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President Obama’s New Fairness Rollout Program

Monday, April 30th, 2012

President Obama’s Groundbreaking Fairness Initiative

On Friday, September 7th of 2012, President Obama gave a groundbreaking speech on the best way to instill fairness in America.


Jewish Football Fan Sunday

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Today is a great day to be a Jewish football fan.

On the very day we Hebrews celebrate the birth of Israel, a day to analyze the three days of the 2012 NFL Draft is also upon us. Israel and the NFL…my 2 favorite miracles of God.

Analysis of the draft will be later today as I fly from Minnesota to Los Angeles. Now it is time to march in an Israel pride parade in the Twin Cities.

Update: Now I am on the plane home, where I can offer some disjointed thoughts on both subjects. Before getting to the NFL Draft, the Jewish community in Minnesota is alive and well.

Although Minneapolis and St. Paul are adjoining cities, there is a rivalry between them. Minneapolis has about 40,000 Jews, with St. Paul kicking in 10,000 more. They often do events separately, but on this day celebrating Israel turning 64, they were united. A solidarity march was followed by several thousand people congregating at the Minneapolis Jewish Community Center.

I bought a t-shirt that would make Sarah Palin proud. It said “Jew Betcha,” in a mixture of English and Hebrew letters.

Some of the people in attendance were Democrats and some were Republicans. Some were Reform, some Conservative, and some Orthodox. Yet love of Israel united them all on this day. The Twin Cities Jewish community is thriving. May all cities across America show as much pride as they do.

Now on to football.

My coverage of the NFL Draft has been exceedingly light this year due to time and travel constraints. Also, the Raiders did not have a pick until the end of the 3rd round.

The Draft itself for those who did watch must have been thrilling. The first round saw a flurry of trades that left mock draft boards worthless after the first two picks. One reason for this was the new rookie wage scale. Before, when top picks would get 50 million dollars guaranteed, most teams would not want to trade up.

Now that number has dropped by almost 60%, making trades affordable.

My focus was on the Raiders. While we will not know the results for 3 to 5 years, the initial fan reaction was not so positive. The Raiders received a “C” grade. I think this is harsh. Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen are about defense, and the Raiders had so many holes on defense. Therefore, going almost exclusively on defense made perfect sense.

Of the two offensive picks, one was a tackle. One can never have enough beef on the offensive line.

The fact is with zero picks in the top 2 rounds, the Raiders were not going to get the very best of anything. Yet if these players work out in the trenches, the star players will have an easier time. A lack of flash and sexiness is not a curse. The wide receiver pick was an anti-Al Davis pick. Yet blinding speed does not mean a guy can catch the d@mn ball. So on that pick we shall see.

The major complaints for Raider fans should be in free agency.

Bringing in Quarterback Matt Leinart is a stunner. He started out his pro career by coming across as a bimbo more interested in being a celebrity than playing football. Then he kept getting injured. He has no arm strength, and has derisively been referred to as “Captain Check-Down” for his conservative dink and dunk dump off passes. Maybe he was brought in to carry Carson Palmer’s equipment.

A bigger surprise was bringing in a punter. While the selection does boom the ball 75 and even 80 yards, the Raiders already have Shane Lechler, the best punter in the NFL and perhaps greatest of all time not named Ray Guy. While competition is healthy, Lechler and Sebastian Janikowski should be left alone. Heck, Seabass kicked a 63 yarder last year to tie the NFL record.

As for the rest, one never knows. For every Peyton Manning there is a Ryan Leaf.

In less than 5 months, the NFL 2012 season kicks off and we will know a lot more. Some of the players the Raiders drafted will be on special teams. The opening kickoff will tell us a lot.

It cannot come soon enough.


The New York Rangers: 1994 vs 2012

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Growing up a New York Rangers fan on Long Island was torture. The Islanders won the championship 4 straight years, while the Rangers would have to wait a few decades to taste victory. Abused by chants of “1940,” the last time the Rangers won it all, there was finally sweet relief when the Blueshirts won the Stanley Cup in 1994. While it is too soon to declare the 2012 Rangers anywhere near that level, something special is happening.

The 1994 Rangers were one of the best stories in NHL history because they did it the hard way, with character, guts, and tons of heart. While their 7 game series against the Vancouver Canucks gave the rangers Lord Stanley’s Cup, it was the semifinals between the Rangers and rival New Jersey Devils that will. go down as one of the greatest if not the greatest series in hockey history. The Devils were on the verge of a dynasty, and one year later that dynasty would begin. The Rangers will built to win right away. It was now or perhaps another 54 years.

The Rangers would win that series in 7 games that would become instant classics. Yet what is talked about is less the Game 7 double-overtime heroics than the Game 6 guarantee.

The Rangers lost Game 5 at home. They were down 3 games to 2, and had to go on the road to New Jersey for Game 6. Mark Messier guaranteed victory in Game 6. Not since Joe Namath has a guarantee been this watched. After guaranteeing the win, the Rangers fell behind 2-0 after one period and still trailed 2-1 after two periods. Messier then became a one man wrecking crew. He guaranteed victory and personally delivered it. He ended the game with a hat trick, and the Rangers sealed the 4-2 win with a late empty net goal.

There were no guarantees before Game 7. The Rangers led 1-0 all game and gave up a stunning goal with 8 seconds left in regulation. The win in double-overtime prevented what would have been seen as an epic collapse. From Coach Mike Keenan to goalie Mike Richter to the appropriately named enforcer Jeff Beukeboom, the Rangers got it done.

The 2012 Rangers have Head Coach John Tortorella, Henry Lundquist minding the net, and Prusty as the enforcer. Like the 1994 team, the Rangers had the best record in 2012 in the regular season. Yet their first round matchup against # 8 seed Ottowa was just as tough as the 1994 series with the Devils. Like that series, the Rangers lost games 1 and 5 at home and found themselves down 3 games to 2 with Game 6 on the road. To lose to the Senators would have been an epic flameout and a cry of “Same old Rangers.”

There were no guarantees this time. This time the Rangers had a solid 3-1 lead late, but a questionable goal by Ottowa with 38 seconds left made many people nervous. The Rangers held on for the 3-2 win. In Game 7 at home, it was scoreless after 1 period but the Rangers had the 2-1 lead after 2 periods. The final minute of the game seemed to last just as long as the Game 7s of the 1994 semifinals and finals, but the Rangers hung on.

While this was only the first round, the Rangers showed guts, character, and heart. They face a Washington Capitals team that had to go to the brink of elimination to survive the defending champion Boston Bruins.

It has been 18 years since the Rangers won it all, and 18 is a multiple of 54. Maybe the stars are aligned. Maybe it is just a coincidence.

In 1994 Mike Keenan told his players before Game 7 in Madison Square Garden that there were no ghosts. There was no curse. Mark Messier then chased away any evil spirits and cemented his status as a New York sports legend.

The 2012 Rangers have a long way to go, but they have much to be proud of.

Great opening round series, Blueshirts.

Now roll up your sleeves and get your hockey hardhats on. The next series will be even tougher.

Let’s go Rangers!


My decision to back Mitt Romney

Friday, April 27th, 2012

My Journey to Mitt Romney

Throughout the 2012 GOP primaries, disgruntled readers accused me of shilling for  one candidate or another. Despite repeatedly stating my undecided status, people looked for hidden hints that were simply never there. For the first time since becoming old enough to vote, the decision was an agonizing one.

I am now fully behind Mitt Romney

Good luck, Mr. Romney. I’m proud to back you for President.


Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential Search

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Let the VP games begin!

Now that Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee for President, the attention turns to his selection of a potential Vice President. The person picked will depend on what type of strategy Governor Romney pursues. Here is who he should pick.


Governor Mitt Romney is now the GOP nominee

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Mitt Romney for President! I enthusiastically endorse him to be the 45th President of America.

The 2012 GOP nomination for President is now over.

Good luck, Governor Romney.

Time to close ranks and fall into line.

Mitt Romney for President!


2012 Endorsements

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012


Although the 2012 elections are over six months away, it is time to roll out a list of TYGRRRR EXPRESS endorsements. While this list will be updated several times in the coming months, it is time to get the ball rolling. These initial endorsements feature candidates who all have one thing in common. I have personally met them, spoken with them, and listened to them. They are worthy of the public trust.


I am now officially on the Obama enemies list

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

The Obama reelection campaign is now officially monitoring me.

On March 21st, 2012, I received an email saying that I had a new Twitter follower. The first day of Spring apparently is not a good day for Twitter, and this was no Vernal Equinox greeting. The follower said that they represented the Obama for American reelection team in Florida. Initially I figured this was just some random dopey college stoner too high to realize that the 2008 election truly messed up America.

Yet upon closer observation, this new follower was the official Florida Obama campaign operation.

“Obama for America FL @OFA_FL is now following you (@TYGRRRREXPRESS).

“OFA_FL Obama for America FL– Official Obama for America- Florida Account. Follow us for updates on 2012 campaign action, learn about events, and connect with other supporters.
Florida 6,823 Tweets 12,014 Following 12,024 Followers”

These miscreants are following about as many people as are following them, which is fairly pathetic.

Given my undeniably (self) important role in society, one critical question needs to be asked of President Obama and his campaign team.

Don’t you have anything better to do?

Are we really at the point in society where the leader of the free world is threatened by some conservative writer in a small corner of a city 3,000 miles from the White House?

The last time I checked neither my income or status level put me in the company of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity. I am “just a guy.”

President Obama’s reelection team does not do anything until they check with him first. So yes, the most thin-skinned man in history is wasting away his presidency checking up on a man who happens to keep reminding people how thin-skinned he is.

No, I have nothing to hide. No, I do not need to get over myself. Yes, I sometimes use the word “I” almost as much as President Obama.

The first action upon my being monitored was to eat lunch. A pastrami sandwich with mustard was delicious. I was tempted to mail a copy of my lunch to the White House so they could inspect it, but the only way they would appreciate the symbolism would be if I sent a spoiled hot dog. In case the Secret Service is interested, I have never sent anything to the President, nor would I unless he sent me a self-addressed stamped envelope and begged me to do so. If he sent me a request for money, begging would not suffice. As for the Secret Service, they have bigger problems to worry about right now.

In case the Obama administration cares about my private life, the way to avoid being blackmailed is to just disclose everything. I am 100% alcohol, tobacco, drug, and liberalism free. My commitment to celibacy as a high school student was not due to religious convictions. The ladies just preferred men who were not me, except in rare cases that still make me quite grateful.

Thankfully when I turned twenty the ladies liked me much more. I did have awesome 1980s style glam rocker hair. That had to be it. Anyway, I am sure there are allegations about me by disgruntled ex-girlfriends. Oh, and rumors that I gave a spanking to a political candidate during her campaign are completely true. She was hot, and needed a good paddling.

If anyone is taking pictures of me in my jacuzzi with a Republican Jewish brunette, don’t bother boring me with blackmail threats. Just post the pictures and make sure to photoshop out any flab I may have developed from my stubborn refusal to go to a gym.

That’s right, Mr. Obama. I don’t work out. This makes me less of a parasite on the healthcare system than guys like you who smoke.

I also watch one trashy television program, that being Desperate Housewives. Perhaps my pursuits should be more lofty given that the world is burning, but then again that analogy should apply even more to the dilettante running this country into the ground.

President Obama, the world is on fire. Iran is building a nuclear bomb that it will use to blow up the word. Syria is murdering its own citizens in the street. The dollar is crashing, unemployment remains high, and violent leftist Occupy Wall Street protesters are contributing to the decay of major American cities. From Afghanistan to Detroit, there is despair. The GSA is wasting money faster than the potential love child of Jon Corzine and Lady Solyndra. One could say the money is being wasted fast and furious.

With all of this going on Mr. President, do you really need to monitor me? Shouldn’t you get your own house in order and then fix America’s problems before bothering some young, single, Jewish alpha male whose greatest transgression is a healthy appetite for the opposite sex?

Mr. Obama, my calendar of public appearances is here for your review. Study it thoroughly.

Then with all due respect, please get the heck out of my business. I would tell you to mind your own business, but apparently you do not have any. You long ago stopped governing.

For this and so many other reasons, firing you in November would really make my year.

As for being on your official enemies list, all I can say is that I don’t care much for you either.

The only difference is I do not spend my time monitoring you.

Unlike you sir, I have better things to do. I have a real job with actual responsibilities.


NFL 2012 Draft–The Reggie McKenzie Era Begins

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

This week brings football fans the 2012 NFL Draft. I personally attended the draft in 2006, 2007, and 2008. I will not be at this one, but for Oakland Raider fans it will be the most unusual draft ever.

This is the first draft in almost half a century without Al Davis. The President of the General Partner and lifelong Raider passed away last year. He made all the decisions, and now his son Mark is moving the Raiders into a more traditional structure. Reggie McKenzie has been hired away from the Green Bay Packers to become the Raiders General Manager. He was an assistant GM with the Packers, and this is his first stint as the top personnel man. Mr. McKenzie played with the Raiders in the 1980s.

From his first day on the job, Mr. McKenzie has been unconventional. Yet he is going to do it his way, and this first draft will be interesting.

On an interesting side note, I have often said that professional sports (along with sales and the military) is one of the only areas in society where race truly does not matter. The NFL is a meritocracy. Al Davis was a maverick, but he was also always committed to civil rights. He hired the first black head coach of the modern era in Art Shell, the first Hispanic head coach in Tom Flores, and the first female executive in Amy Trask.

So it is interesting in how uninteresting it is at what transpired when Al Davis, who was Jewish, died. His son Mark hired a black GM. Then Mr. McKenzie fired the black head coach (Hue Jackson) and hired a white one. Hue Jackson was not “Reggie’s guy,” and Reggie was going to bring in his guy.

Yet what was more interesting than race was that Mr. McKenzie went outside of people he knew. Coming from the Packers, it was widely expected that McKenzie would raid the Green Bay staff for the next coach. Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers and assistant head coach and defensive coach Winston Moss were strong contenders. Capers had head coaching experience and Moss, like McKenzie, was a former Raider player. The bonds seemed solid.

So what does McKenzie do? He hires Dennis Allen, the Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator. Allen had only been in that job for one season, and had never been a head coach.

Naturally the Raider Nation has every right to be scared. When the Detroit Lions brought in a first time President in Matt Millen and a first time head coach in Marty Morningwheg, the result was a disastrous 5-27 record the first two seasons. Morningwheg was fired but Millen never turned it around before the roof caved in during the infamous 0-16 season in 2008. Millen was a former Raider player who win 4 Super Bowls with 3 teams. That did not translate into success in the front office.

Reggie McKenzie has a fantastic pedigree. Yet he has never done this before.

So what happens now?

For one thing, Mr. McKenzie is not timid. He is slashing and burning to get the Raiders out of salary cap hell. This has led to some players such as Kamerion Wimbley being cut. Others such as Michael Bush signed elsewhere. Stanford Routt and his 10 million per year salary were shown the door. Reggie McKenzie is going to do it his way, and the Raiders went from being far over the cap to within a reasonable budget.

One problem Mr. McKenzie will have is that the Raiders do not have any draft pick in the first or second round. The Raiders have a compensatory pick at the end of the third round, spot 95 overall. The first round pick was traded away by Hue Jackson for Carson Palmer.

The one thing we know about Mr. McKenzie is that he comes from a successful franchise. Mr. McKenzie will most likely turn the Raiders into “Packers West,” which is not a bad thing.

So what does this mean from a draft standpoint?

The “Packers way” is not about drafting based on need. The Packers consistently pick the best available football player on their board regardless of position. The Packers have selected players at positions where they were already well stocked. This takes remarkable discipline.

So for those who like to see drafts based on need, that is most likely not what the Raiders will do.

We will know in three to five years how much or how little Reggie McKenzie had to do with the success of the Packers. He deserves as much time as possible.

After 9 straight non-winning seasons, the Raider fans want to win now. 7 straight 5-11 or worse seasons were followed by a pair of 8-8 seasons. Hue Jackson was given much of the credit for the improvement, especially on offense. So some will be tempted to blame Mr. McKenzie if the team backslides.

This would be a mistake. The Raiders have a rock hard schedule this coming year, especially the first 5 games. Those who believe the league hates the Raiders certainly have some ammo with this schedule.

The Raiders need to cut down on penalties, and critics point out they have never ever done this. This is false. Jon Gruden instilled discipline. After he left, the Raiders regressed in that area.

So while 2012 may be a tough year for the Raider Nation, this draft will be important for the Raiders even with so few picks.

The Al Davis era is sadly over, and the Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen era has begun.

Fans of the Silver and Black should watch this draft very closely.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

More April Hate Mail

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

Yes boys and girls, ladies and gents, it is time to open up my mail bag to publish more of my hate mail. As always, my critics are uncivilized baboons. Parental advisory, explicit lyrics. Enjoy!


blacktygrrrr .Hey, it’s me again..”When Pat Buchanan called Congress “Israeli Occupied Territory,” it was the late William Buckley who correctly declared that remark anti-Semitic”.In my opinion, the late William Buckley was “wrong”. Calling an organization as “Israeli Occupied Territory” has got nothing to do with any religion. You need to remember that the word “Israeli” refers to citizens or natives or supporters of the “sovereign nation of Israel” and not any particular religion..Same applies to a few of your other accusations too – that revolve around the name of the country rather than any religion. Israel-firsters or Africa-firsters or Mecca-firsters or Kasi-firsters (Kasi is a sacred place for the Hindu people) are not specific to any religion. It is your own prejudicial perspective that is playing a role here – it is *you* that is relating Israel with any particular religion. Similarly, anyone relating Mecca to Islam or Kasi to the Hindu religion – are doing so at their own peril. Kasi is a secular place – it is open to people of all religions – exactly similar to Israel & Africa. Mecca is not a secular place (at least from 700 A.D., before then, it was secular too) – because the evil brainless zombies ruling that location indulge in gross religious discrimination against a majority of human beings – because a huge majority of human beings are forbidden-banned from even setting foot there..My point is – if A accuses B of supporting a foreign nation more than their own it is not related to religion. It doesn’t matter if A, B are Jew, Hindu, Christian, Jain, Sikh, Atheist, Agnostic, et cetera. B supporting an alien nation/people *appears* unethical, unpartiotic to A – and it is not bigotry to point that out. It is possible that A may be misinformed & completely incorrect in thinking so; in which case B can point out why A is wrong & how B supports his current mother-land more than a foreign nation..It would be slightly more related to religion if the location was a ruled by religious-tyranny like Iran or Saudi Arabia. But Israel is a secular nation – it’s citizens range from Arab-Muslims to Christians to Atheists to Jews to Zionist and what-not. Israel-firsters and those accusing others of being Israel-firsters are not dealing with any specific religoin. However, Saudi-firsters and those accusing Saudi-firsters *may be* relating to a particular religion..MN

Analysis: Only a Ron Paul supporter could possibly make sense of what this fellow said.

Steve Besunder
[email protected]

Yes Eric you must be right, people don't like Ron Paul that is why he's pulling in 10,000, 8,000, 6,500 people at a time into rallies….. we can all al see Romney's average at about 500 people per rally. It's obvious people just hate him. Jealousy is ugly Eric. These people don't show up because they think 72 year old men are cool…… they show up for the message and generally being fed up with a system that would allow JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Citi Group Fund all of the campaigns on both sides of the partisan line and then put in a consorted effort to hide this fact from the public. (It's not exactly being mentioned on the news…. you'd think this would be a deal breaker for most Americans….. why hide the truth from the people…… are you a Communist)? It's is truly Un-American of you to participate in this type of rhetoric, there is enough twisting of the truth out there without you participating in the addition of it. You argument in this article is absurd, unfounded and pure brainwashing rhetoric. And all because you don't understand foreign policy. Do your homework…. you are not only a disgrace to America you are an absolute disgrace to journalism.

Analysis: Even by Ron Paul standards this fellow is boring. I would say more but my head hit the keyboard from falling asleep. Now Ron Paul supporters will claim they have the cure to insomnia, as if they should be praised for their coma-inducing drivel.

[email protected]

Why are you such a fuckhead?  Quite your job and go jump off a cliff. Thanks.  Ron Paul 2012 Bitch.  Nikola Tesla would look at you in shame .  Get with the evolution already and your head out of your ass.

Analysis: “Quite” my job? Or did he mean quit? “Ron Paul 2012 Bitch?” Does this guy think he is Dave Chapelle making fun of Rick James? Get with the evolution or the revolution? Will the evolution be televised? I now believe in evolution because this fellow definitely came from a baboon, and mostly the black sheep version of the baboon family. In fact, if sheep mated with baboons, they would produce this very virulent strain of Ron Paul supporters.

John Matteo
[email protected]

Quit your Anti Semitism crying bullshit bro..  Shit isn't always about the Jewish community..   This is about freedom and liberty, and we all deserve it, no matter our color or religion..   I'm so sick of hearing of all the crying about the Jews and Israel, from both sides of the fence, the pro jewish side, the anti zionist side, all of it…   People are either morally conscious or they aren't..   Quit crying and bringing the attention elsewhere, and support Ron Paul for the ideas he pursues for all of us, and our children!!    RON PAUL 2012…

Analysis: Yeah, those who had relatives thrown into ovens should just stop whining and complaining. What were we thinking? After all, Jews are now beloved worldwide if one does not count Islamofascists, leftists, and far too many Ron Paul supporters.

Afroze Baqapuri
[email protected]

In one of your articles you said that you were a neoconservative and thus believed in preemptive war because of your desire to defend America. You also said that you cared for Israel because of your jewish origin. Now my question is would you support preemptive war against Israel in the event that (suppose) some time in the future Israeli policies became a threat to American national interest.

Analysis: This question is less hateful than illogical. Democracies do not attack each other. That is why the more democracies, the better. I am American, and will always stand up for America. Yet this question is a straw man argument.

[email protected]

Close your mouth in your press photo.  You look fucking disgusting.

Analysis: Spoken like a gutless coward hiding behind a screen name. The only thing disgusting is this fellow obsessing over my mouth and projecting his own fantasies on to me. Sorry dude, I am not interested in you.

[email protected]

So you ban anyone from the site who doesn't kneel before your opinion? Also, its pretty interesting looking at your column comments. You seem to feel the need to argue with anyone who doesn't appreciate your point of view  for any particular article. You spend as much time debating the crap you already wrote as finding new things to write about, looks to me.

You're a dumbass.

Analysis: I get paid to make you come across as an imbecile. You do so voluntarily for zero compensation. When I am cashing my check I will be thinking of you, my warm furry intolerant zealot. I wish I could hug you, pet you, cuddle you, and name you George.

[email protected]

The premise of your column is "A statistically significant plurality of his (Ron Paul's) supporters do have attitudes toward Jews that cross the line."

You should state your references for those of us who never heard or believed that.  As it stands now it looks like you just made it up to smear someone who wants to cut off aid to Israel.   Why, Mr. Golub, why?

Analysis: I wish I could cut off the power supply to this fellow’s computer and every other miscreant using the internet to blame Israel for the world’s problems.

Mike Donovan
[email protected]


How's it feel to have your smears smacked down by hundreds of liberty lovers?  You can't delete and block all of us.  No one believes you neocons anymore.  It's Ron Paul's era.  In the near future, if you want to starve and burn thousands of children, you'll have to do it on your own dime.

Americans know about you.  The troops know what you've done to them.  The young people know.  Cat's out of the bag.  I hate you and all your murdering comrades from the core of my soul, and I am on of millions who feel this way.

Murdering  for Israel – We say no more.
War without a declaration – We say no more.
Killing our troops – We say no more

…oh yeah, and this is "hate" speech.  Hates not a strong enough word for what we feel towards you.

Analysis: Of course you hate me sir. You are an anti-Semite and I am Jewish. So in other words you are angry at me for pointing out your hate speech and you take out that anger by telling me you hate me. If this fellow had to fight a lab rat for a piece of cheese, the mouse’s cousin would get through the maze first. The Paul supporter would then claim the rat is a Zionist tool of the Fed, and that therefore the Paul supporter won anyway.

[email protected]

I was bored so I flagged a bunch of tygrrr express comments as inappropriate because you're not very good at debating. Most of your responses are just emotional ploys to try and get people to agree with you rather than substantive arguement, and I seem to have found myself irritated by your behavior in comments sections on multiple occassions, so I figured I'd let you know.

Learn to debate.

Analysis: This miscreant just confessed to abusing the internet. He dislikes my comments, so he deliberately flags them as violating decency standards. Perhaps he should take that to the next level and fill out false police reports at the station. Perhaps people should go to his place of work when they are bored and accuse him of crimes.

What this imbecile fails to grasp is that these flagged comments go to my editors, who then shrug.

The idle mind is the devil’s playground, and this fellow is an amusement park.

rkm1 (Robert Moore)
[email protected]


You are being unfair. There are other examples that you cite as Anti-Semitic in those comments, but I am not.
It is true that Mel~77's comments are incendiary, but mine was not. I was warning her of where she was treading.
"Seditious Israeli expatriate" is not a racial slur.

Please rethink your rash judgement against me and consider unblocking me so that I can comment on the site.

Best Regards,

Analysis: Outside of Planet Paulistan and a few leftist hate sites, calling Zionists “seditious Israeli expatriates” is anti-Semitism. Haters is as haters does.

Steven M Stoltz, PhD
[email protected]


What is your purpose for attacking Ron Paul, when you portray him as a fringe candidate that doesn't matter anymore?  Your article said some things that were outright lies, such as "Paul doesn't attract new followers" – didn't you know his polling numbers have quadrupled since 2008, and he has had multiple rallies in different states the last month where thousands of supporters appeared at each event ?  These people are marginalized by your article because WHY ?  Because – somehow the Diebold machines aren't friendly to Dr. Paul.  Do you know that Mitt Romney rarely has more than a few hundred people show up at his rallies and that when he does – he's had to bribe them (illegally according to various reports) with Turkey Sandwhiches ?

This stuff about anti-semitism, bigotry, etc.  Why do you focus on this stuff, when Santorum has made it clear (see ), that he doesn't think "people should be able to do what they want to do", he thinks government should get in people's bedroom, he is against separation of church and state, he believes that "radical individualism" as he calls it (or individual liberty as strict Constitutionalist call it), shouldn't be permitted.  So I am wondering where you get the nerve to zero in on someone for being a bigot anti-semite, when you have nothing to say about the hypocrisy of Santorum, especially considering the fact that Santorum is supposedly far ahead of Paul.  What is your purpose for this ?

I thought your article took a cheap swing at Dr. Paul, and was mostly unfactual, and I resent the irresponsibility of your article – and want to know how you could even think of yourself as a Journalist ?  Who bribed you to write that article ?

Steve Stoltz

Analysis: Who bribed me to write my article? Why the tri-lateral commission of course, with help from the Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs. In fact, rearranging those words spells out “Mans Gold Cash.” I found this in a box of Fruit Loops, or as I now call it, Ron Paul Supporter Cereal.

Say it with me everyone. These are leftists and Paulbots. This is how they behave.