Obama to Tennessee–Tough Luck Cracker Honky Whitey

Between the stock market collapsing with help from a “clerical error,” the New York terror plot, Greece going bankrupt, leftist protesters from Greece to America going bonkers, and of course JaMarcus Russell being released by the Oakland Raiders (ok, so good news does come in small doses), and the oil disaster that is soooo last week, it seems that much of the country has ignored the tragedy of the flooding in Tennessee.

30 people died in the torrential rainstorm, and Kentucky got belted hard as well.

At least President Obama issued moving emotional remarks while touring the ravaged area.

Oh wait…never mind.

Barack Obama had a simple message to the people of Tennessee. In the new post-partisan, post-racial Obamaworld, he offered his sentiments.

“Tough luck, cracker honky whitey.”

After all, why would Mr. Obama spend one minute helping Tennessee? Why would he want to help people who vote Republican (supporting George W. Bush over Al Gore, who claimed to be from there), watch football, love NASCAR, believe in a Christian God, and supported the South in the Civil War?

Why would he care if the Grande Old Opry shuts down? Does anybody think he loses an ounce of sleep over suffering country musicians? After all, country music is for white rednecks.

If enough people in Tennessee die, there will be fewer Republicans alive.

Mr. Obama obviously does not care about white people, and deliberately withheld any government aid to maximize the suffering.

This is where liberals start screeching their famous liberal screech.

They will start mouthing nonsense about how being president is a hard job. The president cannot be in a million places at once. While immediately going to Tennessee might be good symbolic policy, it might not be smart from a logistical standpoint.

They will say that I have every right to offer criticism that I can back up, but wild speculation about what is in his heart is totally unfair. He could very well be taking steps to minimize the pain, and we owe him the benefit of the doubt.

They would be right.

Now if only the left would stop being such a bunch of insufferable hypocrites.

How many times did we hear that George W. Bush didn’t care about black people? That he deliberately took no action during Hurricane Katrina so that black suffering would be exacerbated?

It was garbage. The only mistake George W. Bush made during that time was being far too gracious to critics not fit to lick his Texas boots.

He never got an ounce of credit for quick action that led to 30,000 people, many of them black, being airlifted to safety.

He faced a natural disaster, was in constant contact with people on the ground, and did his best.

The situation in Katrina was unprecedented. Unprecedented means exactly that.

It wasn’t his fault that liberal politicians screwed up Louisiana to begin with. Only a leftist shill could praise Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco. They did more damage than Michael Brown at FEMA ever could.

When Bush told “Brownie” that he was doing a “heckuva job,” that was to boost morale. What was he supposed to do, berate the guy on national television? That would have helped the rescue efforts, if one calls walking off the job a rescue.

President Bush was beaten like a rented mule by people who hated his guts for no other reason than that is who they are and how they behave.

Barack Obama has a tough job. He is doing the best he can. He is getting some things right and too many things wrong.

He should be criticized for his missteps, and stop being so petulant with people who refuse to see him as perfect. He needs to drop the arrogance and develop humility.

Yet I will not question his heart. I have never met the man, or broken bread with him. He may very well care about the people of Tennessee.

I know George W. Bush cared about the suffering in New Orleans. He was a devout religion who obeyed Christian teachings. Those teachings demanded that he care about the most vulnerable among us. Those who attack him for being guided by Christianity cannot pick and choose which aspects of the religion he obeyed. Most Christians I know give more to charity and do more to help combat suffering than the average person.

George W. Bush was never given the benefit of the doubt by the left…never.

If the left wants Barack Obama to be given the benefit of the doubt, they need to stop the abuse of conservatives.

I will do my part. George W. Bush will be vindicated.

Being the president is hard work. He did his best, and he did so with honor, grace, class, humility, dignity, and decency.

I know some people in Tennessee who would welcome the warmth that he and Laura Bush had for people.

There is little perceived warmth with his successor Dr. Spock. He is as cold as the rain that tormented Tennessee.

Those who suggest I be fair may wish to look in the mirror.

Mr. Obama needs to put his head down and do his job. If he does the right thing, the truth will get out.

If he doesn’t, that will get out as well, no matter how many MSNBC anchors praise their god.

Tennessee needs help. Get to work Mr. Obama. You may not gain electoral votes, but you might gain something more important.


15 Responses to “Obama to Tennessee–Tough Luck Cracker Honky Whitey”

  1. Micky 2 says:

    Theres no political incentive for him to do much about Tennessee. But he sure is busy catering to Latinos over illegal immigration. I think hes spoke on that issue everyday now since Arizona signed the law.
    Its really a shame that the Times square bomber and the spill hold much greater incdentives as crisis to be taken advantage of.

  2. Dav Lev says:

    I live in California. Everywhere I go, I see Hispanics, from Venezuela,
    to Columbia, to Mexico, of course. Some Hispanics are here illegally, probably most. I presume they speak English ( in order to matriculate
    in a local high school). I also assume that every Hispanic who attends a state school, junior college, private school, or university college, speaks pretty good English.

    Some schools require everyone to pass a basic English test, or
    take a short course in English.

    I’m also assuming that the vast majority of Hispanics who want to
    be employed at a job with public contact, speak English.

    Sooooo, why are all these leftists protesting the Arizona law?

    If someone speaks English ( understood), has proper ID, and is
    civil to an LAPD or Sheriff, what in the world is the problem for them?

    If I were stopped, looking like someone who is a commander of
    the Golani or Gavati Brigades in Israel (do I really?), I would gladly
    show my ID, insurance card, driver’s license, etc.

    What is their problem? I am not so sensitive to being profiled,
    if it aids society.

    In todays LA Times is an articlea about two Hispanic police in
    Arizona who have filed suits against the new law, claiming
    it will aggravate tensions between the police and communit they

    They should be told that in Mexico, all law enforcement at every
    level and municipality cooperate in apprehending illegals there.
    A two year punishment for the first offense. If someone is
    deported and comes back, it is 10 years.

    Oh me oh my, those awful Mexicans, what chutspah.

    The President is but a victim of all of us. He and other Presidents
    have understood the difficulties in reform.

    Many employers fight for the right of illegals to work..claiming they
    need the workers and is inherently unfair to their families.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love children. But what is this nonsense
    that the families are separted when parents are arrested.

    To the parents: take your children with you. Did you ever think that
    having children while in the US, put them at risk of being deported?
    Where is your responsibility?

    As far as relations..oh puleeze. The legals should be proud that
    their law enforcers are going after the criminals. Being here illegally
    is a criminal offense guys.

    President Bush will go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents.
    He stopped terrorist attacks on our soil, and get rid of Saddam, a really
    bad guy. He was biased for our allies. He understood what militant Islam is all about. He was a good Christian, who did not attend a church whose
    pastor was viciously anti-white, anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian.

    He did what he could after the G-d created flood.

    What will it take for all of US to wake up to the horrendous
    government now in Washington D.C. By sheer luck, the last
    two terrorist attempts failed. Will the next? Where will it
    strike? Will we Jews and Infidels (Christians) be targeted again?
    Why was there a time lag before Ahmad was captured trying to
    return to the M.E.? Why, why, why?

    Oh yes I know, profiling is verboten..A Muslim looking guy who
    pays 1200 in cash, boards a one-way flight to that violent region,
    and no one pays any attention?

    And back in Arizona, over 1m people are there illegally, with more to come.

    Tragic, tragic…

    But have no fear, Nancy Pelosi is safe and secure in her district.
    But are they having children?

    Food for thought.

  3. Dav Lev says:

    A correction: most Hispanics are here legally.

  4. Micky 2 says:

    “Sooooo, why are all these leftists protesting the Arizona law? ‘

    I read the bill, I really did.
    The protesting because…

    1) They’ve all been fed a bunch of propogandized crap from the media and race baiters like Sharpton.

    They know damn well the law doesnt provide for any racial profiling and actually mentions the penalties and procedured should such a thing happen. Its just an intent on their part to make for a situation that doesnt exist in order to draw attention to another problem that doesnt exist resulting in restrictions and regulations that go serve the purpose of one particular sect. Much like global warming.
    If were such a racist nation why are they still risking their lives to come here or remain here under varied circumstances ?
    We see the same thing happening at Oak high over 5 kids wearing American flags on Cinco De Mayo
    The Mexican kids at Oak staged a walkout demanding respect. 40% of the school is latino. The boys who got sent home are being tagged with an unexcuse absence.
    This all BS and starting to pi$$ me off.
    The school districts superintendent is not supporting the principles decision decision, they need to get all these kids together in the auditorium and work this out.
    These kids want respect ? Then they have to give it as well.
    They got their day, they were allowed to recognize the 5th at school and wear their colors, no one stopped them.
    If they think they’re going to demand exclusive colors only be worn at anytime they all need their heads slapped.
    In my gut I think they’re just hyping the drama so they could take the ay off, I hope so but the constant overhyped claims of victimization coming frm leftist menatlities is getting a little out of hand, actually a lot out of hand

  5. I’m a little confuses. FEMA was on the ground immediately as the Tennessee disaster occurred. 12,000 people have already registered for assistance, 27 counties have been declared federal disaster areas, and 1.5 mil in aid has aready been approved. FEMA is also on the ground in the other affected states, preparing for the movement of the flood. Is there something I don’t know?


  6. Well, Micky, there’s a lot more to that stupid Arizona law than just the wording itself. These stupid Arizonans don’t realize just how dependent they are on “illegals.” That lifestyle they enjoy down there is largely propped-up by those immigrant laborers they hate so much. The purpose of the law is to scare “illegals,” but the thought that an American citizen could be held on suspicion of being and “illegal” person in and of themselves is appalling! It runs contrary to everything we believe about this country! If you happen to look Hispanic and get pulled over by the cops for speeding and don’t happen to have all your papers on you, which I’m sure happens everyday, you could be held and checked for your citizenship! What the %$#@ kind of Ceausescu-esque nightmare do you police-state cons want to turn this country into anyway??? Grow some cojones and stop being so afraid of brown people!!!!


  7. Micky 2 says:

    Whatever Jersey.

    These people want equality and respect. Thats why they come here.
    They need to respect our laws.

    People b*tched. They amended the law to appease them in clarifying in no uncertain terms that profiling would be a moot issue according to all protocol and procedures that are to be followed.
    The hype on the left is huge farce of drummed imaginary victimization. No one has yet to point out in anyway how any wording in the legislation promotes or allows profiling.
    My daughter is half Mexican from a mother whom I lived with for 10 years.
    I worked and lived in L.A. and S.D. for 13 years. Today I’m married to a Hawaiian Portugese woman.
    In the warehouse I worked at I had to learn Spanish instead of the other way around. My paper work was sabotaged by illegals resulting in my termination. The management knew I was innocent but didnt want the interacial hassle.
    I dealt coke brought up by Mexican dealers and mules for about 7 years and saw the damage done to Americans. Today I’ve been clean for 14 years and rescue/intervene addicts and alcoholics.
    I have nothing against anyone due race,or ethnicity. But I do resent people abusing a system they have no right to placing a burden on others unfairly.
    Can you understand that ?
    This country is the house of those that contribute to it and that house has rules that not just any schmuck can walk in off the street and circumvent.
    What about that dont people understand ?
    My cajones have calouses from dragging on the ground and my wife is brown.
    Actually, maybe I am racist.
    I’ve never dated or been intimate with a white woman

  8. This law is un-American and, as far as I’m concerned, the people that support it are too.


  9. Micky 2 says:

    “These stupid Arizonans don’t realize just how dependent they are on “illegals.” That lifestyle they enjoy down there is largely propped-up by those immigrant laborers they hate so much. ”

    more minimization of others intellect, and misinformation.

    They are not hated. The dealers and human smugglers are.
    We have 20% unemployment. Americans will take construction, warehouse, and dishwashing jobs. I’ve seen it a million times, I’ve worked in all three fields.
    We’d be just fine if everyone came here legally. Enforce the immigration laws. If by chance theres a shortage of labor I’m sure it wouldnt be too hard to start issuing more work visas… piece of cake

  10. Micky, I just can’t think of anything nicer to say about the supporters of this bill than “stupid.” What we need is serious immigration reform, and none has been or foreseeably will be forthcoming from anywhere.

    The feds, the states, nothing. The smartest thing I’ve seen are the cities and towns that just say “the heck with it” and simply refuse to bother with prosecuting people for lack of documentation. Let’s get real here – big biz and small biz alike want these people. These people are coming because they know the work is here. Americans that are already assimilated just don’t want to do these jobs, and certainly not at the rates for which the immigrants will work. And finally, we have become accustomed to the cheap products and services the immigrants produce and provide.

    These immigrants are simply the latest wave of the poor and hungry to come to our shores, and this stupid anti-immigrant fervor is simply the latest racist reaction to to this latest group of immigrants. We did it to the Germans, we did it to the Irish, we did it to the Italians, we did it to the Chinese, we did it to the Jews, and most horrifically of all, we did it to the very Africans freed into our midst after we brought here in slavery.

    The fact of the matter is that the markets – you know, the friggin’ MARKETS which you conservatives are allegedly so expert – DEMAND this labor. 8.3 million people. EIGHT POINT THREE MILLION PEOPLE. That’s how many workers are estimated to be “illegals.”

    The sleazy, sleazy, sleazy cheap labor cons WANT these people here and WANT to keep them illegal. The illegal aliens are the next best thing to slaves as far as they’re concerned. It is their very illegality that makes them so valuable to the cheap labor cons. YOU are being played by Republicans who pretend to care about this issue. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU. They only want their precious CHEAP LABOR.

    Grow up and realize that.


  11. Micky 2 says:

    Awww, no freaking way ?
    I just posted a nice long one and poof ! Gone!!

    Maybe you should read my rebutal to Dan Lev on the other thread before you go telling anyone to grow up.
    A a matter of fact I suggest you tell your adorable little CIC to stop running around like an unruly child saying crap about the bill that can never be substantiated and instead do his fricking job and secure our borders.
    The same goes for Bush and Clinton.

  12. Micky 2 says:

    “To the parents: take your children with you. Did you ever think that
    having children while in the US, put them at risk of being deported?
    Where is your responsibility? ”

    My responsability ? Puhleeese

    You escaped Mexico only so you could subject your kids to it ?
    Legally they are now “OURS”. They are American citizens and we should not put them in harms way by leaving their parents no choice.
    Or else they become wards of the state and a taxpayer burden.
    I’m no friend to illegals. I’ve been shafted, robbed and shot at by them and paid many taxes to support them.
    But to think you can actually run a sieve thru our country and collect them all is an insane dream.
    If you’re a criminal we jail you and/or ship your a$$ back ASAP.
    If you’ve been playing by the rules other than jumping the border you pay a fine and start your naturalization process immediately by going to the end of the line behind those that came here by the rules

  13. Well, Micky, the Cheap Labor Cons love people like you.


  14. DebraJMSmith says:

    Re: “He needs to drop the arrogance and develop humility.”

    Something tells me that some Tennesseans are going to kick Obama’s political rear-end, when all is back to normal there. Oh, let’s hope. Let’s really hope that the good that comes out of this, is a good-old fashion fashion butt-kicking, from The Country Music Capital of The World. That will teach Obama some humility. And hopefully help get someone of worth into office in 2012.

    Debra J.M. Smith
    Journalist at InformingChristians.com

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