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Something about abortion

Friday, June 24th, 2022

Something happened today involving abortion…shrug.

The stock market is up big today. Nothing like a quiet news day.
If Israel took out Iran today, the liberal media would not notice. Sadly, the same is true for Russia regarding Ukraine.
Thankfully, yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling protects law-abiding gun owners from violent rioters. By now, I’m sure the gun decision has already been forgotten by the mob, who have moved on to other things.
The good news is that nobody on the left can even pretend to care about the January 6th hearings anymore.
Any potential hysteria about women dying will result in a reminder that they were already told they would die from climate change. 
I just hope today’s protesters have the courtesy to save lives by wearing masks, especially if they are as hideous as Liz Warren.
Now that the Supreme Court has gotten the small issues out of the way, our government can get back to focusing on life and death issues like supply side tax cuts.
Democrat leaders warn that today’s Supreme Court decision could force women to travel across state lines for Democrat Party fundraisers.
How can leftists riot for the rights of women when last month they couldn’t tell us what a woman was?
Why are leftists focused on women at the expense of the other 155 genders?
As for what changed, how should I know? I’m not a biologist.
Could be a hormonal thing (gratuitous but still hilarious).
Expect a ton of rioting from hideously unattractive women that no man would want to impregnate anyway.
(Shut up, leftists. George Carlin made that joke about pro-life women ages ago.)
“Man I haven’t seen the Democrats this riled up since we freed the slaves.” — Phil Parker.
Me — Or since yesterday.
Because of today’s Supreme Court decision, women may have to travel across state lines. Now leftist women may finally start caring about the price of gasoline.
20 years ago a leftist feminist zealot (redundant) started screaming at me. I tried to explain reality to her.
“Look, I understand your anger and your passion, but trust me. Gay couples cannot have abortions!”
She angrily asked why not.
I told her “Because God made it this way!”
She called me a Bible-thumping zealot.
Finally, I told her, “Do you want me to show you a diagram? It’s not going to happen!”
That was back when leftist women knew what women were.
So what is your view? Should gay couples be allowed to have abortions? Or is an outright ban required? Should Congress act immediately on this crisis?
Football coach Bill Parcells yelling at his players who were hurt: “Don’t tell me about the pain, just deliver the d@mn baby!” I don’t think he was referencing abortion, but it’s still an awesome quote. 
Question for pro-lifers: Would you still be willing to be pro-life if you knew that modern medical technology would show that the child would grow up to be defective ideologically like Nancy Pelosi?
I’ve gotten some great answers over the years.
Rick Santorum: “I believe there is hope for every child.”
Jim Demint. “Wow, that’s a hard choice.”
Herman Cain: “I may have to rethink my position.”
Pro-choicers are protesting by blocking streets. Because blocking traffic during rush hour is a great way to win friends and influence people. What happens if God forbid a woman dies trying to get to a clinic or hospital because the streets are blocked?
So if a gay pride month party happens tonight at the same time as an abortion night of rage, which one do liberals attend?
Does gay pride month extend into July 1st, or is tonight lost forever?
Can the abortion rioters take a break to attend the gay pride rallies?
Whatever your views on various LGBTQ issues, at least they know how to party. I’d rather attend a party with gay men laughing and dancing than attend an abortion rally of perpetually angry scowling women. The gay rights parties have excellent food. The abortion rioters are most likely vegans.
Also, what happens if the abortion rioters honk horns and leave trash behind? Isn’t that bad for the environment?
Just to be clear, some of these people are professional rioters who go to everything. Apparently the BLM rioters did not get the memo about the abortion riots because the abortion rioters are overwhelmingly white. The only whiter crowds are at environmental rallies.
Did the night of rage turn into an Insurrection or an Intifada, or was it just a standard Liz Warren supporters gathering of the Uglocracy?
Also, if people protest the Supreme Court and the Court is out of town, does the tree still make a sound loud enough to harm the Ozone layer?
I just hope these mostly peaceful protesters don’t burn down or harm any statues of George Washington or George Floyd.
Challenge: Name 3 things less important than these protests.
If a liberal starts boring me to death, how quickly do I have to abort the conversation?

If I wait too long to terminate the discussion, am I required to let them keep talking until I want to hang myself?


The Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies of 2022

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

The Top 120 Political Yummy Bouncies of 2022

Welcome to Summer. Every June 21st, I release my list of the Top 30 women in politics. This list was originally known as the Top 120 political yummy bouncies. Anyway, this is a bare bones list. You can goggle the photos yourself. The top 10 liberals, centrists and conservatives are listed for your viewing pleasure. I threw in one major curveball due to the changing times. 

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson did not make the list. For one thing, she does not know what a woman is. She is not a biologist. More importantly, she is not on the Supreme Court until October. Depending on her level of influence, she very well could make the 2023 list. 

Kamala Harris is not on the list. Normally she is, but she has managed to unite the nation against her. Liberals and conservatives both find her annoying. She coasted through life on her looks and charms and even giggled her way to the vice presidency. Yet her act as worn thin. Her looks no longer outmatch her tendency to quickly wear out her welcome wherever she speaks. 

With that, here are the Top 30 Hottest Political Women in 2022.


10.) Jessica Tarlov — This Fox News personality is a liberal, but she has legitimate moments of sanity and lucidity. She is concerned that the Democrat Party she belongs to is going off the rails. She is right. She is also pretty.


9.) Kim Foxx — The Cook County, Illinois State’s Attorney is basically the Chicago District Attorney. With encouragement from Michelle Obama, Foxx helped rig the Jussie Smollett situation in favor of him. Her scheme to undercut her own office unraveled, but it takes much more than corruption to imprison a Chicago Democrat. She recently beat up her husband, but do not expect her to face consequences. 

8.) Taylor Lorenz — Her job is described as a Washington Post tech reporter. She is a domestic terrorist who stalks young people, bullies them into submission, and then cries on cue when she is caught. She has mastered the art of passive-aggressive hyper-feminism, replacing empowerment with helplessness. She was recently caught fabricating her sources in the grand tradition of Jayson Blair. Although her twin rageaholic Felicia Sonmez was fired, don’t expect Lorenz to go anywhere. The bosses are terrified of her. Sonmez only sent angry Tweets. Lorenz might boil a boss’s bunny rabbit. 

7.) Gavin Newsom — Technically, the Governor of California is not female. However, he might not know this. He primps and preens to look pretty for the cameras. He believes there are 156 genders. He is rich, pretty, and uber-liberal. He has national ambitions.He is related to Nancy Pelosi, which means access to money and power. Given his lack of principles, he would be happy to declare himself any gender that would poll well. 

6.) Shalanda Young — The Biden Administration’s Office of Management and Budget Director is supposed to be a number-cruncher. While she is not supposed to make the numbers dance, she was hired to parrot the president’s figures. She is camera-friendly, and most people would not blame her for the sins of her boss. She has job security given that most people have no idea what the OMB actually does. 

5.) Alina Abaeva — Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend clearly supports Mother Russia and Daddy Vlady. Even after sanctions were placed on her, she still managed to live high on the hog…or the Russian Bear. Given that her boyfriend will kill people at will for sport, most people tend not to mess with her.


4.) Kathy Hochul — The Governor of New York rules with an iron fist despite nobody voting for her. She was the Lieutenant Governor who stumbled into the top job when Andrew Cuomo resigned after playing grab-@ss. Despite helping destroy her own state, she is expected to coast to reelection. People who would vote against her have moved to Florida. 

3.) Stephanie Ruhle — This MSNBC host is a raving lunatic, but she manages to pull off the scary hot look while yelling at people. There is a video of her inadvertantly imitating the famous Sharon Stone scene in “Basic Instinct.” Unlike Stone, Ruhle was wearing underwear. Was her flashing the audience accidental or a play for ratings? That was one story that would actually make MSNBC watchable. 

2.) Tulsi Gabbard — The former Hawaii Congresswoman and Democrat presidential contender has been everywhere on Fox News programs. She has become a darling of conservative hosts for being willing to attack her own party. Conservatives should not be fooled. Gabbard is very smart and polished, but beneath her calm veneer is a radical leftist. She hides it better. 

1.) Kirsten Sinema — This Arizona Senator has her fellow Democrats spitting blood. The newest poll-tested Democrat slogan is that everything Democrats disagree with is a threat to democracy. Voting Democrat is necessary to “save Democracy.” Sinema responded by voting down the key parts of the Biden agenda. Given how awful those bills were, she may have saved democracy. She also repeatedly ignores any semblance of a business dress code, opting for miniskirts hiked sky high up her thighs. The male senators have not complained. 


10.) Shereen Bhan — This Indian journalist is the Managing Editor of CNBC-TV18. Her specialty is business journalism, but she has kept political and business leaders of India on their toes. She tweeted at Indian Prime Minister Modi over the issue of lockdowns. 

9.) Susanna Reid — This British journalist co-hosted “Good Morning Britain” with Piers Morgan. For her 50th birthday, she was encouraged by Morgan to pose naked. She declined, wishing not to embarrass her children. 

8.) Gigi Stone — This NBC and MSNBC contributing reporter focuses mainly on business. She also coaches people in communications. First rule of communications: Be hot. Television is a visual medium. 

7.) Zain Asher — This British Nigerian news anchor works for CNN International. She is Oxford educated. She has covered some major international stories including the murder of Nigerian girls by Boko Haram. 

6.) Melissa Theuriau — This French journalist works for M6, the most profitable TV news entity in France. As beautiful as she is, her stories often get overlooked due to a global apathy toward the irrelevant nation of France. President Emanuel Macron suffering severe legislative election losses may cause a ripple if she reports on it. If she covered any other nation, she would be an even bigger superstar. 

5.) Anna Kasterova — She is a wealthy Russian journalist. One way to wealthy..and alive…in Russia is to not rock the boat. She is as sympathetic to Vladimir Putin regime and Mother Russia as American journalists are to their American leftist leaders. She is married to an NHL hockey player. 

4. Susan Li — She was born in China and raised in Toronto, Canada. Now she is a Fox Business correspondent. She has interviewed top political and business leaders in Canada and the United States. 

3.) Julie Banderas — This Colombian Fox News host who covers serious stories with humor. As a frequent “Gutfeld!” panelist, she covers non-serious topics with equal humor. She frequently jokes about coping with motherhood by being a daytime drunk. Banderas is a stage name. Her real name is Julie Bidwell. 

2.) Robin Meade — This lead morning news anchor for Headline News was once Miss Ohio. In 2021 she even released a country music album. She is an example of drop-dead gorgeous and multi-talented women who deserve to be taken seriously. 

1.) Abby Huntsman — The daughter of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman does not fit neatly into any political box. She bounced around several networks, from Fox News to MSNBC. She is no longer an active member of The Church of jesus christ of Latter-day Saints. She came out in favor of gay marriage long before may others did. Yet despite working with some of the ugliest women in politics on “The View,” she has managed to stay sane, reasonable, and blindingly beautiful.    


10.) Rebecca Kleefisch — The former Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor lost her job in the 2018 election when she and Governor Scott Walker were swept out. Due to the utter failure of the current Democrat Governor, Kleefisch is making a comeback. This time she is aiming for the top job in Wisconsin. She has an uphill climb, but if she wins she could rocket to the top spot on this list in 2023. She is as conservative as she is stunning. 

9.) Amy Coney Barrett — This United States Supreme Court justice is everything her supporters could have hoped for. She is superwoman. A mother to seven children including a racially diverse mixture of adopted children, she went through her entire SCOTUS hearing without needing to take notes. She has sided with the conservative bloc on almost every issue, but the biggest decisions regarding abortion and guns are a few days away. 

8.) Dagen McDowell — This Fox Business correspondent oozes Southern charm. A tough, sultry woman who plays the Georgia redneck role to perfection, McDowell is whip smart. Her expertise is financial markets, but she also offers biting political commentary. Her sense of humor is terrific. She said that Joe Biden thinks Elon Musk is a type of male perfume. 

7.) Sarah Palin/Sarah Huckabee Sanders — This pair of Sarahs are both making a political comeback. The former Alaska Governor leads the runoff to become the state’s only congressperson. Don Young held the seat for about 50 years before his recent death. Sanders was Donald Trump’s first White House press secretary. Now she is the heavy favorite to become the next Arkansas Governor. Her father previously held that job when Bill Clinton’s successor Jim Guy Tucker resigned due to the whitewater scandal. Both of these women held political office and battled critics while raising several children. 

6. Yesli Vega — This tough Latina is a law enforcement officer who is running on a security platform to replace Virginia Congresswoman Abigail Spamberger. Vega has a very good shot of winning this swing district only one year after electing a black lieutenant governor and a Cuban attorney general. She is the new Virginia. One year after playing a vital role in organizing Latinos for Governor Glenn Youngkin, she is seeking to join him in public office. 

5.) Katie Britt — This Southern bombshell was on the road to being an afterthought when Donald Trump’s endorsement provided rocket fuel to her campaign. She trounced Congressman Mo Brooks in the runoff and is the heavy favorite to replace retiring Alabama Senator Richard Shelby. She is the former President and CEO of the Business Council of Alabama. 

4.) Ashley Ramos — This gorgeous Illinois congressional candidate has an uphill climb in a district that favors Democrat. Yet win or lose, she is the new face of the GOP. This Latina knows how to market herself. She showed up at CPAC wearing a white dress with red writing that mocked AOC’s political stunt at the Met Gala. Ramos is a conservative with a legitimate shot to win her primary in several days. If she wins the general election, she will rocket up this list in 2023. 

3.) Judge Kathryn Mizelle — She was appointed by President Trump to be a federal judge at the ripe young age of 33. She was his youngest judicial appointment, and she quickly became a conservative hero. She struck down the Biden Administration’s federal mask mandate. Although the administration has made rumblings about appealing her decision, the midterm elections have made that decision untenable. Judge Mizelle restored sanity to a country reeling from the hated mask mandate. 

2.) Winsome Sears — The Lieutenant Governor of Virginia is a rock star. She is a proud black woman who served her country in the United States Marines. In her citizen life, she ran a homeless shelter. She has broken plenty of barriers in Virginia politics, which would make her a media darling if she were a Democrat. She has to settle for being loved by Republican voters nationwide. The Governor of Virginia is limited to one term, making her the logical successor ro Governor Glenn Youngkin in 2025. 

1.) Mayra Flores — This Texas border Latina shocked the political establishment. She won a special election for an open congressional seat held by Democrats for about 150 years. She is married to a Border Security guard and ran on a law and order platform. She is part of a new wave of Latinas abandoning the Democrats in droves due to their lack of ability to provide border safety and security. Her district is 85% Hispanic. She needs to immediately run for reelection in November, but she has already smashed what little hold that Democrats had on Hispanic Texans. For that alone, she is the most beautiful political conservative of 2022. 

Kender MacGowan: America’s Garden Gnome

Friday, June 17th, 2022
Dear God almighty. Kender MacGowan is gone.
He was my friend and one of the best warriors I have ever known. He was 53 years old but had been in bad health since the day he was born. He fought his whole life.
He loved his family, horses, and Renaissance festivals. On May 1st, he went to a Renaissance festival. Later that day he went into the hospital and did not make it out. He knew. On his last day of living before entering the hospital, he did what he loved most.
He had a terrific sense of humor, a ZZ-Top beard, and a proud self-declared reputation as “America’s Garden Gnome.”
His commitment to political combat stemmed from his desire to forego everything he had for his “sacred honor.” To say he was proud to be American would be an understatement.
Although his real name was Michael Groomes, many of us knew him as Kender Macgowan. Now Mark Zuckerberg can finally stop banning him. He will no longer be commenting on Facebook or anywhere else.
Now Kender is with God. I know he is in heaven, but he will probably still be raising a little hell.
Goodbye, Kender. You’ll never be forgotten. Ever.

DJIA crashes below 30,000

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

DJIA crashes below 30,000

I have been posting a lot about stocks lately because I know some of you are worried. I hope these posts help. 
Quick stock market wrapup thoughts:
Although the Dow finally fell below 30,000 and hit a new low for the year, it is NOT in a bear market yet. A bear market is not a feeling. It is an actual specific term that refers to a 20% drop from the high. The NASDAQ is down over 33% and the S&P 500 is down over 22%. However, the Dow is still down less than 20% from its all time high of 36,952. That was January 5, 2022. Only 5 months ago.
A 20% drop would be 29,562. The Dow bottomed out today at 29,740. It stubbornly refused to go lower. Now if it falls below 29,562, all heck could break loose.
However, during the pandemic of 2020, the Dow dropped 40%. So there could be plenty of pain ahead.
On the other hand, if the Dow can get back above 31,000, it would be a positive sign. It really needs to get back above 33,300 for me to feel better. That is 10% from the high.
We are not in a recession yet. A recession is not a feeling. It is also a specific term referring to 2 consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. We had negative growth last quarter. If this quarter that ends June 30th turns out to be negative, then in July we will officially be in a recession. However, that might not happen.
I want all my friends to lead a better life, and that starts with healthier finances. For those of you who can ride out miserable economic times, you will be much better off in a few years.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has Covid

Wednesday, June 15th, 2022
Dr. Anthony Fauci has Covid. While I wish Covid on nobody and hope he recovers quickly, there is a big difference between his Covid case and mine.
I did not help unleash Covid on the world and then lie about it and then use my government power to get social media companies to censor the truth. He did.
Mark Zuckerberg and Parag Agrawal, shove your disclaimers and fact-checks where the sun don’t shine. Your stock price is down 50%. Take your head out of your hide and stop censoring truthful posts. It’s morally wrong and bad for business.
D. Fauci, don’t cause problems you’re unable to fix.

Steve Scalise: 5 years later

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

Steve Scalise: 5 years later

5 years ago today on June 14, 2017, a leftist Bernie Sanders supporter shot conservative Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise.
5 years later, the left spends every waking minute fomenting leftist violence against conservatives. There have been hundreds of such acts, including the recent attempted murder of conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
The left continues to use January 6th, in which alt-right individuals committed misdemeanor trespassing, as a distraction from the real story. Leftists, unwilling to accept that conservatives have a right to exist, continue to try and murder them.
Those leftists tossing Molotov cocktails into buildings where conservatives work, live and breathe had no comment.

Flag Day: My pride flag is red, white and blue

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022
Flag Day: My pride flag is red, white and blue
Many liberals have been waving rainbow flags in honor of pride month.
Let’s see how many of these same liberals wave red, white and blue American flags today in honor of Flag Day.
Supporting gay rights without supporting America is hypocritical and insane. Only in a nation as beautiful as America could gay people have the right to wave rainbow flags unimpeded.
If you are proud to be gay, or black, or Arab, or anything else without being proud to be American, you are living in the wrong nation.
Try waving rainbow flags and being gay in Saudi Arabia, Iran or the Gaza Strip. Good luck with that.
Gay rights exist here because we have a Bill of INDIVIDUAL Rights established by the Founding Fathers. Not Founding mothers or people representing 155 other genders. Founding Fathers.
These men gave all people the right to own a gun to defend themselves, protect themselves from self-incrimination, protection against cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to freedom of speech.
So whether you fly a rainbow gay pride flag or a silver and black pirate flag to represent the Raider Nation, fly those American flags high today…and every other day.
As Ray Charles sang, “America, God done shed his grace on thee.”

Understanding red flag laws

Monday, June 13th, 2022

Understanding red flag laws

Liberal #1: “My neighbor has conservative political views. I don’t know how to force him to see things my way.”
Liberal #2: “Does he own guns?”
Liberal #1: “Yes, but I’m more concerned about his views on abortion and gay rights. He never said what they were but he goes to church every Sunday.”
Liberal #2: “Easy enough. Just call the cops and the feds on him. Say that he has guns and is acting erratically. The government will come, kick in his door, and seize his guns.”
Liberal #1: “Doesn’t he get a trial?”
Liberal #2: “The guns get seized first. Guilty until proven innocent. Even if your neighbor is exonerated, the government can drag out the paperwork. It will take forever for your neighbor to get his guns back, if ever.”
Liberal #1: “Can I get in trouble for filing a false report?”
Liberal #2: “It’s not a lie if you believe it. You felt scared. You did what you had to do.”
Liberal #1: “Thank you so much for letting me know. I’ll make the phone call as soon as I get back. I’m so glad we can make our neighborhoods safer. Anyway, I’m off to a BLM/Antifa rally. These evil corporations won’t know what hit their businesses.”
This was today’s explanation of how Red Flag laws happen, and why liberals should not be put in charge of anything.

Stock market summary in various forms of English

Monday, June 13th, 2022
Stock Market summary in various forms of English:
Great Britain: “Beastly day, what?”
USA: “Things are f*cked.”
Me: “Liz Warren in spandex levels of ugly.”
France: “Vive la surrender!”
Ukraine: “At least your stock market wasn’t bombed today. Thanks for forgetting about us.”
China: “Fentanyl is down 10%. We must fix the supply chain so we can ship it faster.”
Iran: “Death to America! Now we can’t even afford to buy the materials for our nuclear bombs!”

Stock Market 2022 Capitulation Day

Monday, June 13th, 2022
There is something in the stock market known as “capitulation day.”
Capitulation day is the day when stocks are down so much that everyday investors give up. They say, “This is not for me, I’m done.” Then they sell everything.
Unless you need the money right away, do NOT sell everything on capitulation day. Capitulation day is when the the big investors get back in and start buying. They make their money based on your panicking.
I have no idea if today is capitulation day. I suspect it is not. However, with stocks, everything is based on your “time horizon.”
If you have 10-15 years left to invest, then stay in the market and ride it out. I did some buying today. It could go lower, but passing up good companies that are 50% off in the hopes they are 60 or 70% off is not what I’m about.
Again, if you are nearing the end of your working life, that is one thing. If you have over a decade of working life left, do not panic.
I’ve been doing this since 1994. The U.S. stock market always bounces back in the long run. This is because America always bounces back in the long run.
I believe in the U.S. stock market because I believe in the USA. I believe in American ingenuity, American corporate creativity, and American exceptionalism. Every time we have faced tough times, we have bounced back.
Are these tough times? Sure. However, this is not Pearl Harbor or 9/11. It’s not even the 2008 financial crash. Not yet anyway.
I am a rah-rah cheerleader for America, but not just because of a sense of duty and patriotism. I believe in America because the evidence tells me that betting against America and Americans is a fool’s errand.
Do what is best for your personal life, health, wealth and those you love. Do not have rose-colored glasses. There could be plenty of short-term pain ahead.
In the long run, I still believe U.S. equities are the best place to put your money.
1) Buy good companies.
2) Roll over the dividends.
3) Don’t sell.
4) Don’t die.
Also remember the words that are on my bedroom wall.
(Not the stuff about getting paddled by Mistress Evil. The other words.)
Investing (like life) requires character, guts, and the knowledge that at the heights of ebullience and the depths of despair, this too shall pass.
If you have a reasonable time horizon and you own good companies, do not let panic drive you out of the stock market.
Keep your cash ready. When everyone else is ready to give up, be bold and brave.
Capitulation day will come. When it does, be buying, not selling.
Like every trader/investor, I get plenty of things wrong. Yet in the long run, I turn out to be right. That is my story because it is the story of the stock market. It is also the story of the USA. We get some things wrong, but in the long run on the big things, we get it right.
Stay calm.