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Super Bowl History 1966-2009

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Superbowl History

The NFL (National Football League) began playing in the 1920s. In 1960 an upstart league known as the AFL (American Football League) came into existence. A war broke out between the two leagues, and the teams agreed in 1966 to start playing a game at the end of the year between the best team in each league. That game would eventually be known as the Superbowl. The leagues merged in 1970, forming the modern NFL. The NFL teams formed the NFC (National Football Conference), and the AFL formed the AFC (American Football Conference). Below is the history of football in the modern era.

1966–The Green Bay Packers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL Title game 34-27, when the Packers intercepted a pass in the end zone as time ran out. The Kansas City Chiefs were the AFL champions, and they and the Packers met in Super Bowl I. The Packers were heavy favorites, and their Coach Vince Lombardi did not want to lose to what he considered a Mickey Mouse League. Although the Packers only led 14-10 at the half, a key interception broke the game open, and the Packers crushed Kansas City in the second half. 35-10 Packers

1967–The Packers again defeated the Cowboys in the NFL Title Game. The game was known as the Ice Bowl, since the game was played in 13 degrees below zero weather. Down 17-14, on the last play of the game, from the one yard line, the Packers went for the win instead of the tie, partly due to the cold. Bart Starr followed Jerry Kramer’s block, and the Packers won 21-17. They played the Raiders in Superbowl II. The game was only 13-7 in the second quarter, but a fumbled punt set up a Green Bay field goal before the half. Like the previous year, the Packers romped in the second half, including Herb Adderly’s interception return for a touchdown. It was the 5th Packer championship in 7 years, and their second Superbowl win. Vince Lombardi, who the trophy is now named for, retired after the game. 33-14 Packers

1968–With Lombardi retired, the Packers were done. The Baltimore Colts represented the NFL. The New York Jets, led by Broadway Joe Namath, defeated the Raiders 27-23 in the AFL Title game for the right to play in Superbowl III. The Colts were 18 point favorites, and Joe Namath angered the Colts and his own teammates by saying, “We’re going to win. I guarantee it.” The world laughed, but on the second play of the game, Colts defensive star Rick Volk went out with an injury. Running back Matt Snell carried 30 times following left tackle Winston Hill. Colts quarterback Earl Morrall was intercepted four times. The Jets led 16-0 in the fourth quarter, when injured legend Johnny Unitas replaced Morrall. It was too little, too late. The Jets had shocked the world. The AFL was no longer an inferior league. 16-7 Jets

1969–The Minnesota Vikings represented the NFL. The Chiefs were the best AFL team. Although the Vikings were favored in Superbowl IV, The Chiefs smothered them. Len Dawson was calm at quarterback, and the Kansas City defense was relentless. Kicker Jan Stenerud added three field goals, as the Chiefs raced to a 16-0 lead and never looked back. The AFL had tied the NFL at two Superbowls apiece. The leagues merged the next year. 23-7 Chiefs

1970–The Cowboys finally got to the Superbowl, representing the NFC. The AFC team was represented by the old NFL team the Colts from two years earlier. Superbowl V was known as the Blunder Bowl, with the teams combining for 11 turnovers. Dallas led 13-6, and were one yard away from a 14 point lead. They fumbled the ball away. Still leading 13-6, an intercepted pass set up the tying touchdown late in the game. Another interception set up Jim Obrien for a 32 yard field goal to win the game. Rookie kicker Obrien had an extra point blocked earlier, but his kick was good, and the Colts had won at the buzzer. This was the only Superbowl where the MVP played for the losing team, that being defensive player Chuck Howley. 16-13 Colts

1971–The Cowboys got back again, and the AFC was represented by the Miami Dolphins. The Cowboys were heavy favorites, and Superbowl VI was the only game where the losing team failed to score a single touchdown. Miami Coach Don Shula was also the coach for the Colts in their shocking loss to the Jets three years earlier. Tom Landry had yet to become a Dallas legend. The game was uneventful, as Dallas coasted. 24-3 Cowboys

1972–Superbowl VII had the Washington Redskins representing the NFC, with the Dolphins again representing the AFC. The Dolphins were unbeaten, and looking to make history. The Dolphins led 14-0 late in the game, when a field goal attempt to lock up the game went awry. The kick was blocked, and kicker Garo Yopremian tried to pick it up and throw it. It was picked out of the air by Mike Bass, who returned it 49 yards for a touchdown for the Redskins. They did get the ball back, but went nowhere. This was the first Superbowl where the offense for the losing team did not score at all. The Miami Dolphins remain the only team in the history of the NFL to get through a season unbeaten, finishing 17-0. Every year when the last team to lose a game does so, members of the 1972 Dolphins pop champagne corks. 14-7 Dolphins

1973–Superbowl VIII featured the defending Superbowl champion Dolphins against the NFC champion Vikings. The game was a blowout, as the Dolphins ran 20 first quarter plays to only three for Minnesota. Miami led 14-0 at that point, and due to the running of Mercury Morris, Larry Csonka, and Jim Kiick, Miami only threw the ball seven times. Miami won back to back titles, and the Vikings became the first team to lose two of them. 24-7 Dolphins

1974–Superbowl IX had the Minnesota Vikings in their 3rd Superbowl. The Dolphins were finally knocked out in an epic game with the Raiders 28-26 in the “Sea of Hands” game. For three straight years, the AFC Title game between the Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers was more epic than the Superbowl. In 1972, The Steelers defeated the Raiders in the “Immaculate Reception” game. In 1973 the Raiders throttled the Steelers. Both teams lost to the Dolphins. This year they were the big dogs. In Oakland, after 3 quarters, the Raiders led 10-3. They collapsed in the 4th quarter, as Pittsburgh exploded for 21 points and a 24-13 win. The Superbowl had the Purple People Eaters vs the Steel Curtain. It was all defense. The first half features only a safety and a 2-0 Steelers lead. A fumbled kickoff return to start the second half produced a Pittsburgh touchdown run by Franco Harris. Minnesota’s only touchdown came on a blocked punt. The extra point was no good. Pittsburgh led 9-6. Terry Bradshaw led the Steelers on the only real drive for either team of the entire game. 70 yards and much clock led to the final touchdown and Pittsburgh’s first title. The Vikings had lost their 3rd. 16-6 Steelers

1975–The Cowboys defeated the Vikings 17-14 in a very controversial NFC Title game. The AFC Title Game again featured the Raiders and Steelers. In ice cold Pittsburgh, the Steelers led 3-0 after 3 quarters. The offenses did get going, but the Raiders had their final drive end at the 5 yard line as the clock ran out. Pittsburgh prevailed 16-10. Superbowl X had the Cowboys leading 10-7 after 3 quarters. Early in the 4th, a blocked punt for a safety cut the gap to 10-9. Momentum swung, and Pittsburgh led 21-10 with time running out. Roger Staubach led the Cowboys to within 4 points, but his Hail Mary on the final play of the game was intercepted in the end zone. 21-17 Steelers

1976–The Vikings reached their 4th Superbowl. For the third straight year, the Raiders and Steelers met in the AFC Title game. The Raiders had the best record in the NFL at 13-1. The last week of the season, with home field advantage locked up, they could have lost their final game, rested their team, and eliminated Pittsburgh from playoff contention. By winning, Pittsburgh would be in. Many speculated the Raiders would lose to avoid Pittsburgh. This enraged the team, who throttled their final opponent, and demanded to face Pittsburgh. Oakland defeated New England 24-21, with 10 seconds remaining, to avenge their only loss of the season. They then finally beat Pittsburgh, destroying them 24-7. Superbowl XI was not close, with the image of cornerback Willie Brown returning an interception 75 yards for Oakland’s final touchdown. Minnesota lost their fourth Superbowl, and Oakland won their first. Owner Al Davis and coach John Madden finally reached the top. 32-14 Raiders

1977–The Raiders got back to the AFC Title Game for the 5th straight year, the only team to ever do so. They faced their archrival Denver Broncos, and the Broncos came out on top 20-17. The Cowboys represented the NFC in Superbowl XII. Bronco quarterback Craig Morton was the losing quarterback for Dallas in the 5th Superbowl. Roger Staubach led Dallas in their win the year later. Staubach won again, as Dallas cruised. It was their 4th Superbowl, and they had won and lost twice. 27-10 Cowboys

1978–Superbowl XIII had the Steelers back after a two year absence, against defending champion Dallas. This was the rematch of the Superbowl 3 years earlier. Pittsburgh led 21-14 when a short pass to a wide open Jackie Smith was dropped when he slipped and fell. Instead of the tying touchdown, a field goal cut the gap to 21-17, which was the score of their previous encounter. A pair of touchdowns 18 seconds apart put Pittsburgh up 35-17, and they hung on for a 4 point win for their 3rd Superbowl win. Dallas lost their 3rd Superbowl. Terry Bradshaw throwing bombs to Lynn Swann led to 4 catches for 164 yards. 35-31 Steelers.

1979–In the AFC Title game, Pittsburgh played the Houston Oilers for the second straight year. The previous year Pittsburgh won in a blowout, but this year it was a closer game. Houston thought they scored the tying touchdown, but it was ruled out of bounds. Pittsburgh won 27-13. The Los Angeles Rams, only 9-7 in the regular season, had won their division for the 7th straight year. In previous years they dominated, but could not get past Minnesota and Dallas. Superbowl XIV was supposed to be a Pittsburgh blowout, but the Rams led 19-17 after 3 quarters. Nevertheless, the Steelers took the lead, and sealed the game when Pat Haden was intercepted. The Steelers had their 4th Superbowl win in 6 years. 31-19 Steelers

1980–The AFC had all 5 playoff teams exactly at 11-5. The Oakland Raiders beat the Houston Oilers indoors, the Cleveland Browns 14-12 in the snow, and the San Diego Chargers in the rain, which slowed down the passing attack of “Air” Coryell and quarterback Dan Fouts. The Raiders were led by Jim Plunkett, who only a couple years ago was thought to be washed up. The owners of Oakland and San Diego hated each other, and Charger owner Gene Klein blamed Raider owner Al Davis for the rain, insisting that Davis hired a cropduster to seed the clouds. Davis has never denied this ludicrous assertion, because it burnishes his outlaw image. The NFC had 3 teams at 12-4, and the Cowboys defeated the Atlanta Falcons before falling to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles defeated the Raiders 10-7 in the regular season, but Superbowl XV was revenge. Rod Martin had 3 interceptions, and Jim Plunkett showed his talent. A swing pass to Kenny King went for 80 yards and a touchdown, and the special teams blocked a field goal. The Raiders won their second Superbowl, and coach Tom Flores, who had replaced the retired Madden a year earlier, reached the top. From a cultural standpoint, it was the first win with a Mexican head coach and quarterback. 27-10 Raiders

1981–The NFC Title game was an epic battle between the Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers, led by coach Bill Walsh and quarterback Joe Montana. In the final minute, Montana’s touchdown pass to Dwight Clark would forever be known as “The Catch.” The 49ers won 28-27 despite 6 turnovers. They played the Cincinnati Bengals in Superbowl XVI. The 49ers led 20-0 at the half. The Bengals cut the gap to 20-7 and then drove to the 49er one yard line. The 49ers then mounted an inspired goal line stand, with 4 plays gaining nothing. The Bengals did eventually cut the gap to 20-14, but a couple field goals by the 49ers put the game out of reach. The Bengals scored again with 17 seconds left, but could not recover the onsides kick. 26-21 Bengals

1982–A strike shortened season had the Cowboys reaching the NFC Title game for the 3rd straight year, with Danny White leading the team all three times. He was the team leader when Staubach retired. This year they played their hated rivals, the Redskins. For the 3rd straight year, the Cowboys lost. The Redskins faced the Miami Dolphins in Superbowl XVII in a rematch of the Superbowl 10 years earlier. With the Redskins trailing 17-13, Joe Theisman had his pass tipped, with a certain interception to put the Dolphins up by 11. At the last second, Theismann knocked the ball from the Miami “Killer Bs” defense for an incompletion. This kept the game within reach, and the Redskins took a 20-17 lead. Facing a 4th and 1 at the Miami 44, “The Diesel” John Riggins burst through and rumbled all the way for a touchdown to ice the game. It was the first Superbowl win for the Redskins, and the second loss for the Dolphins to even out their two wins. 27-17 Redskins

1983–The Redskins returned, and faced the Raiders, who were now located in Los Angeles. Earlier in the year, the Redskins defeated the Raiders 37-35 in a game for the ages. That game had a 99 yard touchdown pass from Plunkett to Cliff Branch, and a 97 yard punt return for a touchdown by Greg Pruitt. The Redskins led 20-7, and then the Raiders exploded for four touchdowns and a 35-20 lead. The Redskins then came back with a touchdown, a perfectly executed onsides kick, a field goal, and a final touchdown by Theismann to Joe Washington with 20 seconds remaining for the win. Only a missed field goal and a missed extra point during the season separated the Redskins from a 16-0 season. Superbowl XVIII was not close. Marcus Allen rushed for 191 yards, Plunkett threw a pair of touchdowns, and the Raiders scored on a blocked punt by Derrick Jensen, and an interception for a touchdown by Jack Squirek. The Redskins only touchdown was followed by the extra point being blocked. To quote Joe Theismann, “They handed us our @ss on the tray, and the tray was bent.” The Raiders won their 3rd Superbowl in 8 years, and the Redskins lost their second one. 38-9 Raiders.

1984–Dan Marino Shredded the NFL for 5084 yards in leading the Dolphins to a 14-2 record and the team’s second appearance in 3 years. Joe Montana led the 49ers to a 15-1 record and their second appearance. The Dolphins led Superbowl XIX 10-7 early on, but the 49ers took the game over. They led 28-10 when the Dolphins kicked a field goal before the half, recovered a fumble on the kickoff, and added another field goal before halftime. The second half was uneventful, as the 49ers shut down the Dolphins and extended their lead. San Francisco won their second Superbowl, and Miami lost their third Superbowl in 5 appearances. 38-16 49ers

1985–The Chicago Bears did their Super Bowl Shuffle, and their defense, led by Mike Singletary and Richard Dent, destroyed the league. Fiery coach Mike Ditka, with intense defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, were unrelenting. Maverick quarterback Jim McMahon led the offense, with legendary running back Walter Payton leading the running game. William “The Refrigerator” Perry provided the entertainment. The New England Patriots won three road games, starting out by beating the Jets. They then shocked the Raiders and the Dolphins, who were both considered superior. The Dolphins were the only team to beat the 15-1 Bears that year. Perhaps neither the Raiders or Dolphins would have won the Superbowl that year, but they would not have been intimidated. The Patriots opened and closed the scoring in Superbowl XX, but the Bears had an avalanche of points inbetween. 46-10 Bears

1986–The New York Giants won an NFL Championship in 1956, and in 1958 lost “the greatest game ever played,” to the Colts. This was their first Superbowl. They played the Broncos, led by John Elway. The Broncos led Superbowl XXI 10-7, but a safety cut the gap to 10-9. Denver kicker Rich Karlis missed field goals of 23 and 34 yards, deflating the team. The Giants defense poured it on in the second half, led by Harry Carson, George Martin, and Lawrence Taylor. Phil Simms had a Superbowl record for accuracy, completing 22 of 25 passes. Head coach Bill Parcells became the victim of a new ritual that season that is now cliche. Harry Carson was guy behind the idea of dumping the Gatorade bucket on the coach’s head. It was a way of getting back at the often irascible Parcells. During the Superbowl, he nervously looked around for the bucket, but was ambushed anyway. This was also the first year that the MVP, in this case Simms, announced that he was going to Disneyland. 39-20 Giants

1987–In another strike season, the Redskins prevailed in the NFC, while the Broncos returned for the second straight year. Denver’s first play from scrimmage was a touchdown bomb, and at the end of the first quarter, the Broncos led 10-0. A blowout was shaping up in Superbowl XXII. It was a blowout, but not for Denver. Washington had the best quarter in Superbowl history, scoring 5 touchdowns, including 4 touchdown passes by Doug Williams. He was the first black quarterback to play in the Superbowl, and he flourished. Unheralded running back Timmy Smith, who only lasted 3 years in the league, rushed for 204 yards, a current record. A 10-0 deficit became a 35-10 Redskins lead at the half. The second half was uneventful, as Denver lost for the 3rd time, and Washington won their second Superbowl in 4 appearances. 42-10 Redskins

1988–After 11 games, the 49ers were only 6-5, having just taken a beating to the Raiders. Montana was sacked 8 times in the 9-3 loss. The 49ers regrouped, finished 10-6, reached the NFC Title Game, and shocked the heavily favored Bears 28-3. They faced the Bengals, who defeated the Bills in the AFC Title Game. This was a rematch of the Superbowl 7 years earlier. Superbowl XXIII had different leader, with Sam Wyche instead of Forrest Gregg as coach, and Boomer Anderson at quarterback instead of Ken Anderson. The 49ers still had Walsh and Montana. They also now had a receiver that would become a legend, Jerry Rice. The game was 3-3 at the half, and with 3 minutes left, the Bengals led 16-13. The 49ers were 92 yards away, and Joe Montana earned his icy cool reputation by relaxing his teammates. With all the pressure on him, he said to his team, “Hey, is that John Candy in the stands? Cool.” The team relaxed, and Montana threw a touchdown pass to John Taylor with 34 seconds left to win the game. Bill Walsh retired after the game, and the 49ers had their 3rd Superbowl win. The Bengals had lost their second one. Montana’s legacy was not done. 20-16 49ers

1989–The 49ers returned for their 4th appearance in 9 years, this time with a dominating 14-2 record. The Broncos returned for their 3rd appearance in 4 years. All 3 times they defeated the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Title Game. In 1986, John Elway led “the drive,” going 98 yards in the final minutes to tie the game and win in overtime 23-20. In 1987 they won 38-33 in the game know as “the fumble,” when Ernest Byner coughed it up near the goal line when it appeared he was about to tie the game. In 1989 the game was a blowout, with Denver downing Cleveland 37-21. Yet Denver was mauled in Superbowls, each time by a larger margin, losing by 17, 19, and 32 points. Superbowl XXIV was worse, the biggest blowout in history. A 45 point shellacking earned the 49ers their 4th Superbowl win, and the Broncos their 4th loss. 55-10 49ers

1990–The 49ers had the repeat, and were going for the “3-peat,” but fell short. They were 14-2, including a thrilling 7-3 defensive win over the Giants. Both of those teams started 10-0, and they met again in the NFC Title Game. It was another defensive thriller, and the Giants kicked five field goals. The fourth one cut their deficit to 13-12, but in trying to run out the clock, Roger Craig fumbled. The Giants recovered, and Matt Bahr’s 5th kick on the final play gave the Giants the 15-13 win and the trip to Superbowl XXV. The Giants were 13-3, with one of their other losses being to the Buffalo Bills. The Bills only won 17-13, but they had one of the greatest offenses of all time. The Giants held the ball for over 40 minutes to keep Buffalo off of the field. A safety by Buffalo seemed to be the difference, since their final drive had them down by one point instead of three. Jeff Hostetler had taken over when Simms was injured, and had played smartly. Yet he could only watch as Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas threw and ran the ball within field goal range. A 47 yard attempt by Scott Norwood on the final play had the world watching. The kick was wide right. The Giants had their second Superbowl win. Bill Parcells retired for the first of many times after the game. 20-19 Giants

1991–Superbowl XXVI Had the Bills and Redskins both getting back. The Redskins were 14-2, losing one game on a Hail Mary and another game on the last play in the final game when they had rested their starters anyway. So again they flirted with 16-0. After a scoreless first quarter, the Redskins proceeded to dominate, leading 17-0 at the half, and cruising to a 37-10 lead. Buffalo scored late to make the score close, and quarterback Mark Rypien was the MVP. The Redskins won their 3rd Superbowl in 10 years, and what made it more amazing was that coach Joe Gibbs did it with three different quarterbacks. 37-24 Redskins

1992–In the 70s it was the Raiders and Steelers. In the 1990s it was the Cowboys and 49ers. The AFC was an afterthought, with the Bills reaching the game for the third straight year. In the NFC Title game, after a 10-10 tie at the half, Dallas took over, and beat San Francisco 30-20. This was revenge for “The Catch” in the 1981 season, although that could have been revenge for Dallas defeating San Francisco in consecutive seasons in the early 1970s. Superbowl XXVII was a blowout, as Buffalo turned the ball over 9 times after taking an early 7-0 lead. down 14-7, an interception in the end zone prevented a tie. Dallas won by 35 points, and would have scored a record for points had Leon Lett not showboated and fumbled near the goal line. Jimmy Johnson yelled, “How ’bout them Cowboys!” The Gatorade bucket gained a new wrinkle when the players messed up his perfect hair, and owner Jerry Jones showed up on the sidelines with a comb to fix it. 52-17 Cowboys

1993–Superbowl XVIII was a rematch of the year before. The Bills reached the Superbowl for the fourth straight year. The Cowboys and 49ers met again in the NFC Title Game, which was an easy 38-21 Dallas win. Buffalo actually led 13-6 at the half, but on the second play of the second half, Thurman Thomas was hit and fumbled. The ball was returned for a touchdown to tie the game, and Dallas never looked back. They only led 20-13 after three, but put the game away in the fourth quarter. Troy Aikman and MVP Emmitt Smith brought Dallas its 4th Super Bowl win, and gave Buffalo their 4th loss. No other team has ever lost 4 straight. Despite the back to back titles, a feud between Jerry Jones and coach Jimmy Johnson led to Jones firing Johnson and replacing him with his friend Barry Switzer. 30-13 Cowboys

119–Superbowl XXIX was considered over before it began. For the third straight year, the Cowboys and 49ers battled in the NFC, and this time the 49ers triumphed 38-21. The AFC had an overachieving San Diego Chargers team in their first Superbowl. Head coach Bobby Ross worked miracles, and quarterback Stan Humphries was tough. They defeated superior opponents in Miami and Pittsburgh, and seemed happy to just be in their first Superbowl. Steve Young, desperate to escape the legacy of Joe Montana, threw 6 touchdown passes and zero interceptions, and had the highest quarterback rating ever for a Superbowl. As expected, it was a blowout, and Coach George Siefert escaped the shadow of his predecessor Bill Wash, since the win 5 years ago was considered Walsh’s team. The 49ers became the first team to win 5 Superbowls, with zero losses. 49-26 49ers

1995–The Cowboys and 49ers were expected to meet for the 4th straight year in the NFC Title Game, but a Green Bay Packers team led by Coach Mike Holmgren, aka “The Walrus,” and a young maverick quarterback named Brett Favre, upset the matchup. Favre was the league MVP, and Green Bay shocked the 49ers in the playoffs. In the NFC Title Game, they led Dallas after 3 quarters as well, before Dallas took over. In the AFC, The Steelers survived a Hail Mary attempt on the final play to survive against the Colts, to go to the game they felt they should have been in a year earlier. For the third time, Dallas and Pittsburgh met. Dallas was the better team in Superbowl XXX, but the Steelers kept hanging around. Dallas led 13-0 and 20-7, but Pittsburgh closed to within 20-17. The key play was when Neil Odonnell threw his second interception to Larry Brown, whose gift in his breadbasket led to the 10 point finale. Dallas had their 5th Superbowl title in 8 appearances, and 3rd in 4 years, and Pittsburgh had their first loss in 5 trips. Jerry Jones and Barry Switzer won without Jimmy Johnson. 27-17 Cowboys

1996–Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers got back to the Superbowl for the first time in 29 years, and the New England Patriots reached the game for the first time in 11 years. Again, they benefitted from better teams being knocked out. The first quarter was the highest scoring in history, with New England leading 14-10. Yet by halftime, the Packers led 27-14. After the Patriots closed to 27-21, Superbowl XXXI MVP Desmond Howard returned the kickoff 99 yards for the final points of the game. Bill Parcells took his second team to the Superbowl, but did not prevail. 35-21 Packers

1997–Superbowl XXXII had the Packers getting back with relative ease. The AFC featured the Broncos. The previous year the Broncos were favored in the AFC, and were shocked in the playoffs. The players even cried afterwards, saying they let John Elway down. He had three Superbowl losses, but this time the Broncos had running back Terrell Davis. The game was tied 24-24 in the 4th quarter when Elway made a leaping run for a first down. He spun like a pinwheel in the air, but made the yardage. The Broncos took the lead, and Brett Favre’s final drive stalled around midfield. Bronco Owner Pat Bowlen held the trophy and exclaimed “This one’s for John!” The Packers lost their first Superbowl, and the Broncos finally won one. 31-24 Broncos

1998–The Minnesota Vikings smashed the league and coasted to a 15-1 record with rookie receiver Randy Moss. They were practically a lock to finally win the big one when they collapsed in the NFC Title game. The Atlanta Falcons trailed 20-7, but fought back. With time running out, Minnesota still led 27-20, with Gary Anderson attempting a 40 yard field goal to lock up the game. He had not missed a kick all year, going 40 for 40, an NFL record. He missed this one, stunning the crowd. Yet The Vikings still led. Atlanta tied the game, and even though Minnesota got the ball first in overtime, it was Morton Anderson that kicked the winning field goal. Coach Dan Reeves was taking his second team to the Superbowl with a 30-27 overtime shocker. It was the first trip for the Falcons. In the AFC, The Broncos cruised during the regular season, but faced a tough Jets team led by Bill Parcells in the AFC Title game. He was trying to take a 3rd team to the Superbowl. The Jets blocked a punt and led 10-0 in the 3rd quarter, but the Jets could not overcome 6 turnovers, as the Broncos won 23-10. Superbowl XXXIII was not close, as the Broncos coasted to their second straight win. Broncos Coach Mike Shanahan took delight in beating the man who fired him in Denver, Reeves. John Elway retired after the game. 34-19 Broncos

1999–The St. Louis Rams had been a terrible team for a decade, but when Trent Green went down in the preseason with a knee injury, former supermarket checkout clerk Kurt Warner became a legend. For the next 3 years, the Rams offense was the “Greatest Show on Turf.” The Rams had relocated from Los Angeles several years earlier. Dick Vermeil had returned to the Superbowl after a 19 year absence, retiring form the Eagles in 1982, citing burnout, only to return to the league with the Rams in 1997. Marshal Faulk was the star running back, and offensive coordinator Mike Martz was a mad scientist calling plays. The Rams struggled in the NFC Title Game, but a late touchdown defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11-6. 20 years earlier they had defeated the Bucs in the NFC Title Game 9-0. The Tennessee Titans, led by Buddy Ryan disciple Jeff Fisher, represented the AFC. The Titans were the former Houston Oilers. The Rams led 16-0, but the Titans fought back. tying the game at 16-16 with 2 minutes left. One play later, Super Bowl XXXIV MVP Kurt Warner threw a 73 yard touchdown bomb for the go ahead touchdown. He passed for 414 yards on the day. Steve McNair led the Titans back to within striking distance with 5 seconds left. His pass to Kevin Dyson fell one yard short when Mike Jones made “The tackle.” Vermeil retired after the game. The Rams avenged a 24-21 regular season loss to the Titans in a thriller. 23-16 Rams

2000–The Minnesota Vikings were again cruising towards a Superbowl when they collapsed at the end of the season. They did make it to the NFC Title Game, but were throttled by the Giants 41-0. The Giants were 7-4, and reeling from back to back home losses, when Coach Jim Fassell made a bold prediction. He was considered laid back, but he told the press that “this team is going to the playoffs.” The AFC featured a shocking Baltimore Ravens team with one of the greatest defenses in history. Cocky coach Brian Billick, defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis, and fearsome defensive standout Ray Lewis backed up the talk. They knocked out Tennessee’s Steve McNair from the divisional game en route to defeating the favored Titans. They then knocked out Rich Gannon from the AFC Title Game, eliminating the Raiders. The Ravens had almost no offense, going 5 straight games during the season without a touchdown, winning two of them. Trent Dilfer was considered a stiff by many at quarterback. Dilfer did throw an interception to Jason Sehorn for a touchdown, but it was called back by a penalty. The Ravens led 10-0 at the half. An interception return put the Ravens up 17-0, followed by a kickoff return for a touchdown by the Giants. The Ravens then took the next kickoff for a touchdown. Three touchdowns in less than a minute had the Ravens up 24-7. Superbowl XXXV was a blowout, and the Giants had lost their first Superbowl. The Ravens were the former Cleveland Browns, and Art Modell ignored the death threats, moved his team, and had his first trophy. Due to controversy surrounding Ray Lewis, Trent Dilfer got the Disneyland commercial. It did not matter, as Dilfer became the first winning Superbowl quarterback to be traded before the next season. 34-7 Ravens

2001–The Rams returned for the second time in three years, coasting to a 14-2 record. They were facing a Patriots team that had started the season with Drew Bledsoe and finished with Tom Brady. The Patriots had defeated the Oakland Raiders in overtime in a blizzard in a controversial game that would forever be known as the “Tuck Rule” game. The Rams were led by Mike Martz, and the Patriots were led by Bill Bellichick, who was determined to escape the shadow of his mentor Bill Parcells. The Rams had defeated the Patriots 24-17 in Foxboro during the regular season in a game that was not that close. Yet Superbowl XXXVI featured a Rams team that perhaps was overconfident. They were leading 3-0 when Ty Law returned an interception for a touchdown and a 7-3 lead. The Patriots led 17-3 in the fourth quarter, when the Rams finally woke up. With under 2 minutes left, the Rams had tied the game 17-17. The Patriots defense was out of gas, but Tom Brady had 90 seconds to work with. He had only 75 yards passing up to that point, but on the last play of the game, a 48 yard field goal attempt by Adam Vinatieri was dead center. Perhaps the biggest upset since the Jets in the third Superbowl had taken place. 20-17 Patriots

2002–The Raiders, who had relocated back to Oakland several years earlier, were seeking to avenge their disputed playoff heartache of a year earlier. They had difficult playoff wins over the Jets and Titans. The Raiders started 4-0, fell to 4-4, and then finished 11-5. Rookie head coach Bill Callahan led the team, replacing John Gruden, who left to coach the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Speaking of the Buccaners, the entire 2002 NFC was full of shockers. The 12-4 Packers had never lost a playoff game at home, but were stunned by the Atlanta Falcons, led by young sensation Michael Vick. The Buccaneers played the NFC Title game against the heavily favored Eagles, who had beaten them six straight times. The Eagles led 7-0 one minute into the game, but this time the Bucs shocked the Eagles. Ronde Barber’s 92 yard interception returned sealed the 27-10 win, and sent John Gruden to face his old team. The Raiders intercepted a pass on the 3rd play of the game, setting up a field goal and a 3-0 lead. The Bucs then crushed them, with a 34-3 lead. The Raiders did fight back, with a blocked punt for a touchdown, and were within 34-21 with 2 1/2 minutes remaining. However, NFL MVP Rich Gannon was intercepted for a touchdown. On the very last play of the game, another interception was returned for a touchdown. The Bucs intercepted 5 passes, returning 3 for scores. Jon Gruden exclaimed, “How ’bout those Tampa Bay Buccaneers!” The team that started 0-26 and wore orange pants were now pewter wearing champions. They won the battle of pirates. “Chucky,” the nickname for Gruden based on his scowls, knew the entire Raider playbook in advance. As John Lynch said, “We saw these plays in practice.” Lynch, Derrick Brooks, and Warren Sapp delivered the Superbowl XXXVII win. 48-21 Buccaneers

2003–The Patriots finished 14-2, and faced the 15-1 Pittsburgh Steelers, who were led by Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben was 14-0 as a starter. The Steelers had crushed the Patriots during the regular season, but the Patriots had injuries at the time. The Patriots were favored in the rematch, and they won handily 41-27 in the AFC Title Game. In the NFC, the Eagles were in their 3rd straight NFC Title Game, determined to avenge their shocker from the previous year. They were at home against the Carolina Panthers, a team that entered the league in 1995, and reached the NFC Title Game in 1996. The Panthers injured Philly quarterback Donovan McNabb in the game, although he played. Carolina won 14-3, and Philly had lost again. Superbowl XXXVIII was a thriller. The first quarter was scoreless, the Patriots led 14-10 at the half, and the third quarter was scoreless. The 4th quarter was an aerial show. Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme rained bombs, and Delhomme tied the game at 29-29 with little time left. They would have been ahead by three, but they failed on three two point conversion attempts. Coach Jon Fox regretted calling them afterwards. The kickoff after the tying touchdown went out of bounds, allowing the Patriots to start at their own 40 yard line. Again, for the second time in 3 years, Adam Vinatieri nailed a 48 yard line on the final play of the game. 32-29 Patriots

2004–Superbowl XXXIX again brought the Patriots back to the big dance. In the NFC, in their 4th straight NFC Title game, and 3rd one at home, the Eagles and head coach Andy Reid had finally made it over the top, defeating Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons. The game was tied 7-7 and 14-14, but the Patriots had a 24-14 lead late in the game. McNabb launched a furious rally, cutting the gap to 3 points. The Eagles did get the ball back, but ran out of time well short of field goal range. For the 3rd time in four years, the Patriots had won the Superbowl, each time by 3 points.

2005–The Indianapolis Colts, led by calm coach Tony Dungy and megastar quarterback Peyton Manning, had been torching the league on offense for several years. They just could not beat the Patriots, who had eliminated them in several straight games, often by one play. A missed field goal or a fumble at the goal line or a goal line stand would vex them. This year the Colts started 13-0, and were on their way. The Patriots had been eliminated, but the Colts were stunned at home by the Steelers. The Steelers jumped to a 21-3 lead. the Colts closed to 21-18, when Jerome Bettis, aka “The Bus,” was rumbling near the goal line for the final touchdown. He was hit, and fumbled. The Colts picked up the ball and were racing down the field for what appeared to be a miracle touchdown of their own. Ben Roethlisberger made the touchdown saving tackle at midfield. On the final play, Mike Vanderjagt missed the tying field goal. He simply choked, saving Bettis from becoming the goat. The game was also perspective for Dungy, who tragically lost his son a few months earlier. The football world felt bad for him. The Steelers played in Superbowl XL against the Seattle Seahawks, who were in their first one. They were led by Mike Holmgren, trying to win with his second team. The game itself had several controversial calls, and with the Steelers leading 14-10, Willie Parker ran for a 75 yard touchdown to ice the game. Coach Bill Cowher, after 15 seasons, finally had his ring. The Steelers had their 5th in six tries. Cowher would retire a year later. 21-10 Steelers

2006–The Indianapolis Colts finally got rid of the demons, throttling the Patriots in the regular season, and defeating them in one of the greatest AFC Title Games in history. From Raiders and Steelers to Cowboys and 49ers, the league was now Colts vs Patriots. The Chargers were 14-2 that year, but like previous Marty Schottenheimer coached teams, they melted down in the playoffs against the Patriots. An interception for a touchdown had the Patriots up 21-3 against the Colts, and it looked like the Colts were collapsing again. Manning throwing the ball was not getting it done, but Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes on the ground were chewing up yardage. Time consuming drives wore down the New England defense. The game was tied at 21-21, 28-28, and 31-31. The Patriots took the lead 34-31, but this time Peyton Manning finally lived up to his legacy. Keeping the ball on the ground, Addai ran it in for a touchdown with exactly one minute left. Tom Brady led the final drive, as Manning watched. Brady had won all their playoff games. Not this time. He was intercepted, and the Colts won 38-34. They played the Bears in Superbowl XLI. The NFC was awful that year, and any of the top four AFC Teams would have been favored. Bears quarterback Rex Grossman was the most criticized at his position since Dilfer. The Bears did have the most electrifying return man in the history of the game in Devon Hester. Not since Billy “White Shoes” Johnson had a return man been so celebrated. He returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown and the Bears led 7-0 seconds into the game. Yet Dungy and Manning stayed patient, and led 22-17 in the fourth quarter. Rex Grossman had critical interceptions in the fourth quarter, with the last one being returned for a touchdown to ice the game. It was played in the rain in Miami, but mud did not stain the fact that Dungy and Manning had their ring. From a cultural standpoint, Dungy and Bears Coach Lovie Smith gave us the first Superbowl with two black head coaches. The men embraced after the game. 29-17 Colts

2007–The preordained AFC Title Game was again supposed to be the Patriots and Colts. The Patriots felt they had the upper hand by obtaining Randy Moss to go with an already potent offense. In the regular season, the Colts led 20-10, but the Patriots fought back and won the game 24-20. In the playoffs, the Colts were shocked by the San Diego Chargers. Led by Norvelous Norv Turner and backup quarterback Billy Volek, the Chargers stunned the Colts 28-24. The Chargers then lost to the Patriots. The NFC featured even bigger shocks, as the New York Giants, led by no nonsense coach Tom Coughlin and Peyton’s brother Eli Manning, stunned superior opponents. First the Giants defeated the 13-3 Cowboys 21-17, intercepting Tony Romo with seconds left. Then they defeated the Green Bay Packers in overtime, 23-20. Brett Favre and the Packers were also 13-3, and Favre was favored to get back to the Superbowl for the first time in over a decade, perhaps going out on top the way John Elway did. Yet it was much maligned Eli Manning and the Giants that made Superbowl XLII. It was also sweet for defensive star Michael Strahan, who contemplated retirement before the season.

Yet these teams played in the final regular season game in New York. Manning played well, but the Patriots won a thriller 38-35. The Giants finished 10-6. More shockingly, the Patriots finished 16-0. Owner Bob Kraft, personnel guru Scott Pioli, coach Bellichick, Brady, and Moss, looked to make history. The 1972 Dolphins nervously held their champagne bottles, knowing that their status as the only undefeated team in history was tenuous. That Dolphin team was 17-0. The Patriots, thanks to a schedule lengthened in 1978, were shooting for 19-0. The Giants were looking to shock the world. A game expected to be an offensive shootout was a defensive slugfest.

If anybody knew David Tyree before this game, they did not tell me about him. He was the Giants fourth receiver. Yet he entered the record books when Manning found him over the middle for a five yard touchdown pass. The Giants led 10-7 with 11 minutes remaining in the game. New England’s dynasty was now teetering. Yet despite the fact that Brady was getting hit on every play, he showed his championship toughness that champions exhibit when it matters most. He led the Patriots 89 yards, eating up over 8 minutes of clock. On 3rd down and goal, the Giants needed one more stop to force the tying field goal. They had stopped the Patriots the entire game. They could not stop them this time. Neither could the rest of the league. A touchdown pass to Randy Moss, who had been held in check the entire game, put the Patriots up 14-10 with 2:42 remaining. The Giants started at their own 17 yard line. They had all three timeouts plus the two minute warning. At the two minute warning, the Giants faced third and 10 at their own 28. Manning completed the pass to Amani Toomer, but Toomer had to come back for the short throw, leaving him less than a yard short. On 4th and 1, with everything on the line, the Giants were granted a measurement, allowing the clock to temporarily stop. This allowed the Giants to get up to the line.

They could have punted, given that they had all three timouts, but going for it was the right call with 1:40 remaining. Battering ram Brandon Jacobs picked up the first down, and the Giants called their first timeout with 1:28 left. They were still at their own 38 yard line. The next play had Eli get caught after a five yard scramble, forcing the Giants to burn their second timeout with 1:20 left. Manning was almost intercepted on the next play, but the ball was just high enough. It bounced off the outstretched fingertips of Asanti Samuels. On 3rd and 5, a play occurred that will be in NFL history forever. One of the craziest plays I have ever seen occurred, and I saw it live. I still could not believe what I witnessed. Eli Manning stepped back to pass, and was caught in the pocket for what appeared to be a certain sack. There were two or three Patriots with a shot, and one had him by the Jersey. He spun out, and heaved the ball before being hit.

This was only half the miracle play that should forever be known as “The Scramble.” His Fran Tarkenton impersonation was fabulous, but the reception was even more spectacular. David Tyree, with Rodney Harrison defending him perfectly, caught the ball against his helmet one handed. Harrison tried to pry it loose, but somehow Tyree kept the ball lodged between his hand and his helmet. Going to the ground, the ball never touched the ground or came loose. That catch could not be made in the circus. David Tyree made it as Harrison and the rest of the world remained stunned. One minute remained, and the Giants were at the New England 25. Manning lobbed an end zone pass to Plaxico Burress. Burress had been silent the entire game, but he faked out Ellis Hobbs, who had intercepted Manning earlier. The 14 yard touchdown pass put the Giants up with only 35 seconds remaining. History had been smashed, obliterated, and poured upside down. 17-14 Giants

2008–This was one of the least sensible seasons in NFL history. Records, seedings, and momentum meant nothing. The Colts and Patriots were again expected to be the two best teams, but the entire league was turned upside down when Tom Brady went down for the season in Week 1 with a knee injury. Matt Cassel took over, and the Patriots went 11-5, becoming only the second team to miss the playoffs with that good a record. The Colts began 3-4, won 9 straight, and at 12-4 lost their wild card game to the 8-8 Chargers. The top 3 seeds in the NFC, the 12-4 Giants, 11-5 Panthers, and 10-6 Vikings all lost. The top AFC seed, the 13-3 Titans, were led by Kerry Collins, who took over in Week 1 from an injured Vince Young and never looked back. 3 teams reached the playoffs with rookie head coaches, with the Falcons and Ravens also possessing rookie quarterbacks as well. The 1-15 Dolphins of 2007 became the 11-5 Dolphins of 2008, with Bill Parcells in the front office. Nobody went 16-0, but the Lions became the first team to go 0-16.

The AFC Title game saw a brutal defensive bonelock between the # 2 seed Pittsburgh Steelers and their archnemesis Ravens. The Steelers led 16-14 late when Troy Palomalu ran an interception back 40 yards to ice the game. The NFC Title Game featured a pair of teams that each won only 9 games. The 9-7 Cardinals finished 2-4 down the stretch before shocking the Falcons at home and the Panthers on the road. The Eagles were 5-5-1 before winning down the stretch and going 9-6-1. They beat the Vikings and then stunned the Giants, both on the road. In the NFC Title Game, the Cardinals led 24-6, the Eagles came back to lead 25-24, and the Cardinals finished the scoring for a gritty 32-25 win.

The Cardinals have Matt Leinart, who stayed on the bench as Kurt Warner turned back time. He now has the Greatest Show in the Desert, and Coach Ken Whisenhunt was passed over for the Pittsburgh in front of the current coach Mike Tomlin. The Cardinals are making their first Super Bowl appearance, and the Steelers want to be the first team to win six rings.

Are you ready for some football!

Superbowl XLIII is here! Cardinals vs Steelers!

Let’s get it on!


Never Forget Pat Tillman

Friday, January 30th, 2009

So much of life is fleeting. We quibble about corrupt politicians and stimulus bills.

Yes they are worth discussing, but they will not be remembered in 20 years, especially not the former.

Even the Super Bowl between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers, will not be remembered forever. Yes, statistics will be kept. However, when Super Bowl 256 (whatever that is in Roman Numerals) is being played, few people will be reminiscing about Super Bowl 43 (XLIII).

Yet one of the most special men to ever play in the National Football League will…and should…be remembered forever.

Pat Tillman will never be forgotten. His legacy surpasses anything that has ever happened in the game of football. For an NFL junkie like myself, that says a lot.

For those who do not know, Pat Tillman was inspirational on so many different levels.

First he was told he was too small to play in the NFL. The Cardinals drafted him out of Arizona State as a favorite son. The Cardinals have long been one of the worst franchises in all of professional sports. He was not even deemed good enough to start for them. With determination and grit, he cracked the starting lineup and outplayed players that were bigger than he was. Football is not just brawn. It involves smarts, and Tillman possessed smarts in abundance.

His second admirable trait was loyalty to his football team. He was offered a 5 year, 9 million dollar contract from the St. Louis Rams. At the time they were the best team in football. The offer was a 50% raise over what the Cardinals were offering. He turned down significantly more money from the best team in the league to stay with the worst team in the league. He felt a loyalty towards the only team willing to take a chance on him when he first came out of college. He wanted to help build them into winners.

Yet while the Cardinals lost many football games, Pat Tillman never lost perspective. On September 11th, 2001, many people had their perspective on everything life change. Pat Tillman, like many Americans, wanted to do more. He needed to do more. Playing football for the Cardinals was not enough.

His third and most admirable quality was a patriotism that ran so deep that most people cannot fathom what was inside of him. He turned down a 3 year, 3.6 million dollar offer from the Cardinals to take an $18,000 a year position as an Army Ranger. To be more specific, he was a Green Beret. He was deployed to Iraq, and then to Afghanistan.

He promised Dave McGinnis, the coach of the Cardinals at the time, that in 3 years he would be back  in the NFL. McGinnis promised Tillman that upon his return, there would be a roster spot waiting for him on whatever team McGinnis was coaching.

That opportunity never came. Pat Tillman never came home. He was killed in Afghanistan.

Some will try to tarnish his legacy by daring to mention that because his death was the result of friendly fire, his life was any less heroic. That is a line of thought that no decent person should go near.

Some may want to criticize the Army for initially refusing to reveal the circumstances that resulted in his death. That has nothing to do with Pat Tillman. Many people say that they opposed certain missions, but honor and support the troops.

Then honor Pat Tillman. Do not let feelings regarding the mission, or the military, or the government that gave the orders (all of which I still staunchly support) affect the fact that Tillman gave his life for the country he loved. A finer quality does not exist.

Like many who serve our nation, Pat Tillman did not live to see that his death was not in vain. He did not live to see that places of the world were better for his being there. He made the world a better place.

He also never lived to see what would become of the Cardinals. They are playing in their first ever Super Bowl. Only two players remain from Tillman’s final season. For them, there will be a special added incentive to playing in this game.

Logic and statistics say that the Steelers should win this game. Everything I have ever been told about football…everything I have ever observed about football…has the Cardinals losing.

Yet this is no normal season. Anything can…and has…happened.

Before the kickoff, the jets will fly overhead. American flags will fly high and proud. A vision may appear of a football player with long blond hair flowing in the wind, a true throwback that respected the game of football.

I want the Cardinals to win.

If they do, the owner had better spend the money and purchase one extra Super Bowl ring. It can be given to his wife.

Given is the wrong word. Pat Tillman earned it.

No matter what happens on Sunday in this game, in the game of life, Pat Tillman was a champion.

May God Bless him and his loved ones always.


Liberals Gone Wild–Feminist Claptrap II

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

In recent days I have expressed contempt for the mentally ill, and for radical feminists. I have found significant overlap. I have always held leftists with some degree of legitimate scorn, and I do not need scientific studies to show the high correlation between them and the other two aforementioned groups.

So today I am offering a tale of what happens when a radical feminist is also a leftist and mentally unstable. It makes for a cocktail of lunacy.

I am not happy to be telling this tale. I take no joy in ripping another human being to shreds. I will only say that they completely deserve it.

For legal reasons, and because I am a decent human being, their name will be redacted. They may sue anyway, but remember, this is not a rational individual.

At one point I did care for them. Yet they decided to become a verbal suicide bomber.

I am retaliating for the same reason Donald Trump needed to destroy Rosie O’Donnell. He could have just “let it go.” After all who cares what a hideous and possibly quadrisexual leftist nutcase has to say about a wildly successful billionaire businessman?

Mr. Trump did not need the publicity. When he breathes, the media cover him. He struck back against Rosie Queen of Morona because letting such disgusting comments go would be seen, correctly, as weakness.

Bullies need to be decked between the eyes.

With that, I offer the next installment in my series of “liberals gone wild.”

It began in December of 2008, when I received an email from a woman I went to college with. We were close friends in 1990, and then one day she went bonkers, and we had a fight. She saw the movie “Thelma and Louise,” and then flew into a rage at the nearest man that dared be politically conservative. Then again, on a Jewish campus back then, I may have been the only one.

We made peace 3 years later. We lived in separate cities, and the only time I would ever hear from her was when she needed something.

She did let me stay at her home on a couple of occasions in 2007, and she regaled me with her horror stories of how dreadful her life was going. Then, in December of 2008, The following email arrived.


Hope everyone is warm and healthy…

Next Monday, 12/22, I am undergoing a neurosurgical procedure involving the implantation of a vagal nerve stimulator, a pacemaker-like device designed to treat epilepsy and severe depression. The treatment is referred to as Vagus Nerve Stimulation therapy, or ‘VNS Therapy’.

After following VNS therapy for nearly 12 years and working (fighting) to obtain this treatment since late 2005, it is finally becoming reality for me.

Some people have been able to discontinue all of their medications–permanently–within one year of beginning VNS therapy.

I had my first neurological work-up when I was seven years old, my first episode of depression when I was 13. In 29 years, I have been through 15 doctors, five nuclear brain scans (three SPECT, one MRI, one fMRI), two EEG’s (including 4-day telemetry), two hospitalizations, 10 medications, and countless sessions of hypnotherapy, group therapy, individual psychotherapy, and counseling. I look forward to ending all of this nonsense, and finally beating this thing for good.

The surgery date of 12/22 is very symbolic, and holds a great deal of meaning for me, for it is the first day of Chanukah, and the day of the Winter Solstice: It is the day the light returns, and we begin emerging from winter’s darkness. From here, it looks beautiful…

A brief blurb with a diagram and 3-minute video about how VNS therapy works can be found here:

(I deleted the link)

All the best to everyone

(name redacted, from hereon out known as ‘BSC,’ FOR ‘Bat Spit Crazy.’)”

I sent a very warm hearted email let her know I would be praying for her.

On December 24th, 2008, I wrote a controversial column called “Light a Candle, Smack a Woman.”

I will be the first person to admit the title is provocative. The column itself is one of the best columns I have ever written, judging by the love and hate mail I have received over it.

People who actually read the column and understood it had a more positive reaction than those that were unable to discern the crystal clear point.

Anyway, that is when she did what leftist feminist unstable people do. She flew into an email rage. I must say I was taken aback by the fact that anybody would end an 18 year association over an email column. I allow others to disagree with me. I am not an ideological bigot. As for her, well we all know how tolerant liberals can be especially, angry ones that fall into every possible category of victimhood.

Throughout her rants, I edited the foul language.

Don’t send me your columns anymore. In fact, don’t send me anything anymore. Your smug, right-wing, divisive, us-vs-them attitude is no longer welcome in my life. P*ssing people off is not ‘making people
Think’; it’s simply bullying. I’m disgusted that the Jewish Journal has
chosen to feature a ‘columnist’ who thinks joking about violence against women is appropriate in a civilized society. I will be sending the editor a letter which will include your little ‘Lighting candles and smacking women 2008-style” quip. Grow up.

I responded in a restrained manner.

“First of all I did not even know you were receiving my columns. My (redacted college) list got mixed in with my political list. My (redacted college) list is for births, deaths, weddings, etc. Secondly, if you think my article was advocating violence against women, you are off your rocker. The article clearly states that I have a problem with left wingers that say they care about women, but really don’t. Otherwise Ted Kennedy would be in jail. Otherwise Freeing Afghani women and Iraqi women would be celebrated. Otherwise ‘abort Sarah Palin’ t-shirts would not exist. Third, if you are going to complain to the
Journal, then at least be honest and in engage in full disclosure. You know me in real life, and are not a disinterested party.
Fourth, the Journal already HAS that column. It was my first column. It was on their front page. Fifth, even conservatives have a right to free
speech. It is liberal bullying that you would try and recommend removing a column simply because you disagree with
it. That is censorship. Sixth, I prayed for you on many occasions, and told others to as well. I would be happy to let all of our friends know
that you have nothing better to do than wage a Jihad against a friend of 18 years who treats you with kindness simply because you completely misread my column. Of course I would not do that. I should, but I won’t. I stand by every word of that column, and wish you would reread it so you get my message. I will remove you from my political list since my columns upset you.
Happy Chaka Khan.

Her response was “typical” for every victim category she happily resides in.

“Your ‘message’ is inane, inflammatory blather. You are no Conservative; you are a right-wing idealogue. Politically-Conservative Jews (in Los Angeles and elsewhere) deserve better representation in the Jewish press than the purely partisan drivel of a misogynist
blowhard.  And I don’t need your brand of ‘kindness’, either as a woman, an American or a Jew. Your little threats mean nothing to me, and your claims to victimhood (censorship, ‘Jihad waged’ against
you) are pathetic. Like I said before: Grow up.”

Oh well. Another person needed me to take the gloves off. This might be the first time I felt I needed to give a woman a spanking, and yet was not turned on by it (Although in all fairness, if she let me, I would. Her head may be scrambled, but her body has everything in delightful proportions.)

“You can hurl all the insults you want, but I don’t remember you being this way when you wanted to borrow money from me, or when you wanted me to pray for you, or any number of times…like when I bought you breakfast at your favorite place because you are broke. I don’t remember any leftists offering to help you when you were down. You are just venting because that is what you do. I have never threatened you. I am also a moderate republican, and no amount of you protesting
otherwise will change that. I will say it again. You may have read the
article, but you didn’t GET IT. That is why you are hurling insults rather than debate on facts. You show me one thing in my column that is not true. You can’t. You are no dummy, but I challenge you to find
something in my column that is factually false. You will then respond by saying ‘I have better things to do than argue with a (insert insult here).’ You’re wrong. That’s it. You yourself said that you are bipolar, and perhaps you are having a bad day. I took you off the mailing list. Do what you need to do. I lead a happy, successful life,
and nobody will change that. I will also pray for you despite your recent attitude.

(She has in the past offered me sex for money. I turned her down. Don’t get me wrong, it was not for moral reasons. I just did not want to be subjected to future blackmail. Bill Clinton should have learned that THAT was why his adulterous affairs mattered. I knew she was vindictive, and thank my lucky stars that for once I did the right thing, even if for the wrong reasons. Then again, I missed out on playing her backside like Howard Stern did in “Butt Bongo Fiesta.”)

Howard Stern tangents aside, she continued. If you are asleep by now, my attitude is I had to suffer, so you shall as well.  

“DON’T ‘pray’ for me. Your prayers women, liberals, Democrats, Gays, feminists…YOU’RE the one who doesn’t ‘get it’:

‘You are just venting because that is what you
do”; “You yourself said you are bipolar, and
perhaps you are having a bad day”; “You’re
wrong. That’s it.’

Like your column, this is so (redacted) smug and derogatory, it’s sickening! I am NOT bipolar; you have never heard me say that, because I have never been diagnosed as such. I have epilepsy. One thing wrong with your column? Here’s one:

‘Poor and/or ugly women are not given the same
protection as attractive women…’

Oh really? Well, with no false modesty here, I’ve been told many times by many people that I’m quite attractive…so why the hell did Los Angeles County courts let the (redacted)hole who beat me black-and-blue 12 years ago (landing me two emergency room visits) get off without even
so much as a slap on the wrist? How come *I* got written-up two months ago when I reported to my supervisor that a male employee cursed at me,
called me names, and physically intimidated me on the job? Again, where was this wonderful “protection” that you so confidently assert I have by virtue of being an attractive woman?
‘Ever since the feminist mistake, women have been
up in arms looking for ways to exact vengeance on the male
gender…Now it is about attempting to destroy men.’

What a load of (paranoid) horse (redacted). Who are ‘The Feminists’ that you constantly refer to in your diatribe, Eric? I live here in the liberal bastion of the San Francisco Bay Area (grew up here, too), and for the life of me, I have never met any of these evil feminists that you rant and rave against. And I have yet to meet or read a modern feminist that compares (modern) marriage to slavery. Who are these people? And do you really believe these ‘radical feminists’ exist (assuming they do, in fact, exist) in large enough numbers to even put a dent in popular opinion?

‘It is very important that men do not try to physically or sexually abuse women who are politically liberal…’

And why is this? Because we’re ‘protected’? Because the man would be punished severely? If so, again, where was MY protection? Why wasn’t my ex-boyfriend punished severely (as the law, according to the books, prescribes)? Ten pages of physician’s notes (from two different doctors), three X-ray films, photographs of bruising and scratches, a police report, a social worker’s report—and the case didn’t even get beyond the initial hearing. I wasn’t poor or ugly–I was a 24-year-old schoolteacher! Here’s a third thing for you: Judaism is seen as ‘weak’ by outsiders? Funny, why is it that so many outsiders that I’ve come across bash the Israelis (i.e. ‘Jews’) for being ‘overly aggressive’?
And what about the usual crap about a mere 14 million of us
‘taking over the world’? And ‘controlling the Banks’? And ‘controlling the media’? Doesn’t seem to me like outsiders see us as ‘weak’…
And Judaism “emasculates men”? Just because there are holidays that ‘celebrate women’? Now *there’s* some (redacted)-up logic…Oh–and about that bull(redacted) regarding ‘freeing Iraqi women’ (from your earlier message), here’s some “light reading” for you:
Iraqi Women ‘Forced to Veil’ Prefer an American source? How’s this:
Violations of ‘Islamic Teachings’ Take Deadly Toll on Iraqi Women
‘We thought there would be freedom and democracy and women would have their rights. But all the things we were promised have not come true. There is only fear and horror.’
How about NPR? Iraqi Women Face Greater Danger, Fewer Rights
(NPR link deleted. Nobody that matters cares about National Palestinian Radio.) and In Iraq, Activist Struggles as Women’s Rights Shrink

Take me off of ALL your mailing lists. I don’t want you in my life. Tell whomever you damned well please if it makes you so happy.
And don’t you ever–EVER–speak of my medical condition in such a context again!”

And…exhale everybody. She did mention to me she was bi-polar, as well as bisexual. She might be bi everything. In fact, if she was twice bi, she would be Bibi, which would make her the next Israeli Prime Minister.

I never thought as a republican I would start singing “Kumbaya,” but wow that woman makes Alanis Morrissette seem happy.  Out of curiosity, and because I knew this was worthy of a scientific study, or at least a column, I responded.

“I have already taken you off my mailing list. You requested
that earlier. However, your entire screed will be one of my columns next week. I have a series about ‘liberals gone wild.’ I will redact your name and the profanity. The fact that after 18 years you would make something ‘personal’ is your choice. This is not personal
for me. It is business. Oh, and being pretty is not always a get out of jail free card, but if beauty did not give people an advantage, the
modeling industry would cease to exist. Your rage is misdirected. All I did was write a column, receive one angry email (yours), and a ton of positive emails from other women that I will be publishing.

Again…you take politics way too seriously. This is just
eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

She replied, “Don’t you dare publish it.”

Well I needed a column, and I am hoping that Helen Reddy would sing “I am woman, hear me complain,” in the musical version.

“I said I would redact your name so nobody knows it is you.

I would NEVER be so cruel as to let anybody know who you are.

However, other more experienced bloggers have taught me that publishing hate mail is an effective deterrent.

In the future you might wish to debate somebody without getting personal. I never once personally attacked you. You read a generic column and made it personal because of things that are deep inside of you.

Now stop lashing out. You have every right to criticize my views, but personal attacks cross the line. I am handling this the way I would with any other hate mail.

Besides, if you believed your email was appropriate, you would encourage me to publish it. The fact that you prefer otherwise tells me you realize you were harsh with me unjustly.

I am much more sympathetic to what you have been through than you will ever know. Feel free to believe otherwise since your mind is made up.

I mean the facts show otherwise, but ignore them. Oh wait, you already have.

For the last time, not personal, just business.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

Like Bill Clinton not understanding the word, “is,” she has a unique label for “hate mail.”

“This wasn’t ‘hate mail’; it was personal correspondence. Important difference. Can’t believe I wasted 18 years being “friends” with someone who would be such an (redacted)hole as to publicize my private affairs!

You publish it and I contact my lawyer. Nothing personal–it’s just business.”

She will probably contact her lawyer. She will probably find some legal aid person who would be delighted to help her. She is broke, another reason she rails against people like me. After all, while I am busy working she is busy writing hate letters to various conservative papers (I have some). For those who do not know, Birkenstocks are actually biodegradable. In their original form, they are used to make veggie burgers.

Her lawyer will tell her that since her name was redacted, the only way anybody would know about her is if she revealed it.

What is she going to do, spread dirt about me? I reveal my own laundry right here!

Yes, she gave me an erotic massage, yes, I saw her naked in the shower in 1990, and yes, she has still held up well physically.

No, I do not think we should abuse women. I also don’t think anybody should be abused.
No, she did not “have it coming,” by her ex-boyfriend who hit her.

However, she absolutely did have it coming in terms of me trying to teach her about responsibility and behavior.

Wow, my soul has not been this cleansed since I finally told my therapist about all of my problems.

Ok, so it was not a therapist. It was the teenager behind the counter at McDonalds. At least he was empathetic. He did offer me fries and a drink with my burger. Granted he was like a hooker, just using me. I mean hear I pour my heart out and he then tries to get me to buy apple pie with that.

I can’t help it. I am healthy and well adjusted.

Now if only God would stop wasting spectacular yummy bouncies on such screwed up women. I am not sure if that is to torture men, or to give every person “something.”

Ok, time to think of her, and listen to the song “Crazy.” Aerosmith has a version, and so does Gnarles Barkley.

I would pray for her again, but the more that I think about it, prayer is for hopeful situations.

I will pray for me. After dealing with her, I am sure God himself is up there preparing for the Super Bowl thinking, “I feel for you buddy. I owe you one.”

Ok, off to seal my rumpus with caulk so that the lightning bolt I may receive for that last remark will not penetrate.

I’m just a soul, whose intentions are good…Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.  :)


Quarantine the mentally ill

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Every once in awhile I need to light myself on fire.

I need to take the bullets, slings and arrows so that other people don’t have to.

I need to say the things that need to be said. You know that many of you are thinking it, but I am going to say it, and face the wrath and consequences.

Mentally ill people need to be quarantined.

Drug them up, lock them up, but for the love of God, just shut them up.

Fine. I am a compassionless, heartless b@stard. So what? When mentally ill people are not around, I have something that is more priceless than platinum. I have peace of mind.

I was not born with this hostility. It has taken a lifetime for me to want to take these people and rip their tongues out so that they cannot utter another bat spit crazy word.

I was not born wanting to hack their hands off so they could never send another angry text message at 4am.

I was not born wanting to be a vigilante because these mental lunatics have lawyers that want to trumpet their causes as they sue because they are angry about something, even if they are not sure exactly what and why they are angry.

As a productive worker, I have seen truly deranged people force my firm to spend legal bills defending junk lawsuits while refusing to say exactly what they want. Even Al Queda has a list of actual demands.

Legal Aid lawyers take these cases, and thousands of dollars later my firm still has no idea exactly WHY the other side is angry. They have doctor’s notices, but it has nothing to do with us.

Even when they do not sue, they call in and complain. One woman screamed at me for 10 minutes because her husband was cheating on her. She did mention her “condition,” but finally I had to ask her exactly what that had to do with our company.

Apparently we randomly cold called him. She was checking all of his messages to see who was on his cell phone. I finally convinced this nutcase of a woman that we had never met, spoken to, or done business with this man. I will never get those minutes of my life back.

It is not just work. One woman I went to college with once blew up at me as I was planning her birthday party. She had just seen the movie “Thelma and Louise,” and it put her in an angry mood towards men. She had “issues,” and I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

18 years later, this woman sent me hate mail because she did not like one of my columns. That hate mail will be an entire column in itself. She has threatened to sue me if I publish it, even though I have told her the names will be redacted. Needless to say, her language was as uncivil as her brain was fried.

These are not aberrations. Some people are just certifiable.

An ex-girlfriend of mine was very troubled. When I say troubled, I mean unstable. When I quickly broke it off, the hostile phone calls kept coming. I had to call her mother, who apologized for her daughter’s behavior, and promised to make her cease. She did.

Now all of these nutcases were women. Yet men get no exemption.

Twice in my life, I have had roommates that were simply not mentally all there. They hid it well in the beginning.

Both of them would fly into rages over politics, especially when they did not take their medication.

In fact every one of these people mentioned above was politically left wing.

I am not in any way implying that being a liberal makes one mentally ill. I am sure there are non-liberals that have mental illnesses. I have just been lucky enough to not meet them.

I will at some point try to analyze why the correlation between mental illness and far leftism is so strong, but that is not what today is about. My suspicion is that leftism teaches people to rail against perceived injustices. Easily susceptible people then consider every possible real or imaginary slight to be an injustice. They become crusaders. Railing against the rich and the powerful is just an extension of railing at random inanimate objects on the street.

I did not start these political conversations. I would be watching tv, minding my own business, and they would start yelling. You cannot win an argument with a lunatic. You have to wait until they burn themselves out. It is truly like being subjected to domestic terrorism.

Again, my analysis is not scientific. Anyway, back to the crazies.

Two members of my family are mentally ill.

The good news for me is that neither one of them are my mother or father. The bad news is that my parents want me to be more “compassionate.”

No. I am done. I gave at the office. Repeatedly.

I am tired of being let down. I am tired of having to tolerate bad behavior. I am tired of being told that these people are “not well,” and that “they can’t help what they do.”

Yes they can. They can check themselves into treatment centers. If they won’t, then their caretakers should forcibly enter them.

Some say the law will not allow this. Well the law needs to be fixed. Do we have to wait until these people boil a bunny rabbit or kill a productive human being before we realize that something should have been done? The Son of Sam may have been a lovely child, but if a dog is telling him to kill people, either shoot the dog for telling him to do it, or get rid of him for listening!

Some say that a major problem in this society is that we do not give mental illness the same respect that we give physical illnesses. There is a major difference.

Nobody used cancer or heart disease as an excuse to make my life miserable. The physically ill do not drag down healthy people.

Mentally ill people are a threat to the very survival of people who have a chance at success and normalcy.

I have experienced years of trying to love “sick” relatives only to be violated over and over again.

I cannot be pulled out of a business meeting where serious issues are on the line because somebody is having a breakdown and crying because that is what they do.

My parents have told me to just turn my cell phone off. No. I leave it on in case of an emergency.

This gets to the heart of what I freely admit is rage towards these people. It is not the normal people that should be forced to adapt. It is so easy to tell productive and sane people, “Just change so the behavior of ill people will not interfere.”

I don’t have to change. Nor should I. It is the people who scream and yell at inanimate objects that need to change.

“They can’t help who and how they are.”

That does not mean I have to tolerate these people. Get them away from me.

One day I plan to have a family. I cannot have these people near my family. Safety comes first.

What if one day I gave birth to a mentally ill child?

I would be crushed, angry, bitter, and would still love my child. What I would not do is let them be unleashed on society to wreak havoc. I will get them the appropriate treatment.

Those who are responsible for mentally ill people, be it their parents or their government, must force these people into getting better. In fact, if a parent of a mentally ill teenager does not get them treatment, and the mentally ill teenager goes and kills somebody, the parents should be arrested immediately.

“You can’t try the parents. They have suffered enough.”

No. The people that had their family member killed by a lunatic are the ones that suffered. The parents enabled this. Behind every act of violence by one of these monsters is a person or people that did nothing to stop it, preferring excuses over corrective actions.

Don’t be fooled by feel good Hollywood garbage. In real life Forrest Gump is not charming. He is not a hero. He is a babbling psychopath that most likely is wielding a knife while yelling about “The eye of the dog of the drum of the morlock of the power broker of the King of Henry the Eighth I am!”

I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I have a right to walk down the street safely.  I have the right to watch television without being verbally assaulted. I have the right to get through a business meeting without “emergencies” that are not actual emergencies getting in the way. I have the right to not be inundated with text messages at 4am.

I have the right to not have to deplete my savings because others failed in their financial obligations, and will continue to fail forever and ever. A 0% success rate is a pretty reliable statistic to predict future failures.

I have the right to be left the heck alone.

I don’t care how many people get hurt by this column. I really don’t.

Call me every name in the book, but I honor my responsibilities.

When you have pets that are wild and out of control, you get them spayed or neutered. If people are willing to get their animals treated so that society does not suffer, then surely people deserve no less.

Drug them up. Lock them up. Do what it takes. Just shut them up.

Otherwise we will all be driven to that level of insanity, and nobody will be left to produce.

Besides, if any one of us sane people snap and kill one of them, we can always just claim we are crazy and be absolved of all responsibility.

Heck, it works for both of my relatives. They attack everybody and answer to nobody.

I am done trying to help people that only hurt others. At this point I would be willing to stick them in Guantanamo Bay before it gets shut down for good. Maybe they can make the Al Queda crazies even crazier. It would be interesting to see who surrenders at that point.

Mentally ill people turn into verbal terrorists. They become verbal (unless they cross over into actual) suicide bombers. The only solution is to break them in half. Indulging them does not work. Enabling them emboldens them.

Like other terrorists, the solution is force.

I pray that the various people I have cited above, including my relatives, get forcibly dragged into the appropriate treatment facilities. I hope they get drugged against their will until they stop being threatening.

I have the right to live in peace and tranquility.

Until the streets are cleared from these dangerous people, none of us are safe.

“They can’t help it.”

Well make them help it.

Because I can’t help it anymore. I shouldn’t have to.

I gave at the office. Then they interrupted a critical meeting and demanded that I give even more.

It’s them or me. It sure as well won’t be me. I worked too d@mn hard.


From the Twin Towers to Twin Blunders

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

On September 11th, 2001, radical Arab Muslim terrorists murdered 3000 Americans in New York.

Sometime between January 20th and January 25th of 2009, a new President made grave strategic mistakes.

The pain of the Twin Towers has been compounded by a pair of decisions that will hopefully never come to be known as the “Twin Blunders.”

President Barack Obama is no fool. He is an exceptionally intelligent man. His political skills are virtually unmatched. He seems to be a man of integrity.

Unlike his democratic predecessor, I did not vote against President Obama because I felt he was a liar. I voted against him because I believed he was, and is, sincere in his goals.

Two of his goals were dead wrong, and dead Americans may be the price.

I have vowed for the most part to sit back and let him govern. I have no interest in reflexively opposing him. He has to make decisions that I believe are so fundamentally wrong on an issue so deep inside my heart for me to intervene.

Winning the War on Terror is my issue. Keeping America safe is my passion. When I wake up in the morning,. I bleed red, white and blue. Before I go to sleep, I pray that God blesses this nation I love so much, that has given me everything I have in this world.

President Obama has made a pair of decisions that has made America less safe.

His first decision was to close Guantanamo Bay.

For 5 years, the left has wailed against the War in Iraq by saying that it is wrong to go in somewhere and make a radical decision without thinking about the aftermath.

Well President Obama made a decision without preparing for the fallout.

The rationale for closing down Gitmo is flawed to begin with, but little time will be spent on that aspect of the issue since the decision has been made.

The first fallacy is that the inhabitants at Guantanamo Bay are entitled to the full protections of the United States Constitution. They do not.

When Americans leave the United States, they leave the Bill of Rights behind. Guantanamo Bay is located in Cuba. The Bill of Rights does not exist there.

Cynics will say that the entire reason that Gitmo was set up off of American soil was specifically so we could deny the prisoners there rights.

So what? I won’t even disagree with that. This is an example of liberals being right about something that does not matter.

I will go one step further. They should be kept off of our shores. We are trying to prevent terrorists from blowing up our buildings. One way to make things easier for the bad guys is to just let them in our country!

Another “issue,” is that locking them up without trials violates the Geneva Convention. No, it does not.

The Geneva COnvention only applies to nations. Al Queda is not a nation. They are not entitled to any protection that Geneva covers.

However, there is another approach. It was actually suggested by Bob Beckel, the former campaign manager for Walter Mondale. He is an ardent liberal. He recommends that if we are going to flout the Geneva Convention (we don’t, but let’s for a moment forget that), we should just withdraw from the Geneva Convention altogether.

He was not advocating we do this. Nevertheless, I am fine with that approach. The notion that our enemies will then violate Geneva is ludicrous. They have never obeyed it to begin with. They are too busy beheading Americans to be concerned with legalisms.

The worst argument is that the rest of the world hates Gitmo.

Again, so the heck what? Do liberals honestly think that appeasing a bunch of people that look for any excuse to turn their jealous noses up at us will change? They will find something else to criticize.

We cannot make United States foreign policy subject to international approval. We cannot submit to John Kerry’s global test. Does anybody think that other nations spend their lives worrying what we think? Why the heck should we be held to an unreasonable standard that nobody else meets?

We need to remove our heads from inside Europe’s anus.

Fine, so we close down Gitmo to win the popularity contest. Where do we put the monsters from there?

I have recommended that they go in Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco. After all, the hypertolerant environment would be perfect. People that obey no laws being welcomed by a city with no standarda. It would be a match made in Jihad.

Some would say that Leavenworth in Kansas would be a feasible location. No place in America is feasible. Housing these thugs anywhere in America makes that place a terrorist target. We might as well just place them in the new Twin Towers in New York while we are at it.

Another option would be to turn them over to certain “allies,” that would have no problem torturing them. Personally I have no problem with that. Yet the left would howl, as they always do. Worse for them, they would have no conservatives to blame.

So Barack Obama has ordered the closing of Guantanamo Bay, a place that brought bad public relations for those desperate to be loved. It brought safety to America by housing people like Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who declared after he was captured that he would be in America with his lawyers. Now, tragically, he may be right. We have closed down Gitmo, with no regard to where these detainees will go.

We know where 61 of them have gone. They are back on the battlefield, helping Al Queda, still trying to kill Americans.

Yet if we capture them now, we cannot torture them. We cannot even use coercive interrogation methods.

This is President Obama’s second blunder.

As many on the left, he decried unilateral action when it came to waging war, but has now allowed America to engage in unilateral disarmament.

This is not about partisan politics. This is about saving lives.

We cannot fight politically correct wars. We cannot fight sensitive wars. If America wanted John Kerry they would have voted for him.

Coerced interrogation is not torture. Coercive interrogation does not breed more terrorists. It gets vital information that saves lives.

This idiocy that fighting terrorists makes them angry must stop. Fighting and killing terrorists makes them dead.

Yes, I know the story of John McCain. Yes, he is a hero. Yes, he is against torture.

Even heores can be wrong.

I am aware that John McCain gave fake information to his captors. He gave them the names of the 1967 Green Bay Packers.

John McCain is also a man of honor. Terrorists would not have his bravery. They are cowards. They talk of glory and martyrdom, but they crack at the first sign of stiff pressure. They also get emboldened by a perceived lack opf pressure.

Coerced interrogation methods should not be a first resort. They should be a very last resort. The buck stops with the President. The President should have the authority to do what is necessary to protect our nation.

By forcing our intelligence agencies to follow the Army Field Manual, we have handcuffed our own side. For every special agent that gets killed over this, the President will have to answer for it.

Some people will simply refuse to join our intelligence agencies.

Barack Obama is a good man. Good men can be horribly, badly wrong.

He is wrong. He cannot publicly tell the world what we do in battle. We must remain ambiuous if we are to be successful.

So what does an agent do if they catch Osama Bin Laden, and he has information on plots to blow up schoolchildren? Does the agent violate the law and his Commander in Chief?

I honestly do not know. I believe in Presidential Prerogative. When Barack Obama gives an order, that order must be followed unless it is illegal. This order is not illegal.

If the agent does get the information using coerced interrogation methods, he will then face a trial. The ACLU and others on the left will demonize him in a way they do not demonize AL Queda. Yet the American people would come to his rescue. Only one juror is needed, and he might get all 12.

Yet the government would not want such an embarassment. As for President Obama himself, he would have a deeper worry.

As silly as this sounds, the case of Bill Clinton vs Paula Jones applies. The 9-0 ruling (which I staunchly disagree with) allows a civil lawsuit of a President while he is in office. The specter of a Federal Agent suing the President is not what America needs.

What happens if the President backs down? Then he has lost his Presidency and tacitly allowed a set of procedures that he ordered illegal.

Barack Obama is the boss. Yet as many Presidents find out, legal authority can be effectively eliminated without moral authority.

One terrorist attack on American soil that could have been prevented with coercive interrogation methods will spell the end of the Obama Presidency.

No decent person wants this. However, Barack Obama has just opened the door wide open.

We can pat ourselves on the back at how moral we are, and how much the world will now love us.

They will also now be plotting those very ticking bomb scenarios that we will have a much tougher time defending.

Well Mr. President. You made your decisions.

What happens next?

I pray to God you know the answer sir.

If you don’t, we may all be dead.


Everything will be fine

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Many people are worried about the condition of America.

They need to stop worrying for all the wrong reasons.

Everything will be fine.

In fact, everything will be better than fine. In 6 months, the idea that America was experiencing tough times will be a long forgotten memory. Things will be so good that people will have to take their overload of peace and prosperity and give it away because they do not have enough room for all of it.

I am not being sarcastic. This will happen. How do I know? Because the media will tell us.

The truth does not matter. Perception is reality.

The truth was that by 1992, the recession had ended, and the economy was rebounding.

The media reported that Bill Clinton turned the economy around.

The economy did improve while Bill Clinton was President, but not because of anything he did. Had the election of 1992 been 3 months later, President George Herbert Walker Bush may have pulled out a squeaker. Had the election been 6 months later, President George HW Bush would have won a landslide.

The media gave Clinton credit for balancing the budget.

The truth is that Newt Gingrich and the Republican Congress dragged Bill Clinton kicking and screaming to a balanced budget.  Democrats held up the Balanced Budget Amendment, and democrats took the Line Item Veto to the Supreme Court and killed it. Had republicans in 2006 acted like they did in 1994, they would still be in power today.

The truth is that the economy was slowing in 2000 while Bill Clinton was still in power. The Nasdaq had been crashing since March of 2000, long before the 2000 election took place. The Dow began crashing in  late 2000. Bill Clinton did nothing during his final 2 1/2 months, preferring to let his successor deal with the problems.

The truth is that the economy under George W. Bush was fabulous from 2002 to 2007.

The media reported that the 8 years of President George W. Bush were the worst since the depression.

This is a lie. The media perpetuated bad news until everything collapsed, and then claimed that things were always bad.

Did the media cause the financial crisis? Not completely. Did they talk down the economy during the entire Bush Presidency until it finally became a self fulfilling negative prophecy? Absolutely.

The reason for this is because the media, like most people on the left, despise conservatives and republicans more than they love their country. After all, they already have their multi-million dollar homes. Why would they care if ordinary people suffer? If it bleeds, it leads.

Now Barack Obama is President. He is a media creation. They love him. In fact, they worship him.

While this may be completely unfair, this does not matter. What matters is that their love for him will fix the current climate.

The economy is going to immediately rebound. You heard it here first.

This will not because of anything Barack Obama does. He could sleep at his desk for the next 12 months, and everything will still be ok. In fact, it might make things better.

His predecessor already did the hard work for him. George W. Bush, unlike his self indulgent spoiled brat predecessor, was determined not to let his successor inherit tough times. President Bush was more interested in fixing problems than taking credit. Bill Clinton did not care what got done, as long as he got the credit. If anybody doubts this, wait until he forces his views on the Obama Administration.

Barack Obama will enact a stimulus program, the same way Bill Clinton did. Stimulus programs take 12-18 months to have an effect. Yet 6 months into the Clinton Presidency, things were already better. How can this possibly be?

Because things were already improving before he took office.

Things are already improving today, slowly but surely. This has nothing to do with Barack Obama. Yet the media will give him the credit. They will scream optimism at the top of their lungs.

For a platform of “Hope,” “Change,” and “Yes we can!” to succeed, the American psychology must be restored. The media will do their part by declaring that people are already more optimistic. The evil man they hated and threw shoes at is gone. The man they adoringly gaze at with his shirt off on the beach is here to save us all.

The media is too wrapped up in this narrative to allow an alternative vision of the news.

Barack Obama promised 2.5 million jobs. Then he upped the number to 3 million, and most recently, 4 million new jobs. Some say this is bold.

Hardly. It is a conservative estimate. This is the same tactic Bill Clinton took in 1992. He saw how many jobs were lost during the recession, calculated the worst case improvement scenario, and claimed that as his timid, easily achievable goal.

2008 is no different. If Barack Obama sits in his office and plays tiddly winks all day, the economy will still create a few million jobs. His Presidential estimate is an ultra cautious one that should be easily achievable.

I was around during the bear market in stocks from 2000-2002. After 3 years of carnage, to claim that the next year would bring modest improvement required no foresight or actual work. Right now mutual fund managers are planning on how to take credit for positive returns in 2009, refusing to honestly admit that escaping from the cellar does not merit a ticker tape parade.

So it is already predetermined that jobs will be created and the stock market will go up. Who gets hurt in this feel good environment?

The poor, especially the homeless.

If you are a homeless person, you are done. The media will not write a single story about you. In fact, the media wants you to shut up, get out of the way, and go die somewhere that the cameras will not see you. They do not want anything getting in the way of their positive narrative. Homeless people had better find a warm shelter, because until the republicans retake the White House, nobody will care about their plight.

If you have Aids, the same applies to you. The media lost interest in you when republicans lost power. One minute you had a deadly disease, and the next minute you were making demands on an overburdened President that cannot fix everything and every one. Scream all you want. The media is almost as bored with you as they are with Ethiopia. When Reagan was President they sang “We are the World.” When Bill Clinton came in, they lost interest.

Africa is done. George W. Bush contributed more money to help cure Aids and malaria in Africa than all of his predecessors combined. Barack Obama is black. His mere existence cures the Africa problem in the media. He does not have to contribute a single dollar. They should be grateful. After all, it is not about helping them. It is about helping him. African suffering is so 2007, when coincidentally republicans were in charge.

Hollywood will enjoy a brief surge of generosity, as celebrities now take up social causes because they feel it is time to lead by example. Of course, these narcissistic cancers of human filth could have been generous during the Bush years, but that would have been unthinkable. It was his fault that they were too cheap to contribute anything positive. Thanks to Barack Obama, as a reward to America for making the “correct” choice, they will open up their wallets and their hearts.

Foreclosures will be reported as severely slowing. Of course they will. We are coming off of a bottom. Therefore, any news by comparison is good news. As for those who do get foreclosed on during the Obama Presidency, tough luck on them. The media is not interested in ordinary people or their suffering. The media cares about liberals. People losing their homes during a period of republican leadership is due to a lack of caring. If it happens now, it is either a residue of the past, or their own fault. After all, Barack Obama told them to take personal responsibility. Had they listened, they would not be in this mess.

The media knows that this is their very last chance. This is the President they have always dreamed of. He is their hero. If he fails, everything they believe in will be crushed. A rejection of him would be a personal repudiation of them. Saving him is about saving them.

2012 will be a repeat of 1996. Republicans will protest until we are blue in the face that the good times would have happened anyway. The people will not care.

So go out and spend into the stratosphere, America. Take out that mortgage you cannot afford. Leverage yourself to the hilt. Bet it all. You will not lose. You will not be allowed to lose.

On days that it rains, the media will tell you that it is a sunshower, whereas if a republican were President it would be acid rain.

Everything is fabulous. The rich will get richer, the middle class will get richer, and the poor will be shoved under sewer grates and out of the view of anybody else with a camera, never to return until the media wants bad news to be the trend.

Go party like it is the beginning of the greatest golden era in American history. The media will take care of everything.

Stop worrying.

Everything…and I mean everything…in 6 months…will be absolutely fine.


Dead Week 2009

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

This is Dead Week, the worst week of the calendar year. There is no NFL Football this Sunday, since the Superbowl is not until next week.

I hate Dead Week. It is a reminder that while the Pro Bowl is in 2 weeks, in 3 weeks there will be no football. I will have nothing to do. Every offseason gets tougher for me. I have no other hobbies, nor do I care to develop them.

This makes my column on Sundays a practical blank piece of paper. I could take Sundays off, but until my blog is established to my satisfaction, it will be a 7 day adventure.

Some have asked me how I write a column every day, but the truth is I do have a lot of “filler,” although that filler is still helpful to some. One example is the recap I did of Presidential debates. Any monkey can transcribe, and I am happy to be that simian. Yet that well will remain dry until 2011.

So what should I write about on Sundays starting 3 weeks from now? I would prefer it not be straight politics, since I do that Monday through Saturday. Here are some ideas below. I would like feedback, but may or may not listen.

1) I have written 70 songs in my lifetime. I could just post song lyrics from one song each Sunday, with the story or inspiration for the song.

2) Jdate horror stories. Jdate is a Jewish dating website, and while most of my experiences have been positive, train wrecks do make for good writing.

3) Links to other articles…a complete copout.

4) I did a radio show for 15 years where I played rock music. I could transcribe my comments from one show per week, or perhaps play the clips if I can figure out how to transfer them from cassettes and cds to internet files. The show was called “Hard as a rock.”

5) I could have people submit me articles from their blogs, and the very best article would be published on my site, with me only providing bookend comments.

6) I could provide links to You Tube videos I like, but then I would have to actually go on You Tube. I suppose I could.

I could just play a video clip of me holding a remote control and sobbing uncontrollably, knowing that no matter how furiously I change the channels, there is no football.

About 25-30 Sundays with nothing to do. I hang out with my friends or go on dates in the evenings, but during the day?

I have 3 weeks to figure this out. Otherwise, the quality of this blog is going to drop 14.2%, or 0% for those who already feel it has dropped 100% from its early promise.

Happy Dead Week everybody.


Is Dissent Still Patriotic?

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

From what I have learned over the last few days, it is very important that “we all come together.”

Yet from what I remember during the previous 8 years, the main phrase was that “dissent is patriotic.”

It is amazing how the rules of civility are completely altered when a democrat wins the White House. Perhaps that is what Barack Obama meant by “change.”

We have tough problems to face, so we have to rally around our new leader and support him. Funny, in 2000 the mantra was, “Let’s destroy this guy because we feel like it.”

Now that those that know only insatiable bloodlust are being forced to smile and be pleasant, they expect conservatives to just let vicious bygones be vicious bygones.

It doesn’t work that way.

I have nothing against Barack Obama personally. He seems to be a likable fellow that is right about some things and wrong about many more.

As for his far left supporters, they should be subjected to abuse every bit as devastating as what they put George W. Bush through, and nothing less.

Not surprisingly, a stunning republican brunette offers wisdom on this very subject. Christine Flowers, when not busy with her other job as an underwear model (Ok, I made that part up. Again, she is a republican brunette.), is reminding everybody that we still have free speech in this country, despite the efforts of “tolerant” liberals to silence dissension.

I agree with her right off the bat when she says:

“We non-Obama voters shouldn’t be bullied into supporting our new president.”

“It’s one thing to wish President Obama well as a human being, to acknowledge the historic magnitude of his getting elected, to admire his sweet family and his mellifluent speaking voice and his prodigious brain.

But it’s quite another to endorse his social, economic and national security policies if, in fact, you think they pose a serious threat to the fabric and essence of this country we all claim to love.”

Thank you Ms. Flowers! Yes kids, there is logical reasoning in the media, once one escapes the clutches of leftism.

“Regardless of who is doing the finger-wagging, it’s pretty clear you can’t tell someone to just shut up and get with the program if they actually don’t like the program. Or if they think it’s a blueprint for disaster. This is America, after all. Home of the Free. Land of the Critics.”

The left will then use this sentiment to justify their own behavior. Nonsense.

The left did not criticize the governing blueprint. They went after the President presonally. It was never about governing. If it was, they would have offered contra solutions. The critics were against him because he existed. They were nothing. After all, only a party that is for nothing could support people like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry. It is easy to choose a candidate when the entire platform is, “I’ll have what the other gentleman is not having.” Then they would apologize to themselves for being so civil, and change their approach to, “I’ll have what that evil dumb conservative who should die 1000 deaths for having the nerve to breathe is not having.”

“So here is my promise to our new president. I will pray that he and his family continue to be happy and healthy. I’ll assume that everything he does is undertaken in a good-faith effort to preserve, protect and defend these United States.

But I won’t be pressured into being quiet when I see him straying off course, pushing this country in what I believe is the wrong direction. And if success means he’ll challenge the fundamental nature of everything I believe in and cherish, I won’t root for his success.”

That is noble opposition. What the left practiced in the prior 8 years was reflexive oppositions.

They were more interested in losing a war than allowing President Bush to get credit for winning it.

They were more interested in badmouthing an economy from 2002-2007 than allowing President Bush to get credit for its strength.

They cheered on during the financial collapse of 2008, because that would get them elected when they were behind in the polls.

They celebrated and sent gleeful emails when somebody threw shoes at the President, too dumb to realize that this was an assault, and could have been bullets.

They did not have the decency to be respectful as he left office, determined to hound him to his grave.

Now these same barbarians who yell obscenities, key cars, steal republican signs, and froth at the mouth, want us to “come together.”

Ms. Flowers, ever the lady, says it in ways much more dignified than I would.

“For eight years, many people insisted that they’d lost their country. They detested Bush, hated his politics and condemned his choices when they disagreed. Loudly.

Good for them. Now, it’s my turn. God bless America.”

I don’t have her grace. I made a promise to hold back on Barack Obama, since he has been a gentleman. I will oppose him when he is wrong, but with the dignity and respect he showed President Bush.

I made no such promises towards the leftist supporters. I will treat them with the same contemptible lack of dignity and respect they showed President Bush.

If they thought Dubya was bad, wait until they confront his staunchest supporters. We have had 8 years to listen to it.

It’s payback time.


Jumbalaya Friday

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

While the Tygrrrr Express had hoped to continue exposing liberals gone wild today, stories with lifetime staying power shall be put on hold for a couple of days to cover recent events with rapidly declining shelf lives. Additionally, I managed to crack a terrorist sleeper cell, but that story will also be delayed.

Today is Jumbalaya Friday. This is similar to Mish Mosh Friday, except spicier and tastier. As always, quality shall be spread thin in favor of quantity, the ability to cover several stories marginally at once.

The first story on Jumbalaya Friday belongs to Caroline Kennedy and her aborted public relations campaign to be appointed to the vacant New York Senate seat. Even pro life people should be delighted at this abortion.

Speculation is running rampant as to why she dropped out at the 11th hour. One theory has her involved in an affair with one of the most horrible human beings on Earth, Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr. He is the head honcho at the Jayson Blair Times. Both of them are married. Another rumor has her with a tax problem, along the lines of Timothy Geithner. Besides, maybe Leona Helmsley was right, and only the little people pay taxes. A third rumor has her with an illegal nanny in the grand tradition of Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood.

The Tygrrrr Express will not be delving into any of these reasons. Unless hard evidence emerges, it is better to wait and get the story right than carve up an innocent human being.

My theory is that Caroline Kennedy dropped out because New York Governor David Patterson simply did not want to offer her the job, and resented her being rammed down his throat by her overbearing family. Rather than risk being rejected, she chose to reject him first to save face.

Caroline Kennedy appears to be one of the least offensive members of her family. She has not been accused of raping anybody or driving off a bridge and getting somebody killed. Yes she is a child of privilege, but she does not seem to be one that detracts from society, which for a Kennedy is an achievement. She did however have the Kennedy sense of entitlement. Her “listening tour” was disastrous.

Her dropping out is good for New York and for her. She has led a private life where she has not had to be scrutinized. She is a socialite. Socialites are great company at the New York Metropolitan Opera, but not exactly people who get a charge out of meeting with dairy farmers in Upstate New York. The perception of her is that she would be bored and unqualified to do the actual work. Somehow she will survive. Multi-millionaire New York Princesses usually do.

Her problem was her lack of qualifications and sense of entitlement. This brings us to Timothy Geithner. His nomination for the post of Treasury Secretary was widely praised in the beginning. Now it faces a minor speed bump in the form of unpaid taxes. Mr. Geithner will most likely be confirmed. He does have the same arrogance and sense of entitlement as Mrs. Kennedy. What will save him is that he is qualified to do the job he is being appointed for.

This should pose a concern. Yes, Wall Street likes him. However, he seems to be skating by because he has been seen as “too big to fail.” Times are so tense and Wall Street is so shaky that he must be rescued to avoid a deeper financial meltdown. This is ridiculous. “Too big to fail” has been apllied to various firms that have been bailed out. Nobody should be too big or too important to fail.

Nobody is indispensable. To imply that we need Timothy Geithner with as much urgency as we needed J P Morgan a century ago is unhealthy. Not even a President should have that much influence. Mr. Geithner may be a competent executive. I personally am tired of the “gotcha” games. However, it is unhealthy for an entire country to hinge on the confirmation of one man.

Another angle that must be covered in the wake of Caroline Kennedy and Timothy Geithner is the kid glove treatment liberals receive, and how conservatives are quick to roll over. If a republican had tried to apply for the Treasury job with unpaid taxes, they would be crucified. Until equal standards are applied to liberals and conservatives, resentment will build and the media will continue to collapse under the weight of their own corruption.

Yet almost taking a job, and almost not being given a job, are inside baseball. Beneath all the stupidity and games are people that actually need to get things done. The buck stops with the President. It is in this vein that President Barack Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay must be examined.

I am 100% opposed to his decision. I think it is wrong, reckless, dangerous, and a sop to the lunatic leftist cancer in our society. However, I am less enraged by President Obama than I was by President Clinton.

President Clinton drew my ire by getting elected based on lies. He promised to lower taxes. The entire nation knew that his numbers did not add up. Three weeks into his Presidency, he broke his word and raised taxes. This was bad policy by a bad guy.

Barack Obama seems to be a good guy that just made a bad move. What I mean by this is that he campaigned on closing Gitmo. He did not get elected and promptly reverse himself. He kept his word. Therefore, this move, while unpleasant, was not unexpected.

This does not in any way absolve Mr. Obama of the fact that he made a terrible decision. However, he kept a campaign promise, which allows me to at least have faith that he will keep the few campaign promises that republicans couls be ok with.

This closing is also not so cut and dry. It takes effect in one year, giving him plenty of time to reverse himself. I have recommended that we place the terrorists that are captured in the San Francisco district of Nancy Pelosi. Let the Pelosiraptor explain why terrorists are living near schoolchildren. Then again, San Francisco is such a hypertolerant environment that perhaps the locals would not notice.

Barack Obama is not a dumb guy. He has shown himself to absorb information like a sponge, and adapt accordingly. Perhaps our military leaders will set him straight. I hope so.

What is most troubling to me is that Barack Obama is so concerned with how the rest of the world views us. Contrary to media reports, he is not President of the world.He is President of America. His job is to keep us safe, and if that ticks off our fairweather friends and our mortal enemies, so be it.

As the lone remaining superpower, we will never be liked. Barack Obama is already being burned in effigy. I hope Mr. Obama quickly grasps that nothing we do will make us liked, unless we are willing to commit national suicide.

Some will say that it is possible to keep America safe without irking other nations. This is false. These other nations either want a “multi-polar” world, or they want America toppled altogether. We have to stop being so obsessed with being liked by people who hate us.

The top responsibility of the President is to keep us safe. He is book smart, but I am less convinced, despite his Chicago background, of being street smart. Time will tell.

While having power is often seen as much better than not having it, there is one upside to relinquishing power, or not ever claiming it.

When Jumbalaya Friday ends, George W. Bush and Caroline Kennedy, if they so choose, can enjoy my ritual known as “Sleep in Saturday.” Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner will not have that luxury for years to come. They have big decisions to make, and every move is frought with peril.

They may not be “too big to fail,” but we will all be better off if they get the big things right.


Liberals Gone Wild–Feminist Claptrap

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Now that the inauguration is over, we can now get on to governing. Unfortunately, the basic business of government is colossally boring.

I could care less about confirmation hearings. I react when people actually do things. Is there hypocrisy when it comes to liberal nominees in terms of much lighter scrutiny? Sure. If I elaborated your heads would hit the keyboard.

I could talk about Israel, but they surrendered, and until and unless Benjmain Bibi Netanyahu returns to power, Israel will be run by weaklings that enjoy losing wars. As in America, sending a liberal to do a man’s job doesn’t work.

I have zero interest in the culture wars.

So what is left?

The topic that got me into blogging in the first place, combating ideological bigotry.

Braack Obama may be a good, decent man, but many of his supporters are contemptible individuals that fantasize about drinking the blood from republicans. I am sure any day now they will demand that President Obama send armed guards to arrest George W. Bush. They will never let go.

Yet ideological bigotry will be with us until every last leftist hatemonger is brought to justice and forced to confront their own viciousness. For those wondering why I do not go after ideological bigotry on the right, there are two reasons. First of all, it is significantly less. We criticize our own hateful fringe element, while the left embraces them with french kisses and showers with them, using poison speech as body shower gel. The second reason is because there are 50 billion media places to go to find criticism of the right. The need for another one would be about as useful as another palace dedicated to Saddam in Iraq.

So until actual news happens that I care about, my ongoing series of liberals gone wild will be rolled out as a subsection of ideological bigotry.

Between Palestinians, the Jayson Blair Times, the Los Angeles Palestinian Times, the Washington Compost, most liberal Synagogues, The Axis of Anti-Semitism (Huffington Post,, Daily Kos), MSNBC, and the rest of the frothing left wing dogs, there will always be plenty of evidence to report.

Yet the one group that will continue to be the gift that keeps on giving comes in the form of the truest bat spit crazy group on Earth…feminists.

They spread clap. They won’t shut their trap. Combining the two, they offer…claptrap.

Now before somebody claim that I am against all women, let me make the record perfectly clear. One can be absolutely hostile towards feminists without hating all women. Not all Arabs are terrorists, and not all women are feminists.

More importantly, the feminists are the true haters of women. They are the politics of division, segregating women by class, beauty, and ideology.

One of the most controversial columns I have written was entitled “Light a Candle, Smack a Woman.” An imbecile or feminist grievance monger would think that I was attacking women. I was attacking liberals for being hypocrites and not sticking up for all women.

In the spirit of Hanukkah I listed the 8 situations where abuse of women was acceptable. I don’t make these rules. Liberals do, making it more ironic when I confront them with their own behavior.

Today’s liberal feminist gone wild is Jill Zimmerman, a legislative assistant at the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism.

Based on what I saw on their website, the The Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism is similar to the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea. It contains words that do not seem to fit. These people may be Jewish, but the website was heavy on left wing social causes and very light on actual Judaism, which I have been practicing since I was a child. That is their right of course, but the idea that liberalism equals Judaism is the very thing I am trying to fight for the benefit of Jews everywhere.

Now for those wondering why this Ms. Zimmerman woman is on my radar, it is very simple. She pulled out a verbal knife, and now I need to bring out the verbal bazooka. It is what I do. I am good at it. I had no idea who she was until she decided to attack me personally rather than discuss substance. As a feminist, she simply may have none.

Her bile is below. I did not link to her site because I do not link to hate sites.

“Apparently intended to be comedic, this blog post is every bit as appallingly offensive as it sounds.”

Yeah, for those that get offended by everything. Fine, so I push buttons. Good writing does that. Perhaps she prefers more sophisticated humor, such as throwing Birkenstocks at George W. Bush. or burning pro-life evangelicals in effigy.

“According to The Tygrrrr Express, ‘women have been up in arms looking for ways to exact vengeance on the male gender.’ Feminism–the belief in the right of women to have political, social, and economic equality with men–the blog writes, ‘is about attempting to destroy men.’
Am I missing the punch line?”

Yes, because there was no punch line. I was being serious. Part of being humorless, aka a feminist, is to get indignant over humor and seriousness, fail to tell the difference, and avoid embarrassment by just never smiling about anything. Facial tics should not be mistaken for smiles.

Ms. Zimmerman decided to then do the best thing she could have possibly done…she proved my point lock, stock, and crate and barrel.

She made a list of 8 reasons why she is proud to be a feminist. For the sake of honesty, not all 8 of her reasons are completely ludicrous. In fact, some of them even have merit. Luckily for me, the laughable ones more than make up for this.

Naturally, she lauds Gloria Steinem, who made it clear that women did not need men. Many women ended up broke, broken and bitter following her advice, at which point she got married because she wanted the companionship. Men and women need each other, but unfortunately too many feminists prefer rage over more healthy human emotions.

Issues such as equal work for equal pay are what feminists should be about. Abortion should not. More importantly, pro-life women can still be feminists.

Below are my comments that I left on her site.

“Ms. Zimmerman,

Your response to my article was pure hypocrisy, and your ‘disgust’ is based on deliberate cherry picking.

Unless a woman is willing to celebrate the achievements of ALL women, including Sarah Palin, they are no feminist.

Unless women criticize the abuse of women by ALL men, including Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, they are no feminist.

Feminism is a joke because it does not stand up for all women. It selects and chooses based on political ideology.

I do not expect you to print my comments, nor have you rebutted them. Just know that when Laura Bush, Condi Rice, and Sarah Palin face large heapings of abuse, it is me, not feminists, that speak up to defend them.

Oh, and George W. Bush freed Afghani and Iraqi women. The feminists said nothing.


eric aka the Tygrrrr Express”

I will give Ms. Zimmerman credit. She actually did print my remarks. Perhaps she has not gotten around to removing them.

Yet my comments were never acknowledged either. So either Ms. Zimmerman completely agrees with me, or has time to throw verbal bombs but not to defuse them.

Feminism has truly become a disgusting element of our society. Any movement that lauds Hillary Clinton as a champion of women while castigating Sarah Palin, the second coming of Supermom, is a movement that needs to meet a quick and ruinous end.

No, I am not endorsing domestic violence. The movement should be killed, not the people.

My challenge to Ms. Zimmerman remains the same. Either stand up for all women, or drop the feminist label. She has every right to be a left wing activist. That involves helping trees, bunny rabbits, and zygotes. It has nothing to do with women.

George W. Bush freed Afghani and Iraqi women. Laura Bush has raised breast cancer awareness in Saudi Arabia. Hillary rode her husband’s coattails while he was chasing other women’s tails. Hillary then used her power that she got solely through him to destroy these women.

In the same way I have done more to help black America than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton by merely not making matters worse, I have done more to advance the cause of real women than any feminist grievance monger ever could. After all, they make matters worse.

So yes, I respect women. I have contempt for man-hating anti-conservative bigots.

I would ask feminists to shut up and cook my dinner, but then I would have to be in the room with them listening to them prattle. I would rather enjoy a meal at a restaurant with a republican Jewish brunette. The company would be better. After all, there would be no feminists in the room spreading their anti-republican bigoted claptrap agenda disguised as social advancement.