Election 2010–The Final Countdown

Today is the last full day before voting starts tomorrow for the 2010 Elections.

The only thing I have done today is updated my endorsement lists of Senators, Governors, House races, and local races. If I have left ANYBODY out, please let me know and give me a reason to add that candidate.





Additionally, here are my decisions on the California Propositions.

For those of you in California who received a “Republican” mailer that is not specifically endorsed by anybody, it is a dirty trick. It endorses all the liberal positions. While this may or may not be legal, it is liberal gutlessness to not even say who is sending out a mailer and calling it Republican when it is nothing of the sort.

19–Legalize marijuana–NO NO NO NO NO! California has enough slackers and stoners. We should take high level drug dealers and shoot them in the town square. I am usually libertarian, but when it comes to drugs we should be like Singapore. No legalization now nor ever.

20–Redistricting–Yes. This takes redistricting out of the hands of legislators and gives it to a bipartisan commission, the only time such a commission is ever useful. Republicans may be tempted to vote no so that when they win they can control the system, but this is bout doing what is right for the people. Gerrymandering must end.

21–Tax cars for state parks. No. To all you bleeding hearts out there, taxes are too high. No, I do not want to abolish state parks. Find another way. No more car taxes.

22–Prohibits states from taking funds earmarked for transportation. Initial reaction, No. I will study this one further.

23–Suspend AB32 (Greeniac anti-business law) until unemployment drops to 5.5 % for a year. Yes. If you care more about trees than jobs and human beings, then move somewhere else. You are the reason California is in the toilet. Other states like Idaho can be pro-environment without crippling business.

24–Repeal law giving business tax breaks. No. We have destroyed this state from a business climate. We should be cutting their taxes, not raising them. Until every business leaves, liberals will remain clueless. Maybe if they owned businesses they would understand.

25–Reduce 2/3 majority to simple majority to pass budget. No. If Republicans were not able to block the worst of liberalism with 1/3 + 1, California would have died 20 years ago. I prefer gridlock to liberal budgets.

26–Require 2/3 votes to impose new fees. Yes. Liberals have trouble raising taxes, so they call them fees instead. It has to stop. There is nothing left to take. Liberals will be forced to learn how to grow an economy if it kills them.

27–Anti-redistricting. No. It seems to be the exact opposite of 20, eliminating the redistricting commission and giving legislators the right to keep gerrymandering.

How the heck do 20 and 27 make it on the ballot? What if they both pass?

That is another reason not to legalize marijuana. Only stoners and slackers could create a ballot like this.

If Barbara Boxer survives, it will be because the potheads got off their couch, put down their munchies and brownies, and supported a cause they deeply believe in.

Do not let the dregs of society decide this election. Defeat Barbara Boxer.

It is also not too late to donate money. Even a few dollars can buy bumper stickers. For those concerned about where to donate, pick close races. Helping somebody 30 points ahead or behind is not the solution at this point. Loyalty is fine, but we want to win. I made the following donations yesterday.

Josh Mandel–Treasurer, Ohio

Joel Pollak–Congress, Illinois

Michele Bachmann–Congress, Minnesota

Dan Lungren–Congress, California

Charles Djou–Congress, Hawaii

Allen West–Congress, Florida

Ruth McClung–Congress, Arizona

Raul Labrador–Congress, Idaho

Sean Bielat–Congress, Massachusetts (against Barney Frank)

Mark Kirk–Senate, Illinois

Sharron Angle–Senate, Nevada

Keep fighting. To quote rock group “Europe,” This is the final countdown. The band Europe is fine, but the continent Europe is failing. Unless we want to be the continent of Europe, vote Republican.


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  1. […] Election 2010–The Final Countdown | THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS […]

  2. […] Election 2010–The Final Countdown | THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS […]

  3. You’re against the legalization of marijuana? Why? “Slackers and stoners?” I know a lot of high-performing big shots who smoke pot every night! I am very surprised, let alone disappointed, with your reactionary, Mommy State, Police State, old-fashioned, fuddy-duddy position on this!

    Prop 20 is tricky. We have a similar vote here in FL tomorrow. Prop 20 is based on Prop 11 from a couple of years ago, and it has one glaring problem – the redistricting “CRCC” looks like it probably won’t reflect the demographics of California. On the other hand, it’s as advanced or more as any similar syste or proposal in the nation. At least CA seems to be genuinely trying to get the temporal politics out of districting. It may not be a bad idea.

    Prop 21 seems like a good idea to me. It doesn’t affect mot Californians in that the tax is offset by granting free admission to Californias fantastic park system to CA drivers.

    I’m not sure why your initial reaction to Prop 22 is negative. Its the kind of thing Republicans are usually for, at least rhetorically. Dedicated taxes, you’d think, are a good thing. But then Republicans tend to take a hypocritical stance on that. Take SS and Medicare – funded by dedicated taxes. You guys want to cut them, but offer nothing in the way of cutting the general budget. Why? Well, that’s easy – because its where the Military Industrial Complex leaches its money from the American people.

    Prop 23 is not “crippling” anyone. But if it makes you guys happy, then fine. The pro-pollution GOP will be happy.

    Only about 2% of CA businesses are afeected by Prop 24, yet the measure would bring 1.3 bil into the desparately empty state coffers. I know Republicans hate all taxes, but someone has to pay for something once in a while.

    Of course, as a CA Republican, you’d be against 25 and for 26. As anyone else, you’d be for 25 and against 26.

    Prop 27 will be moot if Prop 20 fails. Prop 11 would be reversed, though. I don’t know what to say about this one! And yeah – could you imagine if both 20 and 27 passed??? What the…. ?????? As Don King might say, “Only in California!”


  4. Micky 2 says:

    Aww C’mon !!!

    That was a huge post !
    Where is it ???

    In short I’m gonna have to agree with Jersey on this one even though I gave much more detailed info

  5. Micky 2 says:

    Still wont post.
    I should elaborate.
    I agree with Jersey on the prop 19 thing

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