Michele Bachmann and her simian critics

For those of you in the Northeast, enjoy six more weeks of winter. You choose to live there.

I prefer Los Angeles, where I recently had the pleasure of meeting Michele Bachmann.

Given that the event was private, I did not discuss her remarks. This was a voluntary decision on my part. At no time did anyone associated with her give me instructions, nor did I seek any. I understand decorum.

For some reason, my incredibly uneventful column merely describing my experience was picked up by somebody who writes for the politico.

I felt that the description of my column was riddled with inaccuracies.


The title of the column was wildly off base.

“Bachmann, in Malibu, targets Waxman, Harman”

This never happened.

I decided to leave a comment correcting the record.

“Mr. Thrush, This is my first visit, but since you referenced my blog, the Tygrrrr Express, I wanted to correct the record.

1) While a pair of Jewish Republicans running for Congress were in attendance, that was not the purpose of Congresswoman Bachmann’s visit. She was there to raise money for her own reelection. The 2 Republican Jewish candidates were guests like everybody else, did not speak, and were not referenced in her remarks.

2) Criticizing Ari David for a spelling mistake is really not necessary, especially since you have a grammatical error in the very sentence you criticize him. Change the word ‘will’ to ‘while.’

3) Nothing in my column implied that she spent time bashing Waxman or Harman. She had nothing to say about either of them.

4) I was a stock trader from 2002 to 2004. I am not currently a trader.

5) My last name is well known. I left my last name off of my book because my parents live in a liberal neighborhood. I say controversial things, and do not want them to suffer for that. Unlike some people who hide, as I said, my last name is well known.

6) Yes, Michele Bachmann is gorgeous. You got that part dead-on accurate.

7) This event was a fundraiser for Congresswoman Bachmann by supporters of hers. This does not in any way change that the Pelosiraptor has her at the top of the target removal list. The Pelosiraptor has stated this herself. I just want to make sure that everything is reported accurately. I was in the room.


eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

I decided to check back and see if others had responded. Once again, hard core leftists decided to act like uncivilized baboons.

Normally I would never print such vile comments about such a lovely human being, but I want the world to see what liberals consider to be “debate.

I am not cherry picking. The comments on the left were all vile, with not a decent thoughtful human in the bunch.

This is how the left goes after Michele Bachmann.

“Michelle Bachmann is nothing but some bubble headed eye candy for the GOP who needs weak minded and weak willed women to try and convince women voters that the party is not as sexist as it’s platform indicates. Fortunately, women see Michelle for what she is: a shallow, shrill jelly-brain”

Minnesota Fats

“Michelle Bachmann is so stupid, she shoved a cell phone up her rear because she wanted to make a ‘booty call’!”

Oliver Clothesoff

“As a former streetwalker, Bachmann has no class or manners. The only time she acted like “a lady” was as a lady of the night in the Minneapolis red light district back in the early 1980’s. Real ladylike to get the clap, cold sores, venereal scabs and crabs.”

Seymour Buttz

“Michelle Bachmann looks like a man in drag! That or some pre-op tranny! No wonder wingnut men use her as their little fantasy!”

Alexis Arquette

“Michele’s crotch is so stank, when she spread her legs for me I got sea sickness!”

Marcus’ cousin Randy Cox

These people have proven that they can quote jokes from The Simpsons that came on tv about 15-20 years ago. These people do not even have the guts to say who they are.

These are liberals. This is how they debate. They won’t condemn these remarks. They find them funny.

After all, why discuss tax cuts or the War on Terror when we can call a woman a streetwalker or make remarks about her female body parts?

I do not expect the leftist hags at the National Organization for Women to condemn these remarks.

Michele Bachmann, unlike her simian critics, is every bit the lady.

She is classy, dignified, and very intelligent.

Until her legitimate critics distance themselves from these savages, they will all be lumped together.

I became a blogger to combat ideological bigotry.

These liberals attacking Congresswoman Bachmann are as bigoted as it gets.

The Politico should delete every one of the offensive comments and apologize to Congresswoman Bachmann for printing them.

Congresswoman Bachmann did not ask me to do this.

Again, decorum does not need to be communicated to humans.

Simian leftists are another matter.


10 Responses to “Michele Bachmann and her simian critics”

  1. Well, I think our good host knows full well that conservatives say all sorts of nasty things about people too. Cheap derogatroy is not a market cornered by the left.

    Bachmann does bring out a lot of vitriol, because she spwes a lot of vitriol. You reap what you sow. Let’s face it, Bachmann sows an ugly crop. She says things that are so over the top, so nasty, so creepy. I would be ashamed to even sit at the same table with her.

    Watch this: http://www.minnpost.com/minnclips/2009/08/07/10734/michele_bachmanns_most_extreme_quote_countdown

    This is Michele Bachmann. A terrible human being.


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Aww Jersey that was about as freeking lame as it gets.
    Nothing but a bunch of cherry picked sound bites and clips taken out of context by the biggest loser on the political talk shoe circuit”Keth Olberman”

    And you talk about vitriol and yellow journalism and you use one of the most hateful bigots there is ?

  3. Oh man, Micky, c’mon! You’re not the least bit put off by this woman? She’s horrible! And worse, she’s dumb as a stone. Look, there are many bright women in the GOP, but this ain’t one of ’em. Let’s get real here. She’s a bunny-eyed goofball.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    I’m not put off by her at all.
    even if you think shes dumb which is what you think of everyone anyway who doesnt think like you shes still got a hell of a lot more class, dignity and integrity than that tasteless horrible shmuck you used to portray her im some cheesy clip that looks like some freeking 12 year old put together.

    I can think of a lot worse coming from pelosi, boxer and a few other moonbat fems who arent necessarily the sharpest knives in the rack.

    “The system worked”

    yeah, you got some brains running things in your park alright

  5. Did you hear the latest insanity from her?


    Check this out. Class? Dignity? Integrity?

    Try crass, indignity, and dishonesty! By the way, life expectancy in Japan is 83, 5 years more than in US.


  6. Micky 2 says:

    What insanity ?Weve already lost our free speech as a result of this stinking healthcare bill.
    The majority dont want in this form and no one is listening.
    We are asking for certain reforms to be incuded and are being ignored.
    We are also not even allowed in the same room with you morons to debate and be a part of this so called “bi-partisan” effort.

    Now please tell or show me what it in the article or video that makes your pathetic case,
    And try to not insult my intelligence by refering me to punks like Olberman.

    Your stinking healthcare is falling vapart only because the people are not as stupid as you wish and think they are.

  7. Micky 2 says:

    Japans life expectancy is due to its diet rich in vegetables and less fatty meats.
    I know this for a fact looking at different cultures as a culinary artist we study regions and what livestock and vegetation they can support, and what effects it has on their health.
    Its not because of their great healthcare. Much like our eating habits here in America are one of the biggest contributors to our health problems.

    wise up.
    The woman has more class in her tooth plaque than you or Olbberman could ever hope ti have

  8. Okay, so we actually lost our free speech because of the healthcare bill? Really? Wow. Now that is stupid.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    Hey buddy, when the people say they dont want something and its shoved down their throat anyway the speech is rendered useless so its as good as being silenced…

    wise up.

    you wanna know whats stupid ?
    Using Keith Olberman to call out Bachmans integrity.


    If you’re freeking smart how come you’re not even some kinda community organizer ? Wheres your following oh great prophet.
    Amazing how someone can alwayes derate everyones intelligence but doesnt have the brains to show how much smarter he really is.

    yeah, if you beat down the guy next to you , you always look bigger.
    I’ve heard you talk to people on the radio. you have no business calling anyone dumb, none whatsoever.
    you cant even support or prove half the crap you claim and instead expect folks to instead take your word for it.
    You’re the idiot because whenever you’re faced with failure all you can do is call people idiots

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