shows that most of these people will continue to idenify themselves as they do now for the rest of their lives. If the younger voters, who were hit particularly hard by the failure of conservatism, continue to accrue for the Dems and the Left, the GOP may become a minority for generations. The Fortune 500 lost 85% of it’s value over the past year – it’s largest loss ever. No matter how you parse it, the GOP completely, totally, and utterly failed. You lost. You need to man up and admit it and try learning something for a change. You don’t know everything. No one does. The arrogance you display with “I won” is precisely what led to this disaster. You need to grow up and stop worryibg about “winning” and “losing” and start worrying about the future of this country that you say you love.

    Laree, Obama IS a centrist and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool listening to too much Fox News and AM (American Moron) Talk Radio. I am a Lefty, and I can tell you for certain that Obama is quite a ways to the Right of me.


  18. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, as you said, I’m not stupid.
    I know a liar when I see one.
    You’ve had many chances to change your description of your statments from asserting they are fact to saying it was your opinion. But you dont.
    If its your opinion that you think we were attacked because of George Bush thats fine. But to say its fact while never being able to prove it is lying.
    You could of come back and said that its just your opinion and you suspect it but in all situations like that you dont, or at least most of them.
    All you do is blow hot air and expect everyone to take your word for everything as you rarely have anything to back up the exagerations and charges you propell.

    Like this;
    ” lost the recent elections and lost them bad. Conservatism failed, as usual:

    You may think we lost bad but the fact is we only lost the popular vote by 6 to 8 %
    You could say we lost for a reason, or by a certain demographic that might make a seperate point but no, you say crap like that which is just not true. Especially when recent polls show that if the election were held today Obama would lose. I showed you those polls which were reputable but like everything else you revert to overblown disengenuous defenses

    “as usual” is another example of the crap I no longer choose to deal with.
    Yes , conservatism has failed before, but it is not “as usual”

    The fact is that republicans have won most presidential elections especially in the last 40 years so it does not fail “AS USUAL” because the usuality is actully the lefts trophy by statistical fact !

    Im moving on to where I can find more adult opinions that arent so childish and inflammatory. I dont want to argue with children anymore.
    There are a group of people in this country now that have moved past what you are and I plan to take full adantage of the population that chooses to see things for what they are instead the kinda crap you make up.

    You can reply all you want, I’ve already violated my own commitment to myself well enough as it is.
    You go ahaead and stand still in your life with what you got and I’ll come here and debate or discuss issues with people who are a little more honest and dont play so many GREASY games like you do.

    You’re a liar

  19. Laree says:

    Laree, Obama IS a centrist and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool listening to too much Fox News and AM (American Moron) Talk Radio. I am a Lefty, and I can tell you for certain that Obama is quite a ways to the Right of me.


    Name Calling And Making Proclamations Doesn’t Make Your Comments True. It just shows you’re rude and disrespectful. And Proving The Point When Liberals Can’t Win An Argument they change the Subject “Fox News and Talk Radio” that isn’t what the discussion was about. They call people names “Fool” and they try and make it personal. What you do isn’t even original. Next you reply it is of no consequence, that is how predictable you are, and in that sense you are right.

    What you type here is of absolutely no consequence and no one has to read it.

  20. Micky, it’s not me who’s lying…

    “If its your opinion that you think we were attacked because of George Bush thats fine.”

    I never said that.

    “Especially when recent polls show that if the election were held today Obama would lose.”

    Given his approval ratings, that is impossible.

    Conservatism has ONLY benefitted the wealthy – NO ONE ELSE.

    Now that you’ve stooped to outright calling me a liar, over and over again, I will now discontinue dealing with you. Only a lowlife stoops to that sort of verbal abuse.

    Laree, I’m not the one calling fellow commenters on here liars. get you accustations straight. And your sleazy, personal retort – devoid of rational, objective argument and just adolescently attacking me personally – shows that you are nothing but an automaton: a man who believes that individuals mean nothing, that we are but disconnected cogs in the Establishment Machine, and that you’re just fine with that. Pathetic.

    The conservatives have taken terrible losses recently and many of you are acting like spoiled little sore-loser children about it. If you want people to come back to your way of thinking, you’re going to have to stop the nasty abuse and argue coherently and respectfully. If you learn anything from our good host, it should at least be that.


  21. Micky 2 says:

    “I never said that.”
    Yea you did, now you’re lying again.
    You said that Osama attacked because he knew how Bush would react.
    Thats only your opinion.
    The fact is that in his letter to America which was written before the so called “proof” you linked me to he never even mentioned Bush once, but he did mention Clinton.
    The letter you referd me to was written right before the 04 election where all of a sudden after the fact hes saying he did it because of Bush.
    You wont admit that the first letter shows he had no original intention of hanging it on Bush, but my opinion is that the second letter only shows he was trying to hurt Bush in 04. And my references to initial intent show no mention of Bush and that the letter to America makes his reason for attacking to be everything “EXCEPT BUSH” READ IT !!!
    The 911 plan was spawned 5 years before anyone knew who Bush was.

    Your claim that Osama did it because of Bush is a lie because you assert it to be truth in that you “INSIST” you are right.
    Thats called lying.
    Besdides that I’m not doing this f***ed up kiddy game with you anymore where I go back and dig up your own words and shove em in your face only to have you split the thread and never answer up to when you’re caught lying. I actually have note book with all your crap in it, thats how I can always show you where you say things you say you didnt say
    But just for the hell of it, HERE!, You did too say it !!
    And its not the only time you’ve said it. You said for the reason I mentioned above also.
    Jersey McJones said,
    December 31, 2007 at 8:25 am
    “Personally, Micky, I am quite convinced that Al Qaeda attacked us on 9/11 BECAUSE Bush and the GOP became the one party ruling majority.”
    Do you really think I’m making this up for the hell of it ?
    What dont you understand about a man not wanting to associate with guys like you any more because he has some sense of integrity ?

    And heres just another example of your UNBELIEVABLE HYPOCRISY !!!!!!!!!

    “you’re going to have to stop the nasty abuse and argue coherently and respectfully. ”

    One of the most abusive condescending name calling moonbats I’ve ever met ! Are you f****** serious ?
    You’re a clown man, really, for you to say something like that is as laughable as it gets, especially when you only cast blame in one direction for that crap.
    I’m no better but at least I’ve taken a step in the right direction and decided to get away from hypocrites like you to where I can have real productive coinversations.
    I will have them here on Erics blog but not with you.
    So feel free to addres me all you want in the future but you will be irrelevant. I have too much pride and self respect to lower myself to your game anymore.

    Look at yourself, you’re so narcisssistic that you cant stand the rejection and you’re jumping thru hoops by making up more bullsh*t excuses and lies. Its sad, its like watching some guy beg his ole lady not to leave him. Well, I guess the only thing I could say is… you’re a liar and…

    Frankly,my dear, I dont give a damn

  22. Micky,

    You can stay mad at m,e if you want, but if you talk about me, I’ll respond.

    I have made it abundantly clear that the timing of 9/11 had to do with the rise of Bush and the GOP, but to say that 9/11 itself happened because of Bush is innane. Bush had nothing directly to do with the reasons we were targets in the first place. Even in the above quote I say “on 9/11,” not of 9/11, or the 9/11 attacks, etc. And you darn well know that’s what I mean. The timing of the attacks was after Bush was elected, and I firmly believe that’s not a coincidence. Otherwise, why didn’t they attack sooner? Why not now that Bush has failed and the Dems are back?


  23. hauk says:


    I go camping for 3 days and I come back to find you attacking the Muppets?

    Not cool. The Muppets were arguably the greatest and best thing to ever come out of Television and the Puppetry Art form. Plus my girlfriends nickname is Drunken Muppet.

    You go too far sir!

    Please see to it that it does not happen again, lest I start voting democrat in protest! ;)


  24. Micky 2 says:

    “but if you talk about me, I’ll respond.”

    If I talk about you ? Mad at you ?

    he he, get over yourself man, you’re not all that. Its pity bro, not anger.
    Besides, you’ll still be talkin to yourself.

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