Arizona Iced Tea and More Liberal Protester Stupidity

Once again, liberals are acting like themselves.

Liberals really do remind me of Islamists sometimes. Both respond to accusations of violence by committing violence. Anybody that disagrees with them is intolerant and must be treated like an infidel.

The madness has now descended upon Arizona.

I have no interest in discussing the law with the uneducated swath of leftist unwashed. Wherever one stands on the issue of illegal immigration, it is tiresome that the “tolerant” left are once again descending into mob scenes.

Worse than that, they are stupid mobs.

Back in the 1990s, Bob Dole made the mistake of wading into the dispute between Turkey and Armenia. His comments were seen as anti-Turkish. The leaders of Turkey responded by ordering a boycott of the Dole Pineapple company. Panicked Dole executives held a press conference to state that they were not Republicans or Democrats, and that they supported any American who liked pineapples.

This may seem funny, but companies have to spend money defending against this stuff. That leads to higher prices.

First the Arizona Iced Tea company was threatened with a boycott. The company quickly explained that they were a New York company based out of Long Island. If they called themselves “Long Island Iced Tea,” they would be mistaken for an alcohol company.

(I was raised on Long Island. Trust me, that is not worth bragging about.)

Now the leftist imbeciles want to boycott Arizona sports teams.

Let’s say people boycott Cardinals games. This is beyond flawed. How many people fly in from liberal havens in New York City and San Francisco to see the Cardinals? A boycott only helps the home team, which has support anyway.

Even if the boycott were to reduce ticket sales, the Cardinals would not bare the sole burden. The NFL has revenue sharing. All 32 teams split gate receipts.

Now if a person wants to boycott the entire NFL, that is a principled stand. Yet boycotting one team in a 32 member collective is asinine.

(I hope the Los Suns lose until they go back to being the Phoenix Suns. I can’t stand meaningless symbolic gestures. The owner of the Suns is not taking a principled stand. he is protecting his financial bottom line.)

Does anybody see the irony in people refusing to come to a state because they passed a law trying to get people to stop coming to the state?

Then the protesters decide to refuse to come to Arizona by showing up in Arizona and causing riots and throwing bottles.

The illegal immigrants refuse to leave, protesters claim to fail to want to visit, and then the protesters come anyway and they also refuse to leave.

Arizona’s economy should be booming because of this. After all, protesters can’t just leave the state to get dinner and come back. It is a big state.

I say we should make a trade. For every illegal immigrant in America, deport one liberal protester. Illegal immigrants can’t screw up America the way liberals can because they can’t vote. Liberals can.

(Liberals want as many illegal immigrants as possible to get citizenship so they can vote Democrat.)

What happens if a second state passes a similar law? Will liberals boycott both of those states?

Ok, perhaps yes. Yet what if all 50 states pass such a law? Will the people leave America entirely?

I sure hope so.

At some point protesters will run out of real estate.

Also, in the world of global commerce, puritans have no idea what truly belongs to Arizona.

What is an American car? Is a Ford car made in Japan shipped here American? What about a Toyota made in Michigan? Most cars have hundreds of parts from all over the world.

Now take Arizona. When you sit in San Francisco and smugly buy something on eBay, how do you know where the item truly comes from? What if you have something Fedexed to you? What if the driver goes through Arizona to get you the package?

Liberals at this point will say that “you do the best you can.” That is code for “our approach is half-@ssed, but symbolism over substance requires that we make ourselves feel good and pat ourselves on the back as we pretend that we matter.”

What about the backlash? Now conservatives will go out of their way to help Arizona. In the end it will be a wash, which is something liberal protesters rarely do.

This is not about the law itself. This is about the fact that most protesters need to have fire hoses turned on them. The police can make sure that only white protesters get hosed so there is no racism angle. Guilty white liberals fail to realize they are a tool to be used, and nobody cares about them.

Laws get passed. Yet somehow when tea party attendees get together to protest a health care bill they feel will bankrupt America, they do so peacefully.

(This angers the left further, so they invent fictional conservative violence. Then they pose as conservatives and act violent. Even Barbara Boxer can tell the difference. Leftist protesters have an unmatched level of scruffiness.)

When leftists get together to protest a law that is meant to reduce crime and increase border security, they resort to typical mob violence.

They break the law over anger at Arizona citizens wanting others to stop breaking the law.

They say the law will have unintended consequences, but so will the health care bill. Every bill has unintended consequences. That is why it is called unintended. Conservatives understand this.

I think liberals should burn all copies of the movie “Raising Arizona.”

Conservatives would be too mature to burn boxes of Rice a Roni, the San Francisco treat, which may or may not be made in San Francisco.

(As Cliff Clavin of Cheers once told us, “the Bermuda Triangle is actually a trapezoidal rhomboid.”)

The law allows police to crack down on illegal immigrants. I personally hope the police crack down even harder on liberal protesters. There is no right to free speech if it comes in the form of vandalism and wanton destruction.

(Not to be confused with wonton destruction, the brutal act of violently cracking open a delicious Chinese delicacy containing either meat or cheese.)

I remember the 1992 LA Riots. I was here. I watched the city burn while liberals made excuses for criminals and thugs. Cops were ordered to show restraint.

This is why California is bankrupt. It starts with moral decay.

Arizona law enforcement must crack down hard. Turn Phoenix into Tianeman Square if need be.

(Leftists and minorities were perfectly fine with military intervention in the 1960s to integrate the schools. That was also the right thing to do. The white mobs were dispersed. A mob is a mob in any color.)

I hope the police have their tear gas and rubber bullets ready.

More importantly, I hope their weapons are made in Arizona.


4 Responses to “Arizona Iced Tea and More Liberal Protester Stupidity”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    ” You guys are all racists ”

    ” You guys are nothing but a bunch of white toothless redneck idiots”

    Let the idiots boycott themselves.

    You want to go on a hunger strike and kill yourself ? Fine
    But dont take everyone elses food out of spite.
    This is no better than the Rodney King and Watts riots where those destroyed their own communities and only created more blight for themselves.
    And no, I,m not being racist or saying brown people are of any less intellect. But it does seem like they’ve succumbed to the victimization and misinformation/hyper BS they’ve been handed by the left.
    Have any of these people actually read the bill ?

  2. I don’t know how people could really boycott copper. Beef maybe. Tourism, of course. If they want to boycott, let ’em. I don’t see it doing a lot of good. All I know is this whole “illegal immigration” debate is just completely unrealitic and vitriolic – from all sides.


  3. Dav Lev says:

    Whole illegal debate nonsensical? My oh my.

    Over 11m illegals should be found, prosecuted quickly, put
    in buses, and shipped back to where they came from.

    In California, there are over 3m of them. Who needs such
    criminals, and that is what they are, common criminals.

    They are keeping legals from coming to the US.

    They are making money meant for the over 32m people out of
    work or underemployed, or simply not looking at all. These people
    are receiving tax payer dollars as unemployment insurance..with protest
    now for extending it.

    How many of them have tuberculosis, and other illnesses, not
    diagnosed at the border entry points? They dont have to worry at
    being inspected on Ellis Island.

    How many of them have psychiatric problems, some causing violence?

    This is a boil on our soil, that must be eradicate. The cancer is growing,

    I have no sympathy for them at all.

    Why should we care about them, or their children. No matter who they
    are, lets enact laws and get rid of them ASAP.

    I am not a racist., but, these people have no rights.

    Eric is right. Their benefactors need a good caning
    as far as Im concerned.

    I want to know how many of them are terrorists?

    What kind of country do we want for our children and grandchildren?

    There is a process to allow immigrants here. The liberals have circumvented that process. Everyone who votes here, must be
    examined for their legitimacy. Everyone who works, must have
    be legal. Its just that simple. This is disgraceful. Our entire society
    is being eroded.

    I implore law enforcement to enforce the laws, most especially in Arizona.

    I detest the movement to boycott Arizona. Let’s ship the protestors out and their benefiticaries, the illegals. No mercy should be shown them.

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “Over 11m illegals should be found, prosecuted quickly, put
    in buses, and shipped back to where they came from.

    In California, there are over 3m of them. Who needs such
    criminals, and that is what they are, common criminals. ”

    I’m gonna disagree here.
    First of all.
    Shipping many of the 11 million already here would be very inhumane to the kids many of them have who are citizens. The majority of them are decent people who did break the law and they should be held accountable by some means but not at the risk of tearing apart families. The costs incurred of giving all those kids foster homes, being wards of the state would be astronomical never mind the efforts and costs involved in rounding them all up.
    Its just not going to happen.
    But starting immediatly we should start applying the Arizona law nationally (Washington, are you listening ?) according to fed law and bulid a wall no less formidable than that surrounding a supermax prison.
    We’ll have to stop the bleeding while absorbing whats already here.
    Unless any of these people have committed violent crimes or have records other than the misdemeanor of jumping the border were going to have to absorb them. Thats the reality.
    I dont like the strain many of them have been to the system but deporting 11 million people at one sweep is about as unrealistic as it gets

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