Waterboard Palestinians and the LA Times Editors

Ok, enough holiday cheer. Even if I did have a holiday yesterday, which I did not, fake politically correct behavior for 24 hours is just that…fake. Political candidates took one day off, and are back to feuding and fussing. I was busy romancing a woman I shall only refer to as the “Bay Area Beauty.” My good mood notwithstanding, it is back to bringing scorched Earth against those that badly need it. Since I am not sure whether Arab terrorists or the liberal media that enable them are a bigger scourge to the world, I will deal with them both today.

As decent and literate folks everywhere know, the Jayson Blair Times’s illiterate cousin, aka the Los Angeles Times, has a soft spot in its bleeding heart for warm and fuzzy Palestinian terrorists.

On December 21st, 2007, an LA Times headline thundered, “Israeli raids into Gaza leave at least six dead.”

Yes folks, those horrible Israelis are killing poor, innocent Palestinians.

In smaller print, the paper then stated, “The military responded after Palestinians fired rockets, one of which exploded near a school; no one there was hurt.”

The headline should have read, “Genocidal Palestinian lunatics tried to murder innocent Israeli school children.”

Does the fact that none of the Israeli children were hurt mitigate what these Palestinian animals tried to do? Does anybody that has ever believed in anything decent and right actually believe that the LA Times headline cares about the truth?

Buried deep in the story is who actually died. If it was poor, suffering Palestinian children, it would be on page 1.

“Israel said its forces killed seven Palestinian gunmen in four clashes. Palestinians confirmed six dead and twenty wounded.”

Yes, Israel had the nerve to retaliate against people that tried to murder their children. How many people in this world, after seeing an attempt on the life of a family member, would not want those people dead in return? Isn’t the killing of child killers a good deed? Of course it is. Reasonable people can understand this, which exempts Palestinians and LA Times editors.

“Hamas floated the idea of a truce this week…”

So what? The only reason Hamas ever seeks any kind of truce is when they are getting destroyed militarily. They then use the truce to regroup, and rearm themselves.

“Israel rejected the advance, saying there was no need for a truce because Israel would have no reason to attack if the rocket fire stopped.”

In plain English, I want every Palestinian wack job all over the world to understand a simple concept. If you stop trying to blow things up, there will be peace.

At this point a Palestinian might ask, “How can we be sure of this?”

The civilized human being should ask a question of their own. “Have you ever tried?”

“Israel refuses to deal with Hamas because the movement calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.”

Nobody else in the world has to negotiate for their right to exist.

Rather than overstate and reiterate the painfully obvious, I shall reiterate and understate some of my own previous statements on this subject. Rather than elaborate, I shall provide the links.










Here are the brief points to commit to memory.

There is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are a fictional invented people. They are the Easter Bunny without lucky feet, and in the spirit of the season, are basically Santa Claus, if Santa Claus was a homicide bomber.

Palestinians are Arabs. To be more precise, they are defective Arabs. In America, we have product recalls, and the defective products that blow up around children are removed from the shelves. The shelves in this case are Arab nations, where these poor, sweet, murderous fuzzballs are removed. They have not been kicked out of other Arab nations because they are victims. They were kicked out because they were agitators.

There has not been a successful Arab nation since Mesopotamia. Israel flourished because a bunch of hard working Jews turned orange groves into worldwide beauty. Arabs took beauty, such as the Cedars of Lebanon, and destroyed it. Jews in the Middle East build beauty. Arabs in the Middle East spread poison and hatred.

There is nothing that Arabs in the Middle East contribute to this world that is positive.

So yes, the Arabs in the Middle East are the worst people on Earth, and the Palestinians are the worst of the Arabs. They are a defective, recessive, cancerous element in a body that is not that emotionally healthy to begin with.

There is no Palestine, there is no Arab East Jerusalem, and there are no occupied territories. There is one Jewish state, and Arabs that are trying to seize Israel as the 23rd Arab state because they have already screwed up and made themselves unwelcome in the first 22 of them.

The solution is simple. Every Palestinian that at some point somehow decides to act like a normal human being will be allowed to exist, and nothing more. Israel created something out of nothing, and they will have to do the same. Perhaps Jordan and Syria will take them in, especially if the threat of force was applied if they did not. I am sure Jordan and Syria would be delighted to welcome their black sheep brethren if they were the ones on the verge of being told that they soon would not have a right to exist.

As for the Palestinians that continue to act like…well…Palestinians…they need to be broken. They must be broken financially, emotionally, physically, and psychologically. I would recommend that we waterboard them, but waterboarding is not torture. Since we do not torture, and sterilizing them would be considered cruel, then the only answer is to kill them humanely the same way we sacrifice animals in a kosher manner. Either way, bullets to the heart will prevent them from breeding any more than they already do, preventing future screwups to enter the world.

Killing can be done in a human manner, despite the fact that Arabs in the Middle East have been cutting off heads for centuries. The Palestinians need to go, before Jewish schoolchildren, who actually grow up and contribute positive things to the world, are all murdered as a world sits by silently and leftist newspapers cheer for the murderers.

As for some of the leading champions of murderers, cutting their heads off might not be a bad idea. No, I am not advocating the physical murder of the LA Times editorial board. Their heads can be cut off financially. Money runs the world, and a conservative billionaire needs to buy the paper, fire the staff, and turn it into a quality publication.

Otherwise, we can scare the editors with some harmless techniques, far less dangerous than anything the Palestinians do.

Somebody please waterboard the LA Times editors. I am tired of them. Decent human beings everywhere should be.


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  1. micky2 says:

    Perfect !
    Its not often enough that someone puts out the truth as far as what the Palestinians really are.

    Black Tygrr wrote;
    “So what? The only reason Hamas ever seeks any kind of truce is when they are getting destroyed militarily. They then use the truce to regroup, and rearm themselves.”

    Yep ! And they’ve done it before. How many times do they expect Israel to pull its finger ?

  2. Rudy Carrera says:

    Eh, you may want to remember that of those Arabs, a fair number are Christian and Druze – in other words, people who are mainly on our side, though they’re being crushed out of existence by Hamas. So not all Arabs are evil.

  3. micky2 says:

    I’m quite sure the author realizes that not every single Arab is bad.
    But you make his point when you say the good ones are being crushed out of existance.
    Not all Americans are good. But the overwhelming majority of Americans are good.
    I wish I could say that for the Arabs.

  4. Jenn says:

    Yup.. “palestinians” are nothing but cast off A-Rabs… the scourge of their society. The bottom of the barrel.

    They share the bottom of the barrel with the MSM. There are at least 10 stories a day like the one above…..”Retailers say season is off, shoppers stay home!”(*)

    *(And order online so our sales rose 3.6 percent. )

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