Eric Cantor Under Siege Part II–Salon violence from bigot Joan Walsh

As Jews celebrate Passover, one Jew will not be allowed to have a moment of peace on this holiday or any other day.

Congressman Eric Cantor is under siege because he is a Republican Jew who exists and breathes air.

It is bad enough that a left-wing crackpot threatened to kill him and his entire family.

It is bad enough that his office was shot at.

Left-wing zealot Joan Walsh of Salon decided to engage in some good old-fashioned ideological bigotry by accusing Congressman Cantor of crying wolf.

Even by liberal standards, the column is too disgusting to link to.

The title of the column is “Eric Cantor’s Phony Victim Story.”

The subtitle is even more vile.

“His false claim of office gunshots functioned as the Ashley Todd tale of 2010, distracting from right-wing violence.”

Ms. Walsh is pathetic on so many levels. Even liberals should be embarrassed by this pen wielding zealot.

First of all, his claims were not false. They were absolutely true, and have been proven true.

Secondly, Ms. Walsh has zero problems taking liberal claims of right-wing slurs at face value.

This is where liberals get all condescending and start acting like themselves. They claim that the people making the claims are “credible,” and that they would “sooner believe such good people as opposed to the bad people being accused.” This is nuts. What this means when translated is that because the accusers are ideologically desired, they have to be telling the truth.

That is an emotional argument. It does not matter if the accusers are credible. A story used to remain unreported until two or even three separate, independent and verifiable sources corroborated the story. In today’s world, anything bad about a conservative has to be true because conservatives are evil themselves.

There is no evidence that Congressmen Clyburn or Frank were slurred. There is evidence that Anthony Weiner and Eric Cantor were victims of domestic terrorism. It is not about politics. It is about evidence.

Does this make Clyburn and Frank liars? Perhaps not. They could have simply misheard something. That is an honest mistake. I personally suspect Frank is lying through his teeth, but that is not evidence either.

Thirdly, it is the left trying to distract from left-wing violence. It is not possible to distract from right-wing violence because the right gets covered by the media. They have no place to hide bad behavior. The left gets a free ride. That is why the left despises Fox News and talk radio. They miss the days of abusing the right with impunity.

At no time has the left apologized for the murder attempt on Katherine Harris or the movies advocating the assassination of President George W. Bush.

(Leftists who claim they should not be blamed for random bad actors should stop blaming every conservative or even every Tea Party person for an isolated bad actor that has not even surfaced yet. That is the entire point. The left does this deliberately.)

There is nothing the right is doing in this country that comes close to the left. Yes, there are militias, but when was the last time a militia actually did something? Also, militias are the fringes. The haters on the left are the mainstream of the party. Right-wing agitators are an aberration. Left-wing speech is hate speech. The right condemns the bad behavior. The left revels in it and celebrates it.

Lastly, and this will shock Ms. Walsh because it involves coherent thought, there is no mass right-wing violence in this country. It does not exist.

Name a left-wing speaker on a campus that was shouted down or targeted violently. I can name dozens of conservative speakers facing threats to their lives.

Compare the rare occasion anti-abortion violence occurs with the number of eco-terrorism and animal rights violence. It is not even close. The greeniacs and critter worshippers win hands down.

Compare that when a conservative breathes incorrectly, liberals blame every Republican on Earth. Yet when a left-wing wacko tries to murder Eric Cantor, there is silence.

So what happens to leftist terrorists? In the case of Bill Ayers, they become schoolteachers.

In the case of Ms. Walsh, a leftist terrorist herself (If she can accuse talk radio hosts of fomenting violence, then I can accuse her columns of fomenting violence. Do I believe this? No. Would it be healthy for her to get some of her own bile medicine shoved down her leftist throat? Absolutely.), she has some hate speech for Mr. Cantor that is as disgusting as it is plain wrong.

“No one is accusing Cantor of shooting up his own office…”

Nobody is accusing Ms. Walsh of being a hybrid between Joseph Stalin and Maureen Dowd, but…When somebody says “I am not saying…,” they are saying exactly what they claim not to be saying. So yes, she is saying Cantor shot up his own office by even planting the seed.

“No one is accusing Cantor of shooting up his own office, but from the minute he made his claim–also implying he was targeted because he was Jewish…”

He did not say that. He said he has received threats in the past because he is Jewish. Perhaps Ms. Walsh should read my hate mail. Republican Jews are not beloved, especially with savages like Ms. Walsh inciting the left-wing crazies (keep blaming her until she stops using the same tactic). Mr. Cantor did not say this incident was because he was Jewish. To rule out that angle would be foolish. We now know that his Judaism absolutely was a factor.

Ms. Walsh is so wrong on so many points that she should work for the Jayson Blair Times.

“…targeted because he was Jewish…it was almost certain to be untrue.”

It was true, you leftist bigot. It happened. Even the producers of 60 Minutes could not cover this one up. A man tried to murder Eric Cantor and his family.

“On CNN Thursday night, Gloria Borger insisted that not only should tea parties rein in their members, but ‘Moveon too.’ It’s crazy time.”

I agree with Ms. Walsh. The two should not be equated. Most tea party attendees are civilized. They may yell in the town square, but that is what the town square allows. Moveon contains the most unsavory aspects of America. They advocate violence, and carry out protests that go beyond anything the First Amendment protects. Unlike the Tea Parties, Moveon lunacy by their members, along with Code Pinko violence, is well documented. Code Pinko engaged in a violent disruption of a Karl Rove book signing the other day. What they yelled cannot be printed. I wonder what Walsh, Clyburn, and Frank feel about that.

There is no moral equivalence. Replace the word Jewish with Republican. Replace the word Palesimian with liberal democrat. The left are verbal suicide bombers, only less warm and fuzzy.

While wondering which member of MSNBC will be the first one to strap on a suicide belt and head toward a tea party or Fox News headquarters (eliminating the competition literally could help their pathetic leftist ratings…not rantings, but ratings), I wrote Ms. Walsh an email that was far more polite than she deserved.

“Ms. Walsh,

I wrote a book called “Ideological Bigotry.”

I did the research as to why the left hates the right. It is because we exist and breathe air. Minority conservatives such as Michael Steele, Sarah Palin, and Eric Cantor are targeted for extra abuse.

One can disagree without being guilty of ideological bigotry, but I am afraid your most recent column attacking Eric Cantor has gone so far beyond the pale of reasonable discourse.

Now that a man has been arrested, you may wish to apologize for accusing Mr. Cantor of crying wolf.

Barney Frank and James Clyburn made unsubstantiated claims, which you accepted as gospel. Eric Cantor made a claim, and you dismissed it. Now we see he has every right to be concerned.

I am a Republican Jew and son of a Holocaust survivor. I know what happens when threats are not taken seriously.

I doubt you will apologize to Congressman Cantor, or even consider my words. Just know that while I was calling Congressman Weiner to pray for his family as well, you were spreading poison.

It is possible to be liberal without being hateful. I hope as Passover and Easter approach, you consider doing this.


eric @ the Tygrrrr Express”

So why does the left not apologize for the violence against Eric Cantor and other conservatives?

Because they support it. They favor it. They may not support his murder (debatable), but they are delighted by his being intimidated. That is what community organizing is about. Bully, threaten, and silence conservatives into submission, and get liberal federal dollars to continue the abuse.

They can claim until they are blue in the face otherwise, but the left is an entire party of community organizers.

Al Sharpton yells “no justice, no peace” and calls Jewish business owners “diamond merchants.” Jewish businesses burn, and Sharpton is still a respected speaker in liberal circles.

This is the left. The right marginalizes David Duke. The left lionizes Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Shoes are thrown at President Bush, and the left laughs. Yet criticizing Obama on anything is proof of racism and right-wing extremism, even though he won an election with white support.

Eric Cantor and his family face a murder attempt, and liberals accuse him of fabricating the entire incident.

What is it going to take for these leftist media savages to apologize?

For once in their worthless, wretched, leftist lives can they admit that they were wrong? Can they admit that the murder of Eric Cantor would be a bad thing? Do they even think this? Or would the murder of an Obamacare opponent be celebrated?

When does the madness on the left stop?

I would not celebrate the murder of Joan Walsh. I am sure somebody benefits by her existence, although I have not met that person.

The left will continue to make excuses for disgusting creatures like her while having the nerve to blame Eric Cantor.

The evidence, which liberals refuse to acknowledge, is in. It is there for all to see.

The left doesn’t care. Talking about mythical right-wing violence and nonsense about a map with “targets” on it is a distraction from real bullets by a leftist at Eric Cantor.

Liberals celebrating Easter and Passover should skip their holidays and avoid any churches and synagogues until they develop compassion for their fellow human. Yes, Eric Cantor is human.

I prayed for Anthony Weiner. The left should pray for Eric Cantor.

Otherwise, when the right has had enough…there might actually be right-wing violence (which I would condemn). We will start acting like them. Right-wingers will snap and run over them with our cars.

Will they deserve it? Nobody deserves this.

Yet liberals have stoked the fire. If it rages out of control, they will not be able to put out the blaze they set.

I wish no ill will on Joan Walsh, but I will remain indifferent to any human suffering she incurs.

After all, she all but endorsed violence against Eric Cantor by rationalizing and justifying it.

Joan Walsh has potential blood on her hands.

Using the same tactics the left uses to bully the right, what does that make Ms. Walsh?

A typical liberal ideological bigot.


12 Responses to “Eric Cantor Under Siege Part II–Salon violence from bigot Joan Walsh”

  1. First of all, the Walsh piece came out on the Friday 26th, while the FBI informed Cantor of the threat from Leboon later that weekend. So, Ms. Walsh obviously wasn’t speaking to the latter.

    Second, Walsh’s point was that Cantor was behaving hypocritically, spurriously claiming the left was inciting the violence on themselves simply by publically talking about it, while he was publically talking about it, and then asserting that “it has to stop,” while he does nothing to make that so, fanning the flames in the place and then doing exactly what he Democrats are doing in making it public. Cantor, as usual, is being two-faced.

    Third, the shot at the office building was, ironically enough, just a stray shot. I say “ironically” because it’s the sort of thing one would expect to happen in a state with such shoddy gun regulations, but the odds of a stray hitting any particular building are slim. The bullet did not even enter his office, however, and apparently even trying to shoot him in his office would be logistically impossible from outside the building.

    Fourth, the man who threatened Cantor was a total screwball who’s been in mental decline for some years now, who should never have had a gun permit, who had the cops called on him at least several times, and who publically (via YouTube) threatened Cantor, assuring his arrest before anything bad could happen.

    Fifth, it was the FBI that informed Cantor of the threat – he didn’t even know the guy was threatening him until then!

    Finally, Leboon was apparently not motivated by politics, per se, so his threats had nothing to do with what Cantor was whining about. Leboon’s video never mentions the healthcare debate or any other political motive, but it does mention Yom Kippur! Sadly, with most religious hate crime still directed at Jews, this was just yet another anti-semitic episode. Unfortunately, it surely won’t be the last. I don’t think there’s much of anything Cantor, Walsh or anyone else can do about that.


  2. Dav Lev says:

    Hutaree, sound familiar? Well for those who have never heard of this
    “Christian Warrior” group in Michigan, 9 people were indicted in
    a Detroit court for conspiracy and gun charges. This group advocated
    the violent overthrow of the government…starting with creating havoc
    by harming a police officer, then throwing granades at the funeral.

    This is definitly not a liberal, leftists group. It is a (albeit) fringe right
    wing group..and they are not alone. There are hundred of such groups
    nationwide according to those that follow these matters.

    But what really got me, was the acceptance, even enthusiasm in a comment by someone familar with such groups, that had shots been fired,
    all helll would have broken lose.

    All hell broken lose, against whom, the IRS, Justice Department,
    ATF, Dept of Immigration, local police and sheriffs departments..
    the guy on the street who looks different, that he should not be there?

    Let’s be realisitc, these kind of people are in all walks of life, all parties.

    I recall years ago when I met a former member of the German American
    Bund. He spoke perfect English..and was polite ( I can just imagine the
    arsenal he had hidden in his shack).

    Was he once a fascist liberal, or a right wing extremist? I don’t really
    know or care.

    There are liberals who hate any minority member, whether Sharpton
    or Cantor..and there are Conservative with similar attitudes.

    The point is not to have them compete with one another, but
    keep them under observation..ready to be arrested, indicted,
    convicted and sentenced for their crimes.

    There are liberals who admittedly hate Israelis for their perceived
    notion that the Palestinians are and have been abused.
    These liberals really want to destroy the only democracy in the M.E.
    to be replaced by an Islamic regime. They are anti-Semities ( hate
    all Jews not for their religious beliefs, but because who they are).

    I am amused that there is a court hearing right now in Israel,
    which is the result of a lawsuit brought by the parents of Rachel Corrie,
    an activist for the group called ISM.

    They claim the Israeli army purposely murdered their daughter,
    who had positioned herself in front of an army bulldozer, which
    was being used to demolish a home used for smuggling weapons
    in the Gaza Strip, to be later used against Israel.

    The Israeli spokesperson says the heaing should really be
    about her parents, who motivated her into putting herself
    at risk in a war zone. (She knew exactly what she was doing
    and where).

    There is a rumor that the Corries are converted Jews, but that
    is for another post.

    Sooooo, both extreme left and right have similar spread
    the theory of the anti-Christ’s goals, the UN’s goals, a Europe
    with 11 tentacles for world government, hatred of minorities..
    and sometimes they act on their hatreds.

    However, be assured that given their druthers, this right wing
    group would have commited violent acts., just as the German America
    Bundist would have involved himself in burning down Jewish institutions
    and businesses in the 1930s and 1940s.

    Rachel would have been better off had she taught computers
    to her Palestinian friends in the W. Bank and Gaza Strip, or
    served as a tourist guide in Jerusalem, meeting a diversity of

    Instead, she is buried somewhere 6 feet below ground, while
    her parents sit quietly making fools of themselves in an Israeli
    court. They and their daughter got what they deserve…

    My advice to my fellow Israelites..go out and buy yourself
    a weapon (or two) of defense. Someday you might wish you had one.
    And it’s legal.

  3. People like Dan Lev ought to shut it about “liberals.” I don’t know anyone who would call themselves a “liberal” who think any of the things Dan says they do. “Liberal fascist.” What a stupid thing to say. You’d have to be retarded to believe there’s such a thing.


  4. Micky 2 says:

    As usual, no one gets liberalism better than Jersey.
    How come you didnt get to be the head of the DNC..huh ?

    Here ya go, a short lesson in history, liberal fascism actually exists, whether your moonbat mind lies it or not.

  5. Actually, Micky, I’ve worked on several campaigns. But as I’ve reminded you a thousand times – I am not a Democrat.

    And that’s your proof that a retarded made-up thing like “liberal fascism” actually exists? A Jonah Goldberg book?

    Man, you guys are too funny sometimes.

    You know what real fascism is, Micky?,_Germany.jpg

    That’s fascism.

    You guys shouldn’t throw around the sort of sick, cheap, sleazy epithets as easily as you do. Makes you look pretty bad. The people in those ovens – they know what real fascism is. If you truly believe that the modern American “liberal” is a fascist, then you’re one inhumanly insensitive and ignorant dude.


  6. Toma says:

    Great post eric. There is a song on u tube performed by Hank Jr. called “The Great Reneger”. Check it out. It will be very popular. I noticed 1.6m hits and climbing.

    Jers, your sermons are very trite. Try to come up with some different slams. Sick, cheap, sleazy etc,ect,ect,ect,ect,ect…


  7. You’re right, Toma. Conservatives come up with such inventive insanity all the time. I should try to keep up with my reactions.

    How’s these?

    Abhorrent, atrocious, awful, bad, base, beastly, contemptible, cursed, despicable, disgusting, foul, grim, grody, gross, hairy, hateful, heinous, hellish, horrible, horrid, loathsome, lousy, nauseating, obnoxious, odious, offensive, repellent, reprehensible, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, rotten, stinking, terrible, vile, wretched…

    You guys should try Googling “thesaurus” once in a while too. Because really, the whole “fascist” thing isn’t very clever-sounding . You guys should try pairing “liberal” up with some new ascriptions…

    Liberal Chauvenist
    Liberal Idolator
    Liberal Fecaphile
    Liberal Antidisestablishmentarian
    Liberal Donkey Puncher
    Liberal Conservative
    Liberal Vaishnavist

    I could go on… Really, any of these ascriptions are just as if not more probably realistic than “liberal fascist.”


  8. Eagle 6 says:

    I checked out the thesaurus…under “Barney Frank” I found “purple elephant trunk sucker” and “BJs for boys”. Under “Obama”? “ooo, eee, ooo ah ah, ting tang, wall Obama ding dong, oo ee, oo ah ah, ting tang wall Obama ding dang” and “4 years of eventual irrelevance”.

  9. Well, Eagle, let’s see…

    Obama’s helped out us regular folks with our taxes, student loans, credit cards, and healthcare. He’s got Russia back on the disarmament bandwagon. He’s ending the wars. The recession is ending. I could go on…

    Let’s see. What did Bush ever do for the vast majority of Americans?…



  10. Eagle 6 says:

    Those chirping crickets are the sound of peace on the home front, thank you President Bush. “us regular folks with taxes, credit cards, and healthcare”… You may make under $30,000, and if so, maybe your taxes dropped, but mine went up. Student loans? For whom? Pell Grants are bust. Credit cards? Now people like me, who have good credit and are smart enough to pay our bills on time are paying higher interest rates and/or annual fees because we are subsidizing those people who either don’t pay their bills on time or default on loans they can’t pay back because they didn’t read the fine print that said their rates would go up if they didn’t pay their bills. Do some credit card companies act like loan sharks at times? Of course. But why is there a market for loan sharks? Because people are stupid, and just because they are stupid doesn’t mean I should subsidize them. healthcare? Let’s see, a finite number of doctors accept Medicaid/Medicare. A perfect storm is coming. Our great president has reduced Medicaid’s budget and is planning to reduce it even more. Approximately 30 million more people will be eligible for care, competing for the finite number of doctors who accept Medicaid…and the plan is to reduce payments by 28%…conservative estimates suggest maybe only 21%…the combination of reducing payments, thereby driving more doctors away from accepting government “clients” (like me) coupled with adding 30 million other government clients is …. oo ee oo ah ah ting tang wall Obama ding dang…Witch Doctor… Russia back on the diarmament bandwagon? They weren’t even on the radar screen until the Witch Doctor began his “reign”…Ending wars???? picture a piano…and Lucy….hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  11. Laree says:

    The Week In Review – How Will The Republicans Get Their Grove Back? Who Or What, Is Stopping RNC Chairman Michael Steele, From Pitching That Huge GOP Party Tent? Why is Tucker Carlson Firing Into That Same Tent?

    I don’t as a rule critique Republicans.

    TGIF Circus Life, Republicans “Dirty White Boys & The Horse They Rode In On”

  12. Micky 2 says:

    You’re right, Toma. Conservatives come up with such inventive insanity all the time. I should try to keep up with my reactions.

    Jersey, want me to draw up a list of the vile crap you guys come up with ?
    Peice of cake bro, peice of cake.

    “Let’s see. What did Bush ever do for the vast majority of Americans?”

    Gee, I dont now, maybe being the first president to ever give these radicals the a$$ whooping they deserved after all the others did almost nothing but bla bla bla and blow up a pill factory in Iraq

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