Jon Stewart–Courageously defending his bottom flank

This particular column was picked up by RealClearPolitics and even made the Drudge Report.

It is on Big Hollywood.

Below is what the RCP website looked like on May 7th, 2009.

May 7, 2009
Real Clear Politics Thursday
RCP Afternoon Edition
Obama is Mismanaging the Collapse of Detroit’s Giants – The Economist
Special Deals for the Govt’s Special Friends – Megan McArdle, The Atlantic
The Future of the American Dream – William Greider, The Nation
Obama’s Health Care Quackery – Shikha Dalmia, Reason
Will Senate Moderates Work Together? – Steven Stark, Boston Phoenix
Jon Stewart, Harry Truman & George W. Bush – Eric Golub, Big Hollywood
Republicans in Wilderness: Is the Party Over? – Michael Grunwald, Time
Revisiting ‘The Case Against Sotomayor’ – Jeffrey Rosen, The New Republic
The Center-Right Trap – Gary Andres, Weekly Standard
Recovery? What Economic Recovery? – Kevin Kelly, Newsweek

On Friday, May 8th, I saw this on the RCP website front page.

“Most Read

Last 24 Hours

Obama is Mismanaging the Collapse of Detroit’s Giants
– The Economist
Jon Stewart, Harry Truman & George W. Bush
– Eric Golub, Big Hollywood

Dems Shun Specter, Undercut Obama and Reid
– David Paul Kuhn, RCP
Obama and the Automakers
– George Will, Washington Post”

Little by little, this blog is growing into something special.


7 Responses to “Jon Stewart–Courageously defending his bottom flank”

  1. Well, I think May is a hack. His smirking elitist condescending snobbery is all the more obnoxious for his absolute wrongness. His is a neocon, partisan apologist, and yes, a hack. No doubt about it. Stewart should not have apologized. What Truman did was a war crime. No doubt about that either. It was a completely unnecessary, morally indefensible mass murder, plain and simple. There was no need to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was a psychotically ostentatious display of American might at the expense of innocents. The bombs could have been dropped on Tokyop Bay and would certainly have had the same effect. Stewart apologized because Truman is a hero of Democrats and he doesn’t want to offend the ratings they bring him. It was disappointingly cowardly of him.


  2. Toma says:

    Who is Jon Stewart? Who cares what Jon Stewart says. I’ve never watched Jon Stewart and I don’t think I’ve missed anything.

    I noticed another article about this Garofalo woman. Who is this woman, a political strategist, foreign policy expert, former navy seal? No she is none of these. But I guess she is one of those airheaded Hollywoodites. There might be four people on the planet who would listen to her adolescent fits. Frankly, I’m very tired of hearing about her. I don’t give a ____ what she thinks about anything. No one else does either. Why all the fuss?

    Harry S. Truman, ended WWII. One of the last Democrats that cared about something other than power, money and destroying people they don’t like or just get in the way.

    Barack H. Obama, the first Muslem, Marxist President of The United States of America. He is having a very good crisis.


  3. Harry Truman ended WWII??? Wow. That’s the most simplistic take on that war I’ve ever heard!

    Obama is a “Muslem Marxist”???

    Thank God you guys are back in the minority where you belong! What a bunch of derainged nonsense! Insane!

    And who cares what other people think? YOU SHOULD! A closed-minded fool listens only to what he wants to hear! Everybody’s opinion matters. That’s the whole raison d’etre of a “DEMOcracy” and a “rePUBLIC!” Just because someone hasn’t served in the military, their voice on military matters is irrelevent??? The Founding Fathers would consider that stupid-think of the lowest order! Spitting on the Constitution! Why do you think they structured our republic with a civilian-controlled military???

    Why do you conservatives hate America? LOL!

    And you don’t know who Jon Stewart is??? He’s the funniest, smartest, wittiest man on TV! Who do you think all the college kids are listening to??? If you don’t know what he’s saying, then you don’t have a clue in the world what the kids are thinking nowadays! You cons will become a permanent minority unless you at least give occasional audience to what other people are saying! Hey man – I watch Fox News – I listen to Limbaugh – I pay attention to the GOP when they’re speaking on the floor of the House. I WANT to know what they’re saying, what they’re ostensibly thinking. I may not agree with them most of the time, but I LISTEN. I pay ATTENTION. I LEARN. I don’t just tune out whom I don;t want to hear and then pretend to know about they’re conveying, like you do! How dare you even have an opinion of the “left” or “democrats” or “liberals” if you don’t know anything about them! All you know is from what you’re told by other people like you who don’t pay attention to them either! How can you have a formed, adult opinion without finding out for yourself, rather than just being told what to think by other people who think the same way? No wonder you think Obama is a Moslem, no wonder you think he’s a Marxist! You’re utterly, totally and completely uninformed! Get with the times, man!


  4. Micky 2 says:

    I loved the scene where Bauer chewed out Garafolo. I thought for second it was a blooper they left in on purpose.
    It was about as true to real life as it gets being that the role she played was how she really feels and said something to every code pink idealistic moron moonbat out there who has already convicted George Bush before the real evil has even been put on trial.
    It was a classic clip I’ll never forget.

  5. Toma says:

    That was a great scene Mick. She looked like she was about to pee.

    Have you heard any thing more about the study on the effects of “24”? I haven’t seen any thing.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    Nah, that was just a bunch of leftist media hype coming from the same kinda guys who at the same time have no problem with the crap you see on MTV reality shows etc..
    I think its worse to have to watch all these commercials during my dinner that have to do with peoples failing bodily functions.
    Ya know ?

  7. TopDog says:


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