The Goode, the bad, and the ugly

A new television animation show will be debuted on ABC, and it has the potential to be really Goode.

“The Goode Family” is the story of a politically correct family of environmental zealots.

There are two reasons I will give this show a chance.

First of all, it is created by Mike Judge. While I did not take part in the “Beavis and Butthead” craze, I was an avid fan of “King of the Hill.”

I am still disappointed that Hank Hill and his friends are leaving after 13 seasons. In the history of television, there will never be a character as cool and incomprehensible as Boomhauer. Grandpa Cotton was also a feisty one.

King of the Hill was about a group of Texans, but did not make fun of Southerners. It made fun of those that misunderstood them.

When a Massachusetts client insisted on calling Hank “J.R.,” and asking him to wear a ten gallon hat, Hank coolly replied that “Texas has changed a lot in the last 150 years.”

When a touchy-feely liberal wanted Hank to “bond with him,” and “meld their positive energies,” Hank responded for all of Middle America when he said to the do-gooder, “How ’bout I just kick your @ss?”

Hank was just a regular guy who believed in Jesus, the Dallas Cowboys, and propane over charcoal. He was at his best lamenting about his son, saying, “Well I want to hang out with Bobby, but the problem is the boy’s not really good at anything.”

All good things come to an end. Out of King of the Hill comes the Goode Family.

Yet there is another reason that this show should be given a chance. The Goode is hated by the bad and the ugly, that being the Jayson Blair Times.

The Jayson Blair Times has become a despicable entity specifically because it treats anybody that is right of center as either being evil, or a complete imbecile. The JBT considers Sarah Palin to be a dolt. Middle America considers her to be Superwoman.

The examples are endless, but the bad and the ugly coming out of the JBT can be found most recently (until their next bucket of bile in tomorrow’s edition) in their article knocking the Goode.

“…the show feels aggressively off-zeitgeist, as if it had been incubated in the early to mid-90s when it was still possible to find global-warming skeptics among even the reasonable and informed.”

Oh, those off-zeitgeist people. Don’t you just hate them?

Being a skeptic is soooo 1990s. Only an unreasonable and ill-informed person could possibly question anything that Al Gore says. After all, he won an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize. He has to be right.

Actually Al Gore and the JBT holding an opinion is an exceptional way of determining that something is wrong. In the 1970s it was global cooling. Then we were all going to burn. Now it is called “Climate Change.” The environmentalists get the story wrong sdo often, they could qualify as JBT editors. Actually, maybe they already are.

Here is some more pompous drivel from the JBT.

“But who really thinks of wind power an allusion to which is a running visual gag in the show as mindless, left-wing nonsense anymore?”

Apparently Ted Kennedy does. He refused to allow a wind farm in front of his home because it blocked the view off of his Nantucket paradise. Now there is no way that Ted Kennedy could be a phony, liberal bag of wind himself, so he must be against the wind farm because it is an unrealistic solution.

“Mr. Judge, who remains obsessed with the insanities of political correctness, still has his head very much in the Clinton years, and it is possible to watch ‘The Goode Family’ feeling so thoroughly transported back to another time that you wonder where all the Monica Lewinsky jokes went. Sometimes youve just got to move on.”

Move on? This coming from the newspaper that thinks that FDR is in his 20th term? This from the paper that wants to throw President Bush and all of his advisors in jail? This from the paper that still gets page one stories wrong and issues mealy-mouthed retractions on page 37?

This leftist paper not only wants to declare global warming skepticism passe, but political correctness as well.

Political correctness is as ugly, insidious, and powerful as ever. As President Obama searches for a tri-racial, latino pygmy to put on the Supreme Court (settling for a Hispanic woman who is Miguel Estrada minus the qualifications), fighting back against political correctness is as relevant now as ever.

While it is a shame that Hank Hill will no longer be fighting the good fight, Mike Judge still will be.

I expect the show to succeed because Mike Judge understands that while the social message is important, the main goal is to be funny. King of the Hill did have mild political overtones, but it lasted 13 seasons because it was likable and funny.

Long live the Goode family. May they triumph over their bad, ugly critics.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

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2 Responses to “The Goode, the bad, and the ugly”

  1. The Times review was not a pan by a long shot. Over all, they seemd to find it worth watching. I’ll be curious to see it as well, as Judge is a brilliant social commentator. Still though, I really wich they’d keep making King of the Hill. It’s one of the finest shows on TV.


  2. “The JBT considers Sarah Palin to be a dolt. Middle America considers her to be Superwoman.”

    Just two thing wrong here… I don’t recall the NYT ever portraying Palin as a dolt. I mean, maybe in an editorial, but papaers all over the ocuntry (heck, world) had that. And plenty of Middle Americans think Palin is anything but a Superwoman, not even so much a dolt, but rather a a bit of a power-hungry b!@#$ who naders to the looniest elements of the Right.


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