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Bloodshed in Syria: America surrenders

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Bloodshed in Syria: America surrenders

For those who have been spending quiet days enjoying life away from the world of politics, it is occasionally necessary to throw cold water on the tranquility party. Iran is still trying to obtain a nuclear bomb to blow up the world and Syria is still murdering its citizens in the street.

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney issued remarks a couple of weeks ago that were so astounding that the media felt it necessary to not cover them.


Kurt Warner–A man among men

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Kurt Warner, a man among men

Thanks to Kurt Warner for reminding us what truly matters in this world. He is a true champion in every sense of the word on and off the field.


Ann Coulter and Hugh Hewitt in San Bernardino

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Ann Coulter and Hugh Hewitt in San Bernardino

While on the Norcal Tea Party Bus Tour, the bus stopped in San Bernardino at a subsequent event featuring Ann Coulter and Hugh Hewitt. Around 400 people attended, and the crowd loved what they saw. Both of them took pictures with people lucky enough to be in the vicinity when they arrived.

The emcee came out with a cough and announced that he had a dog in his throat, a reference to President Obama’s eating habits. This led to a discussion on the phony war on women and class warfare accusations the left keeps launching.

Ms. Coulter jokingly said that if there was a real GOP war on women, she would be for it. What people really resent are the behaviors of the GSA employees in Las Vegas and the Secret Service agents in Colombia. She lambasted teachers retiring at 50 with gold plated pensions, pointing out that this is the type of class warfare she adores.

She went after the other cable networks nobody watches, pointing out that anyone representing the conservative cause on CNN or MSNBC is not representing the conservative cause. She deemed Chris Matthews the stupidest person on television, and pointed out that her friends on MSNBC think so too.

Continuing the class warfare rebuttal, she announced her own Warren Buffett rule. Mr. Buffett should pay his own taxes. He is exploiting a loophole that effects maybe 100 or 200 people. Anyone worth over a billion dollars who wants to raise her taxes should have all his money taken away.

As for the mythical benefit to the treasury that the surtax on millionaires would result in, Hugh Hewitt noted that we all know it’s nonsense. This is akin to taking a single fry out of a supersized meal and saying you are dieting.

Ms. Coulter said that there will be an October surprise. Perhaps President Obama would send ships to the Strait of Hormuz with Vice President Joe Biden on board. This would solve two of his problems.

Ms. Coulter declared California the most beautiful state in the union, and that it should not go the way of Michigan. Michigan is a dying, and perhaps already dead, state.

Mr. Hewitt sees California being bankrupt by July, as the class warfare approach to taxes continues to fail.

The topic switched to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who faces a critical recall election June 5th. Ms. Coulter is very nervous about the Walker recall. Before going any further, she reminded the world again that she wanted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for Vice President. She just could not wait for the question to be asked, so she answered it anyway.

Returning back to Governor Walker, she pointed out that we know that the unions will vote. The problem is that average Wisconsinite may not. The left will have the advantage of asymmetrical warfare. They will be fighting for their livelihoods. Conservatives if they lose will merely see a few more bucks for all of us go out the window. Therefore, we may not have the same passion as those fighting for survival.

Mr. Hewitt stated that after people give to U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel of Ohio, we should give to Scott Walker. Wisconsin will be the left’s Waterloo of elections. If they lose, there is no way for the unions to get back in the public’s good graces. It would be game, set, match, over.

The conversation then turned to President Obama’s grossly inaccurate remarks regarding judicial review in the wake of Supreme Court hearings on Obamacare. Mr. Obama was so off the mark that Ms. Coulter now wants to see student Obama’s transcripts. She said that the President made illiterate remarks. It is hard to teach Constitutional Law and sound that dumb.

Finally the topic turned to Governor Mitt Romney’s choosing of a Vice Presidential candidate. Ms. Coulter only wants Chris Christie, but conceded that on this subject she is always wrong. She was wrong in 2008, but nobody saw Alaska Governor Sarah Palin coming. In 2012 it cannot be a novelty candidate, So not Florida Senator Marco Rubio or Florida Congressman Colonel Allen West. It would be smart to have them run for Florida Governor and then President after a record as Governor. This is an election to run two white guys and have the GOP get back to what we know. What Ms. Coulter meant was that this was a year to play it safe and avoid rock star candidates.

Another advantage to Chris Christie is that forcing President Obama to campaign in New Jersey is huge. Even if we do not win, it forces him to spend resources. Florida is back to being a Republican state, so New Jersey makes better strategic sense.

Mr. Hewitt would be fine with Chris Christie, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Christie will go anywhere for any candidate to campaign. Mr. Hewitt is not sure that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is ready. Christie is ready tomorrow.

Ms. Coulter offered more thoughts. Rubio looks like he is ten years old. Paul Ryan looks eleven. Maybe he is shaving. Jeb is a no go because his name is Bush. This is not fair, but such is life. Also, Jeb Bush did not going thru the fire. He had a friendly legislature. New Jersey is the Soviet Union. Current Florida Governor Rick Scott is doing exactly what Scott walker is doing but Rick Scott is not getting raked over the coals. Also, many conservatives did not like the Bush family turning on former Florida Secretary of State Kathryn Harris when she ran for the Senate.

A quick attempt to discuss illegal immigration led Ms. Coulter to remark that when you want to divide the GOP house, talk about illegal immigration. That discussion quickly ended.

For those worried Governor Romney might not cut spending, Ms. Coulter reminded the audience that even President Ronald Reagan did not cut spending. Yes he won the Cold War and created a 25 year economic boom, but he did not eliminate the Department of Education or any other Department. Romney should be given a fair chance to make his mark.

Mr. Hewitt pointed out that Romney has the “4 Cs”: Capacity, courage, character, constitution. President Obama is running over the Constitution. One example is his refusal to defend the (DOMA) Defense of Marriage Act signed into law by President Bill Clinton. That is radical. Whether one agrees with the law, the President has to enforce laws on the books. Picking and choosing which laws to obey is not allowed.

The final topic was Election 2012. Mr. Hewitt pointed out that if its not close, the left can’t cheat. If it is close, they will cheat. Therefore, Conservatives and Republicans must get out and vote in numbers that will lead to victory beyond any doubt.

Mr. Hewitt headed home and Ms. Coulter stayed to sign books. They then headed from San Bernardino to San Diego for the next event, as the Norcal Tea Party Bus Tour did likewise.


More May Hate Mail–The French Edition–Vive L’Imbeciles!

Friday, May 18th, 2012

More May Hate Mail:

While I normally get hate mail from leftists and Paulbots, I did not know so many people in France had such hostility. They may be cowards on the battlefield but they write a mean letter.

So this is my special French edition of hate mail Vive L’Imbeciles!

Francoise Regnier
[email protected]

Hey idiot have you ever lived in France?
Do you understand that there is more to governing than cut & slash?
Obviously you did not take French in your conservative Jewish school, it is LE suicide.”

Analysis: Bringing my Judaism into the conversation when it has absolutely nothing to do with it just confirms that far too many French people are just disgusting anti-Semites. Vive La Bigotry, or Vive Le Bigotry, as if anybody really cares.

“fuck you
[email protected]
Does it hurt to think?  Doe your stupidity make it difficult to live?”

Analysis: This fellow would not be so brave in person. I should tell him I am German and watch him run from his keyboard in tears.

Christopher Lemmon
[email protected]

Are you retarded?”

Analysis: Somebody sold me a lemon once. I think it was a Peugeot.

Fred Beckey
[email protected]

What are you thinking? This has got to be some of the most substanceless tripe I have ever read.  You are a blathering idiot who knows nothing about france, politics or history. Please shut your mouth.”

Analysis: Tripe? If anybody would know about tripe, it would be the French. The stuff apparently tastes worse than Escargot. I know plenty about France, politics, and history. The first one is boring, the second one fascinating, and the third one written by the winning side. That is why they do not study history in France. They lost. It’s easier not to read the truth.

[email protected]

Jingoistic bullshit. You need to wake up and smell the 21st century. America may be a pretty good jack of all trades, but it is still a master of none. Manifest destiny anyone?

Yea, brilliant journalism there… just like most conservatives – spouting endless buzz words and nonsense rather than contributing anything of substance.”

Analysis: America invented the internet, which means this frog can kiss my American rumpus and then put his keyboard down and shut off his internet access forever. I find wine to be overrated bilgewater, so nothing his nation has ever produced is useful for me. Americans are not jingoistic about the French. We’re just better than they are.

[email protected]

Why are you arguably the most idiotic writer in the history of mankind?”

Analysis: Because I went to American public schools. I did not take the Baccalaureat, where I could learn how to get a job as a lifelong bureaucrat stifling innovation and wasting my intellect forever.

Josh Jacobson
[email protected]

Why are your opinions so asinine?”

Analysis: I just answered that question. Now go pass the Baccalaureat so you can be well on your way to a life of mediocrity at best.

“Ted Raymond
[email protected]

Why are you, Eric Golub, such a damn conservative dumbass? You seem to take things to the extremes, and you seem to be very irrational. I don't know who decided to give you a media job, but you do not deserve to be speaking to the American people. Do you feel this is good journalism? It isn't.”

Analysis: When this man’s socialist utopian dreams crumble to ashes, he will come begging chapeau or beret in hand for a handout. He may even ask for a job. There will be none, since only innovators actually create jobs and hire people. Those people are found in America, and most of them are conservative unless guilt takes over for some idiotic reason.

[email protected]

Eric, You seem to know a little about French or European politics. Your writing style is derogatory, rude, childish and shows a blatant ignorance about France, politics and foreign affairs. I seriously hope journalism is simply a hobby and not your real job…

A french student who probably knows more about america than you”

Analysis: This person is French and a student. By definition alone, they know less than everybody else on Earth. Next time this grubby savage should spell America with a capital A. Spelling France should be done with lowercase but I will use uppercase so as not to confuse this gramatically challenged French student.

“branden verosky
[email protected]

will you fight me”

Analysis: No. It would not be a fair fight. If I lost I would never be able to live with myself. I will have shamed America by losing to a Frenchman. If I won, you would sue my entire country and demand reparations. You had your chance to fight when Napoleon was in charge and you screwed it up. The Mouse that Roared is just boring at this point.

Say it with me everyone: These are leftists, Paulbots, and even worse…Francophiles.

Vive L’Imbeciles!


Why Scott Walker must win (again)!

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Scott Walker and the rule of law

Flood Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch with donations before their June 5th recall elections. These are more than elections. It is the fight to preserve the rule of law as we know it.


GOP Convention 2012–Wisconsin

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

GOP Convention 2012–Wisconsin

From May 11th through the 13th of 2012, the Wisconsin Republican Party held its state convention in the most famous small city in America, Green Bay.


Ron Paul drops out, stays in, and says stuff

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Ron Paul says something! Supporters cheer, world (atlas) shrugs

Ron Paul either did or did not drop out of the presidential race. Nobody cares.


Wisteria Lane: The end of the road for the Desperate Housewives

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Farewell, Desperate Housewives.

After eight years, the ladies of Wisteria Lane said goodbye with a bang.


NHL 2012: The Ultimate Conference Finals

Monday, May 14th, 2012

NHL 2012: Better than ever

The chase for Lord Stanley’s Cup is on, and the 2012 National Hockey League Playoffs have the potential to be the very best ever.


I love you mom, off to watch Desperate Housewives

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Dear Mom,

I love you very, very much. You are the best mother a guy could possibly ask for. Although you and I live on separate coasts, you are in my thoughts and prayers often.

Mom, I know you hear this far too often, but I have a dilemma, one of those life altering issues you are so good at helping me with.

I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin today and nowhere near a television set. Do you know anybody in Milwaukee showing Desperate Housewives tonight?

I know you do not watch the show, and I am not sure if you know a single person in Wisconsin. However, you know everything. The depth, width, and breadth of your knowledge astounds me.

Anyway, after eight years Desperate Housewives is coming to a conclusion. This is the series finale. Finale is Spanish for finale. I think it is finito in Italian and fini in Spain. In English that means done.

I tried finding the information myself but the internet did not want to cooperate.

I went on Craigs List and typed in Desperate Housewives. Stuff came up that young men from good families should not even know about, much less do. You don’t want to know.

The sportsbar I am typing this at will not be showing the finale. They are showing sports instead, as bizarre as that sounds.

I am posting this on Facebook, but you do not go on there. So hopefully you will read my column today and spring into action.

The fate of Gaby Solis, Lynette Sciavo, Susan Delfino, and Bree Van DeKamp could be affected if I do not watch. You most likely have no idea who those people are. They are played by Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Teri Hatcher, and Marcia Cross. They live on Wisteria Lane.

I already placed calls into Goveror Scott Walker, Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, and Congressman Paul Ryan to see if they knew if anybody in Milwaukee owned a tv set. I have not heard back from them yet. They may be busy.

Anyway mom, see what you can do to fix this like you fix everything else. I will let you know what happens in the finale as well as the NBA and NHL playoffs. After all, I know how much you care about that stuff.

Thank you for your help and your neverending supply of love.

I love you mom.

I would say more but if I am going to find a complete stranger willing to let me watch their tv set, I had better start now.