UCLA–Supporting Islamist Terrorist Charities

The University of Crooked Lying Arabists (UCLA) held a symposium to educate young future Islamists into how to evade anti-money laundering laws and support Islamist terrorist charities. The column is at Campus Watch.



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  1. Micky 2 says:

    “If Jews can get reparations from Germany, then Palestinians should get reparations from Israel. After all, what the Germans supposedly did to the Jews[emphasis added] is what Israel is doing to the people of Palestine.’

    “Supposedly “?
    Hamas and the Palestinians are recieving aid and weapons from Iran, a regime that denies the holocaust. If they’re aligning themselves with those that believe this then they should abide by it and not expect anything from Israel ?
    Last I checked the Jews during WW2 didnt have an oil wealthy state aiding them or homicide bombers or a full military and arsenal at their disposal to indiscriminately shoot missiles at Germany

  2. Those charities that are intentionally or even negligently funding terrorists are certainly deplorable and should be shut down, there members arrested. But something you wrote in the article made me think: “…the majority of the charities that have been investigated for financially aiding terrorism were found guilty…” I wasn’t sure about that. So, I checked the web and saw that particular claim only made by certain rightwing sites and publications. So, I tried finding a complete list and seeing how many in that list were actually “found guilty.” I found only two. The “Islamic Association for Palestine” and the “Holy Land Foudation.” There are plenty of allegations, ongoing investigations, sanctions and shut-downs, but only two “found guilty” by a court of law.

    So, I am quite convinced that the statement, “the majority of the charities that have been investigated for financially aiding terrorism were found guilty,” is simply untrue. A fabrication. There are at least 14 of these charities under some level of criminal scrutiny or other, but only two have been convicted.

    As for Pipes, I think he’s a little nuts, obsessed with “Islamists.”


  3. Micky 2 says:

    Who cares if they’re found guilty or not ?
    What kind of person doesnt get it that terrorist recieve tons of money from illicit donations and interupted aid from all corners of the world ?

    Since September 2001, Treasury has designated 43 charities worldwide as supporters of terrorism. Under Executive Order 13224, the department freezes the assets of organizations so designated. Three of them –Benevolence International Foundation, Global Relief Fund, Holy Land Foundation — had headquarters in the United States. Two, Al Haramain Foundation and Islamic African Relief Agency, had U.S. branch offices.

    Read more: http://www.america.gov/st/washfile-english/2006/September/20060929172737berehellek0.8130609.html#ixzz0nGittVc0

    43 Of them ? thats more than two.
    I guess if their assets are frozen then they must be guilty enough.
    Remember, you dont actually have to be convicted to be guilty.

  4. The point is, Micky, that the statement is UNTRUE. That’s why people knock Pipes all the time. It’s not that people think he’s stupid, it’s that he just seems like honesty often takes a back seat to his his foaming hatred of Islam. I mean, a lot of our good host’s rhetoric is very Pipes-ian. But is he falls into the trap of repeatin gwhat Pipes says as gospel truth, he’s going to be tarred the way Pipes has. People are never going to take Campus Watch seriously if it is DISHONEST. I have no problem with what CW does, until it goes over the top, as it did with the dossiers and UNTRUTHS like that statement. The FACT of the matter is that the VAST majority of the charities under scrutiny or investigation HAVE NOT been “found guilty.” Period. THREE OUT OF FORTY THREE IS NOT “MOST.”


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