Election 2010–Liberals come unglued

Yesterday I pointed out that while Republicans were poised for big wins in the 2010 election, the left was going to get so far below Dante’s inferno to hold on to power.

The hate is coming so fast and furious that rather than continue to update yesterday’s column, I would just make it the entire column of today. This allows me to appear hardworking while being a tad lazy, while actually tackling the entire purpose of the Tygrrrr Express, which is to combat ideological bigotry.

Liberals are coming unglued. The following events have occurred in the last 72 hours.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, an imbecilic liberal who gives all Jews a bad name, accused Tea Party attendees of burning President Obama in effigy. This has never happened. She is scared because Colonel Allen West is winning his congressional race, and the thought of a black conservative scares the daylights out of guilty white leftists. The only thing being set on fire is the political discourse, thanks to the vicious Wasserman-Schultz.

The hatred continues. The lying liberal weasel running for the Connecticut Senate seat to replace the corrupt Chris Dodd has gone after Linda McMahon in a disgusting manner. A professional wrestler tragically killed his wife, his son, and himself. Because Ms. McMahon used to head the WWE, her opponent Richard Blumenthal is linking her to that tragedy. He is using the wrestler’s father as a sympathy spokesman. Perhaps they can say that Ms. McMahon pulled the trigger herself.

Even President Obama is getting dangerously close to racial bombthrowing, which for the most part he has tried to give the appearance of avoiding. Republicans can join him on the bus, but “they have to sit in the back.” Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus, and she is a hero. President Obama is no Rosa Parks. Nobody should be relegated to the back of the bus, and ideological bigotry is every bit as vile as racism.

Joyless Behar is an oxymoron. Joy Behar lacks the oxy, which is used to cleanse the face.

She recently announced that Sharron Angle is a “b*tch who will go to hell.”


This is hate speech. When one is a liberal, condemnation comes in the form of a television show by imbeciles, for imbeciles.

Rob Reiner compared the Tea Party people to Adolf Hitler. I met Reiner a couple years ago, and to my face he disavowed that kind of talk. He said we should not compare anybody to Hitler, that there was only one Hitler.

What a surprise. A liberal lied, civility died.


Jon Stewart will be holding a rally designed for the singular purpose of demonizing conservatives by ridiculing them.

I never thought I would live to see the day when race-baiting Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson would actually become the voice of reason. While I disagree with his column, he actually attacked Republicans on…I am shocked to even wrap my arms around it…issues.

The man actually discussed matters of policy.


One civil column does not make hm better. It just seems that every liberal around him is worse. That is how far gone the Democratic party is down the rabbit hole of reason.

Buckle up Republicans. It is going to get worse.


7 Responses to “Election 2010–Liberals come unglued”

  1. “Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, an imbecilic liberal who gives all Jews a bad name, accused Tea Party attendees of burning President Obama in effigy. This has never happened.”


    This did happen, but I don’t know if these people were “Tea Party” people or not. I’m quite certain that Tea Party people do things like that, though. Lord knows, they hate Obama!

    “Because Ms. McMahon used to head the WWE, her opponent Richard Blumenthal is linking her to that tragedy.”

    She deserves a lot of blame. WWE policy regarding steriods and healthcare for their wrestlers, a policy she vigorously advocates and helped to create, carries much of the blame for the many, many tragedies their wresters have suffered. Only a conservative would be so hypocritical as to hold no accountability for such egregious irresponsibility.

    “Republicans can join him on the bus, but “they have to sit in the back.””

    Now, this is just plain sleazy and should be well beneath the class of our good host. Obama, of course, we referring to his rhetoric about the GOP ‘wanting back the keys to the car (of state),’ that they’ve shown they ‘can’t drive,’ and that ‘they could come along for the ride (in that car) but they’d have to sit in the back.’ The hypocrisy of a conservative playing the Civil Rights card aside, this is just plain malicisous misrepresentation and you should be ashamed of yourself for employing such underhanded rhetoric.

    Joy Behar and Jon Stewart can say whatever they wants. That’s their stock and trade.

    I gotta say man, you conservatives have awefully thin skin these days! As crazy Sharron Angle would say – Man Up!


  2. Micky 2 says:

    Jersey, your lame applications make the authors case.
    You’re having your a$$es handed to you for reasons so simple…its stupid.
    You screwed everything up in record time at record costs.


  3. refuse2lose says:

    I would like to reply to the McDork who is evidently a liberal plant,being paid to visit conservative sites and post lies. You are a typical radical Leftist who has made it acceptable to call all opposition to Obama racists or they just hate the man. How would you know anything about these people when you have never spoken to one of them? You base your conclusions on what the braindead talking heads on MSNBC or CNN have said,instead of facts.

    I will be relieved when November gets here and we can finally WRESTLE our country back from the hands of ilk like you. With conservatives at the helm,America at least has a chance.

  4. Micky, exactly what has who screwed up?


  5. Refuse2lose (or as I would call you, “2intransigent2convince”),

    I don’t usually call for our good host, and Micky and all the others, to stick up for me, but you need an education in character judgement.

    I may be a “radical leftist” by your standards, but if you think I’ve never spoken to an opponent of Obama, than you obviously have never read anything from me, let alone spoken to a person like me. I’ve been blogging for years. I get my information from all over the place. I have more facts off the top of my head than most people have with a local library and Google at their fingertips. Tygrrrr and his readers will also acknowledge that.

    The reason I post here is that Tygrrrr, unlike most partisan bloggers, has the cojones to allow dissenting opinion as long as it is informed. I, my friend, am informed.

    And believe you me, you are most certainly not wresting the country back from the likes of me. You wouldn’t even recognize the country I would prefer to see.


  6. blacktygrrrr says:

    Everybody who comments on my blog is of good character, whether left or right. Otherwise they get banned quickly.

    The rules of my blog are simple, no profanity or personal attacks. The rest I am easygoing about.

    So I encourage new visitors to adhere to the rules because even people we totally disagree with can become friends when you least suspect it.

    If we all agreed life would be colossally boring.

    eric :)

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