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Barack Obama–Meaningless words celebrating a meaningless milestone

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

A meaningless milestone in the form of an unrealistic artificial timeline was celebrated with a meaningless speech by an artificial leader specializing in meaningless words.

His chin was tilted to the perfect angle to hide the lack of meaning. He looked downright authoritative and serious with his meaningless proclamations.

Then the evening went downhill when President Obama stopped doing his “wow, I look important” pose and began the lecture.

The blatherer in chief let us know that the flu virus situatin was “serious.” The government is “doing something about it.” He told us to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough.

He claimed that his recovery package “saved or created $150,000 jobs, and gave a tax cut to 95% of all working families.”

Hey, they guy makes up numbers out of thin air and the media blindly accepts it, but let’s be fair. His suit looked good, his shirt was crisp, and his necktie was perfect. The Jayson Blair Times will be doing a three part expose on whether he prefers the Windsor knot or a more traditional tie style.

He even claimed that his housing plan led to a spike in refinaincing, which in Obamaland, “is the equivalent of another tax cut.”

Yeah, and my doctor just put on the rubber glove and checked me for testicular cancer. It’s the same thing as when my girlfriend visits, except it is completely different. It depends what the word “equivalent” is. Equivalent is a word that lying politicians and makers of diet soda use. The equivalent is just as good, except it is not.

“We have to lay a new foundation for growth.”

He is just brilliant.

He bragged about closing Gitmo, without addressing whether he will actually work on a plan to place the detainees.

He claimed to be against torture “without exception,” which I thought meant he would end his speech right there. No, he continued.

He thinks he is doing a good job. He is pleased with himself. Now there is a surprise.

He acknowledges that projected deficits are still too high, without acknowledging that he is the cause of the projected increases.

He will continue scowering the budget for savings and eliminate programs that don’t work. The man is a genius.

The first question belonged to AP reporter Jennifer Loven, who is a left wing hack married to a former John Kerry campaign staffer. Oh, and she is unbiased. She asked about closing the Mexican border and possibly quarantining people. This allowed him to come across as “compassionate,” as if there was any chance he would say yes.

He actually said that “the Bush administration did a good job” regarding the bird flu epidemic in 2005. He should get some hate mail from the leftist lunatics for that remark.

He reiterated washing hands and covering the mouth when coughing. He then admitted that what he was talking about “sounded trivial.” He then told people to stay home from work if they are sick, and not to fly when they are sick, as if that will ever happen.Then again, maybe he can change the behavior of the entire human race.

For some bizarre reason, the Detroit News was allowed to ask a question. President Obama spoke about Chrysler and General Motors. He said nothing of consequence, but nothing harmful.

ABC News asked if waterboarding was torture, with the obligatory war crimes accusation against President George W. Bush. President Obama insists that we could have gotten vital information”in other ways, in ways that are ocnsistent with our values.” of course he did not elaborate because that would mean having a solution. He then rambled about Winston Churchill in World War II, and how Churchill did not torture.

Churchill would have taken any steps to win, but let’s not confuse facts with President Obama.

Shockingly enough, President Obama was comfortable with his decision. President Obama would not commit to pursuing war crimes charges against President Bush. He wants no part of that powder keg.

I found irony in the fact that the conversation was about terrorism, especially since the next questioner looked like a terrorist. It turns out the fellow with a beard scruffier than most vagrants was actually Mark Knoller of CBS Radio. I have nothing against Mr. Knoller, but when entering a room with the President, even I would shave, or at least trim.

Mr. Knoller asked if President Obama would use coerced interrogation methods if there was an “imminent threat.” President Obama insists that we could have gotten the valued information without torture. Apparently Khalid Sheik Mohammed disagrees with President Obama.

President Obama then said, “I will do whatever is required to keep the American p[eople safe, but…”

There is no “but.” That is where President Obama goes off the tracks.

He then said, “There is no information I have seen that makes me second guess the decision I have made.”

There is a surprise. When a guy makes up his mind before the question is asked, there is little room for reflection.

Naturally, MSNBC got to aska  question. Chuck Todd asked President Obama to promise to secure loose nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Barack Obama crossed his heat and hoped to…well, not die.

He is confident on the issue. This seems to be a recurring theme.

CBS News asked if the Arlen Specter switch would lead to “one party rule, where he runs roughshod over the Republican Party.”

He replied, “I am under no illusions that I will have a rubber stamp Senate.”

He meant to say that he would NOT have a rubber stamp Senate. That was an interesting Freudian slip that the leftist media ignored. With regards to Republicans, “reaching out to them has been genuine.”

Inviting them to a Super Bowl party is not reaching out. Reaching out does not mean politely listening to opposing views and then dismissing them. Nobody questions his politeness.It’s his sincerity that is the problem.

He then reminded America that he won a historic election.

Ed Henry of CNN asked if the President would keep his promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

This allowed Obama to be at his most weaselly. He went out of his way to say that he respects those with an opposing view. Yet that is not the same as actually offering an ounce of compromise on an issue. He should have just said, “I am pro-choice, so yes.” He tries so hard to sound moderate that one could believe that he actually is a moderate, if one was a media lapdog.

He then said that the Freedom of Choice Act was “not my highest legislative priority.” NARAL will find a way to take that dismissal and claim that he supports them.

The Jayson Blair Times, never won to show an ounce of humility or ask a tough question of a liberal, asked what surprised, troubled, enchanted, and humbled the President about his office.

The surprise came in the form of the number of issues coming to a head at the same time. President Obama did not anticipate “the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” despite talking about it on the campaign trail repeatedly. He claimed arbitrarily that “other presidents have two or three crises, while he has seven or eight.”

He is troubled by the partisanship, which is odd since he is a driving force behind it. For one thing, he will not rein in the Pelosiraptor.

He likes our troops. He claims that they are “really good at their job.” Now if only he would let them.

He is humbled by the power of the Presidency, and the patience of the American people.

Black Entertainment Network got to aska  question on what the president would do to lessen the impact of the recession on black people. President Obama smartly responded that he was trying to help all people.

I give him credit on this issue. He simply refuses to become like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. He may be doing this because he knows white America will not tolerate it, but that does not change the fact that he is right to stay away from it.

Time Magazine asked about the State Secret Doctrine. President Obama wants it “modified,” which is a fancy way of saying, “mend it, don’t end it.” This guy really is not Jesse Jackson. He doesn’t even rhyme.

He doesn’t want to reveal covert information which might compromise our safety. In short, he will do exactly what President Bush did without saying so.

The Wall Street Journal asked him what kind of shareholder he would be, regarding auto companies. Then Barbara Walters asked him what kind of tree he would be.

President Obama claimed that he did not want to own auto companies or banks. Yet at the same time, he refuses to let banks pay back the TARP money.

He wants to “help these companies make tough decisions.”

The banks that are screaming that they do not want or need his help are being ignored.

I have to concede that his five minute speech was not dreadful. The remaining 55 minutes were inconsequential.

Then again, those who want substance should wait for his Republican successor.


Arlen Specter–Blame everyone

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Senator Arlen Specter has switched sides.

To steal a line from David Letterman after the Jim Jeffords switch, “This is the biggest political switch since…well, since Jim McGreevey.”

The bottom line is that not one Republican in this country should be celebrating right now. This is a disaster. It was also an avoidable disaster.

Let me begin by saying that I have never liked Arlen Specter. I have never met him personally, but I never liked him. Given that he was a Jewish Republican, I wanted to like him. Yet I always found him to be an opportunist.

My prediction is that the Jayson Blair Times will praise him for being “courageous” and “principled.” That is what happens when Republicans vote to raise taxes, bash other Republicans, or in some cases, leave the party entirely and become Democrats or left-leaning independents.

When Democrats dare to cross party lines, there is talk of betrayal. Just ask Joe Lieberman.

There was nothing principled about Arlen Specter’s decision. It was a cold, naked political calculation. Senator Specter has stayed around too long, lost touch with his constituents, and is now trying to blame the party for his losing touch.

Arlen Specter has been drifting leftward slowly since 1992. 1992 was the “year of the woman.” Women everywhere began deciding that merit did not matter, as they picked the least qualified candidates nationwide who yelped the loudest. From Barbara Boxer in California to Carol Moseley Braun in Illinois, qualifications went out the window.

In Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter was trailing an unknown named Lynne Yeakal by a 2-1 margin. The issue was Anita Hill and her long since discredited accusations against Clarence Thomas.

These women ran for office with the same “Yes, we can!” blather of our current President.

Specter was running scared. He ran hard to the left, and with the fortune of running against a bumbler, eked out a 51-49% victory.

By 2004, Specter, was facing a primary challenge from Pat Toomey. This was something I was against.

I like Pat Toomey. The Club For Growth is fabulous. I just don’t believe that we as Republicans should cannibalize our own.

Yes, this is a democracy, and Pat Toomey had a right to run. Nobody is entitled to coast to a general election without a primary. However, politically it is a mistake. Sometimes it works out well, such as when Al D’Amato took down Jacob Javits in New York. Usually it just splits the party and elects liberals.

(I like Kay Bailey Hutchison better than Rick Perry, but still wish they were not facing off against each other.)

Specter barely survived Toomey, but Toomey is taking him on again for the 2010 race. I again wish this had not been the case.

Arlen Specter did two dishonorable things. Switching parties was not dishonorable. Yet a pair of actions connected with the switching are dishonorable.

First of all, I believe that when a politician switches parties, they should resign. Period. They should run again, but not as a sitting Senator. Even Richard Shelby, who blatantly telegraphed and all but announced his switch on a megaphone before his 1994 reelection, should have resigned. Phil Gramm did it the right way. He left the Democratic Party, resigned his seat, ran as a Republican, and won. That is honor.

Arlen Specter should return every dollar from every donor that wants their money back. Many people, rightly or wrongly, vote based on party. His switch is a breach of contract (morally, not legally).

The second act of dishonor is his blaming the Pennsylvania Republican electorate.

Losers blame the voters. I respect the American people. Unlike liberals, who blame voters whenever they lose, Conservatives should be above that pettiness. Republicans lost the 2008 elections. I don’t blame the voters. We lost.

Arlen Specter drifted away from the party in the same way Bill Clinton triangulated his way to a second term. They are both about self-preservation at any and all costs.

One thing that will be interesting is whether Democrats bail out Specter the way that Republicans aided Lieberman. Many Democrats will be resentful if they have to shelve their own ambitions for Specter.

So what do Republicans do now?

The main thing we do is stop cannibalizing each other.

I speak around the country, and one message that I hammer over and over again is that if you have an “R” next to your name, then you are party of my political family.

I have no litmus tests.

I get angry when the moderates attack the social conservatives. I get just as angry when the social conservatives refer to moderate Republicans as RINOs (Republicans in name only).

Ronald Reagan gave the 11th Commandment, that “Thou shalt speak ill of no other Republican.”

I want Sam Brownback in my party, and I also want Susan Collins.

What I want most is to win elections. There are no moral victories in politics. Winners get to govern.

Some conservatives think that it is good to have a Democrat win from time to time so that they can screw up and get “real” conservatives elected. They point to Jimmy Carter being followed by Ronald Reagan.

Jimmy Carter was a disaster, and Ronald Reagan probably would have won anyway.

John McCain is not the same as Barack Obama. There is a lot more than a “dime’s difference between the two parties,” despite what George Wallace said.

For those who forget, it was moderate Republicans in 1993 that defeated the stimulus bill debacle put forth by Bill Clinton.

We need to unite. We can have all the disagreements in the world when we are governing, but if we are fractured now, then the march to socialism will succeed, and we will need a couple of generations to reverse the damage.

The national party must flood Norm Coleman with money in Minnesota so that Al Franken never becomes that 60th seat. Coleman will be under heavy pressure to quit, even though Al Gore was allowed to nearly provoke a constitutional crisis. Liberals never resign with honor. They hang on kicking and screaming. Norm Coleman must hang on and win. Otherwise Democrats will continue to try and steal elections because they will (correctly) conclude that Republicans will not fight to the end.

Losing numbers is losing, period. It is not a victory, especially if Toomey loses.

We need to respect the members of our political family that we disagree with. Idaho and Mississippi are not California and Massachusetts. Republicans can win in California, but they have to be moderates. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger went too far, but Pete Wilson was attacked as a “moderate,” and he was a fabulous Republican governor. Would I like a conservative like Tom McClintock? Of course I would. Yet I don’t have the votes.

The liberals have destroyed California. The only way we can save the state is with moderate Republicans. As long as these moderate slash taxes and protect our safety, I can be more patient on re meat social issues.

We have to stop the bleeding. We need to make sure that Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins stay with us. Maine is not going to give us leadership that would make Alabama happy.

Lindsey Graham said it best. He said, “I can’t win in Pennsylvania. I can win in South Carolina. I cannot win in Pennsylvania.”

I am absolutely not advocating that we water down the party or act like Democrats. I am saying that we have to give some of our members latitude when they need to stray from time to time, provided it does not become the rule instead of the exception.

Arlen Specter betrayed the Republican Party. He violated his oath to those that supported him.

Yet the entire party needs to make sure that we do not have this situation occur again. This is not a blessing in disguise, or even a blessing for all to see.

This is a party that wants to wreck this country moving one vote closer.


Worse Than Arianna Huffington

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

At the UCLA Festival of Books, I actually encountered somebody worse than Arianna Huffington.

I did not know this was possible.

Yet at a panel on the role of media in our society, Ms. Huffington was not the most obnoxious participant.

When asked what she read, she replied, “I read newspapers, and not just online. I read physical newspapers. I read the LA Times, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. I don’t believe newspapers need to die.”

With regards to whether organizations could charge for people to read their content, Ms. Huffington was convinced this would not work. “The only things people would pay for online are niche content or weird porn. Putting content behind walls will fail.”

While Ms. Huffington represents some of the worst of the new media, she ironically defends the worst of the old media.

“We can save journalism and newspapers.”

“The debate on torture is pathetic. When did torture become a leftist issue?”

“How did financial journalists miss the financial meltdown?”

“A New York Times article mentioned Goldman Sachs profits. The article was a reprint of a Goldman Sachs press release.”

Ms. Huffington freely admits that the mainstream media is a complete and utter disaster, but wants to save them anyway. Also, she criticizes them for getting stories wrong when the truth would benefit liberals. Yet she cannot bring herself to discuss that most of the mistakes of the mainstream media are what really benefit the liberals.

She did say one thing I agreed with, although her lack of courage was astounding. It was announced at the beginning of the session that recording devices were not allowed.

“In 2009, asking people not to record sessions about the media is absurd.”

She made this pious proclamation at the end of the session. This allowed her to get plenty of cheers from the room without actually accomplishing anything. A sincere move would have been to demand at the very beginning to allow recorders. Then again, much of liberalism is about symbolism and appearances, rather than concrete positives.

When she was asked about incorrect stories on her site, she simply responded by saying that the questioner should email her, and that she would look into it. I privately asked her about anti-Semitism on her site. I made it clear that I was not saying that she supported the anti-Semitism, but that it reflected badly on her. Perhaps I was being overly generous, but I erred on the non-accusatory side. She simply replied that if I found something to that effect, I should email her and she would look into it.

Marc Cooper was the voice of reason on the panel. While he was not a conservative, he was significantly less useless than the rest. In fact, he was actually worthwhile.

“Guttenberg invented the printing press to propagate the bible. Instead it led to secular humanism and the enlightenment.”

“In 1968, if we had fewer Washington reporters, we would have avoided war in Vietnam.”

“Text will survive. Newspapers will not.”

“The right to publish is only a decade old. I would take amateurs any day over the polished professionals.”

Sharon Waxman was the panelist that shilled for her former employer, the Jayson Blair Times.

“We learned nothing from Vietnam coverage. The media led us right into the 2003 Iraq War.”

“The New York Times is the establishment.”

“I regret that the news industry is losing professionals.”

Yet as dreadful as Ms. Huffington and Ms. Waxman were, there noses were barely in the air compared to the worst member of the panel.

James Rainey works for an inconsequental section of the Los Angeles Times. Perhaps that means he works for every section. Nevertheless, one sentence he uttered, taken completely in context, reflected why Americans should be disgusted with the media, and most liberals in general.

“I liked the old world where Walter Cronkite, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times ruled the world, and we could ignore you.”

The “you” he refers to are the citizen journalists, also known as bloggers. Mr. Rainey at least was an honest jack@ss. He admitted that he is an elitist snob. He was the moderator for this panel, which shows why the old media needs the Old Yeller treatment.

I asked him a public question, and he could barely contain his anger and contempt.

“I am a political blogger who admits his biases up front, and when I make a mistake, I issue a loud mea culpa. Why can’t the old media do the same? How many times do we have to experience ‘fake but accurate’ memos, Jayson Blair, secret troop movements being revealed, and corrections buried on page 37, before you realize the problem is oen of loq quality? You brag about 1-2 million people reading your paper, but 299 million people do not read it. Shouldn’t you be treated the same way as the financial firms you criticize? Doesn’t the idea of ‘creative destruction’ mean that, like Lehman Brothers, the Los Angeles Times and Jayson Blair Times should fail?”

The trick to asking a long question is to speak clearly but quickly.

Mr. Rainey seethed, and blathered on about how the mistakes I cited were aberrations. Evidence of high quality is found in, according to him, “recent Pulitzer Prizes.”

Is he kidding? Sadly, no. He actually believes that liberals giving each other awards actually means something. Sorry, but Oscars, Nobels, and Pulitzers have little to do with quality and much to do with ideology.

Rather than admit the problem, he simply denies the problem exists. You see, the problem is not the old media. It is ordinary people. Let me repeat his words again, which were not said in jest.

“I liked the old world where Walter Cronkite, the Los Angeles Times, and the New York Times ran the world and we could ignore you.”

Yes, Arianna Huffington is poison. Yet at least she is using the new media to spread her propaganda. She is a successful purveyor of hate speech.

James Rainey is the worst of all possible worlds. He is an ineffective purveyor of hate.

He is worse than Arianna Huffington.

May the Los Angeles Times, Jayson Blair Times, and every sneering member of their miserable money losing lot continue to rot to death.


Bea Arthur–Farewell to a likable feminist

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Comedians have lost a target, and the rest of the entertainment industry has lost a jewel. Bea Arthur is no longer with us.

She died peaceably at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 86.

She will be missed.


NFL 2009 Draft Recap

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

The 2009 NFL Draft came upon us, as the Detroit Lions took the first step towards winning their first game since 2007.

This should make a certain P*ssed Off Tree Rat pleased.

Yet the fellow behind No Runny Eggs sees things differently.

For members of the Raider Nation, all things Silver and Black can be found at Just Blog Baby.

Dallas Cowboy fans can visit the Landry Hat.

More sports websites offer more coverage.

For those who play in addition to watching, the league I play in on occasion is below.

Of course, the big dogs of draft coverage are vital as well.

Rather than recap every moment of the Draft, I am forced to accept the fact that I ended up at the UCLA Book Festival instead. Before getting to the Draft, a brief book festival recap is in order.

I got to meet Bob Barker. He is every bit as likable in person as he is on television. I used to love watching “The Price is Right” with my grandmother, who will have been gone one year on April 28th.

I got to be ask the very last person to ask him a question after his remarks.

“Mr. Barker, you look great…”

He then stopped me, and to the delight of the audience said, “You’re setting me up for an old maid joke.”

He then let me continue.

“In your current physical condition, do you think you could still beat up Adam Sandler?”

(Rent the golf movie “Happy Gilmore. It is hilarious.)

Mr. Barker did not miss a beat.

“Adam Sandler could not even beat up Regis Philbin. I could definitely beat up Adam because I know I could definitely beat up Regis.”

He remains fabulous, and the audience from children to octogenarians cheered him wildly.

I also got to see Hugh Hewitt. Hugh has been very good to me over the past year. He and I walked and talked for about 20 to 30 minutes around the UCLA campus. The conversation will remain private. I can only say that he is a first class gentleman.

Now on to football.

The Raiders were lambasted by virtually every expert, including His Royal Hairness Mel Kiper Jr.

Now I know as much about Mel Kiper Jr. as I do about Ray Parker Jr., which is not much. However, “Ghostbusters” aside, perhaps with Mel Kiper Jr., and other announcers, when it comes to Al Davis and the Raiders, “busting makes them feel good.”

Al Davis is constantly criticized for supposed “bad” decisions, but gets very little credit for the many good ones he has made. I see the building blocks of a good football team taking place.

The 2007 draft brought the Raiders JaMarcus Russell. The 2008 draft brought Darren McFadden.

The 2009 draft required that the Raiders take a wide receiver, and beef up the offensive line. With the seventh overall pick, they selected a wide receiver. The controversy came with the fact that they chose Darrius Heyward-Bey, not Michael Crabtree.

Everybody was expecting Crabtree to go to the Raiders, including me. He was considered the best receiver in the draft. Yet Heyward-Bey was the fastest, and Al Davis loves blinding speed.

The criticism of Heyward-Bey was his lack of good hands. In the past the Raiders have been burned by bad hands, from Willie Gault to Rickey Dudley.

Yes, Al Davis goes against the conventional wisdom. Yet on many occasions the conventional wisdom is wrong. Everybody criticized Al Davis for passing up Rashan Salaam. Instead he chose Napoleon Kaufman, who was a superstar during his six year career. Also, for all the talk about Al Davis being a maverick, the choices of Russell and McFadden were very safe choices, especially McFadden.

I am not upset with the choice of Heyward-Bey. Had we not drafted a receiver or an offensive lineman, I would have been very upset. We got the position right.

Crabtree and Heyward-Bey will always be linked, especially with Crabtree being right across the Bay in San Francisco. They will only play each other every four years, so outside of a Bay Area Super Bowl, they will only meet three times if both of them have Hall of Fame careers. That does not make for much of a rivalry.

JaMarcus Russell can launch it 70 yards with ease. This makes the Heyward-Bey choice sensible.

The big trade came between the Jets and the Browns. The Jets were considered the big winner of the draft. I disagree. The Browns were the big winner.

While the Jets gave up less than the debacle of the Herschel Walker trade, they gave up more than the multiple players traded for John Elway.

They gave up four players. That is simply too much, especially since Sanchez is a real wild card. USC Quarterbacks do play in a pro-style offense under Pete Carroll, but sometimes it is tough to tell if the success is the quarterback or the system.

Carson Palmer can play. Matt Leinart is headed down the path of being a bust, although it is not too late. John David Booty has not set foot on the field, although he was a fifth round pick, not a first rounder.

Sanchez was not even the top quarterback picked. Time will tell whether the Jets made the right move, but grading drafts is about immediate results. The Browns received a king’s ransom for a player that they did not even need and had no intention of drafting. Maybe Eric Mangini truly is Mangenius.

For the second year in a row, the Browns were able to get the exact player they wanted at a bargain price. Last year they picked Joe Thomas with the third overall pick instead of Brady Quinn. 18, spots later, at # 21, they got Quinn anyway. This year, they traded down three times, stockpiled picks, and still got Mack the center, who was their targeted choice anyway. That is a successful draft.

The Eagles did well, and Donovan McNabb could see his career revitalized. Pass happy Andy Reid has a pair of new toys to play with. They are already now a legitimate contender.

While many will consider the Lions to have messed up (a reasonable conclusion for an 0-16 team 52 years removed from a championship), they made the safe choice. They could have gotten multiple picks, but a franchise quarterback puts fans in the stands. Unlike the Jets, the Lions did not give up the store to get one.

The Broncos made a pair of very curious decision, picking a running back. The team desperately needs help on defense. They also gave up a first round pick next year to take a second round pick this year.

I was surprised that the Colts took a running back over a wide receiver to replace the departed Marvin Harrison.

The Cardinals taking a running back also seemed curious. While Edgerring James winds down, Tim Hightower seemed to be the logical replacement. The Cardinals are the Greatest SHow in the Desert with Ken Whisenhunt and Kurt Warner. What they need is a defense.

The Rams, Bengals, and Jaguars all have talented quarterbacks that faced injuries last year from taking too many beatings. They were wise to take offensive tackles, especially with the Rams losing Orlando Pace.

The Bears won before the draft even started by getting Jay Cutler, another Denver blunder. Yet the Bears gave Cutler no help, since they did not have a first round pick.

The Giants were also criticized, yet their decision to take a wide receiver was sensible given the Plaxico Burress debacle.

Similarly, the Titans were criticized, but even the great Jeff Fisher will not win a Super Bowl winning every game 13-10. Sooner or later they will lose a game 13-10. Their defense is a perennial Super Bowl defense. Kerry Collins has been underestimated his entire career. He needs receivers.

The Chargers were right to go with defense. Selecting a running back would have torn the team apart. Either cut Tomlinson or keep him, but keeping him and selecting his replacement would have been boneheaded.

The Cowboys lacked a first round pick, but getting rid of Terrell Owens makes them winners.

Aaron Curry was a steal for the Seahawks, since it was a surprise that the Chiefs did not take him. It was also smart for the Seahawks to stay out of the Sanchez sweepstakes, since they have Matt Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace.

In 4 1/2 months, the 2009 NFL Season starts.

I am ready for some football.


Podcasts, Links, and NFL Draft Apologies

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

I owe football fans everywhere an apology.

I will not be live blogging the NFL Draft today.

For the last three years, I have been at the NFL Draft in Radio City Music Hall. I will not be at the 2009 NFL Draft.

For reasons only I care about, my trip to New York got screwed up. I could watch it on television, but the UCLA Book Festival is within walking distance to my home.

Yes, I am still a heterosexual alpha male. Yes, I am skipping the NFL Draft to go to a book fair.

I am going to sell MY book. Sheesh, it’s not like I am going to read books. Making money gives me an exemption.

I will offer Draft analysis on Sunday, not Saturday.

Until then…

In political news, I recently did four radio shows. I was being interviewed for my new book, “Ideological Bigotry.” Go to my main home page and buy it. The podcasts are below.

Now for some plugs, none of which connect to my bottom.

(Don’t ask how my GPS tracker works.)

My buddy Jason is djing at the Zen Grille in Beverly Hills this Sunday night.

My friend Jeff has a son with a rare illness. Check out his site.

When mixing alcohol with politics, one gets a very fun website called “Three Beers Later.”

I recently attended an enjoyable mixer put on by the Los Angeles Jewish Chamber of Commerce. Jeff Gurman plays a vital role at the organization.

A diverse group of careers were represented.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren is a surfing Rabbi running for the California State Senate. In his spare time he gives surfing lessons. He is an Orthodox Jew, so if you are Jewish, please do not view his website on the Sabbath unless the computer was already turned on and on his site. Non-Jews should visit it seven days a week.

Natalie Rubin sells toner. Oh, and boys, she is hot and single.

Michelle Kaz is a teacher of at risk youth.

Kathleen Goldner works at Colwell Banker. She is a good Jewish Republican.

Shay and Idan do 911 Restoration.

Suzanne Crawford is a Licensed Occupational Therapist.

Her brother deals in baseball cards.

Danielle Serlin has a pet sitting service.

Jonathan Rich does consulting. He is the Thoughtful Wizard.

Sam Goldberg works at Bridgehead Solutions.

Bella Kopulsky does personalized residential placement for seniors.

Michael Stein is a Lean Manufacturing and Quality Expert. He also won a copy of my book.

Leora Hodes is a legal recruiter.

Brad Greenberg works at the On the Go Media Network.

Leigh Gegenberg works at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center as a clinical social worker.

Joel Miller is a controller for an eyewear company.

Mike Karpel provides financial services in Beverly Hills.

Now onto the world of Tea Parties:

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CJ—Huntsville, AL

Steady Habits—Hartford, CT

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Curtis Dahlgren has a new book out

2 Cents

Michael Blum

Valley of the Shadow analyzes Bush Derangement Syndrome

Joel Goodman sent me a hilarious faux Obama quote regarding the piracy issue.

“Wait a minute now, I didn’t authorize ATTACKS on the Pirates!
I authorized A TAX on the pirates.”

Ok, off to go sell books. Hopefully next year I will be wealthy enough to never have to miss another National Football League event ever again.

Five months until kickoff.


The Israel Missile Defense Association Forum

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I recently had the pleasure of attending a forum put on by the Israel Missile Defense Association. The IMDA forum was co-sponsored by the Claremont Institute and the Children of Holocaust Survivors.

While many in the audience had strong political opinions, this event was not about politics. It was about policy. The IMDA has one mission, and that is to educate people on the ins and outs of everything related to missile defense.

The presenters were Avi Schnur, the Executive Director of the IMDA, and Brian Kennedy of the Claremont Institute. Larry Greenfield of the Claremont Institute was the moderator of what was a very sobering evening.

The event took place only days after the heroic rescue of Richard Phillips by Navy Seals. Three perfectly fired shots took down three pirates.

Larry Greenfield began with some ice-breaker remarks.

“I am a proud Navy man. Let’s pay a tribute to the Navy Seals. Let’s also pay a tribute to an American hero, Richard Phillips.”

“The Navy has played a vital role in preserving the safety of America since the days of Thomas Jefferson, during the Barbary Wars of 1801 to 1805.”

“To those in this room, I wish you a happy Passover. With Passover we celebrate a festival of freedom. A love of freedom is what America protects and defends today.”

“Those involved with Navy Intelligence have an expression. ‘In God we Trust. All others, we monitor.'”

“Some might have noticed a slight shift in foreign policy lately. We now have a world wide apology tour, the closing of Guantanamo Bay, and bowing before the Saudi King.”

“Yet tonight is not about partisan politics. This is about something we can all agree about, the need to keep America safe. This is about the importance of missile defense.”

Avi Schnur then gave a very serious presentation. Mr. Schnur has a background with Northrup Grumman. His expertise is in space and laser products.

“Israel’s enemies are now making far reaching changes in military strategy. No more are they using traditional weapons. Now they are using missiles and rockets.”

“Israel is surrounded by the largest world fleet of missiles.”

“All of Israel’s major populations centers are in the range of Hezbollah and Hamas missiles.”

“Missiles, unlike rockets, can be aimed.”

“There is a missile defense gap between what is available and what is needed.”

“Israel has many threats. Iran is a threat. Their missiles now contain one ton warheads. This is not like the old twenty kilogram warheads that Hezbollah used to fire. Syria is a threat as well. They have thousands of missiles, buried in silos in the mountains. Hezbollah is a threat. Their missiles now contain half of a ton warheads.”

Mr. Schnur then shifted from the threats and problems to the solution, in the form of defenses.

“The F-16 I is a capable aircraft. The United States has them. Israel does not.”

“The Arrow Missile has been deployed against Iran. The Arrow Missile has been very effective. This was a joint project between America and Israel. However, production of the Arrow missile ended this year. The Arrow is the only long range defense that Israel has.”

“Medium range is needed to deal with Syria and Hezbollah. There is the New Patriot Interceptor. It destroys items at Mock 10 speed. There is no warhead. There is just complete disintegration.”

“There is also the Skyguard Laser. The prototype is meant to defend against Ketushah rockets.”

“For short range, there is the Phalanx Gun. This is being used by America in the Green Zone in Iraq and by Israel to combat attacks against Sderot.”

“What is probably shocking to most of you is that the Israeli military has fought the development of these weapons. That may sound strange, that Israel’s own military would want to fight the development of weapons that could save Israel. Yet one characteristics of democracies is that democracies need tragedies before taking action. For America, it was 9/11. Democracies need tragedies. Problems with developing these systems in Israel include budgetary and other constraints. Money for these weapons must be taken from somewhere else, and nobody wants to give up their slice of the budget.”

“These defense systems are not expensive, especially when compared to the amount of current world wide spending during these times. Building these missile defense systems will not take a relatively large amount of money. It will take a large amount of political will.”

“Benjamin Netanyahu has the political will. He has promised to defend Israel. The United States should let him keep his word.”

“Sitting back and hoping is not a solution. We are past that point.”

Brian Kennedy then offered his perspective.

“Happy Passover. Passover was another time in history when Jews refused to allow themselves to be destroyed. Here we are again today.”

“There is a Hebrew word ‘Shoah.’ Shoah means whirlwind. There is epochal confusion where good and bad are put on the same moral plane.”

“Twelve years ago, in 1997, 75% of people thought that we in America already had a missile defense system.”

“Ronald Reagan believed in missile defense. He felt it was better to prevent another attack.”

“Why don’t we have missile defense? This is bipartisan failure. Democrats and Republicans are to blame.”

“Liberals oppose missile defense because they oppose shows of force and military strength. They prefer the nihilist approach of mutually assured destruction. Conservatives were too busy preening over the end of the Cold War. We won the Cold War, but we never got rid of the Soviet weapons.”

“The GOP has been too busy saving tax dollars.”

“America has a rudimentary system of interceptors in Alaska and California. This is better than nothing, but it is not acceptable.”

“An attack on America by attacking our access to electricity would be devastating. Absent electricity, America could hold 30 million people. We have 300 million people. Food and water require electricity. If a ballistic missile from a ship takes out our electricity, then America has ended. Civilization has ended.”

“Iran has twice tested ballistic missiles in the Caspian Sea.”

“President Obama has said that he will support a missile defense system only if it is ‘cost effective and proven to work,’ but he won’t provide the money to make it work. It costs 30 billion dollars. To paraphrase an old senator, that is not even real money nowadays.”

“President Ahmadinejad is not crazy. He is cold, calculating, and rational. He sacrificed his own women and children. He put sheets around them and had them roll through minefields in the Iran-Iraq war. Even John McCain didn’t talk about this.”

“The Iranian goal is to bring about the 12th Imam. This will only happen with a cataclysm. They have no fear of obliteration.”

“One such cataclysm could come in the form of Iran destroying our transformers in an electric attack. We only have 300 transformers. That’s it. There are no backups just sitting around.”

“The experts know this, but the problem is that the experts are not getting their message to the leadership.”

“There are 9000 interceptors defending 75% of Russians. The Chinese and Israel are setting up missile defense systems. Only the West will not get right that we need it.”

“For those that are Republicans, saying you are for missile defense is not enough. Talking tough isn’t enough. You have to do something about it.”

The question and answer session allowed for more reality to be spread by the presenters.

“Preemption is necessary. If you wait too long, it is too late.”

“Most people do not know that Israel has no missile defense. Systems require deconfliction codes. America has the deconfliction codes, but has not shared them with Israel. Without the deconfliction codes, there is no defense. Israel does not have an offensive missile force. Israel only has fighter planes.”

“The grand strategy involves superpowers. Russia and China are helping Iran and North Korea against us.”

“90% of food and electricity into North Korea comes from China. North Korea would never test a missile without permission from China. The recent North Korea missile tests were done with approval from China with the purpose of embarrassing President Obama.”

“President Obama needs to say publicly what George W. Bush would not even say publicly. He needs to publicly state that he will kill 70 million Iranians if they attack us. He will never say this.”

An intense evening concluded with websites that people could go to if they wanted more information.

For the sake of those that love freedom and civilization, I hope that a pursuit of more information is just the beginning. Attending lectures and learning is informative. Concrete action is what is needed.


Happy 70th Lee Majors

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The Fall Guy turns 70 today.

Happy birthday Lee Majors.


More Jewish self-loathing from the Jayson Blair Times

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The most self-hating people on Earth are liberal Jews. They beg Islamofacists to like them, all the while despising themselves for not doing enough to bring word peace while disparaging evangelical Christians, who for some reason tolerate this.

The most anti-Semitic newspaper in the country is the Jayson Blair Times, run by self-hating Jew (to be fair he did convert away from the religion) Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr.

While the Jayson Blair Times thinks that the Arabs are innocent victims of evil Jews, the JBT will offer a balanced perspective. A jewish voice is allowed in their paper provided that the Jew is an apologist that also blames Jews. Arabs do not have apologists. They shoot them.

Richard Cohen has a Jewish last name. I wish he understood that when Iran tries to form a Caliphate, he will not be spared.

His most recent self-loathing screed comes in the form of supporting victim Iran over aggressor Israel. The fact that his article came out during Passover is just icing on his anti-Israel chocolate digestive, or in his case, indigestive.

He accuses Israel of “crying wolf” over Iran. That is a fancy way of saying that Israel is a liar.

His “evidence” is flimsy at best.

“Four years earlier, in 1992, he’d (Shimon Peres) predicted that Iran would have a nuclear bomb by 1999.”

“You can’t accuse the Israelis of not crying wolf. Ehud Barak, now defense minister, said in 1996 that Iran would be producing nuclear weapons by 2004.”

I want to be more eloquent than simply referring to Mr. Cohen as a self hating Jew and left-wing horse’s hide. Yet equine anus is as equine anus does.

The issue is not whether the prediction was 100% accurate. The issue is whether the prediction based on behavior was reasonable. Of course it was reasonable.

The fact that Iran has not blown up Israel YET does not mean they are not trying to do so every waking moment.

It is this same idiotic logic that says that Hamas and the Palesimians should be rewarded because homicide bombings are down. Homicide bombings are down because the Israeli Defense Forces are getting better and better. The Palesimians are as bloodthirsty as ever. They are just less successful.

Iran only needs to get it right one time.

One school of thought that those on the elft continue to spout is that Iran will not attack Israel because Israel would then obliterate them. This argument is beyond flawed.

The Mullahs are not pragmatists. They are not afraid to die. They believe that the Caliphate will be spread when the 12th Imam returns. This can only happen after a cataclysm.

Also, there are one billion Muslims in existence. There are 14 million Jews. If the Iranians sacrifice 10, 20, or 50 people for every single Jew, they still win.

During the Iran-Iraq War from 1980-1988, the Mullahs sacrificed women and children. 14 year old boys were sent to die. The Mullahs do not care. Dying in battle is glorious, and they have the people to sacrifice.

“Netanyahu also makes the grotesque claim that the terrible loss of life in the Iran-Iraq war (started by Iraq) ‘didn’t sear a terrible wound into the Iranian consciousness.’ It did just that, which is why Iran’s younger generation seeks reform but not upheaval; and why the country as a whole prizes stability over military adventure.”

The young people have no say. There is no revolution from within. They will not rise up without U.S. support. Republican Presidents did not finance this. There is no way a liberal President would. Also, the Iran-Iraq War did not make them averse to war. It just made them determined to get better weapons.

As for the imbecilic notion of prizing stability, Iran foments worldwide terrorism. They fund instability. Their leaders are unstable. Unstable people cause unstable situations. Even liberals should grasp this. If not, they can go to Amazon and buy a thesaurus.

In 2009, Benjamin Netanyahu referred to Iranian President and psychopath Armageddonijad as a “wide eyed believer.” Roger Cohen saw a bigger threat that he described as only a smug liberal could.

“I must say when I read those words about ‘the wide-eyed believer’ my mind wandered to a recently departed ‘decider.’ But I’m not going there.”

Liberals love to chortle at their own wit. This guy is practically French he needs rhinoplasty so bad.

What liberals pass as dialogue is advancing the idiotic notion that President George W. Bush is more dangerous than Armageddonijad.

I challenge Roger Cohen to take his liberal smugness to Iran and see how long he lasts. Nicolas Berg and Daniel Pearl were not beheaded by Republicans. They were murdered by Islamofacist zealots.

Let’s see how funny Iran would find him if he made remarks about Iranian leadership while living there. It is pretty easy to brave when working for a morally bankrupt newspaper that exists because American soldiers protect and defend the paper’s right to be hateful and wrong.

“I don’t buy the view that, as Netanyahu told Goldberg, Iran is ‘a fanatic regime that might put its zealotry above its self-interest.’ Every scrap of evidence suggests that, on the contrary, self-interest and survival drive the mullahs.”

What scrap of evidence? Oh, I forgot. In the world of the Jayson Blair Times, “fake but accurate” memos are considered evidence. In the real world, not the Jayson Blair Times world, allowing your nation to receive economic sanctions puts fanaticism above self interest. Refusing to allow western culture, including technological advances that could help with oil infrastructure, puts fanaticism above self interest. Driving out Jews from your country despite the fact that everywhere they go, they have brought economic value to their mother econmy, is putting fanaticism above self interest.

Murdering your own intellectuals and beating your own women, while refusing to let them get educated, is putting fanaticism above self interest.

The Mullahs are not pragmatists. They are prepared for Armageddon as soon as they get the tools to bring it to their enemies.

Self loathing liberal newspapers are bad enough. They will be bankrupt financially soon enough, to accompany their moral and ethical bankruptcy.

Yet liberal Jewish apologists that are more threatened by a President who was reelected after liberating two nations than a nation run by murderous monsters need to have have their heads examined.

It is not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

It is not crying wolf when the wolves really are there, with blood dripping from their Islamofacist fangs.

The Mullahs want to kill Roger Cohen. He wants to blame Israel and Republicans.

Who or what could be so disgusting to tolerate such a useless human being?

Oh, that’s right. His fellow self-loathing Jewish apologist Arthur Sulzberger at the Jayson Blair Times.


Radical gays are aggressors, not victims

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Radical gays need to get back in the closet. Then the closet needs to be locked. Then the room needs to either be flooded with water or set ablaze.

(Fine, I do not want to take it that far. Yeah, the hyperbole train went off the track. Yeah, I am deliberately provoking those that deserve it. No, I don’t want God to strike them down. I just wish he would give them laryngitis.)

Either way, I never want to hear from another radical gay lunatic ever again.

I supported gay rights. I supported civil unions. I was neutral on gay marriage, vowing to follow the law, whatever the eventual decision.

Yet that is not enough for radical gays. They will not be satisfied until they successfully terrorize every person that disagrees with them. Also, their bigotry is hurting gay Americans that are not radical, and do wish to coexist.

All bigotry is wrong. Being the victim of past bigotry does not excuse current bigotry, whether it be reverse racism, reverse sexism, or reverse sexuality.

Gays celebrated when Dr. Laura Schlessinger had her television show canceled before it began. All Dr. Laura ever did was disagree with them. She passed no laws.

Now the radical gay community has affected the Miss USA Pageant.,0,2777847.story

Miss USA was supposed to be a beauty contest. Then they added stupid talent contests as ratings nosedived. Then politics was interjected.

Perez Hilton, who is basically famous for being gay and obnoxious, decided to ask Miss California Carrie Prejean what her views were on gay marriage. Miss California stated that she was against it.

Why the heck was this question asked? What does gay marriage have to do with being Miss America?

One can argue whether or not Miss California’s answer cost her the crown. Perez Hilton smugly seems to think so.

I want to know why this question was asked, and why Perez Hilton, an untraditional person to say the least, should be allowed anywhere near a traditional forum in a speaking role.

This is not equal rights. This is not tolerance. This is thuggery. This is the verbal equivalent of what was done to Matthew Shepherd. Miss California was ambushed and savagely beaten.

I was neutral on gay marriage. No more.

I will not support the agents of intolerance. The agents of intolerance are not those against gay marriage. Otherwise, 70% of black Americans and an almost equal number of Hispanic Americans in California would be intolerant, and we know that minorities are always tolerant.

The bigots are the radical gays.

I have friends who are Log Cabin Republicans. They are embarrassed by liberal gays.

The intolerance is not even an accurate reflection of all gays. It is a completely accurate reflection of liberals.

This is why I claim that liberals spread ideological bigotry. They just cannot stop the hate. They are diseased.

The next time somebody supporting gay marriage preaches to me about tolerance and equality, I will tell them that until radical gay America stops trying to bully innocent people for feeling and thinking differently, they will not get my support.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is not a bigot. Congressman Barney Frank is a bigot.

Yet when anybody questions Barney Frank for being corrupt, he plays the gay card. Ask him about why he let his boyfriend run a prostitution ring out of his home. Ask him why he was one of the leading culprits behind the current financial crisis. Ask him why he had a sexual relationship with an employee of a company that his committee was supposed to be regulating.

Then expect to be called a bigot.

Governor Jim McGreevey was not fired for being gay. He was fired for being corrupt. The only person who used his sexuality as a weapon was McGreevey himself.

If the gay community wants to blame innocent people for their problems, then perhaps everyday Americans should just stop putting up with the abuse.

The next time I am presented with a leaflet from a gay marriage supporter, I will set it on fire right in front of them.

I have utter contempt for these bigots.

They have civil rights. They are not victims. They are aggressors.

Aggressors are bullies. Bullies need to be decked between the eyes.

Call me intolerant. I don’t care.

I will side with whoever wants them to shut up.

Unless the gay community, outside of the Log Cabin Republicans, condemn Perez Hilton, then they are just as culpable.

They should also condemn him for calling Miss California a “dumb b*tch.”

No Mr. Hilton. You are a dumb b*tch. You are also a bigot.

Until the gay community condemns this bigotry, my advice to the gay community comes with even more anger than when they tried to declare “gay day” and skip work.

Gay America needs to do what straight America has been doing for years.

Gay America needs to shut up. Just shut up. For the love of God, shut up.

I want gays to be treated equal to straight people. Straight people shut up and go to work. Gay people should do the same. People wanting to be treated equally need to act equally.

Otherwise, I will be happy to take up the cause of gay rights. I will break my neutral stance. I will join the gay marriage opponents.

After all, somebody has to stand up for the innocent victims of ideological bigotry.