From Susan Boyle to Janeane Garofalo

For my column comparing Susan Boyle to Janeane Garofalo, please link here.

Below is another link on the subject.


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  1. SnuggleBunny says:

    Eric Sweetie,

    Did you see this on the protest at the UN:

    It looks like a field day for you…

    And when are you doing a local LA book signing?

  2. What if it turned out that Susan Boyle was a hardcoer leftist who hated George Bush? I wonder…


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Its been really hard to watch 24 lately with Garofalo playing a CIA tech operative.
    If I had to watch Michael Moore play Jack Bauer it would be the same feeling.
    Whats really funny is that when asked if she found it hard to play the role she said she just remembered she was unemployed.
    Does that make her a capitalist pig ?

  4. Laree says:

    Imus ask Howard Kurtz this morning do you have a communist card?

    Imus Guest Howard Kurtz, CNN reliable sources, can’t produce his communist card :)

    Imus gets Howard to admit that he knows exactly what the tax day tea partys were about, and they were not people protesting paying their taxes, like Paul Begala claimed. Howard Kurtz can’t spin CNN coverage so doesn’t bother but tries to deflect to Bush administration, you know wash rinse repeat :)

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  6. Laree says:

    Imus and Charles Tag Team Mike Lupica this morning FUN.

    Imus has a problem with President Obama’s recent international tour, where he points out our flaws, on his Dixie Chicks tour but none of our accomplishments. Imus sites Michael Goodwins’s article in the New York Daily News. You can read “If President Obama Won’t Defend The U.S. Who Will”.

    Mike Lupica doesn’t think Obama has to put his criticisms into context on his first grand apology tour.

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