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Welcome Back Mr. Cheney

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

With children in charge, it was nice to see the adult Vice President Dick Cheney reenter the room.

eric aka the Tygrrrr Express

Quiet Solace Wednesday

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

For those accustomed to quality writing and insightful analysis, come back tomorrow. Today is just quiet solace Wednesday, which is code for musings that will have a very short shelf life and perhaps even less value.

I just don’t feel like discussing politics with all of the suffering going on. Politics will return tomorrow.

Hurricane Irene is devastating so many lives, and news cycles tend to move quickly. So I implore Americans not to forget these people from North Carolina to New Hampshire who have suffered. North Carolina and Virginia had the most deaths, while Vermont suffered flood damage that could take months if not years to recover from. Areas in New York where I have family got rocked.

Irene has barely begun to subside, and Hurricane Katia is on its way.

Because Irene affected so many people, there is a tendency to forget about other people in parts of the country who are also hurting. Do not forget those in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Joplin, Missouri, or Minot, North Dakota. They are our neighbors, and they need us.

Around the world, pain does not go away just because we rightfully turn inward in these tough times. Syrian thug Bashar Assad celebrated the end of Ramadan by murdering a few more of his own citizens. Despite proclamations of “victory” in Libya, several graves have found people shot execution-style. These are war crimes, and the early evidence shows that it was loyalists to Khadafi who committed them. Khadafi is nowhere to be found, but his henchmen are still murdering people.

Tensions have again flared between Israel and the Palesimians. Europe is on the verge of financial collapse. Drug and gun violence in Mexico is worse than ever, as some of our own guns were used to kill one of our own border agents.

The American economy is not recovering, and now many more people are have lost everything due to the hurricane.

As of this moment, I am one of the lucky ones. I flew yesterday from Chicago to Cleveland, and had a roof over my head in both places. Tomorrow I fly to Charleston, South Carolina. I am safe. Far too many others cannot say the same.

So today I just want what so many others want. They will not get it. I count my blessings that I will.

Tranquility is what I need today. So see you all tomorrow.

Time for some quiet solace.


Hurricane Irene: Not even close to epilogue

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Now comes the hard part.

From North Carolina to New Hampshire, Hurricane Irene leveled homes, destroyed communities, and even took some lives. Outside of being alive, none of us can really offer a true silver lining to this black cloud of rain-drenched despair.

I was supposed to fly to New Hampshire on Friday, but decided to stay in Chicago. My friends and family in New York did not have such luxuries. As of now my friends in Manhattan and Nassau County are safe. My family in Staten Island is safe. Yet phone lines in Suffolk County were down, and those people I care about are unaccounted for.

I lived 18 years in Suffolk County, and remembered Hurricane Gloria in 1985. We had no power for 10 days because the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO) was terrible even by agency standards. A quarter of a century later, and the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA, a slightly less ugly cousin of LILCO) naturally sees hundreds of thousands of people without power on their watch. It is convenient to blame the storms, but virtually every time it rained in Suffolk County my home suffered a brownout or blackout. Enough already. Can’t anybody in Suffolk County turn the lights back on like everybody else can?

Most of my family is in Brooklyn. The ones I care about are fine. They live in Coney Island, and Coney Island got belted.

Days like this make me wish I could just retreat into a log cabin and isolate myself from everything. Then I remember that I like people. Then I lament the fact that I like people. My speaking career takes me all around America, and I have made friends everywhere. I cannot call everybody, and I have no way of knowing if people who mean more to me than they will ever know are safe.

This is a hint people. If you know me, and you can tolerate my existence, let me know you are safe and sound. Yes, of course I am being selfish. I can empathize for complete strangers while being most concerned about friends and loved ones.

To make matters worse, “safe” is a very fluid term. People may have survived Hurricane Irene itself, but the flood nightmares are just beginning.

The worst aspect of natural disasters beyond the physical damage is the psychological toll magnified by the utter helplessness that we mere mortals are reduced to. We can fight terrorists and kill them. We can sue them in courts. We can freeze their bank accounts. Arguing with God has not worked since John Denver tried it in the movies. In real life, God wins and the questioner gets a padded cell with white rubber walls.

For Atheists, acts of nature are the same. Try arguing with a tree. If the tree responds, you are insane and lose the argument of life no matter who wins that particular argument.

While ordinary people are suffering, some politicians will try to use this to their advantage. Right now some of them are meeting with pollsters to tell them how and when to respond. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is a recent mantra. If I hear the current president tell us that this crisis would have been worse if not for his intervention, my head will explode.

I want to believe in the best of people from a moral and an intellectual standpoint, but it is easy to lose heart when some dolt asks New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when the casinos will reopen. It is one thing if you own the casino or depend on it for a paycheck. If you are worried about playing the slots, please do not reproduce because idiocy is exponential.

While there is very little optimism in this situation, one message I want to communicate to people is not to feel guilty if they are unable to directly help. Don’t beat yourselves up.

When I was eighteen and a freshman in college, several of my classmates felt guilty because they could not leave Los Angeles and get on a plane to Israel to defend it against scud missiles from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. My dad put it in perspective. He said, “Everybody has a function in life. The soldiers in Israel need to fight. Your mother and I have to put food on the table to feed you. Our function in life is to fulfill our responsibilities. We are going to work. Your functions are to go to school and get good grades.”

(I did one out of two. I showed up. My grades were adequate.)

Would I like to fly from Chicago to New York today? Absolutely. Yet my responsibilities take me to Cleveland, South Carolina, and Iowa first. New York is next week. We can’t be everywhere, and we cannot help others by neglecting our own responsibilities.

So to those thinking of beating yourselves up, there is nothing you could have done to prevent this tragedy. Natural disasters are not preventable and often not even predictable.

The best things we can do at times like this are so incredibly cliche, and even mentioning them borders on banality. Yet sometimes the obvious is still the best course of action.

Call your loved ones. Donate money if you can. Donate time if you can. Donate blood if you can.

The key words “if you can” always apply because none of us are Superman. We may be more than mere specks in the universe, but perhaps not much more. We will do what we can, and look in the mirror privately later.

Optimistic pep talks are for football games. Real life does not need cheerleaders. It needs doers.

(Let me backtrack. If you inspire people with your words into action, do it. Bishop T.D. Jakes was magnificent after the Virginia Tech shooting. If your words are to please yourself, keep them to yourself.)

The rest of the world is not going to help us even though they would barely exist without American aid and comfort. Once again, it is up to the Americans to handle things. This time all Americans would agree the cause is worth it, because it is internal. It is us.

Our neighbors are hurting, some like they have never hurt before.

So let’s help them because we know they would help us. The America I know and love is proof of this.

Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. We can do this.

Time for me to try and make more phone calls between plane flights.

To my relatives and friends I still cannot get ahold of, I offer love and prayers that you and your families are all right. Call when you can.

To the remaining 300 million members of my extended American family, God bless.


NFL 2011 Preseason–Week 3 Raiders Recap

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

As the East Coast began the slow recovery from Hurricane Irene, once again it was left to the National Football League to provide temporary escapism.

The Oakland Raiders hosted the New Orleans Saints in the third preseason game.

Preseason games supposedly don’t matter, but the Raiders have not looked good in starting 0-2. They were anemic on offense last week.

Sebastian Janikowski offered a touchback, but Drew Brees needed one play to hit Devry Henderson for a 37 yard gain. Henderson beat rookie Marcus Van Dyke, the guy in place of the departed Nahmdi Asomugha. On 3rd and 10 Brees went after Van Dyke again and hit Robert Meacham for 18 yards.  The defense held after that, yet on 4th and 2 Sean Payton decided to go for it. In the regular season it would probably be a field goal. Brees converted, setting up 1st and goal from the 6. On 3rd and goal from the 1,  Mark Ingram banged it up the middle for the score. 5 minutes, 80 yards, and 11 plays came way too easily against the first string defense as the Saints led 7-0.

A fumble on the ensuing kickoff had the Raiders starting at their own 9 yard line. A 2nd and 7 bomb from Jason Campbell to Darrius Heyward-Bey bounced off his hand. Yet on 3rd and 7 a rifle over the middle to Derrick Hagan went for 13 yards and a first down. Short gains set up 3rd and 1. Michael Bush got the job done for  yards and a first down. With Darren McFadden out with an eye injury, Bush was expected to get the load of the work. On 2nd and 8 Bush picked up 12 straight up the middle. From just past midfield, Bush evaded tacklers and gained 11 more. On 2nd and 7 from the 35, a quick pass to Hagan resulted in him shaking a tackle, remaining upright, and racing for the touchdown. A 91 yard, 11 play, 5 minute drive is a nice way to show improved offense when the first stringers are in as the game was tied 7-7.

Another Seabass touchback was academic as Brees went to Jimmy Graham for 24 yards. On 3rd and 4 from the Oakland 48, newly acquired Darren Sproles ran around the end for the first down at the Oakland 39. Brees went deep to Meacham for 22 yards to the Oakland 16. On 3rd and 4 from the 10, Brees hit a wide open Sprole over the middle down to the one. Marcus Allen is long since retired, but Pierre Thomas was able to hurdle over the top for the Saints as they led 14-7 with 33 second left in the first quarter. As they have been for the previous two seasons, the Saints offense looked unstoppable early on in this game.

The Raiders took over at their own 18,  and Campbell quickly completed an 11 yard pass as the quarter ended. After a holding penalty, a curious run up the middle on 2nd and 20 went nowhere. Coach Hue Jackson went conservative as a short pass picked up about half and the Raiders punted. The Saints began at their own 22.

Brees scrambled and found Graham for 19. On 3rd and inches from midfield, Ingram barreled up the gut for 5 yards. A screen pass was blown up in the backfield, and on 3rd and 14 a screen pass came up a few yards short. Yet defensive offsides gave the Saints another chance. On 3rd and 9, Brees made the Raiders pay with a strike over the middle for a 25 yard gain. Brees was not even ready for the snap, but it did not matter.  Another first down had the Saints in the red zone, but three straight incompletions finally gave the Raiders their first stop. A 33 yard Garrett Hartley field goal had the Saints up 17-7.

The Raiders began on their own 16, and defensive pass interference on a long pass had the Raiders at their own 40. On 3rd and 8 a Campbell pass was batted down and somehow caught by offensive lineman Meyer. Big man with football is usually a disaster, but Heyer rumbled forward and even jumped over a guy at the first down marker. Hey, it’s preseason. Let the center have some fun. On 3rd and 3, a perfectly executed screen pass went all the way to the 5 yard line. Unfortunately, it was nullified by offensive pass interference. A 3rd and 13 pass picked up half. On 4th and 6 from the Saints 40, Seabass was brought in for a 57 yard field goal try. To make matters worse, he was kicking off the infield dirt where the Oakland A’s field baseball grounders. It did not matter. Seabass drilled it right down the middle with some room to spare. I love this guy, and so do the Silver and Black fans as the Raiders were within 17-10.

Brees was done for the night, having led 3 scoring drives on all 3 tries. Daniel came in. 1st and 10 saw a long completion just out of bounds. 2nd and 10 saw the long completion inbounds at the 2 minute warning. A deep bomb to Henderson should have been a touchdown, but it bounced off of Henderson’s fingertips. Daniel was sacked on 3rd and 10, ending the drive.

The Raiders took over at their own 33. Michael Bush took a screen pass 12 yards, and a sideline pass stopped the clock with 26 seconds left at the Saints 48. A completion to Hagan went for 22 yards to the Saints 26 as the Raiders called timeout. Campbell went deep to the end zone into double coverage. The ball was batted up in the air and a third defender intercepted it for the touchback to end the half.

Kyle Boller came in for the Raiders to start the second half at their own 20. Taiwan Jones got caught in the backfield but somehow bounced to the outside for a 10 yard gain. Jones took another handoff 12 yards. Boller went deep to Hagan. Boller got drilled as soon as he threw it but Hagan made the grab for a 33 yard gain. Taiwan Jones then ran around the edge for a 22 yard trip to the end zone. Americans want to know who this kid is, with McFadden and Bush ahead of him. Well the Saints defense saw him as the guy who ran all over them for the tying touchdown as the Raiders and Saints were at 17-17.

A penalty on the kickoff had the Saints starting at their own 11. An incomplete pass was followed by Mark Ingram getting blown up in the backfield. On 3rd and 14 Daniel went deep to Arrington that was almost caught but fell incomplete at the last moment. After a punt, the Raiders took over with a short field at the Saints 44.

On 2nd and 7, Boller hit Hagan on a quick pass. Hagan shook a tackle for a 1st down after an 11 yard gain. on 3rd and 3 from the Saints 22, a quick pass was batted up in the air and this time able to harmlessly hit the ground. Seabass drilled the 39 yarder and the Raiders led 20-17 midway through the third period.

The Saints took over at their own 25. From the 30, a screen pass went for a long gain. A helmet to helmet hit on the quarterback added 15 more yards to the Raiders 18. Bell then ran around the end to set up 1st and goal at the 3. Daniel then hit Corey Humphrey for the score as only 5 plays and less than 2 1/2 minutes were needed to go 75 yards and put the Saints back on top 24-20. The Raiders took over at their own 28. A short pass over the middle to Barnett went for 14 yards. A well thrown 3rd and 4 pass was dropped as the Raiders punted. The Saints began at their own 13.

A couple plays later a wide open Bell caught a sideline pass, hurdled one defender, stiff armed another, and ended up all the way at the Oakland 15 after a 60 yard gain. On 3rd and 15, a screen pass to Ingram went all the way to a 1st and goal at the 3. The last play of the 3rd quarter had the Saints with 3rd and goal at the 1. Bell hurdled over the top before being knocked back, but the ball broke the plane. For some strange reason, the Saints went for a 2 point conversion and made it as Daniel hit Arrington. The Saints led 32-20 after three quarters.

The Raiders kick returners were having a tough time all night, with phenom Jacoby Ford not playing. The Raiders began at their own 18, and Trent Edwards came in at quarterback. He quickly hit Jones for an 18 yard gain. Jones broke free again on the ground and bounced outside for a 13 yard gain just shy of midfield. On 3rd and 10, a high snap out of the shotgun was bobbled by Edwards and recovered by the Saints at the Oakland 39.

Daniel needed one play to go deep to a wide open Arrington for what may the easiest touchdown they will have all year. Coach Payton decided again to for two. This was not running up the score. It was also not practicing the two pointers in preseason. In the regular season it certainly would be classless. It was because kicker Garrett Hartley hurt his hip on a kick earlier in the game. Anyway, Bell ran it in and a 20-17 Raiders lead in just over half a quarter turned into a 40-20 Saints blowout lead with 13 minutes left in regulation.
The Raiders went 3 and out from their own 20 as Edwards got belted for a sack on 3rd and 4. The Saints took over at their own 29 looking for more. Bell quickly ran for 25 yards. The drive stalled after that and the Raiders received a punt with even worse field position at their own 7.  Edwards moved them little by little down the field as they passed midfield with 5 1/2 minutes left in the game. Yet a second sack by Swanson Miller killed another drive and led to another punt as the Saints began at their own 18 with less than 5 minutes to play. They ran out the clock, although they easily could have scored again.
The Raiders are now 0-3 in the preseason with plenty of reasons to be pessimistic. Yes, the Saints went 12-4 last year with he same team that won the Super Bowl 2 years ago. Yes, the Raiders lost their top defensive star Asomugha to Philly and their best receiver in tight end Zach Miller to Seattle. Yes, the Raiders played this game without defensive standout Richard Seymour, all world running back McFadden, and electrifying kick returner Jacoby Ford. These are excuses.

The defense was a mess, giving up large gains at will. The offense actually played well most of the game, and running back Taiwan Branch and receiver Derrick Hagan are impressive. The Raiders gained almost 400 yards of offense, but gave up in excess of 500 on defense. Seabass and Lechler are fine as kicker and punter, but the return game was awful. The bottom line is the Raiders looked good in spots but have not played an entire complete preseason game. This is why they have lost them all. Their final chance is on Thursday September 2nd, at Seattle.

New Orleans Saints 40, Oakland Raiders 20.

Hurricane Centcom Saturday

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Today is Hurricane Central Command Saturday.

Let’s get to work.


Random Radio Friday

Friday, August 26th, 2011

In the 1980s, sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati began each episode with an unidentified hand flipping through the radio stations. One news station calmly stated that “the senator, while insisting he was not intoxicated, could not explain his nudity.”

To avoid the problem of radio static, it is best to get rentals with Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Fox News and NFL Network can get me through the longest of drives and traffic jams. Otherwise, at any moment on the AM dial, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity can turn into any program of any kind in any language, eventually fading into that inevitable radio static.

Several days ago on an over four hour drive from Troy, Michigan, to Chicago, the stations melded into each other. It was late at night, so this transcription may not be entirely accurate. This is a fancy way of saying it is mostly wrong. Yet the following is what I clearly heard, unless I did not hear it at all.

(Politics) “President Obama keeps giving speeches and the problems keep getting worse. People are not seeing results. All they hear from politicians are unfulfilled promises. President Obama needs to be…

(Cooking) …stuffed with giblet gravy. For a thicker brown sauce, go with that rather than country gravy. Make sure to stir it frequently. Nothing lays it on a turkey real thick like…

(Politics) President Obama…He said we needed to take a scalpel to the budget and not a machete. He keeps scratching at the surface but does not get to the underlying cost drivers that are killing this economy. He scratches around the edges. I think President Obama…

(Pet care) has fleas. Pets are not immune from fleas and ticks in the winter. Simple dog collars are not often enough of a solution and medical remedies from veterinarians can be very expensive. Sometimes the only way to afford adequate medical care for canines and kittens is to…

(Financial) Sell China. The country as a whole is overvalued right now. The Yuan has been pegged to the dollar, and the fact is the Chinese government needs to stop manipulating their currency. If the Yuan were to reach its true value, it would be worth…

(Sports)…a third round draft pick. Also, with Peyton Manning out while recovering from neck surgery, President Bill Polian has brought Kerry Collins out of retirement and to the Indianapolis Colts. Collins has had a great career and thrown for over 40,000 yards, but at this point he is older than…

(Politics) Nancy Pelosi…she still does not get the message. The election of 2010 was crystal clear. The American people voted for…

(Cooking) Basted breast meat with thick country gravy. The stuffing is added to create an extra layer to the meal. Make sure to clean the turkey beforehand thoroughly so that you don’t taste the aftereffects of a…

(Pet care) Fine coat of hair. By using a softer roller rather than a hard brush, your dog will look happier, and not be howling in pain. You want your dog sitting next to you, not fleeing like…

(International News) Moammar Khadafi…He has vowed to fight to the death, but the rebels have even reached his Tripoli compound.  With Khadafi on the ropes and in hiding, his only hope is that people will think he is…

(Music) Carlos Santana. His big hit “Smooth” goes down like…

(International News) death to the Zionist entity. Hezbollah and Hamas will ensure that Little Satan Israel shall be eliminated and replaced with…

(Cooking) a healthy heaping of scallions and a touch of cilantro for garnish. Paprika adds some coloring and voila…a delicious…

(Politics) Satan sandwich…the budget deal was a disaster. The cuts may never materialize and unrealistic growth assumptions are used. The CBO took one look at it and scored…

(International News) more cocaine than has been seen in some time. The DEA is calling this the biggest attempted heist since…

(Politics) Al Gore tried to use selective recounts to try and take the 2000 election. Now Mr. Gore has been caught on tape screaming and cursing while apparently intoxicated. Mr. Gore has had a troubled couple of years, with his divorce after four decades of marriage and accusations by a masseuse that he was a crazed sex poodle. On each of these occasions, the former Vice President and Tennessee

(WKRP in Cincinnati) Senator, while insisting he was not intoxicated, could not explain his nudity.”

That concludes the news for today. After 600 miles round trip and nine hours of driving in one day, Michigan is in the rear view mirror and the arrival back to Chicago was complete.

Random Radio Friday is now powered down, but the static still remains due to voices in my head. Channel BIZR (bizarre) keeps running the same feedback loop…viagra…mortgage refinancing…auto insurance…dear lord, please get me Sirius XM in my next rental car.


In praise of David Letterman

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

In recent days David Letterman had a fatwa issued against him by jihadists for having the nerve to make a joke about a jihadist. The edict required that as a Jew, his tongue should be cut out for speaking blasphemy. Mr. Letterman is not Jewish, but Radical Islamists never let facts interfere with fatwas.

Once again, Radical Islam shows that it does not contain an ounce of peace or tolerance. Islam is a religion with many peaceful practitioners. Radical Islam is a virulent cancerous ideology that must be eradicated from the Earth.

David Letterman joined Salman Rushdie, me, and many others in receiving death threats.

(Although to be fair the worst fatwa against me was issued by the NOW.)

Too many people have been silenced out of fear, giving the terrorists another victory. Thankfully, Mr. Letterman did not back down.

I confess to having been very disappointed with Mr. Letterman in recent years. I was a fan of his for almost twenty years since I first started watching him as a senior in high school. Going to bed had to wait until after the Top 10 List. Somewhere along the line Letterman became meaner and angrier. He was always a tad caustic, but eventually that gave way to viciousness. I wrote Mr. Letterman a heartfelt open letter pleading with him to stop the hatred. A few months later, I voted with my feet. After almost two decades, I fired him from my television set and did not look back.

Yet if there is one area where Letterman and I are on the same page, it is on how to deal with Radical Islam. You hit back, and you hit back hard. Soldiers need to kill the enemy. Scholars need to educate Americans as to the threat. Letterman is a comedian, and his job is to be funny.

Anybody can make fun of white, Christian, Republicans. Liberals find this “edgy,” and “sophisticated,” but it is actually quite boring. Making fun of Radical Islamists is edgy. One comedian wrote in her book that she makes fun of Christians but not Muslims because she does not want to get blown up. Naturally this comedian is a liberal.

Too many comedians use their platform to become bullies. Bullies go after people they know will not fight back, but would never dream of attacking somebody who could do them harm. This is the one area where Letterman redeems himself despite often resorting to liberal bullying himself.

Letterman was masterful after 9/11. The entire comedic world was waiting for him before proceeding. His very first interview after he returned was with Dan Rather, and it was Letterman at his finest. He helped America heal.

Letterman has said and done some pretty awful things in his life, but he has also been a genuine victim in greater disproportion than most entertainers. He had a stalker in the 1980s who used to break into his house. There was the plot to kidnap his son. Now he is getting death threats from people who do not bluff.

I stopped watching Mr. Letterman because I got tired of him attacking my beliefs and disguising it as comedy. He must be given praise for standing up for the most fundamental belief in America, that being the right to free speech. Censoring him is unacceptable, and self-censorship is heart-wrenching. Thankfully Mr. Letterman did not give in.

We need more jokes, not less. We need more cartoons like the Danish cartoons. We need South Park and Family Guy to have their fun without being cowed off the air.

I myself told the world that I had a half-naked picture of Muhammad with a goat. I received plenty of hate mail for insulting an entire religion. Only when people clicked on the link did they realize that the half-naked Muhammad was boxer Muhammad Ali in his boxing trunks. GOAT stood for “Greatest of all time.”

Letterman unloaded a verbal fusillade, and despite disagreeing with his politics, I want people to read or watch every one of them.

One of Letterman’s funniest bits is his annual Kentucky Derby routine that occurs the Friday before the race. He has the caller of the race on and they both scream “and down the stretch they come” randomly.

Mr. Letterman, I do not see myself coming back on a long-term basis. Yet to thank you for remaining vigilant, I will tune in next year on Kentucky Derby Friday. If that goes well I might drop by more often. I might not.

For now, thank you for playing a vital role in winning the War on Terror ten years and today. As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, you helped strike a small blow for freedom and liberty against the forces of evil and barbarism.


Restoring Courage 2011

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

August 24th, 2011, is the day that Glenn Beck held the Restoring Courage Rally in Israel.

While he was showing solidarity will Israel, Americans all over were showing solidarity with Israel and with him by holding pro-Israel rallies.

I will be speaking today at a Republican Women’s luncheon in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Then later in the day from Farmington Hills I will be speaking at a Restoring Courage Rally.

Tomorrow in Michigan is a major pro-Israel solidarity event in Grand Rapids.

While the left will once again try to shoot the messenger, they would be better off offering their own positive message. Nobody is stopping them from holding pro-Israel rallies. Jon Stewart most likely will hold a pro-Palesimian rally because he likes suicide bombers and jihadists. Yes, Cat Stevens is a terrorist if we call those issuing fatwas to be terrorists.

Mr. Stewart can hold his “Restoring Cowardice Rally,” but I think I will stick with Glenn Beck.

Those who think that the Islamofascists hate America because of its support for Israel have it backward. The Islamists hate Israel because it reminds them of the United States. We are the Great Satan, with Israel only being Little Satan.

I hope that liberal Jews either for once support what Glenn Beck is doing or shut up on this one. They had their “pro-Israel” J-Street conferences. Now let’s see if they can support a real pro-Israel movement.

Let’s see if the left actually really does hate Radical Islamists more than conservative Christians preaching love thy neighbor.

The left claims that Christians love the Jews so they can convert us all. This is as nonsensical as it is bigoted. Christians love the Jews because while we differ on Testaments, we share common values. Liberal Jews may wish to one day realize that Israel is more important than abortion, gay marriage, and global warming. The number of Christians who have tried to convert me is precisely zero. If one tried, I would simply say no. Unlike Islamists, Christians do not use guns. They use a book, and I have my own book. They respect that.

Last year was about restoring honor. This year it is about restoring courage.

Stand with Israel.

Thank you Mr. Beck. As a proud Jew and son of a Holocaust survivor, your support means more than you will ever know.

Hineni. Here I am. Jewish, Pro-Israel, and proud to stand with those who love America and Israel.


Maxine Waters begs Tea Party: Please visit my district

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I would like to thank Maxine Waters for working with the Tea Party to help stimulate the economy.


Khadafi and Obama disappear for greener pastures

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Colonel Khadafi and President Obama have decided “to hell with governing,” and have both left for greener pastures.