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Jews, Obama, 2012, DLFs, and DJLFs

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Barack Obama recently kicked Israel in the teeth by demanding that they return to their 1967 borders. His many liberal water carriers are trying to explain why he did not say what he actually said, and that we should not take Mr. Obama’s words literally.

Benjamin Netanyahu gave Mr. Obama a cold dose of reality before congress and AIPAC. Republicans applauded him out of solidarity while the liberals sought cover.

The question that gets asked is whether liberal Jews will abandon Obama and the Democrats.

As a Jewish Republican, I can emphatically say that the answer is…no way.

Ask liberal Jews a simple question and watch them offer tortured non-answers.

Between abortion, global warming, gay marriage, and Israel, rank them in terms of importance.

(Hint: I typed them in order of liberal Jewish importance. Notice I refer to them as liberal Jews and not Jewish liberals. Again, order matters.)

Liberal Jews insist that they care about Israel. Yet that is not the question. The question is how much. Try forcing liberal Jews to rank issues and they will make excuses not to do so when Israel is thrown in the mix.

Understanding liberal Jews is very simple. They stick to Mr. Obama because they believe that he “shares their values.” Yet what are those “Jewish values?”

When liberal Jewish women say that Barack Obama is pro-Israel, what they really mean is that he is pro-choice on abortion. The men see him as pro-Israel because he supports cap and trade. Both of the genders see him as Pro-Israel because he supports gay marriage. Obama refuses to admit this, but his supporters “know” he does. They voted for him, so he must blindly support them the way they do him.

The rationale is simple. “Progressives” agree with him, therefore he has to agree with them. He has to be pro-Israel. Rather than confront themselves or him, they simply explain that he really is on their side. This is no different from battered housewives making excuses for their abusive husbands.

Mr. Obama may not be anti-Israel, but one cannot be pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel. Tell liberal Jews that one cannot be pro-choice and pro-life. They clearly grasp this. Yet with Israel everything becomes moral relativism for these people. On abortion they demand 100% purity. The slightest restriction is disqualification. The same applies to environmentalism and gay rights. It is all or nothing. Yet Israel is “nuanced,” which is code for nothingness.

Despite rabid anti-Semitism in America from many on the left, liberals simply discount this for the “greater good.” No matter how pro-Israel Republicans are, that is dismissed as radical Christian zealots wanting to convert the Jews and create a Christian theocracy and bring about the Rapture. This is ludicrous, but it beats having to admit that being a pro-Israel Republican is less important than the social issues the left truly cares about.

So liberals know that social issues trump Israel. They just refuse to publicly admit it. By saying that they care about “lots of things,” it allows them to hide.

There are liberals who truly are pro-Israel. There are plenty of intelligent liberals. Yet what does one say about those who make excuses for everything Barack Obama says and does because questioning him would mean questioning themselves? What does one say about people who refuse to accept a shock to the system?

The Holocaust was a shock to the system. People saw true evil while the world did nothing.

9/11 was a shock to the system. Many formerly liberal Jews moved to the right because they saw that the world had changed. Many others simply doubled down and made excuses.

Jewish liberals cannot handle any further shocks to their systems. They are too weak and fragile as it is. If they imitate ostriches, the problems will go away and everything will be fine. Barack Obama will stand up for them because there is no way he would betray loyalty and shove useless allies under the bus.

Of course he would. Yet liberal Jews have been bullied their whole lives. If they align with the left, they get to be the bullies rather than get bullied any more. So what if the left has anti-Semitism? Bashing Republicans makes them feel socially accepted. One would think they would rather prefer to unite with their own people, but this desperate desire to be liked by those with no use for them is pathological. The Christian evangelical love for Jews is real and genuine, but that has to be discounted because of social issues.

So what do we call those on the left who know the truth but engage in willful blindness rather than confront reality?

The new TYGRRRR EXPRESS acronym to forever enter the American lexicon describes these people.

They are now and forever known as DLFs, which stands for “dumb liberal (redacted).”

The Jewish ones making excuses are one viral strain of these people known as DJLFs, “dumb Jewish liberal (redacted).”

What else would one call people who think that religion has anything to do with global warming? How else would one describe people who think that Jesus and Moses spent their time worrying about Carbon Dioxide emissions?

For Jewish people, Israel has to matter.

If Israel is “just another issue,” then Israel is a non-issue.

The DJLFs need to understand that while the DLFs do share their rabid passion about abortion, gay marriage, and environmentalism, that is where the similarities end. That is why they are DLFs and not DJLFs. The DLFs know what they are. The DJLFs live in denial. Denial is not a river in Egypt, but all of Israel would be part of Egypt if the DLFs had their way.

The DJLFs consider Republican Jews to be puppets of the Christian evangelicals, but it is the DJLFs being treated like marionettes. The DLFs see the DJLFs as useful idiots. We know what happens when they stop being useful. “Piggy” in “Lord of the Flies” is how it ends.

The DLFs support Samantha Power and every other anti-Israel miscreant around Barack Obama. They know what Reverend Jeremiah is about. They just don’t care. They don’t need to make excuses. The DJLFs make excuses because they will be like pre-Israel Jews if they break away from the DLFs. They will be people without a country.

So what do we do with DJLFs?

We force them to stop making excuses and answer the question I originally asked.

Rank abortion, global warming, gay marriage, and Israel.

Then look in the mirror and admit you are DJLFs, tools to be used.

The religious right is not using Republican Jews. The secularists on the left are using you. The Republican Jews are your friends. The secularists are not. The Republican Jews would be there for you through thick and thin. The secularists? Not a chance.

So how do DJLFs get cured?

They get cranial-glutial extraction surgery. It cures all liberals.

At the very least, they need to look in the mirror, admit who they are, and what they truly believe.

Then they need to admit that their “friends” diverge from them on Israel.

Lastly they need to ask themselves if this even matters.

If it does, there is hope. If not, they forever remain DJLFs.


Honor the fallen on Memorial Day 2011

Monday, May 30th, 2011

My 2011 Memorial Day Column is at the Washington Times Communities today.

May we honor the fallen today and forever.


Memorial Day Heartbreak: In Memory of Howard Langer

Monday, May 30th, 2011

On this Memorial Day, some sadness has hit too close to home.

Although it happened on December 28, 2010, I did not know until I received a phone call last night.

One of my favorite college professors had died. His name was Howard Langer.

He was only 44 years old.

Even worse, he took his own life.

He was one of the smartest people I have ever met. He was also one of the nicest people on this planet. The cliche in this case is very true. There was not a single person I ever met who had a bad word to say about him.

He was only in his early twenties when he was my professor. So he was like a friend as well as a teacher.

We lost touch over the years, and I often wondered how he was doing.

I took several business and economics classes with him. His favorite phrase was “ceterus paribus,” meaning “all things considered equal.” Every class it was a different language. One time he said it was Canadian for all things equal, another time Swahili.

He would give us essay exams that would make your arms fall off from writing. Yet with ten minutes left in the class, he would say, “Ok, you should be almost finished with question number one now.”

Sometimes I would stop by his classes even though I was not in them. I would peek my head in just to say hello as class was ending. He would say, “We have a guest lecturer today.” He was so down to Earth and funny.

Apparently he was from a very wealthy family, but none of us knew that. He acted just like a regular person living a modest life.

He was the one who prepared me for the Series 7 stockbrokers exam. If it was not for him, I may not have made it in the industry. My entire 15 year Wall Street career started with his guidance.

For those wishing to visit his grave site, he was put to rest at Mount Sinai in Hollywood Hills. He is interred in a Wall of Blessings in grave # 54348. Take a walkway between Maps 1 & 2 to the very back. He is on the 3rd level of the Wall. If you passed the Courts of Tanach, you have gone too far.

Simply put, he was one of the kindest people I have ever encountered.

He will be missed.

Farewell Howard. You were one of the best.


The Top 10 Most Insufferable Sports Franchises

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

As the Miami Heat march toward a championship that seems pre-ordained, let’s take a look at the top 10 most insufferable sports franchises.

This is not about the Chicago Cubs. They are long suffering, not insufferable.

To be an insufferable franchise, you have to be good…really good. You also have to be obnoxious about it. You have to have fans who love you and others who loathe you.

When you get to the point that your fans are saying that you can’t lose, the rest of the league wants you humbled just to shut you up.

We all know who these franchises are.

If you win quietly and act professionally, that is fine. Yet if then start bragging about how quiet and professional you are, that is insufferable.

Villains are not insufferable. Heroes are. For example, take the Dallas Cowboys. The 1970s would not make the list because they really were clean and wholesome and quiet, at least with their most well known faces Tom Landry and Roger Staubach. The label “America’s Team” rankled many, but Landry and Staubach were impossible to hate. The 1980s Cowboys were totally insufferable. Danny White and his team by then were pure glamour boys. People were sick of them. They bragged about how angelic they were in winning despite not winning any championships. Ironically, the 1990s Cowboys won three championships but were not insufferable. Troy Aikman was quiet, and the team had enough criminals to make them entertaining. They were actually the bad guys.

Rex Ryan could have the Jets on this list one day, but it has only been two years. Besides, Ryan has embraced the villain role. Most importantly, they have backed it up in big ways.

The Red Sox went from long suffering lovable losers to darling lovable winners in 2004. Yet by 2007 they were on the verge of being insufferable.

The Islanders were insufferable in the 1980s, but they have been so miserable for 30 years that many people alive today did not know that they once were doing the “drive for five.” Watching the Edmonton Oilers destroy them in 1984 was fantastic, but ancient history.

The 1972 Dolphins are insufferable with their annual champagne popping ritual, but again that is ancient history. Don Shula himself was never obnoxious.

The 2000 Ravens were insufferable, and Brian Billick was the most arrogant man in all of sports. Yet they were one and done, and Billick is long gone, yet to be rehired anywhere.

The Oakland Raiders in their heyday were too hated to be insufferable. They were the villains. Insufferable requires a certain glamorous attitude, like wrapping oneself in the American flag. The Raiders wrapped themselves in pirate flags. They really were outlaws. There was no phoniness.

The Boston Celtics won many championships before the television era exploded, allowing them to escape scrutiny that exists in the internet age. Bill Russell was classy.

Plenty of teams win without being insufferable. The Steelers and Packers proved this. They have both won plenty of games, but with grit, honor, and toughness.

With that, here are the top 10 most insufferable sports franchises.

10.) Miami Heat–It is hard to have a new team rocket onto this list, but not since the 2004 Lakers has any team been despised by so many outside of the home fans. This team was brought together as a bunch of superhumans. Make it worse, their president may the most insufferable man in basketball, Pat Riley. He has taken everything people hated about the Lakers and brought it to the Heat. He took a party town and brought in celebrity fans. It was less sports than entertainment, which irks people in “real” sports towns. Is there jealousy involved? Sure. Yet so many people will be gleeful if this team fails.

9.) Connecticut Huskies (The women)–Most people can only name two people involved with women’s sports…Tennessee Coach Pat Summitt and Connecticut Coach Geno Auriemma. Summitt is classy. Auriemma is classless, taking shots at Summitt. His bragging about “We have Diana Taurasi, and you don’t” was really insufferable. Men’s Coach Calhoun is a tough old battleax. He is cantankerous but somehow likable. Auriemma could learn form him how to win without being haughty.

8.) Duke Blue Devils–I have nothing against Coach K (last name hard to spell). Yet even ivy league schools have less snobbery than this university that brags that it graduates intelligent athletes. Until their most recent championship, Duke had been to the big dance 8 times. They lost 6 of those, but kept acting like they won all the time.

7.) All Women’s Sports–Let the women get angry. I don’t care. I am tired of hearing about Title IX. Outside of the 2 basketball teams I mentioned earlier, women’s sports does not bring in the big bucks. Women who complain that men get significantly more money ignore the fact that men’s sports brings in much bugger ratings. It is not sexism. It is based on merit. Schools are canceling football programs due to fear of lawsuits because 6 girls in some podunk town want millions of dollars to play rock, paper, scissors. Enough already.

6.) San Francisco 49ers–In the 1980s this team won 4 Super Bowls but was likable. Bill Walsh and Joe Montana gave us great football. Yet starting in 1990, the 49ers became incredibly pompous. George Siefert, Steve Young took over, and others were terribly full of themselves. Tim McDonald showed how to be a classless winner by saying “Same 49ers, same Rams.” The term “West Coast Offense” became code for teams bragging about having no running game. The 49ers won one Super Bowl since the 1980s but acted like they won all of them. Terrell Owens destroyed the last vestiges of what was actually a classy franchise. All the 1990s 49ers did was announce how they classy they were. They were not. What they were was a team who consistently lost big playoff games at home by getting beaten up.

5.) New England Patriots–This team sucked for 40 years, and then took arrogance to new heights. They won many games, but having to listen about “The Patriot Way” was unbearable to many NFL fans. The ultimate joy for Patriot haters was seeing the 2007 team go 16-0 and then lose in the Super Bowl. Bill Bellichick was tarnished by a cheating scandal. His assistant coaches copied his arrogant abrasive style without the results, from Eric Mangini to Josh McDaniels to the ultimate pompous coach Charlie Weis. Tom Brady is a glamour boy, and his conduct after the “Tuck Rule” game was low class. In this decade the Colts are the team that quietly goes about their business. The Patriots are the team bragging about how quiet they are. The last three years they have been humbled at home, yet they are still talking.

4.) Miami Hurricanes–This might be one of the dirtiest teams in the history of sports. For those who want to watch an outstanding documentary, check out the 30 by 30 ESPN movie about the Hurricanes. This team actually bragged about how thuggish they were. From Howard Schnellenberger to Jimmy Johnson to Dennis Erickson, the school really brought out the worst in sportsmanship. They even call themselves “The U,” as if they are the only university in America. “The U” is much more obnoxious than “America’s Team.” The low point would be the game where the players showed up in Army fatigues…and then lost. Then again, winning 4 championships in 9 years was marred by fights, and numerous off field incidents. Nebraska and Florida State were the lovable good guys. Yet villains should be likable, and Miami wasn’t. This is why the 2006 Hurricanes were such a surprise. Coach Larry Coker was a nice, humble guy. Yet he was fired, perhaps for being willing to win with decency.

3.) New York Yankees–Of course they win championships. They buy them. A few years ago they had a $200 million payroll while the Montreal Expos paid only $9 million. The Expos relocated to another city. The Yankees simply take a one million dollar player on a competitor and give them 20 million. This is what is killing baseball. Anybody who thinks this organization is classy does not know the meaning of a Bronx cheer. Billy Martin was fun the way he kept coming back, and Reggie Jackson was an all American hero kids could love. Joe Torre was likable, but George Steinbrenner won games while making enemies. Neutrality toward the Yankees is not possible. They are either worshiped or despised. Watching them lose in the World Series never gets old for Yankee haters.

2.) Los Angeles Lakers–Basketball can be an ugly game, but somehow the Lakers are always seen as glamorous. The media focuses on how handsome the players are. Even the Coach’s romance is news. This team was not insufferable until the 1980s. Magic Johnson brought “Showtime.” Larry Bird was the introvert who led the Celtics to quiet victories. The Lakers did everything loud. Despite winning nothing in the 1990s, they kept talking. Then Kobe Bryant came along, giving Laker haters rocket fuel. Yet if the Laker players were arrogant, the fans in the stands were ridiculous. It was all about the beautiful people wanting to see and be seen. Hollywood Celebrities outside of Dyan Cannon and Jack Nicholson were fairweather. Watching the 2004 Lakers try to buy a championship and get blasted in the finals was joy. Dr. Jerry Buss is very likable, yet somehow his players always seem to be in love with themselves. The media feeds this narcissism.

1.) Notre Dame Fighting Irish–Memo to this entire insufferable university: The Pope does not care if this football team wins. Listening to stories of the 4 Horsemen is beyond grating. The team even played a game in Ireland, talking about how right it felt to be there. Meanwhile the people of Ireland had no idea what the fuss was as most of the tickets went to people from Notre Dame who traveled to Europe for the game. Lou Holtz was the ultimate insufferable coach. Every year he insisted that his team was # 1, even after they would lose a game. They won 1 championship under Holtz but acted like they won 10 straight. Their independent status and fat tv contract still bothers many. The fact that they were eligible for bowl games with a 6-5 record while 8-3 teams got screwed only increased the clamor for a playoff system. It is one thing to claim the love of a nation. Yet this team acted like it was backed by God Almighty and that it spoke for an entire religion. The hiring of Charlie Weis made it reasonable to despise Notre Dame again.

This is the list of the top 10 most insufferable franchises. Have fun with it.

Now…Gentlemen…and Danica Patrick…start your engines.

Enjoy the Indianapolis 500.


Rick Amato Show–My May 2011 Podcast

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Yesterday I guest hosted the Rick Amato Show on KCBQ 1170AM in San Diego and KTIE 590AM in the Inland Empire.

Here is the podcast.

I started by interviewing Doug Welch of Stix blog in Missouri.

Then came Yuma, Arizona City Councilman Cody Beeson.

Next up was former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

Michael Smollins of gold company American Bullion was next.

Finally in the hot Republican brunette portion of the program, I spoke with Kelly Faltis about water issues.!/profile.php?id=100000292449533

I would like to thank all of my guests, as well as Rick Amato for lowering the standards of broadcasting permanently by having me guest host for him.

The bulk of the first half hour dealt with disaster relief. So please continue to help the storm victims from Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Joplin, Missouri, to Piedmont, Oklahoma to everywhere else. They are our neighbors, and they need our love and support.

I thank Motti Seligmon for getting me some information regarding Chabad and how we can all help.

Local Jews Among Joplin’s Missing Following Massive Tornado (5/23/11)
Search and Rescue Efforts Continue in Joplin (5/24/11)
Twisters Slam Oklahoma City in Middle of Afternoon Rush Hour (5/24/11)
Now Kansas Gets Scare From Latest Development of Severe Weather (5/25/11)


Heartland Heartbreak: Help Hank Hamil!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

I will be guest hosting the Rick Amato show tonight on KCBQ 1170AM and KTIE 590AM in San Diego and the Inland Empire, California, respectively.

While there is plenty of occurrences politically on the domestic and foreign policy front, none of that matters right now.

My show will be dedicated to a man in Piedmont, Oklahoma, named Hank Hamil.

Like me, Hank Hamil is an ordinary American who was just living an ordinary American life.

Then the tornadoes that swept across the heartland destroyed his world. Mr. Hamil lost two of his sons in the destruction. One son was three years old. The other one was only fifteen months.

His five year old daughter is injured but alive. His pregnant wife is in the hospital, but the doctors have said that she is ok and that the fetus still has a heartbeat. That baby is due in October.

While Mr. Hamil and his parents were facing their darkest hour, they actually took time to thank everybody else for helping them.

Thank us? How could they possibly thank us?

What kind of people could thank people at a time like this?


I have no idea how to help this man. I know nothing about him.

So I will just say that if any of his neighbors ever stumble across this blog or any other blog offering to help, tell us what his family needs.

I have a million things I want to say about every political issue under the sun.

I have no heart to do it today.

Nobody is entitled to happiness, but at the risk of earning the wrath of God myself…

Enough is enough is enough is enough is enough.

Please God…no more tornadoes.

I know that pain and suffering is part of life, but it seems like it is coming more fast and more furious with every natural disaster.

Mr. Hamil, may God bless you, your wife and your daughter. May your child on the way be happy and healthy. Nothing will replace or restore your losses, but somehow I pray you one day find solace.

A good part of my radio broadcast today will be dedicated to disaster relief.

At 7pm I will have as a guest Doug Welch, who runs the Stix blog. He is based out of Missouri and will be giving us updates on the situation in Joplin and throughout the state.

At 7:30pm I will have Yuma, Arizona City Councilman Cody Beeson. He will update us on the various goings on in Arizona.

At 8pm I will have Chuck DeVore, who recently retired from the California State Assembly.

Until then, please God, look after Hank Hamil and all of those recovering from these terrible storms.


Do any liberals respect women?

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Maybe it truly is End of Days.

After all, I am now a feminist compared to the boors that make up the American left.

Oh sure, I like to give a nice Republican Jewish brunette a spanking or a paddle from time to time, but I am an amateur in the bad boy behavior department. Every paddlee consented having four cherry red cheeks, only two from blushing.

Yet while the adult version of Romper Room can be fun, there is nothing funny about sexually assaulting or abusing women. Rapist should be given the death penalty. Sexual abusers should face chemical castration.

So the question I ask is…do any liberal men respect women?

If I am correct, men are allowed to abuse women as long as they are pro-choice on abortion. If they also love trees and bunny rabbits, then any violent conduct toward women is permissible.

This trend began with Ted Kennedy and continued with Bill Clinton.

Yet back then the Democrats used to spread them out. Now they are all coming in clusters.

This is not about adultery. This is about full-blown violence toward women.

John Edwards is in trouble for impregnating a woman and then possibly using campaign funds to have somebody else take the fall. By Democratic Party standards, this is not so bad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has faced many accusations of being the Gropinator, and now the stories are getting worse. Some will claim he is a Republican, but don’t be fooled. He is a Kennedy liberal behaving the way Kennedy men from patriarch Joe to his sons behaved. He supports cap and trade, so he may get a pass.

Dominique Strauss-Khan may be the worst of the miserable lot. He should apologize for being French and a socialist, but being a sexual predator on top of it is just awful. This rich, white, European plutocrat is accused of raping a poor, black, African woman. The NAACP and NOW are staying silent because again, liberal men are allowed to do this.

None of these men will face any jail time. If any of them were to have a snowball’s chance at jail, it would be Arnold for having an R next to his name. All of these men can and will buy their way out of it. DSK will probably get a ticker tape parade and be promoted to head the United Nations where he can oversee the other peacekeepers who rape third world women on peacekeeping missions.

Ed Schultz has not graduated to rape yet. For now he resorts to verbal violence, although we know he fantasizes about brutally sexually humiliating conservative women. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with this walking Oedipal lout.

Mr. Schultz’s recent tirade against Laura Ingraham for being conservative and breathing earned him a one week suspension. He will make up the money by getting large speaking fees on the leftist rage circuit.

For those wondering why Mr. Schultz shot his liberal load off and unloaded it all on Ms. Ingraham, it is because she criticized President Obama on a political issue. Yes, she mentioned policy, and Mr. Schultz turned into a heat seeking missile. Maybe predator drone would be more appropriate because Mr. Schultz is a predator toward women with his words. Perhaps if he was wealthier he could reach the DSK level.

Perhaps Mr. Schultz fantasizes about gay, black romance with Mr. Obama. He certainly defends him with something bordering on Glenn Close Fatal Attraction. Liberals would applaud Mr. Schultz for this, because that would fill the sexual diversity quotient from a sexual orientation and racial standpoint.

Another old, white man engaging in chocolate fantasies with the president would be Chris Matthews, who gets a tingle down his leg when Mr. Obama speaks. MSNBC should stand for Men Speaking Nastiness ‘Bout Conservatives, especially the women.

Chris Matthews cannot go a week without making remarks about women that would get men in an actual office environment fired.

Compared to all of these louts, at least Mr. Obama loves his wife. He does occasionally treat Hillary in a disdainful manner, but I am not in the mood to praise him right now.

Yes, Mr. Obama looked like a clown in front of the Queen. Yet at least he did not try to sexually assault her. Then again, he has subordinates whose job is to go after conservative women in ways that would make Ted Kennedy blush (although perhaps it was alcohol that made his face look like that. In the case of Ed Schultz it is rage).

The way Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are treated by these leftists is far worse than the comments about Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. Conservatives are hated, but minority conservatives are despised.

So the answer is a resounding “no.” Liberals do not respect women, blacks, gays or Jews. They are all tools to be used. This is what happens when an entire ideology consists of various factions of beggars. They turn on each other like rabid dogs and tear each others’ flesh apart.

Until the hags and harpies at the NOW decide to grow a pair (bad phrasing, they most likely have them sadly enough) and stand up for women, women will continue to be abused.

After all, liberals are always noble and virtuous. If they screw up, it is somebody else’s fault.

So am I saying the women were asking for it? Am I saying they had it coming?

I would never say that.

Liberals are the ones saying it.

FDR said that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Today, we fear everything from terrorism to tornadoes.

For women, be very afraid. Liberal men are on the loose, raping and pillaging and accosting with impunity.

I am waiting for one of them to go to NOW headquarters, slap the women around, demand that the ladies cook them dinner, and then say, “I’m pro-choice and pro-global warming b*tch. You do what I tell you.”

The women will then angrily respond and say, “George W. Bush is evil and Sarah Palin is dumb! Thank you for straightening me out.”

The whole lot of them are pathetic.


Joplin, Missouri and more–What do we do?

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago it was Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Now it is Joplin, Missouri.

While I do not believe in the End of Days prophecies, these tornadoes are frightening. Texas and Oklahoma are being hit as well, and one person died from a twister in Minnesota.

Yet Joplin, Missouri has seen unfathomable carnage. 116 people are dead and over 1,000 are injured. This is much less than Japan, but this is not a competition. Human suffering is human suffering.

I have held off on commenting on Missouri because I simply do not have enough valuable information. Let’s be honest. I do not have anything.

In Alabama I had various sources on the ground. My only contact in Missouri lives in St. Louis, which is clear across the other side of the state. Joplin is one hour North of Arkansas.

So rather than export platitudes, I am pleading with anybody in Missouri near enough to Joplin to allow me to import information.

This blog will be updated as new information comes in.

We all know what happened. What we don’t know is how best we can help.

With regards to charities, I trust Chabad and B’Nai Brith. I am sure my Jewish bias shines through, but I know these charities and see that they help people of all faiths. They get the job done.

The Red Cross also is solid.

I have traveled all over this country, but have not done a single event in Missouri. So I just do not have the contacts available to be of use.

So to my readership, please fill in the blanks for me.

For those who comment on here, great. For those who do so on my Facebook page, fine. Send me info by carrier pigeon if need be. Just send it.

Sports teams usually are helpful in times like this because they have capital. The Rams and Chiefs must be doing something.

Senator Kit Bond is a Republican and Senator Claire McCaskill is a Democrat. They are polar opposites politically, but I can guarantee they are working together on this one.

On Friday, May 27th, at 7pm PST I will be hosting the Rick Amato radio show on KCBQ 1170AM. The program also streams over the internet. Some of the program will be partisan politics, but disaster relief will absolutely be discussed.

Some time before June 1st, I will be blasting out a mass email to the world. If you are able to provide information on how people can help, please do so.

Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas are all under siege. Chickasha, Oklahoma is getting belted.

Joplin, Missouri is a ghost town.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is still picking up the pieces.

The physical devastation is nightmarish, and the psychological scars will last for a long time.

This is not foreign or domestic policy, where politicians can solve things.

These are acts of nature, and they are very violent.

As for now, my reaction is to pray to the God I believe in. That is what I know.

The next step is to go through my list of every single human being I know around this country and try to get information. Dallas, Texas is at risk, and I do know people in Dallas. I am supposed to be there next month.

What I don’t know…I plead with all of you to fill in the blanks.


AIPAC 2011: Bibi!

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

The children left the room a day earlier. It was time for the adults at AIPAC to get down to business.

As expected, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu lit up the DC night sky. He provided what the American “leader” is totally unwilling and incapable of providing to the world…intellectual honesty and moral clarity.

Prime Minister Netanyahu today addressed a joint session of Congress. Yet last night was about AIPAC. He was far too gracious toward an American president who despises him, but when he got to the meat of the speech he delivered it as only he can.

In talking about the Middle East, he offered “a simple truth. The problems of the region are not rooted in Israel.”

“People want freedom.”

In describing the demonstrations from Tunisia to Egypt to Syria, he thundered that those people are “not thinking of Israel. They are thinking of freedom.”

“It is time to stop blaming Israel for all of the region’s problems.”

To quote the screaming Lady Gaga on another issue: “Are you listening President Obama? Are you listening?”

Bibi pointed out the outright lie that the left keeps perpetuating. He once again debunked the myth that the Israeli issue with the Palesimians has anything to do with the rest of the Middle East.

A peace agreement between those two parties “will not give women in Arab countries the right to drive a car.”

It will not prevent “churches from being bombed.”

It will not get “journalists out of jail.”

He pointed out that everything we are seeing in the Middle East comes down to “one word: democracy.”

In a brilliant swipe at Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, he pointed out that democracy “is not about elections. It is about free speech and a free press.”

In a reminder to the anti-Semitic delusional wing of the left, he pointed out that democracy is also about “the rights of women, the rights of gays.”

Leftists who worship social issues should learn what happens to women and gays in many Arab nations.

“Israel is not what is wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what is right about the Middle East.”

Bibi then offered “another truth,” that in the context of the Middle East should be the ultimate truth. The Israeli and Palesimian “conflict rages because the Palestinians refuse to end it.”

In another reminder to the boy child driving a crazy train from Fantasyland on Lollipop Lane, Netanyahu laid down his cards emphatically.

“Israel cannot return to the indefensible 1967 lines.”

The only other thing indefensible was that an utter gasbag ever suggested such a horrid idea to begin with.

It is time for liberal Jews to know who their friends are. Barack Obama may issue platitudes in front of Jewish audiences, but the minute he is out of the room he changes his demeanor.

He can cannot even handle his own nation. How can he be expected to know what to do about Israel?

Most of the world is dithering as everything burns.

The leader of the free world is grounded in reality. That is why AIPAC 2011 even mattered. It allowed for a cold, hard, dose of reality to those who would side with Palesimian homicide bombers over a conservative Jew trying too save civilization.

He was equally if not more magnificent when speaking before Congress. Presidents Obama and Abbas have been told to shut up and sit down.

The best part was when some Palesimian protester did what leftists and Islamists do. The woman caused a disruption by babbling idiocy loudly in what she thought was the town square.

Prime Minister Netanyahu calmly pointed out that he bet that protests like that did not exist in the Gaza Strip.

John Boehner offered Bibi the platform and he delivered, to the chagrin of the obstacles to piece Obama and Abbas.

Goodnight Bambi. Well done Bibi!


An Israel Border Compromise for Mr. Obama and all of us

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

I will deal with Joplin, Missouri, as more information about the tragedy comes in the following days.

Now on to Israel.

It is time for Israel to compromise and engage in a land swap that everybody can live with. As a staunch Israel supporter and Neocon, this proposal will finally solve some major lingering problems.

Barack Obama has demanded that Israel return to its 1967 borders. Mr. Obama needs to lead by example.

It is time for Barack Obama to return to his 2007 borders.

My column today is at the Washington Times Communities and Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller.

Mr. Obama, return to your 2007 borders. It would be the best political decision you have ever made, and you would unite the entire country in support of your action.